Sony BDPS6200 4K UHD 3D Smart Blu-ray Player – Would have been 5 Stars if not for cheap remote

Its good but not as good as the hype.

I bought this sony dvd blu-ray player with 4k upscaling because i like the design of the sort of pyramid that is on the top which matches my router. Once you turn it on you were greeted with the welcome screen and to connect to the internet. The smart feature and the apps then will download to the player. There are various apps from amazon movies bbc iplayer etc. I have blu-ray and dvd’s from around the world so different regions and they all work on this dvd blu-ray player which is awesome because i didn’t think that the blu-ray part would be region free. The remotes is pretty much a standard sony remote control if you have any other sony system then you’ll know what i mean. Using it for the smart features it’s a tad laggy but not too bad. The picture quality is very good and the sound coming through the hdmi is also good. On the back just as lab socket hey hdmi and a digital out coaxial and a usb socket also on the front behind a little door is another usb socket. The buttons on the actual system is just on off and eject so you do need the remote to control everything else.

I don’t have words to describe this player, blown away with the picture quality with my optoma hd131xe projector. The 3d simulation is also really good, i’ve tried with an old dvd and i got that sense of depth, of course don’t expect pure 3d. It’s a fast and quiet player, you won’t be disappointed.

No buttons on it so when you lose the remote you can’t use it.

Great bit of kit, very fast to load up.

Superb picture and really compact machine.

Great piece of kit for the price.

Delivery excellent and item fab.

Superb qualityplays blu rays very well.

I’ve got a smart tv and a competent blu-ray player but no humungous 4k tv. Therefore, it was debatable as to whether this new sony player could give me access to anything i don’t already have in my home. I needed a dongle to mirror my phone’s screen, and even then it was unreliable, now this does it much better. Performance is improved as well. Start up times and disc loading are significantly faster, colours appear to pop more than before (triluminous colour is one of the bullet points on the box and it delivers) and the wifi connection is top rate. Hd streaming is very satisfying on this pair of eyes. It’s the best i’ve seen on my tv. There are enough streaming apps included out of the box to ensure you’re never left with nothing to watch, including the latest releases through sony’s own video unlimited rental service. Perhaps in an ideal world it would be nice if the top was completely flat so something else can be stood atop it, but the nice, shiny surface isn’t meant to be hidden under another box. If one thing lets it down, it’s the remote. While set up is generally simple, it’s made slower by this basic interface. Typing in usernames and passwords is a chore and the remote isn’t even comfy to hold in the hand.

Brilliant blu ray player,superb picture and sound,i’m well happy. I’d happily reccomend this for anyone in the market for a quality player.

Others have said about small control, but it does what it says on the tin. . Excellent quality as usual from sony.

Fantastic player upscales dvd & bluray to greater quality, i like me you can notquite aford a 4k tv at the current prices then buy one of these players, you willbe quite happy with your purchase. Here are the specifications for the Sony BDPS6200 4K UHD 3D Smart Blu-ray Player:

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    by entering your model number.
  • BDP-S6200 3D Blu-ray Disc player with built-in super Wi-Fi, screen mirroring, and 4K upscaling.
  • Watch movies in Full HD 3D
  • Fast streaming with super Wi-Fi
  • Mirror your smartphone or tablet on your TV

Very quick delivery, information regarding product was accurate.

Quick delivery great product thanks.

Quite capable but the interface is a bit clunky/slow to use it locks up from time to time and needs a full reboot, picture is good though.

In terms of features, this is a great blu-ray player. With miracast, netflix, sony entertainment network, it really is a feature packed player. It doesn’t feel like it’s a premium player though at at £180, i want it to ooze quality, not look and feel like a £50 player. From the front it looks nice, but the player feels cheap and the remote more-somy main issue with the player is with it freezing up mid use. I will be half way through an episode of breaking bad on netflix and the whole player will lock up. It won’t play, pause, exit the application or return to the home screen. The player won’t even turn off, it needs to be switched off at the wall. Perhaps i’ve just been unlucky with mine but the player is being returned for this reason and i’m buying a panasonic player instead.

Out of the five 2014 blu-ray disc players that sony sell, the bdp-s6200 is their second to top-of-the-range model, beaten only by the bdp-s7200 with its high-resolution audio. The bdp-s6200 is actually a newer model of (and very similar to) the bdp-s790 i reviewed back in 2012. So i suggest you read that review, to learn more about its picture quality, 4k upscaling, 3d, and sony entertainment network. The bdp-s6200 comes neatly packaged in a smaller (39. 2 cm) box that contains the following seven items, but (as usual) no hdmi cable:- sony bdp-s6200 blu-ray disc/dvd player (black)- ac power cord (uk plug, inconveniently hard-wired into the back of the bdp-s6200)- remote control (rmt-b128p, black, 33 buttons)- sony aaa batteries (two of them, silver)- simple manual (just 15 pages, full operating instructions available online)- notice for the customers of europe (pointless piece of paper)- european guarantee information documentwhile technically thicker overall than the bdp-s790 (4. 2 cm), the bdp-s6200 actually looks thinner because its front panel is just 3. Using sony’s 2013 sense of quartz design language, the bdp-s6200 features striking triangular shapes, non-parallel lines, plus glossy black and mirror finishes. It certainly looks stunning, but the pyramid-like top surface could prove impractical if you’re planning on resting/stacking anything on top of it. There isn’t a single button on the front of the bdp-s6200, just a disc tray (tray-loading mechanism), a single-line led display, a remote sensor and a usb jack (type a, 5v 500ma) hidden behind an unnecessary flap. On the top, a large triangular rocker switch forms two buttons (disc tray open/close, on/standby), which is far more practical than the bdp-s790’s exasperating invisible soft-touch buttons. Unfortunately, unlike the bdp-s790 which has nine rear ports, the bdp-s6200 only has four. The lack of digital out (optical) jack may be a deal-breaker for some:- digital out coaxial jack (compatible with pcm, dts, and dolby digital audio formats)- lan (100) terminal- hdmi out jack- usb jack (type a, 5v 500ma)the bdp-s6200’s remote control omits the bdp-s790’s number pad, thereby reducing the number of buttons (from 45 down to 33), making it smaller (about two-thirds of the size), and noticeably lighter too (from 116 g down to 72 g).

Very easy to install, beautiful image, even for dvds, that are upgraded. Reads all zones for dvds and european as well as american blu ray.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • but I quite liked it. I found it to be a lighter
  • Multi-region good picture and good sound with quite a few smart apps
  • Good looking small unit just have to wait now for

The only negative i have to say about this player is how cheap and tacky the small remote is. It would be more at home with one of those cheap £12. While functional, the buttons are ‘ squidgy’ and not the most responsive. However the actual picture and audio quality is excellent, a noticeable improvement over the lg player it replaced. Movement in action sequences is very smooth, colour saturation is excellent and i could not see any artifacts on my lg 47′ tv. Setup is very easy and the menu system is easy to navigate. I have a bt homehub 5 and the easy setup using wifi found my network and worked as soon as i entered my password. I did not experience any of the setup issues other reviewers have commented on. It asked me to download updated content which only took a minute or so and then i had access to all the apps such as bbc iplayer.

Things have certainly moved on since i purchased my last blu-ray.

A breeze to set up and is much smaller than my 5 year old sony bd player. Bought it so i could download movies from amazon instant movie account (as didn’t have a wifi tv), without any issues.

What a great player,i have just updated the sony 790. I good move setup was so easy on all points. 1vision deeper colour ,3d great on gravity and thor.

A really nice peace of kit, looks good a works flawlessly. Does everything i can think of & probably a lot more too?.

I can’t fault its blue ray playing capabilities, but it will not play mkv files from my dlna certified nas media player. Which for me is a big negative. There may be a simple solution to this problem, but the fact that it doesn’t work ‘out of the box’, (my ps3 had no such problems and needed no set-up),marks it down.

I bought this to replace a samsung which gave problems,it is so much better everything works fine.

I had a lot of trouble getting internet services to work on this player. The machine connected to the router (i was able to use the built in browser). However, when i tried using the apps (eg iplayer) i would get a message saying it was checking the internet connection and then nothing would happen. I managed to solve this by following the instructions on this link (with a couple of tweaks)[. to get it to work i to deviate from the above by changing the primary dns and secondary dns address to 8. (these are the google public dns servers). I haven’t had the player long enough to evaluate it fully but i hope this may be of help to others. ]

There really is no reason to spend any more on a br player. This machine really does seem to have all the boxes ticked and the streaming of online content such as netflix is silky smooth thanks to the dual core processor.

Purchased from amazon warehouse, as with light marks on the top,arrived in a tatty box with no remote. Set it up anyway and item was full and registered to the previoua owners stuff. When i got everything sorted player does what it says on the box. Good looking small unit just have to wait now for more and decent 4k product to come onto the market. Amazon do not seem to carry out any refurbishment on returned electrical goods so be aware it may have more faults and bits missing than they state. Happy with the sony, not happy with amazon warehouse.

I love this little dvd player perfect and stylish.

Was looking to connect tv to internet by wi-fi and this does the job well, good player.

The last two bluray players i owned were good in video but slow processing, so for example it took ages for them to respond to switch on, open and load the movie even on the fast boot option. The first one was an older generation sony, and the second a slightly newer panasonic but 3d. This sony bdps6200 beats those hands down in processing speed. I don’t have to wait around for the unit to come on. I just hit eject, load the disc and close and it’s ready. The netflix and amazon instant and other apps on there are useful if you don’t already have a smart tv. The 3d quality on this new sony is awesome. The best i’ve seen at home so far. The operation and settings options are intuitive and the connection to the internet is easy to set up, just follow on screen options step by step. The only criticism is the shape of the unit on the top surface.

If you already have a hd tv this will give you an improved picture on 4k disc. At the moment the 4k content is not true 4k nor is this machine true 4k. At the moment there are no true 4k blu-ray machines at this time but it is a quality machine.

I don’t usually write reviews, but i was so impressed with this i just felt i had to. Firstly, this is a multi-region dvd only. Plays r1, 2 and 4 discs i have tried. Just plays region b blu rays, and is fitted with a standard uk plug. Some people are put off by the design, the top being a slight pyramid shape, but i quite liked it. I found it to be a lighter weight and thinner than my old sony. It’s the same length as a standard sky receiver. I tested this with a top range samsung and found the sony to be better in all departments. Firstly the quality of the picture and sound i thought was excellent. I read the reviews elsewhere regarding connection to the internet.

New for 2014, sony has got a great player here, highly recommend. Good internet content and easy set up.

After some time trying to figure out how to change the wifi password code into capital letters so i can connect to my wifi network i got down to the quality of the player first the remote control is rubbish for the price of the player i would expect a better remote it’s only got one hdmi out also the look of the player looks like a cheap player how ever saying that the audio visual is top draw easy the best yet it’s amazing how they can such good comports into a small player.

If there were any problems with network connection that other reviews below mention then they must have been solved with the most recent software update as mine connected to the internet with no problem at all. I’m absolutely blown away with the picture quality of this blu ray player on my sony bravia tv. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed.

First thing first, when opening the box you are slightly breath-taken with the stunning look of this small machine. It’s very stylish and quite compact. Then, you look at the remote and quite can’t believe this is the remote for this machine, it’s an ugly little slab with no style to it at all. This player replaces my panasonic dmp-bdt230eb which i thought was pretty good.  panasonic dmp-bdt230eb smart network 3d blu-ray disc player – black (new for 2013)the sony player i managed to get working in about 2 minutes though. Iy has an ethernet connection so i wired it to my hub, attached the hdmi (why do they not include these leads?), turned it on and set it up. It turns on very quickly (seconds) even though i chose the slow option to save a bit of money when it’s in standby (there are 2 power settings allowing for speed of powering up but using different amounts of electricity in standby mode). It found the wired connection without issue and the menu screen appeared. And this is where anyone who has used a ps3 will smile, because the meny is exactly the same bar no gaming. In fact the menu may need to slow down slightly it scrolls that quickly through options. I next checked for updates and had one straight away, again, just like the ps3 you can use the internet or a usb to update. Then, lastly i checked for iplayer, found it needed to locate services, it took a few seconds to upload something and then there was about 50 channels to choose from.Again, probably helped by the wired connection, i found these services very fast and very good quality.

These days, options, ergonomics and quality in electronics are so convergent that it is difficult to differentiate one offering from another. Sony has tried to make this player stand out in appearance by a very slightly peaked top, which gave the excuse to add a mirror finish to the front facet. An interesting look if `form over function’ and slightly distractive. That said, i stop noticing the appearance of most electronic kit within a few days after which they are simply black boxes. This is a sleek, simple to use blu-ray and 3d player with wi-fi providing fast processing and high quality images. Set up was painless and sony’s app can substitute for the compact remote (whose keys are of the rubber type that do not offer a very affirmative sense of click). Quality these days is generally so good that judging differences sometimes feels like splitting hairs. However, this replaced an entry level machine and the difference was very noticeable in terms of picture quality, response speed and quietness. If you have a smart television on line services will overlap but if not it will open up a range of options for you. I can’t really fault this item and it earns its positioning towards the premium end of the market – it is unlikely that it will be the weak link in any home cinema set up and the quality attains such a level that in general use my own eyesight probably becomes the governing factor.

I’ve been looking for a multi-region player for a long time and this one is great especially for the price i paid for. It plays all my region 1 and 3 discs.

Got a very good price for such a remarkable product.

Good clean lines and works well.

Very impressed with this product. Provides picture and sound clarity great with 4k tv in a compact unit.