Sony BDV-N5200W 5 – All singing all dancing top notch

All works well and good value for money. Depth of the base a little lacking but otherwise sound is clear and realistic.

A very stylish and great sounding system which i am absolutely delighted with. I was looking for a system which could receive audio via hdmi from a graphics card in my pc build (nvidia titan x) and found this one fit the bill perfectly. More brilliantly i managed to snag a warehouse version which in the past i have had favourable experience with, in the end getting this system for £225 at the expense of a very minor scratch on the receiver unit. Not too bad of a trade offas mentioned, the two rear satellite speakers don’t connect to the main receiver, rather they connect to a small unit which plugs directly into a power outlet and which connects wirelessly to the main receiver, a very good solution which helps minimise cable clutter i feel. As noted by others, the main receiver is actually quiet long so ensure you have space to house it somewhere. But aesthetics wise its very amazing, with lovely touch buttons and a nice subtle yet stylish corner light that changes colour based on the method of connectivity such as via bluetooth or hdmi, obviously not the most important aspect, but a nice touch none the less. Connectivity options are plenty, with hdmi input being a great feature along with the bluetooth function which connects very easily to ipads and mobile phones alike. Aside from that it comes with the other typical options such as optical. In terms of sound, its reasonable, not the best sounding system i will admit but typical around the price point i paid for it but its not at all bad. The various pre-set modes you can cycle through work reasonably well with the game mode kicking up the bass nicely and giving some weight to those gunshot sounds in battlefield 4 for example.

A good system with great sound which i have now had for 3 months and linked to skyq and a panasonic tv it is a great setup.

This item does everything lol it’s loud it does blootooth and you can connect up to 3 things into it brilliant.

The picture quality over my previous 2 year old sony blue ray player is fantastic and that’s without the extra cost of replacing the television. The sound clarity is fantastic for the money very pleased with the product.

Not enough bass and sub woofer action. Easy to install and surround sound in a big room is very satisfying.

Decent quality as you’d expect from sony. They’re still using the same user interface as ever, very ps3 and clunky and not intuitive. Another minor niggle is the lack of fine control over the frequency output, sometimes the top end is very penetrating. The end result is pretty decent though and i’ve not regretted selecting this one.

Very easy to install and good effects.

It’s fantastic as home theater. But not good as a media player. Don’t expect play great quality picture quality when playing media files from usb devices attached to this device, my lg tv does way better playing media files. The device doesn’t support all file formats all well. However sound quality is superb. I get outstanding natural sound from the home theater. Wireless surround speakers is awesome as well. Please note that wireless surround does not mean that the speakers have wireless receivers. It does not make any sense at all. Every speaker needs power supply and needs to get the amplified audio signals.

Wireless rear speakers with separate amplifier work very well. Good sound quality, powerful and good value. Sometimes hangs on startup (other reviewers have mentioned this and it seems to be a systemic issue), which is easily cured by turning off at the plug and turning on again after a minute. Interface is initially a bit confusing but you get used to it. The hanging issue is annoying but i can live with it for the features.

Fantastic quality sound and the wireless rear speakers mean no cable trails everywhere. Got it for a bargain as well with black friday.

Really pleased with this purchase. It looks very discreet and the sound is amazing. Here are the specifications for the Sony BDV-N5200W 5:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 3D Blu-ray disc player will provide you with the highest quality picture for all your movies
  • S-Master digital amplifier for pure sound quality and clear audio plus provides enhanced sounding music in one step
  • SongPal allows you to manage your listening experience from your mobile phone.Flick through a selection of online channels, listen to your favourite tunes with Deezer, or watch the latest YouTube videos
  • Easily stream movies using built-in Wi-Fi
  • One-touch listening with NFC and Bluetooth

Just set this up, astounding sound quality and ease of use. Music arena setting is great for rock music and similarly cinema studio for movies. Early days as there is much to explore but i am so impressed and although i knew about the football sound setting i did not realise that it has a facility to take a way the commentators voices. What a bonus to discover that i can now watch the footie and listen to it in surround sound with all the atmosphere of the stadium but none of the banal nonsense that comes from the idiots behind the mics.

Negatives:freezes occasionally on blue ray discs, probably it is very sensitive to dust/scratches. However the same disc plays on ps3there are no dedicated buttons for input selectors, there is a toggle button on the remote which is slow. The bass is boomy and shallow. Not ideal for music/compressed music. Volume button is poorly located at the bottom on the remote. 1000 watts is misleading – it is only 125 watts per channel at 80khz test tone. Positives:lots of features for the pricewireless rear speakers is a definite plusterrific performance for movies – watched spider-man 2, transformer -dark side of moon, and sound effects/dialogues were amazingthe subwoofer has no external power supplythere is no calibration facility, however i did not find the need for one.

Its all singing all dancing. My previous home cinema was a sony. It lasted for over 9 years and using it for tv sound. Built in spotify its louder than my lg tv spotify, the bluetooth is spot on. Not tried blu ray or dvd yet but expecting top notch. Happy with it indeed nice sound fields too with me optical out through me tv.

Very good just what i was expecting to get, it works well and looks good.

When it works, it’s fantastic. My only issue is that it very often hangs on start up, by which i mean the unit keeps flashing and i am unable to use sky, ps4, the av system or change the speakers to my tv (sony also). I may be being a muppet but the only way i resolve this issue is the usual off and on solution, which is tiresome having to do it every few days. If someone has a solution, please let me know.

I use this mainly for the surround sound which is absolutely stunning. But, as has been noted by other reviews, the top loading mechanism is temperamental at best. The door keeps failing to close which, if you are trying to watch a dvd, can be a problem. I find that if i keep pressing the close button (sometimes over 20 times) it does eventually stay closed. So in summary, buy this for the impressive sound but not for the disk playback.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Super sound. Flawed design.
  • Great sound quality, not so great picture quality
  • Almost excellent

I have been waiting for home entertainment center for a good price, very good sound, good wifi play spotify from i pad. Stream movies in good quality.

Connectivity and sound very good. Cant see display from seating position as it is atop the unit. It really needs a decent mp3 player app. Plex is rubbish for music as it doesnt support playlists so i find myself streaming mp3s to the unit via laptop. Overall very pleased with the purchase for the price.

Excellent quality sound easy to fit.

My living room is full of sound.

Only a quick set-up guide in the box. They save paper on supplying them, but you can print the 84 page document out yourself. Feeling frustrated as i can’t work out how to watch the tv and have the surround sound working at the same time. Feeling conned as the rear speakers are not truly wireless. They are wired to a separate box, the separate box then is bluetooth to the main box. So i’ve still ended up with wires running around my roomtried several times to use song pal app on my iphone to connect to the surround system and tried in vain to make a group. So far i’ve run out of patience with the whole set-up twice, i will try once more over the weekend and then, if no luck, the whole thing is going back.

This is an excellent product. Amazon delivered it on time and i found it simple to connect and easy to set up. There are no fiddly processes to the set-up; you just answer a few on screen questions and off you go. 5 mins to unpack and 1 min to set up. The remote is easier to understand and use than the previous model so another bonus point. The rear speakers are hard wired into a small mains powered amplifier (box) at the back of the room, which has wireless connection to the main control unit at the front of the room. This works very well and requires no set-up other than connecting the speakers to the box. The sound quality is truly excellent and the surround sound really is surround. I am very impressed and would not hesitate to recommend this for music dvds and films.

Amazing clarity, great design on the blu-ray player and stops little fingers getting trapped in the drawer etc. Really quick to set up as bought as a present for my mum who is a technophobe and she loves it. Definitely worth the money spent.

This is the best surround sound system. It was recommended by which magazine as the best around in 2015. One touch of my sky control and the sky, tv and surround system comes on. The only thing i would advise is when you connect anything to the back off it make sure it’s turn off or you will hear a loud noise and after a few time making this mistake you will damage the system. It’s worth the price tag and my five stars.

Good , has some minor issues but just turn it off then on and it clears itself, had it 6 months and am happy with it – like the sliding lid.

Very clear sound, not too much bass as you tend to get on some systems. I link the tv using the optical out, this gives great 5. 1 surround sound when broadcast. Check the sub woofer dimensions if you’re placing it between a wall and a settee, it’s not as slim as some units. The menu system is very similar to a playstation and is quite easy to get used to. Had no problems with discs as yet and it’s never frozen (as i’ve seen mentioned in some reviews). Great sound, great features and it looks really good too.

Market leader number one product. Welldone stuff magazine for your recommendation.

We’ve only had it up a running a couple of days. This was a replacement for a panasonic system. The only reason we changed was of compatibility issues between our sony tv and the panasonic sound system. Using the supplied system speakers the sound was really quite tinny. Even after playing with the setting to balance the sound better it was still tinny. I have good loudspeakers, not part of this system, which i have now used in place of the front left and right loudspeakers. Unlike panasonic who provide bare ended speaker wires, sony’s are wired into the speakers. The plug that goes into the back of the system is a bespoke sony one. The extension or replacement wires are ridiculously expensive. A full set is likely to set you back £54.

Great system, the wireless speakers connect easily with no issues. Getting the tv to talk to the system is very thorough and i still struggle with elements of it now but maybe that’s just me. This is definitely not a plug and play system.