Sony BDVN7200W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System- – Amazing Hi-Res sound, amazing picture.

Brilliant sound quality dues what it says good value of money looks smart i would recommend.

Fantastic sound and great dvd pictures. Functionality is great too – good value for money.

Love this product, the speaker quality is very good and does not distort or break up on high levels. Definitely has some kick when playing a blu ray. Overall very pleased with it and would reccomend.

Whats not to like, sound from the speakers are just brilliant and picture is great. Knocks my old panasonic out of the window, well worth the money.

Brilliant piece of kit sound superb. Speaker blooththooth at rear brill less wiring.

Loads of functions and things, still exploring. Nice touch is the night function for sound. If your going to buy a blu ray surround sound system, pay the extra and get this.

Great product just hope it continues to play latest blu-rays as they are released. (previous two 1 x sony and 1x samsung stopped playing the very latest releases despite software/firmware updates).

I believe this product is perfect the sound is pitch perfect hd quality and when playing a cd the speed of when the cd gets plays is proper quick.

Does everything as advertised.

I bought this as a neater alternative to my separates setup and was particularly interested in the wireless rear speakers. I also bought a wireless hd video transmitter. The problem with this unit is that it’s incredibly unreliable in terms of its internet connection. For dvds it has been fine, but for any video streaming service like netflix, etc. , it very rarely works first time and normally needs a power off/on cycle to get it to work without issues. Sound is surprisingly good, although the sub-woofer is a bit “thin”. Im using it with a 1080p projector i’ve had for a few years now and it’s still fairly impressive.

My player was very good is was just like being in the cinema and i would till anyone who would like to know about it v.

Very difficult to set up, but that might be our samsung t. Only down side one speaker has the screw inserts missing. Going to use sellotape as it don,t move much.

Nice piece of kit :-)sound quality is wonderful, minimal distortion, even at high volumes, really nice surround sound experience, close your eyes and you could be there :-)dave. Here are the specifications for the Sony BDVN7200W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System-:

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  • BDV-N7200W, 3D Blu-ray, magnetic fluid satellite speakers, NFC, Bluetooth, and screen mirroring
  • 1200W, 51 surround sound
  • Stream with Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth
  • High-resolution audio compatible
  • Lose yourself in natural high-resolution audio with magnetic fluid speakers
  • One-touch mirroring puts your smartphone on the big screen
  • Stream on-demand movies, TV, music and games

Speakers set up very easy via the provided mic, just make sure there’s not too much noise in the room at the time. I suggest you also download the user manual for more detailed settings instructions, etc. The sound is absolutely fabulous. The only potential downside, although not to me – if you just listened to an audio cd and want to watch a dvd, make sure you also put the player in video mode before you actually insert the dvd, otherwise the player freezes. Oh, and the subwoofer is huge.

This is as good as being at the cinema. The dvd box looks so high tec and modern.

I noticed i wasn’t getting the surround from fallout 4 and decided instead of faffing about for ages getting my old set up going properly to just go and get a new speaker set up, this is what i ended up with, the blu-ray deck is just a bonus but it does so much more.

This home theatre system really is excellent. You really can tell the difference in quality of sound. I’ve read that people say this system isn’t loud but those people don’t know how to use it. Once you auto calibrate the speakers you can manually adjust the level(loudness) of each speaker if your not happy with the level of sound and trust me they are thunder loud and the subwoofer even at level 3. 5 is enough to put cracks in your walls. On my old sony home theatre system when watching tv on sky it would not play sound through the rear surround speakers unless it was sky movies which obviously are in 5. On this system tv sound comes through every speaker. Also i recommend using hdmi arc which eliminates the need for optical audio cable plus optical audio cable can’t produce true 5. All in all excellent sound excellent setup looks fabulous and is worth every penny you will not be disappointed.

For quite a qhile that i’ve been trying to buy a surround sound and when this was on sale in john lewis, i didn’t think twice. The set up is fairly easy (well, it was for my boyfriend haha), but i’ve encountered a few issues:after playing on my playstation and if i want to watch a dvd straight away, the bluray player freezesit just doesn’t close the lid. I have to turn it off at the plug for it to work. Quite disapointed about this glitch as this is quite expensive.

It’s 4 and half stars actually – but that’s not an option :-)this systems forte is it’s ability to provide great surround sound *and* great reproduction for traditional stereo music – in my experience that’s unusual. For this it’s best to get the front speakers off the floor, they operate fine as floor standing but the difference for music (and any other source) if you get them up to say. 5m above floor level is significant. For me this is a third sony system – ht-is100 ->ht-as5 ->this the 7200. The as5 is a great surround system but really cant do music justice, but its still in the family as a ‘hand me down’ as its such a great system. Niggles – there’s been some reviews about distortion in front left/right or both speakers – i’ve experienced it in the front left, but it was difficult to regularly reproduce so i haven’t gone down the path of warranty repair as yet. It also seems very dependant on source, free to air tv being the worst culprit. I did give the centre speaker in the left a poke (suggested to free it up in some reviews) and lately (last month or so) i really haven’t heard the problem. Power – the unit claims 1200w (which of course is always marketing nonsense. ) but comparing to the as5 this unit does ‘seem’ less powerful – that being said this unit will run at max with absolutely no distortion and at that volume for either music or bluray, its then best to go into the backyard to listen to it :-p it’s plenty powerful enough in the end but it does seem to depend on source – with on deck bluray being best – i’ve reverted to everything plugged into the tv and using the tv-bdv optical for return audio – i’m not sure this has made a huge difference but unsurprisingly it does tend to even out levels between different sources which is a side bonus.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great sound
  • Brilliant.
  • 1st Class Surround System For Console Gaming

Not once have i had any of the issues people are complaining about. I’ve had the unit since release date. But saying that i am using it with a sony bravia 4k tv. I would recommend to everyone who enjoys multimedia systems.

Amazing sound,good houme cinema.

Tested using ps3, ps4, wii u & xbox one sloaded up new doom game for ps4 fantastic 5. 1 surround sound you can really hear the booms & bangs a great game to test out the system. Ditto with arkham knight gameauto calibration is pretty poor. I would not advise using the pre calibration mic to adjust the volume level on each speaker it makes the system sound dissapointing dont botherinstead adjust each one manually to your liking. Level goes from -6db all the way to +6db. So for example the rear speakers closer to you behing you i chose + 3. 5dbthe subwoofer max level + 6dbfront left & right eg +4. 5db >+5dbcentre approx 4dbtrust me its way bettervery easy system to setupalso tried wipeout hd + fury on ps3. 1 surround test feature in the game options to really show what the system canfew tipsif you’re playing a game or video that doesnt have 5.

Superb system and sound the only negative is it does not have 4k disc playbackit upscales bluray discs to near 4k quality but will not play any 4k discs.

I am very pleased with this system – excellent value, good quality and easy to set up.

Great system, the only fault i keep hearing crowd cheering from no where, it happens accross everything.

Outstanding system – great sound separation and excellent preset sound profiles. Only problem was that it developed a fault and had to return it to the suppliers who said they fixed it but returned it scratched and damaged.

Great product, really pleased with all its features. Its only minor downfall which bugs me is its loading time. If your listening to audio through your tv speakers and decide you want the surround sound on, it takes about 20-30 seconds to load up so it’s 20-30 seconds of watching the program in silence and missing the dialogue. Aside from this though i highly recommend it.

Fantastic system, sounds really good and easy to set up.

Fantastic sound quality, easy to set-up, a good surround sound system definitely makes watching movies and tv more enjoyable. Only downside to this system, we sometimes experience problems opening the dvd drawer, when you press open on the remote or dvd it doesn’t open, after searching the internet it appears to be a known problem, you can resolve the issue by pressing play and open at the same time, switch off the power, switch back on and it’s ok, it’s a bit annoying that sony haven’t made an update to download and stop this from happening.

Having been previously conned into buying a sound bar i’ve struggled for years with muffled sound on everything i’ve watched, not with this beauty i’m pleased to say. The quality of sound is superb, i recently watched ‘whiplash’ and could here every nuance coming from the films soundtrack (jazz drumming) superb film by the way. No problems at all setting it up and the wireless rear speakers work superbly and if your thinking about buying this product i highly reccomend it ps. Take no notice of some of the idiotic comments displayed on here, if set up correctly you’ll have no problemsand it is sony after all.

Very easy to setup and sound is high quality due to the tv and sky only using low quality sound this system does make sound and better quality sound so much better very good around system thanks sony goes well with my sony tv as well.

I chose this system because there was no need to run wires across the room, just along the front and back walls, so not taken in by the term wireless in the description. It replaced a system that used to crackle with interference running wireless rear speakers, with no hiss or crackle at all. I also wired in my old floor standing speakers as they had the same 6 ohm rating as these, but more for sentiment than to improve the sound as the supplied speakers were excellent. Sacd collection has been dusted off and is filling the room with sound. Turned off all of the fancy sound modes, so now it plays tv, cds and mp3s in 2. 1 stereo, sacds, dvds and blu-rays in 5. Manually set the distance and output on the speakers to deal with an offset tv position and i’m very happy, looks much smarter than the stereo amp and old surround system it replaced. So, expect to spend some time doing the set up, only annoyance so far is that it turns off the system when i turn off the tv, even if playing a cd when the tv is not required. Dvd up scaling onto a 51′ tv isn’t always smooth on a busy scene, but blu-rays at their sparkling best.

I’ve had it 4 years, bought for £299 with a tv and it’s been pretty much spot on. Blue tooth streaming is great and sound quality / volume above average. The performance of it is mainly in the setup, i’d say use the included mic to setup then go into manual mode and increase volume of surround speakers further to gain full benefit. Only real niggle is the processor is a bit slow, if sony spent some time on making the interface faster it would be great. Be sure to power cycle it once every couple of weeks or it gets a bit wobbly.

Read lots of reviews before purchasing. Product is more than what i expected. Great style & functions are very good.

Looks good, sounds great and very easy to set up.

I have had my system for about one year. In the course of that time i have experienced most of the problems as stated here by other users. Freezing and drawer not opening being the most problems. I wouldoccasionally play a tv recorded dvd but i now get the message faulty disc. The long and the short of the matter is that i very much regret purchasing this playerand i shall look elsewhere when i change my system next time.

Updated after 1 year of use including at least 2 system software updates over internet from sonysuperb surround sound, and impressively deep well balanced bass, which is clear and not just boomy. Sound field options may seem a little gimmicky but might help add ambience in soft furnished rooms. Plenty of power for home use. Piano black finish gathers some dust but not finger marks. Easy to clean with soft brush on vacuum, but watch out for delicate speaker cones. With hd digital recordings of live concerts the sound quality is superb. Bluray player works fine, great pic and sound. Works well with media from lan network server and bluetooth from phone, also with turntable and vinyl lps. No chromecast in bdv so i use the tv’s built-in one. Bdv does have screen-mirroring, but i havent been able to get this to work yet. I have found miracast/screen mirroring operation in general is very poor compared to chromecast.

Very good sound and performance. Its unbelievable to sound quality that comes from the small speakers. The woofer though passive has heavy sound.

I came from a less powerful, smaller sony bdv e370 which is an ok system. It’s very clear and there is no doubt that at high volume it sounds pretty good. It’s also nicely made and mine has been reliable so far apart from occasionally getting confused when switching from external feeds to internet tv on my sony tv. Its handy not having to run speaker cables for the surround sound unitsconsit’s an awkwardly sized main unit. Due to its shape and size it really has to sit on its own on our tv stand shelf. Its defiantly form over function as while it looks good, its only able to sit on top if you stacked it. It’s lacking in bass at low volume despite the bass speaker being sizable and wound up to the max. Flimsy speaker wire which is also disappointingly thin. I would like the option to have more bass which i could turn down if required rather than feeling i’m missing something. I’d only recommend this system depending on what you have now as it’s not a big enough improvement over my older, less powerful system.

Easy to set up, more than decent sound. The manuals supplied are ok to get started. I did a search on the internet and found a more comprehensive manual on sony’s website which i have downloaded and printed off (84 pages). This should have been included in the package. It’s not until you read the online manual that you find out what this system is capable of and how to do it. This is much better than my previous harman kardon system.

A very good system with very clear sound.

Was looking for something for movies but also music. These systems rarely deliver music well but this one excels. Ok, not quite hifi quality but as close as you’ll get at the price. Concert blu rays sound amazing.

Quick delivery working well o far.

I primarily bought this as it doesn’t have wires to the rear speakers. Its not £500 worth in my opinion and certainly way inferior build quality than the yamaha sound bar it replaced. Just look at the bottom holes on the speakers –they are not tweeters they are just ‘holes’. The sound is ok but to be honest i had a £100 one with wired speakers that was just as good. Buy if you really don’t want rear wires to speakers–otherwise go elsewhere for better quality or cheaper for as good sound.

Other than poor low volume base very good system.

I like the features of this system, the speakers look good, the rears are obviously not totally wireless as they need to be wired to an amp/power source, but they don’t need to be wired to the system itself as the amp connects wirelessly to the main system. Can be a bit glitchy and sometimes i have to unplug and reboot. I wish the menu system was quicker to load as that has quite a delay which is wearing. I need to start using the music streaming capabilities more as i’m sure that would be great. Need more time in my life like everyone else. Our parents (baby boomers) haven’t a clue how easy their lives were.

Purchased this item to replace an ageing sony system. First impressions whilst unpacking was how stunning the system looked and how much smaller the speakers were. No need to worry though, the sound quality is excellent throughout all modes. The surround quality in cinema mode had the cat running round looking for the source of the noise. If you have a ps3 or sony tv the menus are the same and easy to navigate through. Apps in the menu only appear once you’ve been hooked up to the internet for a few minutes. Then you can enjoy youtube and netflix plus a whole host of others in quality stereo of your choice. The wireless back box for the rear speakers can be placed behind your sofa and doesn’t require a direct line of site. Ease of use couldn’t be better once set up. One touch of your sky box/ youview box brings everything to life so there’s no need to faff around with multiple remotes.

Good system but a bit slow to operate when first turned on.

I love this home cinema system it’s very very intelligent, i bought it to replace a very disappointing pioneer system and it beats it in every way. It’s very easy to setup and even easier to configure. It comes with a little sensor mic that picks up the location of the speakers and does all the configuring for you. The connectivity is great i had no issues connecting it to the internet, and it also plays very nicely with my samsung tv. The previous paring i had was a sharp tv and a pioneer home cinema sysytem and they hated each over. I ran into endless problems including one or both remotes not working, surround sound going static or the tv just playing up every time i tried to turn it on to watch a blu ray with the system. Thankfully this time around the new tv and the new sony cinema system both work brilliantly together. The surround sound and bass are amazing for watching blu rays, the sound is crisp clear and loud. The previous system i had sounded great, but the dialog coming from the centre speaker always sounded tinny, thankfully with this system the sound is crisp and clear no complaints. The wireless is easy to connect just plug it in to a plug socket at the over end of the room and place your speakers either side and let the easy setup feature do the rest.