Sony Bravia KD43XE8004 43 inch TV – Great TV

Good amount of features for a tv with good quality sound. But it is let down by the lack of android application support. Tried sideloading some apks but the screen format screw’s them up in move case’s. Hopefully moving forward this application of the android system will see a greater amount of adoption from the apk software developers.

1st one i ordered had a shadow down the screen on the left. Sent it back, replacement ok.

Brilliant tv, does exactly what it say in the tin .

I love the amount of apps you can put on it.

No expert on 4k tv’s but must say how very pleased we are with our new sony tv excellent.

Great product, awesome service by amazon when i contacted about a missing part.

Couldn’t be more pleased with this t. Been promising ourselves one for some time and decid3d to treat ourselves. Fantastically clear picture, controls are easy to understand. As we don’t go out that much it gives us a real wide choice of viewing. Well pleased with this purchase.

Took me some time to get used to all the functions, but it is very good.

Mostly use to watch netflix and have no issues with it. Everything is smooth and colorful. Hope this serves me good and long.

The picture quality is good enough but youview, doesn’t work, and it’s the only way you can get some apps , such as on demand tv from channel 4 (all4).

But the android software is not really good and it doesn’t seem to be working as expected with external disks/pen drives. It would have been good if we can access external drives folder structure as is. Instead of android aggregating the media. This media is mixing lot of images and videos making access not easy. Don’t like the android but i like the tv.

I bought this tv after doing months of research on the best tv for gaming. Bravia is a brand that is renowned for having very low input lag and this tv is no different. The picture quality is absolutely fantastic and i’ve found no issues with the menu like others have suggested here. It’s the best tv i’ve owned and i would recommend it to anyone wanting a 4k tv with exceptional screen quality.

Picture quality is virbrant and fantastic for sports as near zero motion blur.

Brilliant television with great clarity on the picture.

Good tv use pc monitor and dont have lags or issues.

As expected of sony products.

This unit has everything you need for a smart tv. Easy setup, great sound and the picture quality is superb. The remote even has dedicated buttons for netflix and google play. I would highly recommend this product.

The android tv is the best tv for me. 4k is truly amazing just watching the slow mo guys videos is a good enough reason for me to get this one.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Television
  • Android TV and 4k Match made in heaven.
  • Five Stars

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