Sony Bravia KD43XF8096BU 43-Inch Android 4K HDR Ultra HD TV : So glad I bought it!

This tv offers rich and vibrant colours and very fluid motion. Definition and detail are stunning and when watching 4k uhd content it is remarkably good for the price. The tv runs on android and has excellent smart tv functionality. The viewing angle is wide and it can be viewed from quite oblique angles and still looks good. The sound is very good for built in sound, for watching movies you may want a separate sound system with a sub-woofer but for normal tv i think the built in sound is perfectly adequate and even for movies it is ok (albeit it is not in the same league as a decent surround sound system). I got the 43″ screen for the bed room and it is incredible just what quality is available for a relatively modest budget these days, its not that long ago that a top of the line set costing £££££££’s wouldn’t get near to this. It feels a lot nicer than the cheaper entry level sets but you’re not getting high end premium materials and feel. That said, it doesn’t feel cheap or low rent.

We purchased this as our main living room tv after spending a long time reviewing what is on the market and the different costs. Having read reviews stating the picture on this model is not as good as other higher models sony have released, i was slightly put off but went with the purchase due to the significantly higher costs for the next models up and i’m so very glad i did. The quality of picture is absolutely great and i would recommend it to those looking for their main tv. Slight issues i’ve had is when using with alexa to turn the tv on. To change the volume, turn off works fine, just on. Saying that, i don’t know if the problem lies with alexa, the tv or my wifi. I didn’t purchase a sound bar and the sound quality is more than good enough for regular viewing. If you’re like me and are considering paying out more for the next models up, i’d suggest save your money and go with this tv. It is a very well equipped machine in sonys mid range.

Excellent value, good quality sound and picture.

The first tv was damaged in shipment. The second one worked for three days before the picture went out. The third and current tv seems to be working fine so far. It has a great picture quality with decent sound but could have even better sound with a sony sound bar. This tv is very “state of the art” high tech tv. It really has it all and it is truly great when it works. I might have had a lemon the first time because so far this last tv is working well – i have no complaints with it. Crossing my fingers that it stays that way.

Easy to use quality picture and sound very happy with this tv.

I’m not really an expert on image quality and tvs but moving from my old 32′ samsung to this has definitely felt like an upgrade in every aspect. The 4k hdr content i’ve watched on this tv looks crisp, vivid and overall spot-on. Sound is alright but don’t expect anything amazing from a built-in tv speaker. Pleasantly impressed by the thin bezel and how thin the tv is. The only downside is that the menu navigation is a bit sluggish on the default settings. I’m a big fan of android tvs but their settings out-of-the-box can be a bit too much so tv settings required some tweaking. Once this was done though, browsing through the tv menus is snappy and comfortable. Perhaps the only not so great aspect is the built-in chromecast. Sometimes it doesn’t stream content correctly and it’s not discoverable by other devices in my home network. But 90% of the time it works just fine.

Does everything you want from a tv.

When the delivery came through from arrow xl, they had not made sure that the tv was a) stored the right way up and b) protected against water damage. The van flooded during transit from heavy rain which soaked the whole end of the box, which it had been stood on. I opened the box and tested the tv, thankfully the tv was deep in the box which meant that the antistatic film was dry and the tv was undamaged. I loaded it up and the image was fine, no dead pixels so i let the delivery guy go. The tv itself is fantastic, great image and great to watch. Really happy with it and the os is great. The blacks aren’t quite as deep as some might like, but that is a minor issue compared to the overall package. Great colours, speed of image, presentation and i have suffered none of the os issues i’ve heard about. I’m in a new house so the internet is being connected today, so i may add to this report once i’ve streamed 4k footage through it.

  • Great Android TV, built-in Chromecast has a few hitches
  • Vibrant, fluid picture and decent sound
  • Don’t hold back my best tv to date

Sony Bravia KD43XF8096BU 43-Inch Android 4K HDR Ultra HD TV with YouView and Freeview HD – Black (2018 Model)

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Coming from an old sony hd tv (one of the first hd tvs to come out 720p 32″) and over 10 years old but still worked as well as the day i got it which is why i decided to stick with sony and i’m so glad i did the 4k picture is unreal so sharp and the colours so bright and being an android tv takes it to a totally different level i’ve seen other makes that have there own app stores with only there own apps and couldn’t get on with them but this is just like using your phone/tablet and i don’t know how i’ve gone this long with out one had heard stories that the sound on these new slim bezel tvs isn’t that good and to be honest it could be better but it’s still as good as any other tv i’ve owned was a little worried about it being 4k as i thought i’d have to buy a 4k bly ray player or subscribe to some over priced satellite package but was really surprised as you can buy and download or stream the newest films out infact with the purchase it lets you pick out two films to keep for good to start your collection and in 4k and also being an amazon prime and netflix subscriber there’s a good collection of content in 4k to pick from too so all in all i’m so happy i picked this tv and i don’t think you could tempt me with any other one out there in this price range so if your thinking of going for this one don’t think anymore just go ahead and get it oh and one more thing i also picked this one to work with an amazon echo plus and had a few teething problems at first but now it turns it on and over and the volume up and down and changes the hdmi channels too.

Fantastic all round tv, i have a nvidia shield android box and amp plugged into it and it runs great. The only apps that i use on the tv are bbc iplayer, itv hub and all4 and they run great. I stream a lot though my nvidia shield onto this tv and the picture quality is incredible. I bought a 4k av receiver to go with it and i have been watching football, boxing, snooker and films on it and it handles it perfectly, don’t know why people say it goes pixelated because i haven’t had any problems.

Got this on black friday, brilliant tv for the money. Didn’t know i was missing 4k etc until i got it.

Easy setup, great picture and lots of features.

Amazing picture quality, easy to use, great sound.

Have had bravia tvs over the years none have disappointed. Picture crystal clear and sharp. Smart tv feature is great, sound quality is top notch. Other than that this bravia is great. One issue was the poor quality remotes they now produce which does not always work unless directly aimed at tv.

Wonderfully clear picture; easy menus to navigate & bought for a great price. Well done sony for another fantastic tv.

  • Great Android TV, built-in Chromecast has a few hitches
  • Vibrant, fluid picture and decent sound
  • Don’t hold back my best tv to date

Sony Bravia KD43XF8096BU 43-Inch Android 4K HDR Ultra HD TV with YouView and Freeview HD – Black (2018 Model)

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