Sony Bravia KD65XD7504BU 65-Inch Android 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart LED TV – Good tv

On the whole pretty awesome great picture good motion rate low lag for gaming, but the killer selling point for me was having android installed so hey presto into the app store download kodi build in your favourite addons. Apart from one very annoying thing,,using my bose mini soundlink speaker on this ended up having to go through the aux via the earphone connector still sounds great, as even though states bluetooth think will only connect to sony games controllers so sony pretty bad one of you trying to lock the buyer into your goods hence knocked star off for this.

This is an initial review which i will update soon. But wanted to share my thoughts. Amazon do seem to have included the model number now, which is correct. I have been wanting to upgrade my 2010 sammy for a while, but couldn’t make my mind up. Then i saw this on a lightening deal for £550. It is a cracking tv so far (had it up and running for 5 days now). Having read the other reviews on here, i just wanted to add some thoughts. This is the base model in the sony range, although the only difference between this and the 7005 is the motion flow rate and the bezel colourthat said, this is full 4khdr tv for £550.

Fantastic tv the works well with more than two consoles put into it, i put three consoles and a streaming box into the hdmi ports and the all look great in their 4k enabled viewing. I would recommend to any gamer or someone looking for a man/woman cave.

Very good tv perfect for my ps4 pro.

Was going to purchase this tv, either the 55′ or the 65′, but since no model number of either tv is listed in the description, and looking at the reviews, decided to do some digging about this 2 models and explain some concepts that are misleading for the consumer in all the tv brands nowadays, that requires research to fully understand some concepts, putting it somewhat resumed;main thing people need to be aware nowadays is the wrong publicity of what is hdr and if the tv accurately reproduces its content, just so you know, for a tv to display hdr content correctly, the minimum requirement that a tv needs to have are:1. Peak brightness above 500 nits for an ok to good hdr experience or peak brightness around 1000 nits for a full hdr content;2. Colour gamut of at least a 8 bit colour display with frc (frc is a technology that allows a 8 bit colour display to emulate a 10 bit colour display), or even better a real 10 bit or 12 bit colour display (but lets ignore those because their prices are for someone who have a really good wallet, and are the ones that should give you full hdr content);note: 8 bit colour: 16,777,216 colours (24 bits: 8 red, 8 green, 8 blue). Note: 8 bit + frc and 10 bit colours: 1,073,741,824 colours (30 bits: 10 red, 10 green, 10 blue). I’m just explaining this because most of the cheapest tv brands say they have hdr, just really don’t have it, which i believe its false advertising for the consumer and a really set back when you think you are really buying a good tv with all the goodies for a good price. Putting this way, you think you bought a ferrari, but you were given a fiat with the looks of a ferrari. So basically, if you buy a 8 bit tv that says it reproduces hdr, this is a lie and you don’t even need to care about brightness in that tv, simple because it doesn’t have a display that can reproduce all the hdr colours. Example: 55′ samsung ue55ku6400 or any 6000 samsung (2016 tv series). Now lets go to the brightness, although to have a full hdr experience, the tv display needs at least 1000 nits of peak brightness, you can still enjoy a good hdr experience if the tv display reaches half that value, 500 nits, off course you wont have the full hdr experience, but the price difference between the models are something to take in consideration. Bellow 450 nits of peak brightness in a tv, the hdr experience isn’t going to be noticeable at all and will come blurred and with fake colours in the display.

Kd-49xd700xgreat picture, quick setup, google cast and amazon video are very good. Android tv is fast and smooth. The sound through my soundbase is better than it was with my previous samsung and it discovered and streams everything on my nas. Im a bit disappointed because i wanted it to replace my old pvr but cant because it doesn’t:-pause live tv with a hdd attached-record one channel and let you watch another-record anything in youview modethe youview phone app also cant find the tv but is probably not required anyway because the tv cant recordi just feel that sony have crippled the tv by not letting it record anything. For me the tv may as well not have a tuner or usb ports and im left wondering if i should have got a simpler smart tv from another manufacturer.

Good tv happy with it it doesn’t go hdr in 4k only 1080.

When you want to buy a tv it needs to be sony. The picture quality is always the best. The picture modes are always the best, too. But you have to consider that this product is much more than just a tv. Personally, i don’t like any of the smart tv interfaces. They are not user-friendly, work very slow, and have limited capabilities – honestly, they shouldn’t be called smart after all. Yet, the android tvs tend to be much better. Sony + android is making it a good deal for me and this tv is an entrance model to this world. The android interface is quite fast and responsive. It gives you very good options in terms of connectivity and usability.

Good quality product and great picture.

I got this during the prime days at half price, which just for that deserves the five stars. (this is for the 2016 model kd65xd7504bu, that amazon some times mixes the reviews)the tv is huge, really, go to a shop and stand next to one, it is massive, but it is not heavy (i assembled the stand and put it up in the tv table with no help). The picture quality is amazing, and when playing 4k content is breathtaking. However there is not much 4k content available out there (amazon video, youtube, netflix), and of coruse, not all their content is 4k, it is just a limited selection. But the tv works great in full hd, which is how your tv channels broadcast. Android tv, which brings a lot of options, but my favourite so far is kodi + nas + hue script to turn your living room into a theatre. Then only problem is that the tv control is slow, it was a bit awkward at first, but when you get used to the tv timings, you know which things can be done instantly and which ones need you to wait for a couple of secondsthe sound is decent. I had read reviews where they complained of the sound, but even thou is not the best in the world, it is not bad.

This is a great tv, the 4k image quality is beautiful and the low input lag is great for playing games. The colour range is very good and hdr looks great too. The android features work very well, though the wifi chip in the tv seems to be quite weak, and doesn’t always pick up the wifi (despite the fact all other devices i use in the room have no issue), which can be annoying. It’s also an 8-bit panel from what i can tell, which means that the hdr isn’t as good as the 10-bit model, which is only a little more expensive. Overall i’m very happy with this tv, but i should have probably paid a little more for the 10-bit version.

Not a bad picture but only really works best in 4k. I think it was designed around 4k use. Watching hd shows via sky etc add a bit of noise in the picture and not that much better than my old plasma tv. Was worth the upgrade but would not have paid full price for it.

The on screen guide doesn’t work with the satellite and can’t use the itv player with satellite. Otherwise an excellent picture and a good value tv. Here are the specifications for the Sony Bravia KD65XD7504BU 65-Inch Android 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart LED TV:

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  • Android TV – All the personalisation, intelligence and entertainment of your smartphone on the big screen
  • The clean and simple stand design adds class to any living space whilst hiding cables from view
  • 4K high dynamic range – Enhanced contrast, real-life colours and exceptional 4K detail
  • 4K X-Reality Pro upscale every pixel for remarkable clarity, with Sony 4K everything you watch is highly realistic
  • Dynamic Contrast Enhancer helps to create a vibrant picture with a wider range of peaks and darks

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great tv
  • Four Stars
  • Beware of the Specifications of the 55″ & the 65″ TV, this are 2 different models with only the 55″ capable of some HDR content