Sony Bravia KDL43WE753 – Five Stars

The first thing we noticed when this large tv was delivered was how light it was – we were expecting something that would be far more cumbersome to carry around. This, in itself, made installation less painful than previous tv’s. The physical installation was straightforward – sony supply an installation guide, mostly in pictures, and with a few lines of text in 21 languages. The one problem was that we couldn’t find the screws to attach the machine to the stand. It turned out these were taped to the outside of the plastic bag with the stand, rather than with the other bits and pieces. Connecting the tv to our (bt supplied) wireless router was also straightforward. The supplied remote control was perfectly adequate for all our purposes. The lightness of the machine comes at a price. Much of it does not feel very solid. The stand (which does not swivel at all) felt flimsy.

Brilliant tv, bought for my grandparents. Got an email with delivery date for a weeks time but was delivered the next day. Very pleased with the service and speed. Tv was no problem setting up, easy to follow step by guide.

Great tv very easy to set up however some basic apps missing (nowtv).

Great picture and easy to set up :))).

This was bought at discount for an extremely reasonable price of 300 quid, however i am upgrading an obsolete 720p bravia. I shopped around quite a bit and a 4k hdr tv, but a good one will set you back quite a bit. Here is a solid full hd picture, blacks are deep colours pop and response time for gaming is fine. This is an excellent upgrade and the size quality and price are unbeatable even at around the 400 mark, its also very thin and stylish, bezels are tiny, it is also a smart tv which is a must nowadays, os could be better but at the price i got it and the image it puts out this is a fantastic tv, for a gamer or a person who likes to really sit back and get immersed in a good movie.

All of this stuff is part of my working background, so what follows is not linked to any lack of understanding, it’s a hard and 100% reproducible flaw:as soon as non tv mode is entered, eg bbc i player, the options key stops working, so all controls that you’d want to make picture and/or sound variations, (apart from volume) are gone. Until you’re back out of the app, which is about as useful as a rubber fork, or a chocolate teapot.

Excellent quality for the price ¬£390. Have a 50′ kdl803 and this is equal if not better in every aspect ( except size.

Absolutely excellent as ever. And actually better than i’d expected.

I’m reviewing the 43-inch version. It has replaced what was a very top end panasonic 42 inch plasma that was about three years old and cost three times the price. It beats that on every single front. As well as being a third of the price, it no more than half the weight and twice as thin. The picture quality at hdr also beat the deep blacks of the plasma, and its ‘smart’ functionality was also a win (one click netflix button, and easy access to apps). Note that it comes with an inbuilt freeview tuner (aerial needed) – but we have no aerial on the house so this has gone untested – whereas my old telly had a freesat tuner built in, this doesn’t. It is probably quite light on inputs – this will only suit someone who has simple needs (two hdmi inputs). The sound is nothing special, but we’ve hooked up a decent soundbar via optical cable so the screens audio is redundant to us anyway. This really is a great bit of kit from a premium brand at a very good price. However, i do wonder about buying a telly nowadays that isn’t 4k.

Picture is good so far, i’m not sure if i’m seeing hdr content images since my sources aren’t hdr rated. I only have a lan connection to this tv and after updating the firmware i finally got the screen mirroring and dlna working after sony s above said to reset the tv after updating. The only frustrating bit is the cut down version of android installed on these lower end models. I didn’t want to go down the route of having to buy an external tv box to install android apps like plex for my media library so i went for this. The pre-installed opera tv has apps that can be installed but for my purpose they are mostly useless. Ideally i would like google play added to the list of apps.

Bought as a christmas present for my daughter. Picture quality is really good, the hdr on it obviously works well. Xbox one games look great, almost as good as my 4k tv, but not quite. The built in sound is pretty good. For the price this is a great tv.

I bought this after my 9 year old toshiba regza 42′ lcd blew it’s mainboard. I found it very interesting that you can still buy an hd tv from a premium brand like sony since i’ve heard that 4k is pretty worthless unless you get a massive set (not an option) or sit very close to the tv. Since toshiba have stopped making their own tvs (always my preferred brand) and decided it was time for my first sony (and to see how the tech has advanced in the previous 9 years. First impressions were good, it’s an attractive set, very slim (though it does have a power brick) and thin bezels around the outside so it looks more sophisticated than it’s price tag would have you believe. The picture quality is excellent and definitely an improvement on the old toshiba even although it was a much more expensive set back in the day. Cheaper lcd panels (like this) still have the problem of backlight bleed but since this only really has been solved by the much more expensive oled sets then this is forgivable. What isn’t great is the fact you only get 2 hdmi slots and (even worse) they are on the side of the set. Be prepared to buy new cables (or angle adaptors) if you don’t want cables sticking out the side of your tv. If you still have a tv stand with all your multimedia gear stacked below then all the cables are visible through the stand.

My first sony tv after years of samsung and a panasonic, and i can now see what the fuss is about. The picture quality is astonishing, especially if you are watching something in hdr on netflix. Colours jump out and the level of detail is astonishing. Part of this is simply the ability to play high definition hdr broadcast, but even compared against my other tv (a panasonic 4k tv which is very good), this seems a little bolder. The sound is great, as you’d expect from a company like sony with a long heritage in audio, and set up is remarkably easy. Slip the tv out of the box (it’s surprisingly light), attach the small stand with 4 small screws, plug in and then connect to a wireless network to get to netflix, youtube etc. Hdmi ports and a scart connection make it easy to hook up games consoles, dvd players, blu ray etc. I was up and running within ten minutes. Super high quality – if you treat yourself to this, you won’t be disappointed.

Suffers from image bleeding, can not be stopped, trust me, i did try every setting, youtube video etc. It is what it is for this price, payed£400 end of november 2017 but i don`t think if i have the change, i will not buy it again. . Cornering viewing it is great from my opinion, altough remote control something has delays sending the command to tv, apps a bit slugish.

Tv good, price good, sound very poor.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • One very major problem
  • Brilliant but with a couple of design flaws
  • Five Stars

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