Sony Bravia KDL43WF663 43 Inch Full HD HDR Smart TV – Perfectly Serviceable HD TV

Amazing quality all round thanks.

Nice tv, good make, great price. It all works out of the box, very happy.

The kdl43wf663 was first released in october 2016 and unless this 2018 model has undergone any upgrades it has therefore been around for nearly two years so you can’t expect it to be bristling with the latest high-tech gadgetry. And while it generally feels as if it has been ‘built to a price’, it’s still pretty good and as this is my first (semi) smart tv it’s actually a lot more up-to-date than my other tv, a 10-year old 46′ panasonic plasma. This sony tv is surprisingly light at 8. 2kg so it’s very easy to carry around from room to room, something i found myself having to do actually because of network connection problems. I found that i had to set it up in the same room as the sky q box and then move it, a slight inconvenience but not a big deal. The remote control feels cheap but it has two unusual buttons on it: youtube and netflix. This is what makes this tv an advance on most decade-old models that were just televisions and nothing else. I’ve only really used the youtube app so far and it works fine, making this a sort of cross between a tv and a huge laptop. The other apps are bbc iplayer, demand5, uktv play, dw (die welt, i think), stv, vewd app store (so you can add additional apps), photo sharing plus, amazon prime video, itv, bbc news, yupp tv, meteo news, freeview play, photo frame mode, rakuten tv, all 4, bbc sport, arte, youtube kids, berliner philharmoniker and a browser. Picture quality is okay, no complaints, sound quality about average although i’m a bit spoilt in that department as our main tv is hooked up to a devialet soundbar so the sound is far better with that.

Very pleased with quick delivery. Set looked brand new when package was opened. Handy ability to catch-up on a program from the start half way through. Tedious to set up various smart apps. Such as iplayer, 5on demand you tube etc. Regarding durability- have only had the tv for 2 months, so unable to judge, but past sony equipment has never broken down before being discarder (12-15 years+).

This tv is exactly as stated in the headline. It’s a perfectly serviceable 1080p high definition tv. Mine is wall mounted, so i can’t comment on the stand. There are a few niggles, particularly of you are more technically minded. Installation – i had it connected to an standard aerial and it found most of the standard digital channels on freeview they play perfectly well. I had an ethernet cable cable connecting it to a powerlan plug which connected to the internet and it upgraded perfectly – i haven’t connected it via wifi as i don’t need to. Audio – the built in speakers are fine for where/how i use it. My tv is in a room where i have lots of exercise equipment, so it’s used whilst i’m on and elliptical trainer/rowing machine/doing body weight exercises. . The quality if fine for that. You could improve it quite a bit by fitting a soundbar, but you would have to use either the headphone socket or an optical cable, as this tv doesn’t have bluetooth capability. Picture quality – it’s okay, not stunning but perfectly watchable. Hd channels look pretty good, sd channels are watchable.

Very pleased with product good value.

Very clever machine, finding new functions all the time.

Always had sony bravia tv’s and they have always impressed me with the overall quality and durability, a 36 inch one i bought 10 years ago is still working well in a spare bedroom. This latest addition was easy to set up and the picture quality is great. It also works well with our old sony sound bar so the sound is also great. Best of all this new 43 inch tv takes up less room than the old 40 inch due to the slim bezel. All in all i don’t think i could have bought better for the price i paid.

Very happy with all aspect of this television.

I set up this tv next to my now-pushing-10-years-old-and-recently-gone-to-the-big-scrapheap-in-the-sky sharp aquos 46′. It was a non-led, non-smart tv (but cost significantly more than the bravia 43′ when i bought it in 2008) which was connected to a playstation 3 (my blu-ray & netflix machine) and a sky+ hd box. I’ve edited this review for brevity, but the essential points remain – i had a lot of trouble (about 3 hours) getting the sony bravia set up properly. However, while i was fiddling with it, i tried plugging in an external usb hard disk with some mp4 media on it, and that worked fine. I watched some digital/freeview sdtv with an expectedly poor, sd-quality picture, and that worked fine too. I watched some sky and found the picture very over-saturated, and we’ll get back to that later as second, severe flaw in this tv. On first impressions, the bravia is ridiculously light (the box says 12kg, so the tv is probably about 11kg). The old aquos weighed a ton while i was easily able to lift the bravia inside its box and carry it upstairs (while wearing my backpack from work at the same time. Physical setup is a breeze as a result – 4 philips screws affix two feet, plug in the power and any source boxes, and you’re done.

Sony bravia has been my first choice for many years and this does not disappoint. Great sound, vision and built in extras.

This 43′ sony is to replace a 32′ sony so i can compare notes. I did some research and for normal tv viewing 1080 seems to be better than 4k as upscaling from sd to 4k isn’t that clever apparently. There are a few annoying features about this 2018 model i don’t like. It isn’t android based so why the lag in many of the remote features. The epg isn’t as instant as the 32′ was with a few seconds delay after pressing the green next page button. Also teletext is slower, noticeably populating one line at a time. The most glaring and annoying change is the epg which no longer has the top information panel. Yes you see more channels but you need to exit the list display to see each programs details. They’ve also removed the very useful schedule viewing feature that i used that a lot.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great tv a d easy to set up and use
  • new tv.
  • Have always had Sony TVs

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