Sony HT-NT5 400 W Sound Bar – Beautiful style – I just love it

My level of technical expertise and hearing acuity is what you might expect from a 70 year old grandfather. After reading the reviews i bought the ht nt5 soundbar. It took me quite a while to work out the hdmi connections between a panasonic 50′ uhd tv, sky q box and the soundbar, but it was worth the effort. This is the best sound system i have owned. The sony remote control is simple and intuitively easy to use. Dialogue is crisp and clear and the presets are very well balanced across the range of bass, middle and treble frequencies. I now don’t have to use the subtitles. However, getting the sky q remote paired with the soundbar to adjust the volume was a problem because sky don’t appear to have the codes. When the skyq box was installed i chose the ‘easy grip’ remote as an optional extra. (looks like the old sky remote) none of the suggested on-screen codes worked and sky customer services were not able to help.

This soundbar works wwonderfully with my ultra tv and the ultra hd films look amazing well worth buying.

Beautiful style – i just love itsound is also great, crisp and very clear. Bass is also good in my opinion although i am not an expert on checking what is good or bad. However, i do think that overall it is really a good sound sytem.

Never having owned a soundbar before i have been impressed with this and don’t think i could go back to having normal tv speakers. It really adds depth and an immersive viewing experience especially in movies. The soundbar has modes built in depending on what you watch, this includes: standard, clear (voices), sport, games and movies. I actually use standard and movies most often. Watched a few films and game of thrones in movie mode and the subwoofer made a difference. In standard mode it’s easier to hear speech through music and background noise. If you do have a spare hdmi port, you can access a whole host of other features including spotify and chromecast streaming so can be used as a sound system as well, which is where i think the extra cost might be coming from. Otherwise using the optical input performs just as well. Unfortunately i don’t have 4k media to test this feature but it’s supposed to be able to handle this level of quality. The soundbar is surprisingly long but looks great, it can also be wall mounted and the grill can be removed.

Firstly, mine arrived in a non-functioning state. It won’t switch on and has an error message. So it’s currently at a sony repair centre. I’ll post back if/when it’s sorted. My only other comments at this stage are that, for £600, it looks rather cheap and plasticky compared to the quality workmanship of the sonos soundbar at a similar price point. It’s also not clear from the product page, but you need an hdmi arc port on your tele or an optical port – so if you’ve not got these it won’t work. Check compatibility before you buy. Contacted sony who directed me to a website to search for a repair centre.

It even arrived sooner then expected.

One of the best soundbars 2016high resolution audio, multi-room, ldac bluetooth, and all. Great feature is subwoofer level buttons on remote. Lightweight so much, it is wall mounted above my tv, away from my toddlers handsthe great feature is it’s expandibility, together with other hi-res speakers. From the settings, hdmi communications for example, you could predict that the technology built-in is future proof. The feeling you get when you listen to one of your favorite movies, or song, for the first time you light it up, is similar to the bose acoustimass speaker system of the 90’s. So discrete , yet rich full spectrum sound, in a 40 m2 living roomwill never regret this purchase.

Just perfect better than the speakers on the wall good quality would recommend this item.

Excellent sound bar, easy to set up and the sound is perfect.

When i was originally sent this sound bar kit, i was shocked at the sheer dimensions of the box – it’s massive. Mind you, that wasn’t quite the response of the courier, who had probably took several years off his life hauling it to me front door. Having unloaded the various components from the packaging, however, i was impressed by the quality of the kit – other reviewers have rather disparaged what has been described as ‘cheap-looking’ or ‘plastic-y’ components, but that most certainly is not my impression. Having connected up the various parts (and indeed, other reviewers have helped me in this regard, helping me avoid the pitfalls that they initially fell into), i encountered no problems in set up. I road tested it using the blu ray of the movie ‘barry lyndon’, which has a marvellous classical soundtrack, and found the sound sonorous, plangent and detailed. Whacking the volume up saw the various speakers cope with the harmonic range brilliantly well, with no distortion or speaker buzz. No issue setting up blue tooth connectivity, either, and again the 5. 1 mixes of material by the beatles and the beach boys delivered much listening joy. Regular tv shows – particularly nature shows and documentaries – sounded much improved, as did a spot of the 2016 euro football championships. This strikes me as a possibly pricey but impressive sound bar that will go on delivering great results across a variety of media, and i recommend it heartily.

Excellent sound bar – moved away from a separate amp and 5. 1 speaker system so was a little worried i’d miss the true surround sound, but actually very pleased with them. The sound is immersive and i thought i’d get the separate wireless surround speakers but so far haven’t felt the need to.

Good sound when it’s in sync and the sub woofer remains connected. Spoke to sony no help so thinking of sending it back. Having had this for just over 2 months, the issue with the sub woofer is getting worse. Spoke to the supplier and sony, neither were particularly helpful. Both wanted me to return for repair. Not an acceptable option in my opinion for a nearly new item. Thankfully amazon are brilliant in these cases, and have arranged for collection and refund. I will be out of pocket, but for £29 i am willing to go with john lewis who price matched at £429. Im sure i just had a bad unit, which is a real shame as apart from this issue the sound is fantastic.

Please note my experience from this product is from never having a soundbar. I have nothing to compare this to. Both myself and the delivery man were whistling over the box size. It doesn’t come covered up so both of us were well aware exactly what was inside. This felt a little bit of a security risk but thankfully i live in a safe town. Getting it up the stairs to my home took a little effort but one person can manage it ok. It took a few hours to set up. Mainly because the instructions are a bit confusing with which plug to plug the hdmi cables in. I’m sure those who are used to hdmi cables will find that part easy. Here are the specifications for the Sony HT-NT5 400 W Sound Bar:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Wireless Freedom: Access to over 100 music streaming apps with google cast and Spotify connect, and playback throughout your home with Wireless Multi-room
  • Designed to fit 4K TV standards while offering a slim elegant profile to blend into any living environment
  • Immersive sound: Enjoy real cinema quality surround sound with compatible Sony wireless speakers
  • Improved Bluetooth connection through LDAC lets you listen to near Hi-Res audio sound quality wirelessly

Not enough power even at full volume.

Well worth the purchase price.

This is definitely not the best sound bar i have ever heard, and as someone else pointed out it looks and feels a bit cheap. My tv does have an hdmi arc port but this did not enable the sound out, i had to connect the optical cable as well to enable sound. Perhaps this is a disparity between my lg tv and the sony sound, but one would have thought they should have been compatible. Once connected though the sound is disappointing. My lg sound bar has real depth without ramping up the base to room shattering depths, the sony sounded clean but without that added depth. For the prices of this kit i would not recommend it. It is also wide only just sitting on my tv stand.

Have just received this today, sound is great no need for a 5. 1 system, very easy to set up just plug and play, there any amount of volume quiet loud enough for room and voice is so clear, plugged in to hdmi 3 arc and picture and sound so very true like just like being in cinema, well worth the money. Definitely would recommend it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Outstanding clarity and depth. No more subtitles. SKY Q pairing is possible but don’t ask Sky for Help.
  • Great soundbar to replace 5.1 surround
  • Beautiful style – I just love it