Sony KD43XF7002 43-Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart TV : Sony 49 4k

I bought this tv during the bank holiday sale, and all i can say is it was a bargain. The tv is easy to setup, and comes with a variety of apps. I mainly use the tv to watch movies, tv shows and for gaming (ps4), which all look incredible. I’d highly recommend this tv.

Treated myself to this new tv to go with my newish home. I agree with all of the positive comments regarding picture quality ease of set-up and appearance. The sound is thin and certainly benefits from some form of external sound system be it sound-bar or full audio-visual set-up. One issue i have noticed is with apps like iplayer and more4. On a number of occasions having loaded the app and selected a program it takes forever to try and connect and then fails with a “try later” message. Ive then switched to my amazon fire stick input , selected the same app and program on that and it works perfectly. I have a broadband speed in excess of 50meg and they both connect to the hub wireless. Apart from that issue i’m pleased with the tv.

I love this tv; superb picture and very light weight. My only concerns (which don;t warrant a downgrade in stars ) are that it only has three hdmi ports, one of which you’ll lose if you want to use a sound bar and also that the cable that comes with the power-pack is only a metre long, which can be a problem in terms of routing wiring from a wall, for example. I remedied the cable issue by buying a longer cable (3m) and the hdmi concern can be resolved with a splitter or perhaps just not having so much connected to the tv in the first instance in terms of sound quality, the speakers in the tv are quite adequate and although i did buy the sound bar, i’m not sure you need it in the first instance. I always try and buy sony audio visual products because i like the quality of the product and this tv does not disappoint.

Very easy to attach the feet, which are small but comfortingly stable. As usual with most modern tech, set up is easy as it does most of it for you very quickly, all you’ll need to do is plug in whatever cables you want eg: set top box, aerial, blu ray, etc. The question is, what’s it like when it’s up and running?well, i’m working on the assumption that anyone buying a 4k telly isn’t that interested in the noticably soft image you get with standard definition broadcasts through a tv aeria. That aside, the hd picture is very good. Not great, it definitely lacks a little vibrancy when compared to the same hd broadcast using a humax hd dvdr, but that does illustrate the tvs capabilities, pair it with a good source and it rises to the challenge. To test it’s 4k abilities, i used the dedicated button on the remote for the inbuilt app for netflix (very easy to log into my account). The picture’s excellent even on the default settings, i watched gravity and ingloriouos basterds and the streisand/krisstofferson version of a star is born. It did a good job with all of them and coped well with both the high tech space equipment of gravity and the often dark and murky concert scenes in a star is born. I have to say, sound is pretty impressive through the inbuilt speakers and i think it’d be well worth trying before investing in a sound bar. I found the remote control to be an excellent size, light-ish and with good sized controls without being bulky or unbalanced.

Beautiful picture – even standard definition images look sharp and bright. Sound could be a shade fuller, and it’s a shame they don’t make something like the swf-br100 for it but it’s a great choice for a smaller room.

The sony kd49xf7002bu 49 inch 4k hdr ultra hd smart tv with freeview playrating: 4. 5our 6-year-old samsung 36′ 720p/1080i flat screen just died on us last week, so getting this sony kd49xf7002bu 49 inch 4k hdr ultra hd smart tv with freeview play is a major step on the evolutionary pathway. The sony kd49xf7002bu tv is an impressive piece of kit. Connecting to our nas (synology diskstation) was just a question of plugging in a network cable. The result is wonderful and makes it easy for watching films, with 1080p films upscaling looking good too. Apart from setting up the inbuilt tuner, we have also connected our sky plus, where standard sd sky tv looks good, the resulting sky hd looks very good and ps3 works well. The main thing to bear in mind is to allow the tv’s inbuilt tuner to download digital terrestrial tv, otherwise, the setup process does not complete well. We have not tried the usb recording option yet, but it is a very good plus point. If you are going to wall mount this unit, best to do some research for the best bracket. In our case, we bought the invision® ultra strong tv wall bracket mount – for 37 – 70 inch led lcd plasma & curved screens.

Pictures of really good but the sound quality was terrible also you had to turn telly on and off every time you want to connect to youtube which was really annoying i bought the lg 43′ around the same time it was nearly half the price and much more easy to use and the sound quality amazing so i sent my sony bravia back and will buy another lg.

Easy to set up and a really good picture. Very clear and crisp the contrast and colour are really good, though i did overestimate the size and needed to move the furniture slightly to get the best viewing position. The sound is very good but gets a bit mushy at the highest volumes, though this volume is way too high for normal viewing so should not prove a problem. The 4k does make it easy to discern even the smallest detail.

  • Not an Android TV, so be sure you know what you’re getting
  • A great TV for a great price.
  • Great TV !

Sony KD43XF7002 43-Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart TV with Freeview Play, Black (2018 Model)

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I recently purchased this sony xf70 tv and i have had it for some weeks now and i have tested its technical abilities. It is an outstanding tv and i highly recommend it, but you do have to learn some basic technical skills in order to set it up properly. I have read the negative reviews. What these negative reviewers clearly demonstrate is a total absence of any common sense. For example, you should read this tv’s specification sheet before you buy the tv . The operating system is linux as has already been pointed out by sony u. To one of the negative reviewers. A tv with linux software will perform far better and more reliably than any of the current generation of android tvs.

Ok, so parents have got a samsung smart tv, that is a true android tv. That lets them install stuff from google play store and basically change all the apps on the tv. This sony offering is based on linux, which means as far as i can tell, that the apps that are installed won’t really change (apart from updates). Watch out for pricing too, as the 43″ and the 49″ were the same price when i ordered it, and at around 399 for the 49″ version i’m really happy with the quality and the price. The sound isn’t really that great, and be careful if you have more than 3 hdmi devices to attach to it (only has 3 hdmi ports. – and a soundbar could easily take one of these. )however, for what i needed, it was perfect, as i already have an nvidia shield to give me plex, kodi, and all the other stuff, plus an xbox for gaming, so it’s basically just a big old 49″ screen that i wanted, and in that case it’s great. Picture looks really clear (top tip – search on netflix for 4k and take a look at the first few titles to show you what your tv can do), sound is ok i suppose, but i’m still waiting on a soundbar, and i’d recommend getting an external hard drive so you can record directly from the tv onto the drive (if you don’t already have plex or something similar to do this for you). All in all, a fairly basic tv, with a decent tuner, a couple of good apps (netflix, youtube, etc), but if you want a standalone version and won’t be using something else such as an xbox or similar, i’d plump for something with a little more weight behind it.

Absolutely delighted with this tv – picture quality is awesome. Lots of very good features all easily accessible. Only one niggle – the orientation of the vesa mounting holes means i had to buy an adapter plate for my existing vesa wall mount and now the tv sits quite a bit higher on the wall.

The setting up of the tv was very simple.

I got this for my 78-year-old mother-in-law, who wasn’t able to watch catch-up tv on iplayer or view prime and netflix on her 2006 telly. She’s not a techie, but she quickly learned how to work it once we’d helped with the set-up (creating a wireless connection to her internet router) and she is absolutely thrilled by the picture quality and the ease of use. Also, it means that when her grandsons come to stay, they will be able to watch their dreadful youtube videos. The one area in which her 12-year-old jvc outperformed this model is in the sound quality, which had a more full-bodied bass to it, but thankfully this model is still pretty good, unlike the tinny, weak sound that televisions of six years ago often had, making a soundbar or speakers a necessary extra. For the more technically minded, it’s great that this tv also allows you to record programmes onto an external hard drive, or use a drive to play home movies. You can also cast your smartphone videos and photos to the television and the quality is really good. Finally, there’s the picture. It’s bright, vivid and with a high refresh rate, easy on the eye.

Have been dealing with my mother in law’s panasonic tv. Like the previous tv i had both have impenetrable and overly ridiculous complicated interfaces. This sony tv blows them away on every level. Picture quality, sound and the user interface. My husband is a tv camera man and he is very impressed with the picture quality. Yes you can get better but my goodness you would have to pay a great deal more. What he is less impressed with, and that is not the fault of sony, is what is available when it comes to 4k programmes. He also rates the sound which he thinks is very good. It is really easy to set up. Like the design of it and the way the legs hide the wires.

I have the previous ‘xe’ model in a smaller screen size too. This newer ‘xf’ model adds freeview play and supposedly better hdr. The stand is more attractive too, but otherwise it’s pretty much identical, with super-slim bezels and a subtle yet classy design. I can’t tell much difference in hdr performance, even on sony’s special 4k test videos on youtube. It looks pretty good to me, but not remarkable. But this isn’t a high-end television. It’s actually amazing value for what you get. I have always been delighted with the picture of my xe and i’m equally delighted with this one. Inevitably this tv is most impressive when you watch 4k hdr stuff. The 49-inch screen size really adds impact when you watch a 4k film on netflix.

I’m running it with sky w uhd and it’s perfect.

  • Not an Android TV, so be sure you know what you’re getting
  • A great TV for a great price.
  • Great TV !

Sony KD43XF7002 43-Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart TV with Freeview Play, Black (2018 Model)

Had it on offer for £489can’t fault it,picture is greatvery fast software, no delay.

Great tv, utterly brilliant picture quality, with great colour depth and vibrancy as well as real clarity. It’s a very easy tv to set up, pairs with wifi really easily and comes with the usual range of apps from netflix, amazon, bbc iplayer etc. Great sound considering the small speaker sizes, but would benefit from a good sound bar. Good design, it’s a very thin tv and while i’ve mounted it on a stand, it would look superb on the wall. Lots of hdmi ports, so easy to link to consoles and tv boxes and a very good bluetooth set up which makes it a charm to link to speakers etc. Works well with chrome-cast tooa really superb tv.

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