Sony KD55XF7003 55-Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart TV – Perfect for PS4 pro!

Got this on an amazon black friday sale and so far we’re very impressed with the sound and superb picture quality. No distoyfor such a big screen even if you sit close to it. That’s kind of remarkable really. If it stays this way i’d say we got a great deal.

Bought by my daughter so she unable to comment.

I bought this tv during the bank holiday sale, and all i can say is it was a bargain. The tv is easy to setup, and comes with a variety of apps. I mainly use the tv to watch movies, tv shows and for gaming (ps4), which all look incredible. I’d highly recommend this tv.

Easy to set up and a really good picture. Very clear and crisp the contrast and colour are really good, though i did overestimate the size and needed to move the furniture slightly to get the best viewing position. The sound is very good but gets a bit mushy at the highest volumes, though this volume is way too high for normal viewing so should not prove a problem. The 4k does make it easy to discern even the smallest detail.

Treated myself to this new tv to go with my newish home. I agree with all of the positive comments regarding picture quality ease of set-up and appearance. The sound is thin and certainly benefits from some form of external sound system be it sound-bar or full audio-visual set-up. One issue i have noticed is with apps like iplayer and more4. On a number of occasions having loaded the app and selected a program it takes forever to try and connect and then fails with a ‘try later’ message. Ive then switched to my amazon fire stick input , selected the same app and program on that and it works perfectly. I have a broadband speed in excess of 50meg and they both connect to the hub wireless. Apart from that issue i’m pleased with the tv.

Pictures of really good but the sound quality was terrible also you had to turn telly on and off every time you want to connect to youtube which was really annoying i bought the lg 43′ around the same time it was nearly half the price and much more easy to use and the sound quality amazing so i sent my sony bravia back and will buy another lg.

If you want the best, visit sony.

This tv is excellent in all ways except for the poor design of its stand. The feet look as if they belong to a strange woman in high heeled shoes with her feet pointed out at a wierd angle. This apart the stand is steady and we are very pleased with our purchase,.

Great tv, i use it mostly for netflix and it works like a charm.

Absolutely delighted with this tv – picture quality is awesome. Lots of very good features all easily accessible. Only one niggle – the orientation of the vesa mounting holes means i had to buy an adapter plate for my existing vesa wall mount and now the tv sits quite a bit higher on the wall.

Had it on offer for £489can’t fault it,picture is greatvery fast software, no delay.

The setting up of the tv was very simple.

Got this for a great price at £395, happy it with so far, picture quality is good, especially when watching hdr programs thorough netflix, although not a true smart tv, does not have android, don’t let that put you off, i’m using amazon fire stick, apple tv.

Went for samsung to sony and will never look back.

Ok, so parents have got a samsung smart tv, that is a true android tv. That lets them install stuff from google play store and basically change all the apps on the tv. This sony offering is based on linux, which means as far as i can tell, that the apps that are installed won’t really change (apart from updates). Watch out for pricing too, as the 43′ and the 49′ were the same price when i ordered it, and at around 399 for the 49′ version i’m really happy with the quality and the price. The sound isn’t really that great, and be careful if you have more than 3 hdmi devices to attach to it (only has 3 hdmi ports. – and a soundbar could easily take one of these. )however, for what i needed, it was perfect, as i already have an nvidia shield to give me plex, kodi, and all the other stuff, plus an xbox for gaming, so it’s basically just a big old 49′ screen that i wanted, and in that case it’s great. Picture looks really clear (top tip – search on netflix for 4k and take a look at the first few titles to show you what your tv can do), sound is ok i suppose, but i’m still waiting on a soundbar, and i’d recommend getting an external hard drive so you can record directly from the tv onto the drive (if you don’t already have plex or something similar to do this for you). All in all, a fairly basic tv, with a decent tuner, a couple of good apps (netflix, youtube, etc), but if you want a standalone version and won’t be using something else such as an xbox or similar, i’d plump for something with a little more weight behind it.

They don’t make things to last these days but my oils sony is 12 years old and still perfect, i hope this one is as good?.

I have several sony bravia tvs, but this was my first smart tv. I am very pleased indeed with all the features it provides, u tube,netflix and catch up just to mention a few. I was a little surprised to find the tv itself is very light and flimsy, compared with the others i have, but would recommend purchasing.

Great picture with all the necessary connectivity for our exisiting hdmi devices.

Great looking tv, good size, sound not always what i would expect, tv guide and recording system have a mind if their own.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Not an Android TV, so be sure you know what you’re getting
  • A great TV for a great price.
  • Great TV !

I’ve had this tv a month now and so far so good. The picture on amazon prime 4k is amazing. The sound on the tv is ok, but i use my av receiver and speakers for much better sound quality. Or i would recommend a soundbar. For the price this is a quality 4k tv.

Beautiful picture – even standard definition images look sharp and bright. Sound could be a shade fuller, and it’s a shame they don’t make something like the swf-br100 for it but it’s a great choice for a smaller room.

I love this tv; superb picture and very light weight. My only concerns (which don;t warrant a downgrade in stars ) are that it only has three hdmi ports, one of which you’ll lose if you want to use a sound bar and also that the cable that comes with the power-pack is only a metre long, which can be a problem in terms of routing wiring from a wall, for example. I remedied the cable issue by buying a longer cable (3m) and the hdmi concern can be resolved with a splitter or perhaps just not having so much connected to the tv in the first instance in terms of sound quality, the speakers in the tv are quite adequate and although i did buy the sound bar, i’m not sure you need it in the first instance. I always try and buy sony audio visual products because i like the quality of the product and this tv does not disappoint.

Amazing fabulous tv – lightweight and picture so clear.

I’m running it with sky w uhd and it’s perfect.

Happy with the picture quality.

Brilliant picture light weight and everything you would expect from sony.

Bargain price on black friday.

Brilliant tv lovely picture and good price.