Sony MDR-EX750 High Resolution Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphone – Pink : Really good with the highs and low tones only thing I

Good sound but would not buy again, lot better out there for the money.

No stranger to active noise cancellation headphones, i have used a pair of big brand media sized headphones, an older pair of sony in ear active noise cancellation headphones, i also have active noise cancellation on my xperia z3 tablet. These however are easily the most effective noise cancellation headphones i have tried to date, clearly the technology involved is marching forward at an impressive rate. If you haven’t had active noise cancellation before, these will simply blow your mind. If you have tried them in the past, you will be impressed, i was. Found them very comfortable to keep in my ear for extended periods (i work near noisy air conditioner, and it made my job almost bearable having these in for hours). The kit comes with several sizes to get that perfect fit. Battery life is very good, managed to get a full days out of of them, with more to spare. My pet hate on many in-ear buds, is trying to work out left and right, these are thankfully clearly marked. I guess the only thing people may find annoying is the inline battery to power the noise cancellation circuits. But it didn’t bother me, and it’s required by anything that uses similar tech, the batter pack itself is flat, so doesn’t add too much bulk.

Fantastic noise cancelling function. Use on the plane journeys all the time. Sometimes not even listening to music, just have noise cancelling turned on.

Bought these to use in a noisy gym at 1/2 rrp. The trouble with in-ear headphones is that personal opinion / professional reviews are entirely dependent on that individual users ability to gain a decent fit with the eartips. I’ve got some sennheiser ie60s, for example, that sounded awful until i changed the tips for some (rare) wide-aperture sony tips, because the sennheiser tips don’t fit my ear canals well; if i didn’t change the tips, i’d have been better off with a cheapo pair of sony’s. What’s more, if you change the aperture of the tips (e. G from a wide sennheiser-style to the narrow sony-style), you will completely change the intended sound; usually for the worse if they’ve been well-tuned by the manufacturer. Fortunately, sony tips fit me perfectly, and i can say that these headphones are superb. Sound quality in a quiet environment is probably just below my ie60s (overall just a bit less refined throughout), and way superior to my £40 soundmagics. It’s important to note, however, that as soon as you get into any sort of noisy environment (train, bus, gym, busy office etc) that these will sound far superior to even very high quality in-ears because of the noise cancelling, no matter how good you think the seal you are getting is. The cancellation is excellent; particularly good for lower frequency noise. Not up to over-ear bose standard, sure, but more than good enough for most uses.

I’m not normally a fan of in ear headphones as i usually can’t get them to stay in my ears. These ones come with different ear pieces so i tried some, and have got a decent fit but i’m not sure on how they feel. I think if you’re like me, i’d be wary of spending this much money on them. I’m the same with the sony waterproof swimming headset, i can never get the earphones to seal properly in my ears. The noise cancellation on these are very good. I would like to use this feature next time i go on a plane. The earphones have a battery though that needs charging via usb to use the noise cancellation feature. The noise cancellation is the main benefit of these earphones, so these are a great purchase if that’s what you are in need of. I quite like them, but they do stand out quite a lot.

I get the train to work everyday so having a good pair of noise cancelling headphones is very important to both listening to my music and not going completely deaf. I have been using these jvc ha-nc250 high quality noise cancelling headphones with comfortable ear pads but as they are proper headphones i can’t really use them whilst wearing a hat or hood. I’ve been a bit dubious of earbud noise cancellation ‘phones but i was impressed by these. Sound quality – excellent, no issues. You may have to adjust your equaliser to get the best out of them. Turning on the noise cancellation does give a little boost to volume. Noise reduction – very good, the noise cancellation effect is excellent which combined with the earbuds blocking out sound means you really do notice a huge difference. The switch to turn the effect on is on the join of the two earbuds so easy to access. Battery – so far i’ve got 15-20 hours between charges, but that’s very simple as you plug the battery pack into a normal micro-usb charger (like for a mobile phone). I was a bit dubious about the battery pack being annoying but it’s really not, very discrete and forgettable in the pocket. Feel – i never really get on with earbuds, they don’t stay in. Whilst these do better than most they’re not perfect, i wouldn’t use these during sportsoverall these are very good. Although they are expensive they are still much cheaper than the bose or sennheiser equivalents. You can happily wear these with a suit or casual wear.

Good quality sound but bulky and tend to fall out of ears.

  • Just ok
  • Ok for price
  • All in the head

Sony MDR-EX750 High Resolution Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphone – Pink

Product Description, Sony MDR-EX750 High Resolution Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphone – Pink.

Box Contains, In-Ear HeadphonesSelection of Ear BudsCable AdjusterCarry Case

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Sony, MDR-EX750, High Resolution, Noise Cancelling, In-ear Headphones

Hear Your Colours

Digital Noise Cancelling means you can enjoy supreme audio quality in any environment. Simple, distinctive design means you can do it in style.

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Product Features

Sony, MDR-EX750, High Resolution, Noise Cancelling, In-ear Headphones

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Sony, MDR-EX750, High Resolution, Noise Cancelling, In-ear Headphones

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Sony, MDR-EX750, High Resolution, Noise Cancelling, In-ear Headphones

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High-Resolution Audio for uncompromised sound

Experience digital music to the fullest with High-Resolution Audio. By capturing music at a higher rate than CD, increasing both audio samples per second and the bit-rate accuracy of each sample, High-Resolution Audio offers an uncompromised rendition of an artist’s music. Savour every breath and subtle movement for a truly emotional experience.

Digital Noise Cancelling for fewer distractions

Digital Noise Cancelling reduces a variety of ambient noise when listening to music. Two microphones built in to the headphones, one outside and one inside the housing, work with the digital noise cancelling engine to cut out unwanted sound.

AI Noise Cancelling adapts to your surroundings

The Automatic AI Noise Cancelling function constantly analyses environmental ambient sound components and automatically selects the most effective Noise Cancelling mode.

Sony, MDR-EX750, High Resolution, Noise Cancelling, In-ear Headphones

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Sony, MDR-EX750, High Resolution, Noise Cancelling, In-ear Headphones

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Sony, MDR-EX750, High Resolution, Noise Cancelling, In-ear Headphones

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9mm high-sensitivity drivers

Newly developed 9 mm drivers combine a compact, lightweight design with high sensitivity across a wide frequency range. Designed to support High-Resolution Audio, they deliver powerful lows and bright, balanced highs – whatever the music genre.

Listen for longer, take calls and switch tracks

On a full charge, the built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides approximately 16 hours of listening. The cable has a serrated design to resist snags and tangles, keeping your headphones knot-free. Finally, take hands-free calls and switch tracks without ever having to touch your smartphone, thanks to the inline remote and mic.

Tight bass with Beat Response Control

Beat Response Control technology delivers a tight, deep bass response, making it the right choice for low-end focused music styles. Acoustic port on the housing controls air flow for the low frequency range and optimises diaphragm movement to enable more accurate reproduction of bass.

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I used to have a pair of bose qc 20’s which i unfortunately left on a plane. So, having become used to flying with noise cancelling earphones but unwilling to shell out another £230 or so for another pair of qc20’s i decided to go for these. In my opinion, the sony’s are not as good as the bose plugs. The sound isn’t quite as clear and dynamic and the noise cancellation, although good, isn’t quite up to the standard of the qc20’s. They also don’t fit in the ear quite as snugly as the qc20s (although i bought some inair memory foam earphone tips for them which has improved the fit considerably). However, there is no way the bose plugs are worth twice the price of these. I would say they are probably 10% to 15% better but no more than that. So, if money was no problem it would be the bose again for me but i’m more than happy with these and £100 plus in my pocket. Plus, if i’m ever stupid enough to lose them again i won’t have to kick myself quite as hard.

I travel a fair amount for work, using my smartphone as a portable music player to keep me company on trains and to – let’s be frank – drown out the sounds of other passengers, especially those with leaky headphones of their own. Until now, i’ve always been happy with the earbuds supplied with the phone, but after trialling this set, i will never go back to themthe packaging for these is impressive and excellent quality – easy to get into once you spot the words “open here”. The headphones come with the usual instructions in many languages, but these are split into separate leaflets so it is easy to grab just the one you need. A quick peruse, and i was ready to go. The earbuds are fitted with medium covers as standard, but it was an easy job to change these for a smaller set for comfort – four different pairs are included. A clothes clip and adapter for in flight entertainment consoles are also in the pack but i haven’t used those yet. The battery pack which powers to the noise reduction feature sits neatly next to my phone when on a flat surface or in my pocket. The noise cancelling feature is easy to switch on and off via a little box on the cords. By downloading an app to your phone, you can also programme the button on this box – for example, one press to increase volume, two to skip a track etc. Whilst this is a nice feature, it’s a little limited – i’d love for two programmable buttons for example, so that you could both increase and decrease the volume.

I was blown away by the noise-cancelling power of these ear phones. One flick of the switch on the little control box, and background noise from air-conditioning, conversations in other offices, etc. I’ve tried noise-cancelling headphones in the past, but these are far more impressive. There is a faint hiss when the cancelling is active, but it’s not noticeable when music is playing, even during quieter passages. They are excellent for use in aeroplanes or trains. I find these ear phones pretty comfortable, and they come with a range of ear pieces in different sizes to ensure a good fit. They are very pink, which you will either love or hateon the down sides, there is a battery pack permanently fixed to the cable, which needs to be charged with a usb cable from time to time, if you want to use the noise cancellation. If you turn the noise cancellation off, the ear phones have quite a high impedance, meaning that the volume levels can be quite low on some devices. (turning noise cancellation on provides a bit of additional amplification.

The outer box was extremely difficult to open and if you are thinking of giving it as a gift you will have to be careful how you open it to check the contents. Once inside the first box there are two other boxes. The first is a stylish hinged grey box that contains a micro-usb cable: a spring clip grey carry pouch: the earphones themselves are enclosed in a protective plastic layer in the bottom of the box and have medium sized ear-buds attached to them: an l-shaped gold plated 4-pole mini plug (can be attached to your smartphone and a plug adaptor for ‘in flight’ use) and three pairs of different sized ear-buds (ss, s, m and l). The earphones which have a 1. 5 metre tangle-free y-cable which has a small control box and a battery pack attached to along it. (you don’t notice these when using the earphones, they hardly weigh anything and don’t pull down). The battery is built in lithium-ion rechargeable with 16 hour battery life. The battery is charged with the micro- usb cable (supplied) which is placed inside a covered socket (like a mobile phone) on top of the battery pack, you simply plug it in and attach the usb to the computer; a red indicator lights up when the unit is charging. The indicator blinks three times when the battery is full. When the battery is empty it emits a long beep (2 seconds) and blinks quickly for 30 seconds.

Bought these for my sister, i have a pair and they are extremely good value for money.

Good sound quality, decent noise cancellation for the london underground. Not as good as the bose qc20 in my opinion, but ok for price.

Decent sound though a bit hissy when music volumes are low. These are solidly built with good quality cabling and a nice metallic finish. The rechargeable battery is a nice touch. Its small and light and charges quickly. The noise cancelling is very good and works well on planes. Note however that there are no alternative ear buds and the included pair may not fit your ears. . Also the pouch for the earphones is very flimsy and wont protect them for long. All in all though these are good quality and worth the money.

  the sony mdr-ex750 noise cancelling earphones are a set of high-end earphones that have been designed with commuters and people out-and-about in mind. Indeed, the earphones have been designed and built specifically for ipods, iphones and ipads. Noise cancelling:the noise-cancelling control module that you can switch on and off to enable and disable the noise-cancelling properties is by-far-and-away the main feature to these in-ear earphones. And to be fair – if you’ve not experienced noise cancelling on earphones before then you’ll quite frankly be blown away. I kid you not – the noise cancelling really does drown out any outside noise. The noise-cancelling is that good. On a slight downside, like with most (if not all) noise-cancelling ear phones it’s very easy to forget to turn off the noise-cancelling unit, and if you do forget, then you’ve got no noise-cancelling until you’ve had the chance to charge it up again. Not a big problem – but perhaps worth mentioning. Also, compared to the bose ® quietcomfort ® 20i acoustic noise cancelling headphones these (admittedly cheaper) sony ones pale in comparison. The noise-cancelling is an impressive feature, but doesn’t completely remove the sound from the world around you like the bose ones do.

  • Just ok
  • Ok for price
  • All in the head

Sony MDR-EX750 High Resolution Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphone – Pink

I’ve tried noise cancelling headphones before and been disappointed but i quite like these. Nicely designed, with a rechargeable battery they are much lighter than my first pair, i do prefer regular headphones though, as i find in-ear to become uncomfortable with prolonged use, e. G fine for short trips such as dog walking and local bus rides, but i suspect, from experience, i wouldn’t want to wear for a couple of hours to finish an audiobook or watch a movie on my tablet. As with any earbud phones, they can and do pop out. My prime desire is to reduce external noise while flying or on coach travel and i haven’t yet had time to try. Sound quality is good (but i do have a hearing reduction in one ear – but my brain seems to find compensation). Noise cancelling is not noise blocking – certain external sounds still intrude, but they are greatly reduced. That might be human engineering – drone noises are picked up in head bones and not just the ear canal. So, any negatives are generic to all in-ear phones, while these have positives over other experiences, including another expensive pair (not just product issued with personal media devices.

If you’re going to spend £130 on headphones then you are serious about the performance. Firstly the positive things. The sound is very good although i boosted the bass a little. Very clear with no distortion at all with speech particularly good [radio 4 sounds great]. The noise cancelling is very impressive. Traffic is reduced to light, distant hiss and conversation in a train is reduced significantly [see later]. Light weight although there is a battery/processing unit in the wire directly next to the jack plug. This will sit next to the ipod/phone in your pocket so should be fine. Comfortable with a selection of ear buds to suit all sorts of lugholes. Has a control unit/mic in the wire.

The fit in the ear was not the greatest and were prone to moving in the ear, even with the biggest covers on them. The sound quality was ok, i found that the noise cancellation did reduce the quality of sound on some tracks that were a little bass heavy, as if a blanket had been thrown over a speaker. But my biggest complaint was the cable noise. No matter how i attached the cable to me, or left it loose, the noise of the cable was amplified by the microphones in the headphones that meant it was so loud i felt i couldn’t move.

These are a stunning set of earphones from sony who in my opinion are one of the best at making them. I’ve had many sony earphones before and always been impressed, but thought i’d give these noise cancelling ones a go. Having never used noise cancelling, i ordered with an open mind. The box is well designed and these earphones are beautifully packaged, you can tell sony put a lot of thought into it. I particularly like the carry case which is ideal for travelling or for just keeping these safely stored at home. Design is lovely, and the extra earbuds in different sizes mean you can easily find your best fit. Being noise-cancelling, they have a small power unit but it’s hardly noticeable in use. The sound quality from these is simply amazing. The bass in particular is great, and these are very well suited to r&b/dance, but ideal for every type of music. The noise cancelling feature really works, it blocks out everything so you can totally immerse yourself in the music.

This is the only thing i have ever gave a review on. Without these i don’t know where i wd be right now. I have bad neighbours a guy below me who taps bangs drops drags slams bashes taps any sound u can think of the noise isn’t him even doing anything. You can even hear what he does in flats next to me ever quiet taping over and over bashing skirting for hours noises that are not normal things i cant explain how he does and u hear all these noises over my tv even when blaring its madness. These earphones like now block out this noise. I’m listening to white noise with them in and they do the job the odd noise may get threw witch is rare when i take them out his his thumping real loud taping high pitch sounds that will make u ill over and over but i can not hear when put earphones back in. I can play my xbox and watch a movie now in peace. He stomps non stop and this is the person below. A friend has same thing was there 3 hours constant stomping from upstairs they no where the weak spots are and follow her when ever she moves around. She in hospital because of this so wd i or even prison.

A noticeable improvement on my regular phone headphones. The noise reduction is pretty good too – london is noisy – though i have to say my brain is pretty good at filtering that out anyway. Listening mostly to pop, rock and r&b it’s a nice ambient surround sound that makes it easy to drift off into the music. I wasn’t sure that getting better headphones would make any difference to my listening pleasure but it has.

Amazingly good noise reduction, reasonably good but analytical sound quality (needs a bit of bass boost) fairly comfortable, & easy to use.

These are really great earphones. They look good and sound superb even without taking into account the noise reduction facility. Bass response is very impressive with treble being equally clear and sharp. At first sight it looks like getting these ready to listen through will be difficult as there is what appears to be an amplifying unit which has to be charged, but once you read the instructions it becomes clear that set-up is really simple. As you would expect these days, the phones come with a variety of ear plug sizes, with those fitted actually being best for me. Noise cancelling is great so far on these. Little microphones on each earphone pick up the ambient noise and somehow cancel it out. There are three settings and apparently these earphones are so intelligent they can tell if you are in a plane or a car etc. Outstanding; i love them and am about to give them the ultimate test by using them on a transatlantic flight in cattle class.

Not bad my wife likes them but would be no good for me as they are just too heavy to stay in my ears despite trying all the supplied ear pieces. They were very well priced when we purchased so worth a go if you fancy some cheap noise cancelling buds and dont have fitting problems with ear buds.

Brilliant sound quality, i can hear all the instruments, and it’s very clear. And the noise cancellation makes the tube journey a pleasure. Do not understand the negative reviews here.

Sony mdr-ex750 high resolution noise cancelling in-ear headphone – redin the box. ========the main ear phones with permanently attached noise cancelling unit, instructions in multiple languages, spare different sized ear buds, carry case and usb charging cable for the noise cancelling part. ======basically they are plug_and_play (listen), the noise cancelling unit came charged. =======the ear buds are really comfortable and fit well. ===========these are some of the best in ear sets i have used. Previously i had creative labs ones which sadly broke after many years of service. These sound better with good instrument placement and detailed but not booming bass. I listen to mostly vocal and classical music and with a good source these sound great and are the best commuting set i have owned. Hiugly compressed music sounds ok but i prefer higher bit rates for quality and these will certainly show the difference in music file compression. ===============this works really well and on a crowded noisy train i can be in a world of my own, they are that goodbuild. ====they are well built and should survive life in my work bag but they do come with a storage case to protect them.

Never had noise cancelling headphones before, to be honest i always thought it was a bit of a black art. What a revelation these were. The first thing to say is that you get a good selection of ear pieces, so you should be able to get a pretty perfect fit. In-ear pieces are not every ones cup of tea, but these are particularly comfortable, made out of very soft, pliable plastic. I tried these out on a flight and was amazed at the noise cancelling capabilities. The quality of sound is pretty good, but, wow, when i switched them on, i was amazed that the background aeroplane noise all but disappeared. I tried them out with spoken word and classical music, both of which sounded good. The battery lasts approx 15 hours and is easy to recharge via a usb. I forgot to turn them off (be warned, easily done) and even without the noise cancelling not switched on they still performed well. As with all headphones like this it’s always a bit weird having things in your ears, rather than on, hearing yourself breath and swallow, but that’s the nature of the beast and not for everyone.

Previously i have only used rather cheap earbuds. Mainly because i’m wary of paying out a lot, considering i’m quite sensitive to the fit. I have a selection around the house (as i buy for both myself and my daughters) and there is a sound diffidence between them – with some of them being good. As straightforward earbuds, the sound quality seems very good, and with the sound cancelling turned on, background noise (especially tv, radio etc) does seem quieter. However, i do own much cheaper earbuds which come very close. The actual earbud fits my ears well using the medium size, and my youngest daughter also liked them, which is unusual. My eldest has smaller ear canals, but she seemed to get on well with the smaller ones. However, they are a little heavy, and this may affect long term use. They come in a nice box, and there’s a bag included. There are 4 different earbuds, and a lead to charge the battery.

Works really well when travelling on all public transport.

Sound is excellent in doors but noise canceling is overwhelmed by riding lawn mower.

I mainly use these headphones at my desk to block out human sound. I only need to play relatively low music and turn on the noise cancellation and it works well. The only frustrating thing about these headphones is that when i walk and there is wind then i can hear the wind quite a bit. However, i recommend these headphones if you are only going to use them mainly while sitting down at your desk or on a train (they also work well on the train to block out most sound). I tested them alongside the bose quiet comforts (in ear) when i was at an electronics store with sound all around including the voice of the sales assistant who i asked to speak to me. I noticed that these sony’s did an equally good job at blocking out the sound. However from what i understand, the bose qc’s are better when you are walking and doing physical activity. So, if all that you need these for is to block out sound while being stationary, i would buy these over the bose qc’s especially for the price difference.

The 1st thing we noticed when unpacking this pair of earphones was the number of accessories inside the box. As well as multiple languages instruction books you get a selection of different sized earbuds, a usb charge lead, the earphones themselves and an adapter to convert dual mono to stereo for use in aeroplanes and hop on hop off buses. Because these are noise cancelling headphones they need a battery which is in line. At first i was slightly concerned that the battery would get in the way as the lead to the 3. In practice it is quite small and flat and lies against the back of my phone. In use the noise cancelling is very impressive, even a busy street proved no problem. Just keep an eye open when crossing the road as you may not hear the cars. I have not used the in-line microphone to make telephone calls as i would be embarrassed talking to myselfat home i use sennheiser headphones and the sony earphones are comparable sound quality. I would not use them for listening in the house as i prefer over ear headphones rather than in ear earphones. When i saw the price these were being sold for i was slightly shocked. My son has a pair of noise cancelling earphones that cost a 3rd of the price. They probably do not sound as good, so next time he is home i will borrow them to compare and update this review.

Ive had bose in ear ( still have actually), sony mdr zx 770bn -over hear ( still have) , bose quiet comforts ( great noise cancellation -not the best sound) and sony brass 650’s ( what hi fi award winners). These sony mdr- ex 750 are the best sounding. Now, accepting that sound is a subjective this is my humble opinion. The first time you put them on you will think—urm ok thats not the best sound i ever heard and you will do this as with the nc ( noise cancelling ) off as most nc earphones work better with the nc ( white noise off). But these sony’s are different. When you turn the nc on they automatically listen for 3 types of noise and set out cancelling waves. ( if there isn’t anything then they just play great music–ie listening in bed). But the transformation in sound is amazing — its like someone flicked on the power switch on stage.

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  • The subtlest nuances of sound with high-resolution audio
  • Digital Noise Cancelling with Dual Noise Sensor technology and automatic Al noise cancelling
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Tangle-free cable with inline remote and mic