Sony MDR-NC60 High Quality Noise Cancelling Headphones : The Best thing ever

These are fantastic, they are great value for money as i would rate them as good as some top spec ear phones. The only problem being as they are my husbands, is that now he has the perfect excuse. He can’t hear the children when they are playing up. Solution to that is that i need a pair.Will be purchasing a second pair asap.

These are great value for money head phones. Made with high quality materials, and aesthetically pleasing and outstanding sound reproduction; i would suggest that most people’s hearing isn’t good enough to notice the any sound quality difference between theses and, say, bose at more than 3 times the price.

I got these headphones from my wife for christmas and at the start i was really disappointed. I wanted to love them, but the noise-canceling made my head feel funny and it didn’t seem tobe fantastic. But after a couple of hours wearing these headphones in i love them. As people say they excelin traveling conditions such as long flights, which i haven’t been on yet, or public transport. When traveling in a car, these headphones block out the sound of the tyres on the road and othercars around you. But it is only good news for for music collection. Songs are clearer, the noise-canceling seems to get that gentle, but much needed kick to bringout the clarity of the recorded sound, rather than feeling like your listening to the music witha cold, all stuffy in your head. I love these headphones, i would recommend them to anyone. And don’t use them without the noise-canceling function on, it’s a waste, it doesn’t sound good, and a waste of money.

Noise cancelling on these is pretty mediocre really, not a patch on that of the bose quiet comfort range, but then they are a fraction of the price of the bose so it would be unfair to expect the same performance. If you’re buying these purely to shut out exterior noise then you might be a bit disappointed, the background hiss (that you get with all nc headphones) is much louder than bose qc headphones and really borders on uncomfortable if there’s not any music playing. When you are listening to music the value of these does become much more apparent. The sound, while maybe not quite as good as a pair of bose, is definitely comparable and when you consider the bose will cost you at least 3 times as much as these it certainly puts things in perspective. One area where these definitely trump the bose is that they still work when the battery is dead, although sound quality suffers a bit. So in short; good sound quality (as far as noise cancelling headphones go at any rate) but only mediocre noise cancelling. As someone who also owns a pair of bose quiet comfort 3 i’m happy enough to keep these as well despite their minor flaws. Update: ironically within 24 hours of giving a fairly positive review my pair developed the dreaded rumble/thrumming/buzzing noise that a number of other reviewers have encountered.

What can i say, compared to other products of its kind on the market, they are very good price-wise, they look super and are. I’ve been using them now for around a week and even when i don’t use the noise cancelling function they work impeccably. Also they come with an adaptor to use on airplanes, which is very useful as that is one of the best places to use these. Other points to mention, well they are comfortable to wear and don’t look too bad themselves. They only use one aaa battery and that lasts you around 15-20 hours. Frankly they are idiot-proof to use and a very good piece of technology.

Sound quality is great they are very comfortable (can be worn for hours without discomfort. ) very sturdy build and are defiantly worth the price as sony are still selling these at £160.

Great headphones – quality noise reduction while allowing less intrusive sounds to get through. Used them twice in flight so far and they were so cool – greatly reduces the constant background roar and i could hear the film so distinctly. Greatr with my ipod as well. These are a real bonus to travel.

They have cut out all the noise on my commute to town and allow me to escape.

  • Excellent Value
  • Sony MDR-NC60 Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Great Headphones Especially at the Reduced Price

Sony MDR-NC60 High Quality Noise Cancelling Headphones

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I think it would be worth spending more money and getting a superior pair of headphones.

It’s unfortunately quite hard to judge audio products online because most reviews tend to account for value as well as quality. Hence there are plenty of cheap speakers and headphones with 5 star reviews. Still, i’d have to give these headphones a high rating on both counts, given the quality of the noise cancelling. Don’t expect “noise” to mean barking dogs or crying children. Alas the technology to block those frequencies does not exist. Although, thanks to their snug fit, they do greatly reduce such noise. But what they do best is block low-frequency sounds, and they do that extremely well. Even without any music playing, the sound of my extremely loud washing machine is now a thing of the past. As is my exceedingly loud laptop fan. I’ll try and update this following an impending trans-atlantic flight, but based on what i’ve heard so far they seem superb.

Cuts the dull backround noises. Very clear sound quality through headphones. Guess which one of us had headache after 11 hour flight?. Though that could have been the gin.

Anyone who is looking 4 a good headphones should have a look on these headphones here from sony. I say they are of exquisite quality. I say for sure i got happy when i tried them on for the first time, and still when i get to use them they still almost take my breath away.

They do exactly what they say on the tin. Better yet, my partner is a pilot with top-of-the-range noice-cancelling pilots’ headphones, which cost about £450, and can discern no difference in comfort or quality.

I bought two of these for use on long haul flights as well as household use. They attenuate noise very well even without noise cancelling switched on. They are comfortable to wear for long periods (like 8+ hours) and the batteries (duracell aaa) seem to last between 15 and 20 hours, depending on how much use you make of noise cancelling and your mp3 player. The zipped soft case that they live in has a pocket which can take a couple of spare aaa batteries, and a small ‘sansa’ mp3 player. The headphone lead lives coiled in the main part of the case and like most such things needs to be treated with a little respect to avoid damage. The headphone lead connectors and adaptors have fitted all the aircraft seat jack plugs that i`ve come across so far. (there are 3 main types of jack plugs)i bought these in november 2011. It`s now march 2013, i`m still pleased with them and they`re still in one piece.

We use 5 pairs of these in our audio visual production facility. Around 6 hours use every day per pair. We’ve had them for over a year and they’re all still going strong. I even use my pair for all travel and general listening outside of the office. I notice the wobbling noise when walking fast but it’s not really a problem when walking normally. It’s no problem at all when using transport or editing which is 95% of their use for me. I’ve tried 4 other quality sony headphone models in the past 4 years and, apart from the excellent, discontinued, sony mdr-f1, all have broken at the point where the cup attaches to the headband. Not so with the the nc60 i’m using now. They’ve been battered and they’re still rock solid. Sony should apply similar quality control to all of their products.

Bought as a gift – very much appreciated. The zip up case is handy for storage and the earpieces twist to lie flat in this. Very comfy on the ear (even large ears) and easily adjusted to fit on different head sizes. The sound quality is impressive and the noise cancelling function an added bonus.

  • Excellent Value
  • Sony MDR-NC60 Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Great Headphones Especially at the Reduced Price

Sony MDR-NC60 High Quality Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bought these from amazon ten years ago.

At first it does seem to be a steep price to pay to just listen to some music but the difference between these and the next pair is like finally taking out those ear plug you didn’t realise you had. I use to have several in-ear headphones from several brands and while they did do the job they did the minimum requirements. I use the underground every day and one thing the other ear phones didn’t do is cut out the rattling of the northern line and to my amazement you could not hear a thing with this on except for the music of course. When you first put them on you know you’re putting on special headphones as the noise arounds you gets silenced without even having music on. You turn on the music and the clarity of the headphones shine. You hear new things you hadn’t before and the best part comes when you turn on the noise cancelling. Then you can’t even hear your self speak. I wouldn’t recommend using all the time though as not being able hear can be a bit dangerous. On my ipod i just need to turn on the volume a quarter of a way and that will be more than enough. The noise cancelling uses a standard aaa batery.

I purchased these for my wife as she didn’t feel she merited the bose noise cancelling headphones i use on regular flights. First impression was of quality build and a nice case for storage. However, the noise cancelling was not anywhere near as good as the bose (used the microwave to supply the “jet”noise). It was then that i noticed clear tape covering the noise sampling microphones. Once this was removed the noise cancelling was immediately improved. Not quite as good as the bose (thankfully) but, at half the price why would they be?. The noise cancelling to price ratio is far better for the sony product and i feel that sound reproduction was better than the bose. Our real test will be on the long flight to australia, in a couple of weeks. I will add to this revue after that. Update: heathrow – singapore – sydney – perth – singapore – heathrow and my wife wore these headphones for much of the time, with no complaints of discomfort.

I have a long flight coming up soon and wanted a pair of good ear cancelling earphones. I started looking at the cheaper products but that usual voice told me i would only regret it later on. . So i went for these and boy was i glad i did. The first thing that hit me on opening the product was the usual sony quality and build. After that it got better not only do you get a nice carrying case for your product but also flight adaptors etc. So i plugged product into my ipod switched on the nr feature and selected a tool album. Now i know tool are excellent but boy do they sound even better on these babies. You notice the difference between standard and noise reduction when you switch the nr off, there is a huge difference believe me.

Noise cancellation works fine but the sound quality is mediocre, in fact very comparable to in-ear mdr nc-22. For this price one would expect more, especially if you are a bass lover. Moreover, from time to time a kind of constant pulsation occurs, which i believe is due to a positive feedback being created by the noise cancellation mechanism. Summarising, although i didn’t return these i would recommend paying a bit more and going for bose. In general, i felt a bit disappointed.

I have had a pair of these now for nearly 3 years and have yet to find anything that i dislike. First, they come in a very smart carry case, which has ample room for my mp3 player to be stowed inside it too. Along with a little pocket for the airline 2 pin adapter thingie, 1/4 jack adapter, and spare aaa battery. They are very comfortable to wear, with a wide range of size adjustment, and soft over-the-ear type cups. The lead can be unplugged from the left cup, allowing you to wear them as just a noise canceling headset. When i’m flying i normally leave the lead plugged into the plane seat and disconnect the headset when getting up for a leg stretch, much more convenient that way. Sound quality is as good as any other set i have tried, but i’m no audiophile. With the noise canceling (nc) off the sound is clear and good full spectrum is heard. When the nc is on, the clarity is as impressive as ever, and indeed, as you can turn down the overall volume, i find the sound as quality as good as when it is off. There is a ‘monitor’ button, which cuts out all the noise and sound, allowing your to hear conversations without removing the headset, very neat trick.

Excellent headphones for the money, extremely comfortable, for long journeys, purchased with trip to oz in mind, and did the trick. Lent them to my father, who loved them as well, so got him a set for his xmas. Bought both sets from amazon, and service was great as per usual.

Great headphones for the money. My cd’s and mp3’s never sounded better. I’m very impressed with the noise cancelling as well. I was a little bitsceptical about how good they would. Well not anymore they are brilliant. Just to clarify they don’t get rid of all the noise and i dout any headphoneswould for this price but they do cancel out about 90-95%. Battery life not bad but could be better.

I have had these headphones now a couple of years and they have never let me down. I bought them to replace a broken pair of fantastic altec lansings which were half the price of these. The construction is very strong, far superior to my previous pair. The battery seems to last forever and is conveniently hidden, not with one of those stupid boxes which are all too common on noise cancelling headphones. They sound very good, the bass is probably not as strong as my previous set, but they produce a beautiful all rounded sound. Tracks like madonna’s ray of light make it feel like you’re on a different planet. The noise cancelling is also very good and yes it does produce a small hum, but it isn’t a problem. The advantage of these is they also sound decent, not great, when the power isn’t on as well. However, slight warning to ipod users. I found that my ipod just didn’t have the juice to actually pump power into these.

Good sound quality as expected. But the headphones are too big, and not very comfortable. However, they constantly creak, and the noise cancellation is useless when walking, because it can’t handle the slight vibrations of walking, weirdly.

I bought these cans for use in the gym and when travelling. The noise reduction works well enough and the sound quality is good for listening to ipod type players (i use a creative zen m). I wouldn’t want to mix music or speech on them, the bass is boosted – which is what you want for ipod & most home music listening. There is a very gentle hiss when turned on but this is so quiet that it disappears when any music is playing. Runs on a single aaa battery which are cheap, small & readily available & don’t need recharging (unlike bose qc3). They don’t sound as good (or reduce noise as much) as the bose active headphones which “knock your socks off”. But they are a third of the price and for £100, i think they are good value.

After doing alot of research for a decent pair of headphones as a christmas present for my husband, plus i was looking for some that were value for money, i decided upon the sony mdr-nc60. We had already borrowed a different make of noise cancelling headphones from friends of ours for when we were embarking on a long distance flight and was quite impressed with them, they were more expensive but i was reluctant to pay such a high price. When my husband tried the sony mdr-nc60 he was extremely happy with them as the quality was just as good, if not better and he was even more pleased i had not paid a fortune. I would fully recommend these headphones, you would not be disappointed.

I love it when i buy something that is quality and works as i had hoped. I read many complaints against this set of headphones which nearly put me off. Fortunately i had tried them on in a working environment and compared them against cheaper ones, and also against the bose too. They have changed my train journeys and telephone conference calls and made my life good. The battery that came with it didn’t last more than a few days. But a brand new battery in and now 3 weeks later it’s still going. I use these headphones for several hours a day both on the train and at work. They are probably not the most amazing sound quality to the audiophile but i think they are very very good. Great clear sound with good bass response. Also they come in a very nice supportive case and the cord completely unplugs so you don’t risk damage. I have had them for about 6 weeks at the time of writing and they are still perfect.

I had been looking for some good mid-range headphones for a while and had originally settled on the bose around-ear. However, having heard that they could be temperamental, i decided to look else where. Then i found these sonys – they looked great, were cheaper than the bose pair, were noise cancelling and had recieved lots of good reviews – which they deserve. Songs sound beautifully fresh and crisp, they look gorgeous, the noise cancelling is great, they’re comfortable, come with a nice carrying case. Honestly, i could not have expected more.

These are great headphones and well worth the money. I haven’t taken them on a plane as yet but the noise cancelling function is very good at cutting out the loud people in my office. The sound quality is very good and you get great bass, even when they are relatively quiet. I would recommend spending the money for these.

The first thing is that the noise canceling is disappointing. I am a pilot where noise canceling headsets are common, and most seem to cut out more than these do. There is no danger that you would not hear someone talking to you unless you had music turned up loud. The sound quality is typical japanese, so quite good, but not for audiophiles. Nice bag to keep them in (not such a stupid comment as it sounds – at this price you wouldn’t want to stuff these unprotected into your laptop bag). So quite good and an expensive price tag. By the way they come with an airline adapter (only used on old aircraft anyway) so i needn’t have bought one separately, and an adapter for those big jack plugs on home stereos.

Having had three pairs of sennheiser pxc-250’s – each breaking after around a year’s use, i decided it was time to try something new. Scouring the web i’d found some great reviews for these new sony headphones. Hat’s off to amazon, i paid for standard post and they came to me via a third party seller in less than 24 hours. The clarity and detail from an ipod was beyond my expectation. Songs that i’ve known for thirty years sound new again with details evident that i’d never previously heard. There’s space in the mix for so much more instrumentation whilst vocal clarity is as good as you’d hope for. I travel by train and london underground. Now let’s get this straight – they don’t cancel outside noise out all together – i’m skeptical if any do, but what they do very well is to reduce ambient noise to a calm hum which is then placed well back behind the music; and because the clarity and definition of the music is so good, you don’t really notice it. These headphones have made me excited about music again and i’m rushing back into the depth of my music library to discover new things in time wearied favourites.

Had to email to chase delivery twice as there was a problem with courier i think.

Features and Spesification

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  • High quality noise cancelling headphones
  • Button to mute noise cancelling function
  • Swivel holding
  • Uni-match & in-flight plug
  • 1.5m detachable cord
  • Carry case supplied
  • Up to 30 hours battery life from 1 X AAA sized battery (not supplied)
  • Noise reduction 85%
  • Frequency 8-80,000 Hz