Sony Mdr-V6 Lightweight Stereo Headphones – : A good set of phones

I bought these headphones after doing quite a thorough research on the net. According to users they seem to be the best ones one can get hold of and i was impressed to find out this is the casethe quality of sound is excellent. I heard things which i couldn’t before and that’s great (although hearing with good clarity the noise of spectators during a classical concert is not in my wishlist). Good on youtube videos, flac included. Great to listen on piano keyboard (casio privia). The sound comes out natural and brilliant as it was intended. Love themisolation is not 100% but no heaphones would do that, and they are pretty satisfactory. No particular issues with the buildthey look good enough and resistant in the long term, also knowing the pads can be bought and replaced for cheap. Only negative is that to substitute the cable one has to open them and do some soldering. Apart from that, i’m very much positively impressed.

I’ve been using these bad boys ever since i bought them in 2009. Fantastic sound quality, a great entry into “real” headphones. One drawback i would say though is that the pleather on the earmuffs is quite thin and has been slowly flaking off over the course of eight years.

The mdr v6 has been in production for more than 30 years at this point. And when you get your pair, there is an inmediate feeling that this is true, from the ”for digital” sticker, to the studio monitor silkprinted onto the faux leather, these cans look fully 1985. But putting looks aside, the build quality is certainly great, with a metal and plastic construction, but surprisingly not heavy at all. Perhaps the most feeble looking part is the cable that connects each speaker to the other, a thin flexible cable, i’ve only had this pair for a couple of weeks at this point, so i can’t comment on the durability of this cable, but knowing that people have reported owning these headsets for over 20 years and still going, it will probably be fine. Of course, these are wired, they include a thick coiled cord, ending in 3. 5mm connection with a 1/4inch adapter included too, that screws in securely. The cord is also a debatable point, while it’s really useful extending and will allow you to move around with no problem, it’s also a heavy cable, in fact the cable itself wheighs about the same as the headphones. So this further reinforces the idea of monitoring headsets, they are certainly not for walking around with, and they weren’t designed for that either. But onto the important side of a pair of cans, the sound quality. And let me tell you, there really is no room for complain with these.

Probably one of the best headphones for the price for its neutral frequency response. The lower bass really rumbles if the sound track so demands, without interfering in any way with the mids and highs, at least in my humble opinion and through experience. Build quality is excellent and it does not leak practically any sound as it is a closed headphones. These headphones have been in existence for over 30 years and have been used in many recording studios, obviously not without a valid reason.For their price they come definitely very highly recommended, as music through them comes out vibrantly and realistically good.

Amazing, retro, but sound great. M beats deliver a full nightclub sound but to my ears they are rubbish for listening to music. Only down side is the ear pads, they flake and could be better, there are upgrades available and bayer fit for about £15 (i know this is more than some people spent on headphones but it is worth it).

I have my own recording work station and i can assure that this model is simply excellent. I also use them while practicing roland’s digital hand percussion device. The phone picks up the subtle variations and i need not have the volume loud.

For the money an absolute bargain. Had a sennheiser but i was looking for a more ‘pure’ sound. No thumping bass, no added warmth but straightforward sound (like the source direct sound on my amplifier). This headphone does the job. Plenty of high and mid, cool but not thumping bass. I also love the looks of this headphone, pure ’80s. Sometimes mid sounds a bit harsh (depending on the cd i’m playing), but i love the highs.

Great range and very comfy to wear for long periods. They come with a bag, and a 3. 5mm to 1/4′ jack screw-on converter. The cable is ‘sprung’ like a telephone handset. Can’t beat them for the price.

  • Classic cans you may want to consider.
  • Could be all you’ll ever need.
  • Don’t hesitate, buy!

Mdr-V6 Lightweight Stereo Headphones – Sony


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These headphones are all you could ever wish for. If you want a fashion accessory get your dr dre at over twice the price. If you want the best sound for pound get these. They also fold up neatly for storage and look great.

The material covering the padding eroded quite soon.

Bought this a present for my boyfriend and he was over the moon. He had requested this one because he works with sound a lot and reckons this is one of the best out there. Price/quality ratio is very good. I’m not an expert myself, but the sound that comes out of these is beautiful.

They have a good and elegant sound. I use them both for mixing and for pleasure. The only thing you have to be careful with is the plastic attachment to the actual headphone (where they flip). My first pair broke as i didn’t take care enough care of these and was flipping them too much and with no awareness. I have bought them again and now a bit more cautious. Apart from that there’s nothing bad about these headphones.

Have had a song in production for a week now and couldnt work out why it sounded not so great using my 5. 1 logitech pc speakers, plugged these in and instantly listening to the track i could define each drum hit and synth and boy did it sound horrible. Which is why these headphones are absolutly amazing its made interpreting the sound im hearing in my music far easier and has helped with my inspiration loads. If your serious about music and want to have maximum clarity and great distinction in your sounds these are worth the money cant be happier i brought them. + they are very comfortable to wear :).

Comfortable though sometimes get a slight headache from wearing them after a while but that’s the same with all headphones. The only problem is the wire and jack, they are not really designed for computer, the wire is a weird curly wire and sometimes gets twisted in a weird way, and the jack is solid metal so if you are using a phone and its charging while you’ve got this plugged in, you might feel a slight electric current running through the metal. But altogether would recommend.

What can be said about the ‘venerable’ sony mdr-v6 circumaural studio headphones that has not been said already over the past 25 years?. Well one question that must be answered is how the hell can sony sell these cans for a paltry £50 when the mdr-v6’s quality of construction and delivery of crystal clear and neutrally balanced audio embarrass headphones from other manufacturers that typically are priced at 3, 4 and even 5 times more?the answer is probably found when one considers that sony’s research & development investment was most likely recouped many years ago. Sony sees this headphone’s cult following and the sales figures don’t let up year on year, so why stop production or indeed raise the recommended retail price?. In all honesty if these headphones were designed and released today they would most likely retail for well over £100. The v6 was designed during the mid 1980’s, and so therefore many parts that would now most probably suffer cost cutting measures are retained. I’ve a-b tested these phones with many other cans costing a hell of lot more and i can say this with confidence: if your budget is up to £150 you would be doing yourself – and your wallet – a favour by giving these classic headphones a try.

I ordered these less than 48 hours ago and they arrived at my door 1. 5 days later, so well done to prime who ever you are 🙂 not bad considering i live off shore. I’ve been looking for studio headphone monitors for a long time and the only thing that put me off buying these was the price because they were so cheap. I’ve known from the past that if you want quality you have to pay for it, over the £150 mark for professional studio headphones. I have a home studio, only amateur, without the correct monitoring equipment the vst plugins such as compressors and eq’s are useless. I found this out the hard way. As soon as the headphones arrived i tried them out on a mix and i could hear immediately exactly where i was going wrong. As usual, it’s going to take some time for my ears to adjust. I’ve been using dj headphones because i thought that the frequency response would have been better but they are not. The sony v6’s are flat from 5 hz to 30000 khz.

  • Classic cans you may want to consider.
  • Could be all you’ll ever need.
  • Don’t hesitate, buy!

Mdr-V6 Lightweight Stereo Headphones – Sony

Just a perfect head phone no other comes close at the pricei got these for £50. 25 and its just amazing how the price goes up and down (mostly up). Any way if these ever fail i will replace them with the mdr-v7’si currently work for the largest uk electronics retailer out of their stock i’ve never heard any better or even that comes close even sets over £200 have got nothing on these. You may need a head phone amp for an mp3 player of course they will be ok on an mp3 player like a phone or ipod but much better with a headphone amp this applies to all headphone thou,i have big almost prince charles like ears and after more than 4 hours they will be a little uncomfortable this is due to the sweat/condensation not the actual fit, a break here and there will help with this.

So pleased i purchased these having listened to b&w p3, various bose and the sennheiser momentum. Every note is unsullied by enhancements – just pure natural sound. Used with the meridian explorer dac computer music reaches a whole new level matching sound from hifis costing thousands of pounds.Personally i like the look and there is a very solid feel due to excellent construction. During sport relief on the bbc in 2014 i noticed these are still being used – a testament to their quality and tribute to their longevity.

I purchased these phones to use mainly as monitors for my daw, because i read they’re considered the standard around studios worldwide, and they’re relatively inexpensive. I’m not an audiophile, but i noticed an enourmous quality difference from my previous phones in clariry and responde, specially bass. My old phones where not so good to begin with, but now i can hear things in my recordings i could not before, which was my purpose. I’m not a heavy user, normally a couple of hours at a time, but for these lengths of time they’re very confortable to use and not bothersome at all. I don’t have enough room (and budget) for a good pair of proximity monitors, so i’m convinced these phones where the best investment i could have done.

Bought these for my son for his electronic drum kit. The sound is very good and well balanced – not too bass heavy with good mid and highs. He now often uses these headphones when listening to his ipod and sound reproduction is excellent. Highly recommended for this price.

I bought my first pair of these in 1987 for £79 and back then the only way to listen to music on the go was to make a compact cassette compilation from cd’s/vinyl (all in real time). I would sit for hours making these compilations with these clamped to my head and found them very comfortable. Back then these where one of the best pairs of headphones you could buy and still are (you see them a lot on t. V and in radio/recording studios). The only reason i bought a replacement pair was because 18 months ago i sat on my original pair and broke them and thought oh well that’s the end of good experience. I thought i would have to get the modernised version. Then when searching for a new set found that these are still in production and bought them instantly. They are the same in each exact way even the packaging. For a product to be going for so long has mean something. The only downside to these is they last so long the ear pads rot with age, but you can order a replacement set from a usa supplier for about £3 a pair.

Forget your 200-300 $/€/£ headphones like dr. Dre beats and what not, these legendary headphones (see here: [. ) beat them hands down on sound quality. I also find them very comfortable and they provide great sound isolation. Now the down sides: i probably don’t need to tell you this, but they don’t look as cool as the modern headphones. On the more practical side though here’s a couple of other points to consider. The earpieces don’t turn to enable the headphones to be flat packed (though they do fold into the headband). The coiled cord is great for plugging into fixed equipment (like a hifi system – remember those?.:) or studio equipment for which these headphones were originally designed ) – however its very heavy and bulky for use with a portable device like an ipod or iphone. There are also no track or volume controls, or mic, on the cord – which i personally really miss. I also find that the closed, over-the-ear design – while providing great sound isolation – causes my ears to warm up with prolonged use. That however is inevitable with these types of headphones. All that said, these headphones are awesome and i love using them. They are causing me to rediscover my entire music collection (or at least the good stuff anyway) and in fact are so good that i’m re-ripping all my old cd’s to change from 128 kbps to lossless (on my pc) and 256 kbps on my iphone. ]

I bought a pair of these sony mdr-v6 headphones as a birthday present for my 18 year-old son, who is studying music. He wanted a pair of flat response headphones for monitoring and mixing, as well as listening to music for pleasure. – but it was some time before i got round to listening to them myself. I use an old pair of senheiser hd200 phones, which i have always considered good, and which cost me over £50 about 15-20 years agoi finally got around to listening to the sonys about a month ago. The first thing that stuck me was the enormous increase in clarity of the high frequencies. A rough recording of my band done on a digital recording device, sounded fairly lifeless on the old phones, but totally came to life with the mdr-v6s. The cymbals and high-hat (which were rather dull in the mix) leapt out.These phones are super clear, and will reveal details you were previously unaware of.

I previously owned the eyewatering-priced mdr-1rbt (somewhat competitors to the bass-heavy beats by dr. Dre) but when one plastic part broke out of warranty i knew it was going to be tricky to fix and didn’t want to shell out. A review of those headphones on here mentioned the v6 as having better sound quality and for less than £100. Numerous glowing praises made me click buy, and while i may be missing out on bluetooth, a thicker frame and a replaceable mini-stereo cable, these do sound better.Yes, less bassy but it seems to cover the entire spectrum of sound perfectly. I hear more detail on these. I do worry about breaking them as they’re very light and the coil cable isn’t quite fitting to portable music players but it sounds great. You can hear why it’s still going strong since the 1980s.

I got four great years out of these headphones before the driver broke and the sound in one ear went. They survived a lot of abuse over the years and the earpads only needed to be changed once or twice. You will not find better value for your money. So why on earth don’t they produce these any more?.I can’t find them anywhere and i’m kind of lost as to what to do next.

The sound quality from these is brilliant. The bass is good and it doesn’t get in the way of the audio. They are a good size and so they don’t hurt my ears when i have them on for long periods of time. The wire is coiled so it doesn’t tangle which is another plus. They also fold up to make them easier for transport. The only negative i would have with these is the part which connects the cups to the headband is a bit thin for my liking which makes me think it might break easily.

I really like the sound of these (having owned a previous version that disintegrated years ago). There are just two negatives for me, the springs that snap the earpieces back when not in use (not needed by me and, as with other reviewers, i have reservations on the wear this will cause to the wires) and the fact that after a long time of use (say, over an hour and a half) they start to cause discomfort to my ears due to the pressure. Overall a very good product, not sure why the jack isn’t gold plated though?.

Headphones arrived on schedule and i have just tried them with about an hours play. I listened to all of “close to the edge” by yes and “in the presence of enemies” (dream theater – systematic chaos) and the phones were awsesome. The bass was quite punchy with the middle and high notes very clear. The sound was well seperated and gave a well balanced stereo reproduction. This is my judgement on these headphones and i am no expert but all i can say is that they are a joy to listen to. The oval earpads ensure the phones cover the whole ear. This is great for eliminating external noise but you may not be aware of anything going on nearby . By the way these are not noise cancelling headphones. The headphones felt comfortable when i was wearing them, you just forget they are on. I would recommend these to anyone. These are much better than the mdr v600 which had extremely loud bass and everything else was drowned. These headphones first appeared around the 1980s and still are still a top purchase for the price.

I waited 2 moths to test the v6 before writing the review and i must say,this is the best pair of headphones out there. If you are looking just for massive bass,get the beats. I tried the solo hd before the v6. I liked the bass but it was covering the rest. It sounded just like the singer was performing in the other room and the subwoofer was next to me. When i got the v6 i was amazed by the the crystal clear highs and mids. It sounds amazingyou can hear every little detail of the song without excessive bass covering it. But do they lack bass?not at allthese are bass machines that work excellent with the highs and mids. Even tho this model is very old (1985) it is considered to be one of the best sony ever released. At first the highs sounded a bit too sharp but then i remembered i had the eq turned on.

I don’t have much luck with headphones as i have a tall head and sensitive boney ears so i can normally only listen for about 90 minutes before having to take a break due to ear or headband fatigue. Despite this, i do have a modest collection of headphones including: hd 650, k550, and dt-990. I recently replaced the mdr ear pads with the supremely comfortable beyerdynamic edt 250 velour ones and have come to the conclusion that, for travelling and non-critical listening, the v6 is all i need. The v6 is lightweight, well built, sounds nice, and is about as big as one can go without looking too lame in public.Love the retro styling and cult status they have tooif you took away the more expensive headphones i own and left me with these i’d be perfectly happy. The mdr-7506 is essentially the same thing but with a few style changes. Buy whichever is cheapest and beware of counterfeits.

The packaging was a surprise. Gold box with pink material couching the phones. It comes with a manual and a pouch, which is nice. The cable feels robust, they look excellent, and the leather is comfortable on me bonce. The earphones themselves are also ‘comfortable’, to repeat the word. As for sound, it’s a bit bass loud but the highs are good. It’s also good for noise isolation.

Sound is awesome and they are so comfy to wear. Block most outside noise and hard to hear people if they talk to you.

I’ve had these a little while now. Been listening to my koss portapro but i needed something that sound less muddy and more accurate. I really like these headphones but they are a little shrill which hurts my ears a little with certain music. They’ve improved a lot since they’ve been burnt in and also by adjusting the eq. I’ve read reviews that say they’ve had these for 10-15 yrs+ and sound better with age, so at that price there cheaper than anything else you can buy and they sound good too. I think i’ve got to spend a lot more to find better, the search goes on.

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  • Neodymium magnets and 40mm drivers for powerful, detailed sound
  • Over-ear design provides comfort and outstanding reduction of external noises
  • 10-foot oxygen free copper cord ends in 3.5mm plug; 1/4-inch adapter included
  • Copper-clad aluminum voice coil wire for improved power handling
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