Sony MDR-XB70BT Extra Bass Bluetooth In-Ear Neckband Headphone – : Worth the purchase.

No good for talking by phone.

Great sound, very good bt connectivity, long lasting battery,and they sit well on my neck – that the little clip keeps the cables together, so they’re not blown off my neck when i’m walking outside in the wind (a little thing, but genius). Also, what’s really important for me, as lots of other headphones are failing in this – they sit well and firm in my ears. I never have a feeling like they’re going to fall out.

Very comfortable earphones, good battery life and so easy to use.

My 15 year old son loves them. I think it’s the neck piece and bass quality he likes.

I will keep it very brief and simple. Thses are very good bluetooth headphones. Durable, easy on neck and long lasting battery. So i use them around 2 to 3 hours a day every other day and i only charge them over the weekend. So in total i get about 10 hours of continuous play time and standby for whole week. I can keep using it for another hour or so. For the first use i actually didn’t like the output at all the bass is bit too much for someone like me who love bass. But i fixed it by using my mobile built-in equaliser and sound could not have been better. Attaching my settings if you want to try it. This setting gives the very balanced bass and treble output.

I bought some beats earphones recently which were a massive disappointment, these on the other hand are great, the bass on them is unreal.

I use it usually for 1-2 hours a day going to and from work and the battery lasts about 10 days. Construction feels solid and it is quite ergonomic. The sound is not really good (volume, bass), but let’s be honest the value for money is great and you cannot find a perfect sound on headsets of less than the double price of this one.

Earphones are a great product, really good sound quality with good bass. The neck band is a great idea and is comfortable to wear. The bluetooth connection is easy to set up and quick to recognise devices when first switched on, if you use nfc then that is also very good. The battery lasts for al least 8 hours, although i never run mine flat because doing so can deteriorate the battery. Overall great product and would certainly recommend.

  • great sound, very good bt connectivity
  • Another grrat sony product.
  • Solid 4/5

Sony MDR-XB70BT Extra Bass Bluetooth In-Ear Neckband Headphone – Black

Product Description, Sony MDR-XB70BT Extra Bass Bluetooth In-Ear Neckband Headphone – Black. Use a smartphone or mobile phone at least 50 cm away from the headset. Noise may result if the headset and the smartphone or mobile phone are too close.

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From the manufacturer

Feel the rush, anywhere

Bring exhilarating music experiences into your daily life. Extra Bass sound makes every track exciting, while the wireless connectivity and lightweight design help you listen comfortably anywhere.

Product Features

Dynamic sound

Extra Bass sound brings extra low end punch to all your music.

Wireless freedom

Bluetooth connectivity and a nine-hour battery life for all-day wireless listening.

Extra Bass sound

Get your daily fix of bass on the move. Extra Bass sound has enhanced low frequencies, so beats are powerful and punchy.

Listen without restrictions

Pair the MDR-XB70BT with your Bluetooth device for enjoyable music playback, minus the restrictive cables.

Remote control

Convenient buttons let you control calls and music playback without touching your smartphone.

Long battery life

The built-in battery gives you nine hours of wireless playback, so you can listen all day.

Headphone Type In-ear behind-the-neck style In-ear behind-the-neck style
Weight Approximately 43 g 38 g
Bluetooth – NFC
Sound tuning / style Extra Bass All-rounder, Hi-Res Audio compatible
Microphone for hands-free calls
Remote Control Buttons on the neckband let you control calls and music playback without touching your smartphone. Buttons on the neckband let you control calls and music playback without touching your smartphone.
Driver Unit 12 mm (Dome Type) 9 mm dynamic – Dome type (CCAW VoiceCoil)
Frequency Response 4 Hz-24,000 Hz 5 – 40,000 Hz (Power off) (Wired)
Cable Length N/A approximately 1.0 m
Battery life Up to 9 hours (charging time approximately 2.5 hours) Up to 7.5 hours (charging time approximately 2.5 hours)

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Worked well for the first six months of 2 hours/day during commuting, then refused to recharge. Fortunately amazon took them back and issued a refund.

Excellent sound and long lasting battery.

I bought these due to having a phone with no headphone jack, usb c port only. These are arguably the best earphones i’ve owned (taking into account the type of music i listen to – hip hop, grime etc. Very bass heavy)great battery life which gets me through a working day and hardly any connection problems.

If you know about wireless bluetooth headphones these are some of the best you can get. The sound quality is really good and you can really feel the bass if you have the right songs for it. Battery life is awesome and lasts me the whole night shift i use them on. The durability on these headphones is more than you’d expect. I accidentally put these though a 2 hour wash in a washing machine and they still work fine. I would 100% recommend these to anyone on the fence about buying them.

The sound is excellent and battery life isn’t too bad. The microphone for phone calls is poor as other end callers found it very difficult to hear. This wasn’t the reason for buying the item so it doesn’t bother me too much.

I bought these bluetooth headphones specifically for a recent city-break trip to use with guided audio tour apps on my iphone. And they fulfilled the intended function perfectly. I could walk around the city without cumbersome wire connections between the earphones and my iphone to get caught in the straps of my shoulder bag. The bluetooth connection was quick, easy and painless and connected quickly every time i activated the earphones. The supplied ear cups are effective and can be easily changed to the different sizes it came with, though i have now lost the little packet they came in so am stuck with the caps i had last fitted on the earphones. They fit into my ears really snuggly and block out any surrounding sound. During the guided audio tours i used a smaller size so some ambient sound would come through and i could be more aware of what was going on around me. There are three button-controls on the left hand side of the neck band: on/off which also pauses audio and accepts incoming calls, increase volume which can also skip tracks forward, and decrease volume which also skips back to previous tracks. The on/off cannot activate the voice control function on the phone for siri, nor activate an out-going call. For that you need to use the phone itself.

Ok, as audiophiler an music dance music producer i am very picky about choosing my headphones, both for leisure time or for work. Let’s start to say that for personal enjoyment i was looking for headphones both wireless and non that would give me the feeling of being in a club or studio environment with sub bass on. Well look no further-if you’re into electronic music or funk ( where bass line and synths need to be both under& around you) those sony are the bomb. I purchased several and honestly only sony give me the sound that i was aiming for. Decent mid &high no mushiness and i can hear a good separation ( stage). I highly recommend to get app player with awesome eq control. I use and urge you to get both players colatplayer or hf onkyo that would really make the difference in shaping your sound to your taste. I keep reading reviews on headphones “ too much bass, or , too much hights” we’ll get the headphones you rather most and work with eq adjustments. I must confess that as leisure i also purchased the sennhiser hd1 wireless, those gives good deep bass ands tremendous high quality in clarity and soundstage yet they can be a bit on the harsh side on higher frequencies so that’s when the eqing comes handy tame the high f. And i don’t lose the punchy sub-bass.

Classic sony sound, i like the extra bass, the sound isolation with the included buds however is quite poor however, the fit isn’t quite good enough to counteract the weight of the buds and wires, so they fell out frequently. I’ve resolved this with memory foam buds and now these are very good. Would have been nice to get a inline microphone at this price too.

  • great sound, very good bt connectivity
  • Another grrat sony product.
  • Solid 4/5

Sony MDR-XB70BT Extra Bass Bluetooth In-Ear Neckband Headphone – Black

Great sound great battery life.

It could do with a bass boost button. I am using a walkman a45, the equaliser won’t work with bluetooth headphones; so the extra bass is not there. A bass boost button would help with the equlizer problem with the walkman. They do sound a lot better on my phone, where i can use an equaliser to boost the bass. The neckband tends to slide around your neck a bit.

These work well – sound quality is good enough for me, good bass. I like the design with the neck strap as it affords the actual headphone buds to be smaller than other bluetooth headphones, which is what i wanted to avoid. My only gripe is that the buds are still not as small as my old sony buds, so not as small as they could be. Battery is decent, connectivity is very good. The neck strap is a bit cold sometimes but really its quite comfortable overall.

Features and Spesification

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  • High-quality wireless freedom: Enjoy deep punchy bass while maintaining sound clarity across the spectrum
  • Convenient neckband design: Slim and lightweight with music/calls controls in the band
  • Hands-free calls: Clear voice with built in mic and HD Voice support
  • 9 hours battery life. EXTRA BASS sound with deep, punchy low end
  • Additional earbud sizes included for individual fit. Magnet: neodymium