Sony MDRZX110NAW : A perfect set of cheap NC headphones for flights.

Good sound (when activated) and great price. It seems like they’re powered speakers as the sound with the noise cancellation off is poor. With it activated it’s great. Comfort – fine so far, although i’m not sure i could leave them on for a 12hr flight. They sit ontop of the ears rather than surrounding them (but then they are quite compact as a result). Compared to most of the other noise cancellers, these seem like a bargain.

Good sound quality, the battery powered noise cancelling eats through the tripple a inside which means you’ll have to replace it every couple days but the quality although quieter without is still good enough to use. I use this pair in a busy office to let me focus and hasn’t let me know yet despite being battered into a bag for for the trip to and from work each day. If the current pair do break will certainly rebuy the same.

A comfortable pair of headphones with a good frequency response. Ear cups are a little small to prevent sound leakage whilst on a long aircraft journey, but it may be my big ears at fault.

These headphones have a great sound quality when battery is in/turned on, and the foldable aspect makes them easy to transport. Also very comfortable to wear. Only downside is that if the battery runs out while you’re out (it’s only a aaa battery so doesn’t last too long), the quality of the sound without the noise-cancelling is pretty poor. There’s a tinny sound to the music which is quite irritating after listening to decent sound-quality. But definitely good for the price.

Much much better than the awful klipsh m40 that i bought some years ago fantastic value for the price. The noise cancelling works well for low frequencies (motor & engine noise) and the audio quality is more than acceptable when the power is switched on. When the headphone is used un-powered, the audio bandwidth is comparable to an old telephone set, but this is better than nothing when the battery is empty.

For the price paid, these noise cancelling headphones are great. Don’t expect them to cancel out all noise. However, they are perfect when flying log distances. When watching inflight movies or listening to my own music collection, i actually can hear the sound produced very clearly. It makes those flights just a lot less tiresome. Also useful in the office by the way.

Good build quality, good price, good battery life and noise reduction. My only gripes are that the sound is quite mediocre without the noise cancellation on, luckily with the battery life being so good you can have it on all the time anyway and not worry. Also the seal isnt quite perfect as it doesnt cover the whole ear so some sound does leak in but it isnt much and at this price you cant expect perfection. All in all a very good headphone.

Very good quality for the price, decent sound quality. You don’t get the noise reduction quality anywhere near the top end bose equivalent but then that’s why there is a £150+ price difference. Very good totally recommend in this price category.

  • Good sound quality when noise-cancelling is on
  • Good value, great for long haul flights!
  • Good sound quality

Sony MDRZX110NAW.CE7 Overhead Noise Cancelling Headphones – White and Silver

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Perfect for a long haul flight, had a baby crying a few rows away and i couldn’t hear a thing. Sound quality is good for the price but you would get a better quality if you spent more. There is a switch so you can turn noise cancelling on/off.

Nice headphones with a lovely quality of sound produced. I’m not sure how well the noise cancelling aspect is supposed to work but i would describe these as being moderately effective. They are good at cancelling out sounds like wind and faint traffic but anything more and they don’t appear to have much effect.

These headphones are comfortable to wear although the adjustment of the headband could be former to stop them slipping – i use them at the gym so this is quite an important feature. The noise cancellation is excellent and the overall sound is great. The battery does run out quickly though, and this affects sound quality making the sound tinny.

I wasn’t expecting anything outstanding from these headphones, but they worked exactly as i required. I needed these to drown out engine noise on my flights on a recent trip to usa and they did just that. The noise cancelling does not drown out every single bit of noise, but does a good job of cancelling the constant hum of the engines. The sound quality was adequate – there are better sounding headphones out there, but given that i was using these in a fairly noisy environment, all levels seemed clear. My one complaint, as others have pointed out, is that the noise cancelling needs to be on for the headphones to sound alright. They sound terrible with the nc off. However as i bought these just for travelling, this issue doesn’t warrant me removing any stars from the review.

Use these in an open plan office at work to listen to the radio. Excellent value for money and great for cancelling out surrounding noise to help me concentrate on my work. I have both the noise cancelling and non noise cancelling versions and find them both very similar tbh. Not sure its worth paying the extra for noise cancellation.

Durable and great for travel as they fold up small enough for a small bag. They reduce low level noise but understandably aren’t as ‘noise cancelling’ as the more expensive models that people use on planes to block standard noise pollution so look into the specs before purchase.

They are very comfortable to wear, but the noise cancellation is a bit of a stretch. I wore them on a plane, and they noise cancellation was more of reduction. I could notice the change, but could still hear all the noise. But then again, you get what you pay for. I have since invested in the far more expensive bose earphones – and that is true noise cancellation.

A lot smaller and not as substantial as the image may suggest. The thin cable and plastic fittings could easily be broken but for the price can’t really complain. Even with the sound cancelling switched on it blocks a large chunk of background noise out.

  • Good sound quality when noise-cancelling is on
  • Good value, great for long haul flights!
  • Good sound quality

Sony MDRZX110NAW.CE7 Overhead Noise Cancelling Headphones – White and Silver

If you manage to make it adhere correctly to your ears, it does a decent job of attenuating plane cabin noise. Sound quality is acceptable. Battery duration quite good. I manage to do around 4/6 long-haul flights on a single non-rechargeable battery (a good brand).

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