Sony SRF59SILVER Portable Handheld Portable Radio Analogue Portable Radio –  : Good radio

I use it every night from ten till two unless i fall asleep. Classic fm is my choice of listening, and as i am very deaf, using this little radio with earphones make my life much better. Over the years i have had a few cheaper ones, but this one is th e king of radios as far as i am concerned.

I brought it specifically to take to le-mans and fi meetingsit is light ear pieces fit well underneath large ear defenders its range is excelent and the quality of the sound and range output is excelentyes i would highly recomend this product to other people.

Fine – does what i want it to do which is all i ask of it.

Just what l wanted very good l would recommend it to anybody and it is so easy to use its great.

Perfect little radio using it at work to listen too, and great sound, love it. Light and easy to attach to waistband leaving hands free to get on with work.

I already have this little radio which i use when gardening. I got this one for an elderly neighbour who likes to listen to the radio at night when she can’t sleep. She too is very pleased with it especially as it has an old fashioned dial to find the station. Very good value for the money, and it arrived very quickly. Very satisfied with the service.

Was buying this for a present for my brother. He walks alot and likes to be up to date with all the news of day.

Received this item in perfect condition. Thank youi will not be sending a writen review again until youchange the format. My first sentence was quite enough regards.

  • I LOVE it. company whilst out walking or working in
  • walkman radio
  • A great radio

Sony SRF59SILVER Portable Handheld Portable Radio Analogue Portable Radio – Silver (1710, Analog, 530 – MHz 87.5 – 108 MHz, 3.6 W 100 (H)

The Sony SRF-59 AM/FM stereo tuner lets you enjoy a wide range of talk and music programming with the added enjoyment of stereo sound. It offers convenient compact design so you can take it along virtually anywhere. The easy to use Tuning Knob helps you tune in stations quickly and easily. Its single “AA” battery operation provides hours of listening, and helps to make the radio compact and inexpensive to use. The SRF-59 model also offers Local/Distant (DX) Switch that provides optimal reception of both near and distant stations; stereo headphones that bring wide dynamic range and excellent sound. The belt clip helps ensure quick and sure attachment to a belt.Features: FM / AM Analogue Tuner. Compact and light-weight. Easy-to-use Tuning Knob. Operates on 1 AA battery. Supplied with Belt Clip and Stereo Fontopia Headphones.Technical Specifications: Analogue tuner : YES. Antenna AM : Ferrite. Antenna FM : Cord. FM (MHz) : 87,5-108. MW (kHz) : 530-1605. AM (kHz) : 530-1605. Analogue display : YES. Earphone jack : YES. Type of battery : AA. Number of batteries : 1.0. Battery life (h) : 95.0. Auto power off : NO. Earphones supplied : YES. Hold switch : YES. Belt clip : YES. Light reflector : NO. Water resistant : NO. Weight (g) : 72.2. Dimensions: Width (mm) : 65.0. Height (mm) : 26.5. Depth (mm) : 92.9.

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Bought for elderly mum and she absolutely loves it.

Very good price, good reception and very light. Good for medium wave listening to talksport etc. Clips to the belt well and doesnt move around.

Brought for a present for my husband to listen to football on ,. He said it got all stations well and was compact.

I do a lot of walking and this radio is excellent for listening on the move. I like the fact that you can get am as well as fm. In fact the am reception on this radio is better than the reception in my car. It uses only one aa battery and this lasts quite a while. It is light but sturdy and the tuning button is stiff so that you cannot accidently lose the station. I would recommend this product.

Works ok but the signal in this area is poor and therefore the reception is iffy. Other than that it is well made and would work well in a better area.

Ear pieces a bit uncomfortable when worn for a long while. Delivery date was as estimated. Very pleased with my purchase.

Brilliant use it in the garden , housework and gives a perfect reception for something so small. Everything you would expect from sony.

Brilliant product had one over 10 years ago as a prescent. Replaced today same model same spec speaks volumes.

  • I LOVE it. company whilst out walking or working in
  • walkman radio
  • A great radio

Sony SRF59SILVER Portable Handheld Portable Radio Analogue Portable Radio – Silver (1710, Analog, 530 – MHz 87.5 – 108 MHz, 3.6 W 100 (H)

I bought this to replace a defunct walkman radio-cassette player used whilst in bed to catch the news, weather etcit performs well, but , it’s easy to get off station and without an auto presetting function the tiny band-spread makes it difficult to re-tune precisely.

It’s ok but reception is very variable, often very crackly, and in many places doesn’t work at all ie. It’s also larger then it needs to be.

Great sound from this and compact enough to go into my jean’s pocket. Controls are good and the volume and bass are excellent. I use it at the football as i can still hear it over the sound of the crowd.

This was purchased as a replacement for a ‘freebie’ my mother has been using for the last 10 years or so. She tried to insist there was nothing wrong with it but the sound on it was terrible. She was sceptical at first but after trying it out was convinced that the sound was much better and is happy with using the controls as they are very user friendly with nothing complicated to work out. This makes it a brilliant purchase for any technophobes or elderly.

Wife loves her little radio to bits, takes it every where with her, like a teenager again.

Purchased this to receive commentary at silverstone. For this it was great with no problems at all when staying in one area. I also ride a motorcycle and have tried it whilst out riding, it was not so good on the move with a few problems with reception but alot better than the radio on my mobile phone that i had used in the past.

Item works fine, although reception is not reliable. In this area, radio reception is very poor, so i was not surprised when it cut out frequently. I only have the radio so that i can listen whilst out walking, so not really important that i don’t hear every word, although frustrating.

I’m very pleased with this purchase, it arrived very quickly with no fuss or hassle. I can now listen to good programmes when i can’t sleep at night without disturbing my husband.

Really like this walkman, so easy to operate, no fiddely buttons to press, easy to turn on and off, and very good ear phones, i use it in bed at night,can easily be operated in the dark. Has a really good clip on the back which clips safely to a belt, so can be used out side, eg when you are gardening, the battery lasts a long time also, i have found this a very good buy, and good value for the price, have had others which cost more and were not half as good.

I gave it five stars because sony is one of the best makes going. I would recommend it to family and friends. I have just ordered my dad one.

Signal can be a bit fuzzy when out walking but it is not too bad. Would recommend to other people to buy.

Very lightweight and compact, easily fits into pockets. Reception perfect (although i live in an urban area, don’t know what it would be like in the country) and it looks good.

Just what i needed for going fishing. Do not upset anybody else and can hear news and sport anywhere. Also good for a football matches keeping in touch with other results and updates.

I purchased this as a gift for an old aunt of mine who is in and out of hospital and misses radio 4. She loves it and finds it very easy to operate.

This is my third little sony radio, i love it. Company whilst out walking or working in the garden. It is light weight, fits in my pocket or handbag, the headphones on this one are great, with good clear sound. My previous radio’s had little ear phones, which i think i prefer ,as they wrap around the radio when not in use, and were equally great sound to the headphones. I found the reception to be great, finding that there were only couple of woodland tracks and scarborough seafront that i couldn’t get any reception. Battery life is long, and i only use approx. (i do buy best quality batteries). Delighted with my purchase and use it all of the time.

Easy to use little radio, good quality sound it is the second one i’ve purchased not because of any problems. It was a gift for someone, so that says it all really.

This is my third, for such a little radio the sound is so good, especially on music classical music programmes.

Would recommend it to anyone, it’s the third or fourth i have had since its conception. Could do with reception booster on occasion. Head phones could do with a physical i. Between left & right ears, cant see small print on ear pieces, so i put a loose knot on one side.

Features and Spesification

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  • Sony srf59silver. Battery Type: AA
  • Tuner Type: Analogue
  • FM bandwidth: 530 – 1710 MHz. RMS rated power: 3.6 W – Maximum Battery Life: 100 hours Power Supply: 1.5 V DC
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired