Sony STRDH790 : 4k at its best

Like other sony products its very easy to set-up, price wise its good. There is no dual room capability but i dont really need that but if you do then you should be aware , also no networking capability if you need this. A usb socket is provided to power additional usb components. I really like the bluetooth connectivity option as much of my music is streamed and this allows easy streaming, your smartphone can even be used to power the receiver up. The 4k pass-through is great (a total of 4 ports available + 1 out), this is handy as the receiver does not need to be on for you to play through content. My audio setup is far from ideal at the moment as i dont have the full range of atmos speakers, however i have briefly tested the full atmos experience using a friends set up with this receiver and it honestly is a much more immersive experience. What is really nice is size or lack of it, its compact space saving design means its a great size if you have a limited space. My only real criticisms the cheap looking spring clip speaker connectors. The main setup gui is functional but i expected a little more sophisticated from sony especially compared to other modelsi’m surprised at the very basic gui when compared with other sony av amps that i’ve seen. I think a lot more could have been made with that, especially with some of the finer set-up tweaks like reassigning inputs etc.

If you were thinking of buying. Sound quality and ease of use 5×.

I have had 4 av receivers over the years and this is by far the best one i’ve had. Super easy setup, seamless integration between tv, apple tv 4k, sky & xbox. Sound quality is great at this price and the 4k pass thru is excellent. If you need it networked then you need to look elsewhere. The main driver for me was the size as this is significantly smaller that traditional av receivers and as such is really neat.

This unit is very easy to set up, and the sound quality very good.

Sense i have had this amp ‘about 2 months’ it’s been great, only once has it cut off on me while listening to music, i had the volume at around 58 – 62 and for about 2 hours, the reason it cut off was over heated, it does have plenty of air as it it in a big bedroom and nothing on top of it or around it on the stand, after this 1 cut off it’s been brilliant, films fantasic, bass is fantastic, sound wow really fantastic with my speakers from my older sony amp, and the setup is easy using the mic that comes with the amp. I live sony amps and this is by far the best 7.

I wanted multiple hdmi 4k inputs for my game consoles and flexible audio connectivity, tv has optical audio output and this receiver accepts it with surround sound (for netflix and such). I wish it had dab radio but that would be just a bonus. Good power, features and overall quality.

I am in the process of upgrading from an older sony dz210 (5. 1) cinema home system (dvd player, amplifier , 5. 1 speaker) to meet the latest tv ( 4k) / blu ray player standards. At present this new system cannot be tested on the present speakers (3 ohm) as 6 to 16ohm required according to the enclosed manual. This av receiver looks good , great build quality , excellent connectivity – it is ( to me) somewhat bulky and heavy compare to the previous system. The connectivity to a variety of inputs ( and bluetooth capability) should make this unit futureproof for a while yet. If the sound balancing unit works as well as the old original sony system then it will be pretty good. Most living rooms are a compromise of speaker placements and not many of us can afford a bespoke surround cinema room. Provisional rating 5 star and will update when the total new system has been put together.

Everything about it is very good see above.

  • Very good indeed
  • Dolby Atmos! Well done indeed!!
  • Good budget 4K HDR receiver

Sony STRDH790.CEK 7.2 Channel Dolby Atmos/DTS: X 4K HDR AV Receiver – Black & AmazonBasics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire 1.3 mm² – 30.48 m (100 feet)

Style Name:Receiver with Speaker Wire
Product Description, Sony STRDH790.CEK 7.2 Channel Dolby Atmos/DTS: X 4K HDR AV Receiver – BlackAmazonBasics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire 1.3 mm² – 30.48 m (100 feet)

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Only problem i have is sound ahead of video using arcsettings only allow you to delay audio so this is of no use. I am viewing on a 75inch xe90 tv with all processing turned off. Even tried game mode which was of no use. Sound sinks ok when i place the hdmi leads into the reciever but i loose the option to change inputs on the tv when i do this.

Took abit of setting up to get a balanced sound. I found that the auto calibration tool was a bit out for my ears. But once set up the sound out of this amp is amazing. I used to have a yamaha rx 471 with 5. So i simply put the old speakers off that system on my new dolby atmos amp. I also bought some £30 shelf speakers off amazon to use as my height speakers. I didn’t fancy putting holes in my cieling. So i simply put them high up the side walls. I have an xbox one x which streams netflix in dolby atmos. The sound is noticeably clearer and more balanced. If you love your home cinema. The cinema sound in your home is here.

This is my very first av receiver. I have paired this recieiver with my sony bravia 9005 tv and panasonic uhd blu-ray player using hdmi arc facility. All devices play very well together. For the speakers i decided on the canton movie 75 5. The sound is amazing in my small bedroom. Still running them in but movies sound way better and clearer than my old logitech z5500 speakers. The cross over frequency was set by the receiver between 110-130 hz. I’ve set them all to 130hz and the sub is left to max hz on the sub itself.

Really liked this – simple set up (better than onkyo system it replaces) and lovely sound. I had wired speakers incorrectly and it nagged me till i got it right.

1 surround sound setup and this works perfectly and has preformed better than expected with my samsung k8000 tv. The only niggle i had was with the arc setup but i believe that was down to using an hdmi cable which was quite old so replaced that with a new hdcp hdmi cable and it works fine. The only reason for one star less is i would’ve like network options for the receiver just so it makes updating the device easier and also to have things like dab radio on it and an app for your phone to control it. Overall though very pleased and my surround sound is great.

Still need speakers for it but delivery and all else is 100%.

Good build, easy to use and great soundoctober update adds support for earc which is brilliant.

The last time i updated my home cinema was 11 years ago. Things have moved apace since then and this receiver is a great mid-range performer. I recently bought a sony 4k tv and have also bought a sony 4k blu-ray player to complete the system. It has a quality feel about it and is quite heavy. The exception are the surround speaker terminals on the rear are horrible and cheap, totally out of place in comparison to the rest of the item. They do work ok, but you need to be careful as two of them fell apart when i was wiring up and i had to reassemble them. The setup is easy with the auto-calibration function. It set my speakers up perfectly in balance, all i had to do was back the centre off a bit as it was too prominent. The amount of redundant wiring that i removed was amazing [and mrs scoop was very pleased. ]

  • Very good indeed
  • Dolby Atmos! Well done indeed!!
  • Good budget 4K HDR receiver

Sony STRDH790.CEK 7.2 Channel Dolby Atmos/DTS: X 4K HDR AV Receiver – Black & AmazonBasics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire 1.3 mm² – 30.48 m (100 feet)

Excellent quality sound and picture still getting to grips with the settings but it is quality.

This is the first av reciever i’ve ever used and initially it seemed like something which would just do what other things like my surround sound system already did. However i set it up with my television, blu-ray player and paired my phone and speakers with it. Setting up was simple, it ran through a software update and the we were good to go. The sound is absolutely amazing and boosts the surround sound quality in a way i didn’t expect. I thought the sound quality we had was great but this takes it to a whole new level. The reciever itself does add yet another black box to the others underneath the tv snd that’s my only gripe really but for the sound quality i can live with it. As an extra note the unit itself gets quite warm in use but i guess that’s normal?if you have surround sound speakers then strictly speaking you don’t need this as well but if you want even greater clarity of sound. . Cinema quality then this is a really good piece of kit and easy to set up and use. Watching films and listening to music is amazing.

Item arrived on time and in good condition. 2 channel dolby atmos/dts: x 4k hdr av receiver is great value for money producing a quality sound. Its a bit fiddly to set up, however once this is completed the performance is great.

The sony av is more than what i need in terms of tv but even with the current 2:1 set up it is startling how different the sound is. And now of course i am starting to think about 7. 1, knowing the receiver will handle it so well. I am no technophile but the 790 has made me want to build my collection. I have also added in my old teac system (proper all school and lovely – can’t beat minidisc) and audio technica turntable and everything works so well and integrated. Iphone connection via bluetooth works with no problems. Overall this is a very impressive bit of kit. Too advanced for my current needs but i am looking forward to growing in to what it can do.

Easy to set up, only shame is there is no back-light on the remote. Atmos is a game (and movie) changer.

Easy to setup, great value for the money. I have my games consoles and my sky q running through it and the picture quality is amazing on my 4k tv and you don’t need to leave it on to watch them. Highly recommended if you won’t a upgrade to dolby atmos.

Bought this for my 4k hdr setup and with the amazon option to pay by installments. Auto setup was easy with the included microphone but had problems getting my subwoofer to work with my xbox one s. Eventually found that changing speakers from large to small in the settings made the bass pass through my sub instead. I did not have the same problem with my chromecast ultra. Also had problems with hdr from my xbox one s. Changing an option in the xbox 4k settings made it work. You have to tick the ycc box and go to 4k tv details to check it is working. Apart from these little niggles it is a fantastic amp and seems pretty powerful.

Great product, exactly what i was looking for.

Plenty of connection at the rear and all hdmis are 2. Easy to follow instructions to set up the amp. Great sound with the extra atmos speaker’s connected. Very pleased with this purchase.

Sony always seem to produce good quality gear at a realistic price. This is replacing a sony unit which i have had for around 10 years without a moments problem. The set up is straight-forward and sound is superb whether it is speech, classical or heavy-metal, the sony handles it beautifully.

Replacement for a 10yr old av amp where the display started playing up. Provides all the necessary codecs. No wifi, but as updates are so infrequent, it doesn’t bother me. The only “negative” is the absence of binding posts for most of the speaker inputs.

Proudly providing a wealth of connectivity and consideration for modern devices, sony’s strdh790 is as versatile amp as you could hope to find. Alloyed to a wide feature set and a purity of signal that will make even a semi-decent set of speakers perform, it’s a top-notch addition to the home theatre system realm. For a powerful receiver with such a comprehensive set of features it’s pretty compact, with simple black lines disguising the busy inner workings of a device heavy with abilities. Going further into the calibration tools and settings is really not for the faint-hearted, so luckily there are plenty of automatic setup options which should get you up and running with a solid sound in a relatively short time. A mistake that many manufacturers make is to build their products as inward-looking devices you always have to have ‘on’ in order to benefit from. Sony have managed to avoid that here, with flawless 4k pass-through and an ease of use that keeps the box in the background and lets you just enjoy its output if you choose. I really enjoy the bluetooth ability for streaming digital music to a powerful sound system – it’s something i could have only dreamed of as a youngster but here it is in full booming glory, as straightforward as it could be. A quality sound system starts with a quality receiver, and this is as good as any i’ve experienced. Hook it up to the best speakers you can get your hands on and revel in the immersive sound it produces.

Having upgraded this from an early 90s yamaha av amp (which finally died), this amp is topthe sony’s sound quality is fantastic, the only downside is it is slightly less bassey than the yamaha* (and it doesn’t click and hum when you first turn it on like the old yamaha). It did generate a weird hiss for about an hour after first turning it on but it soon disappeared. *using the same wharfedale speakers.

Absolutely no complaints about the sound of this beast. But let me put you in the picture: my setup is perhaps as simple and basic as they come. I have two blu-ray players, both with hmdi connectors. The older one also has cinch for audio and an optical connection. And i go with two — only two — high quality speakers, and an excellent video projector. And there is also a bluetooth connection to my desktop, which the sony grabbed onto right away. With everything hooked up, you’d think it would be easy to play music or to watch video. The sony makes all the decisions, and they’re usually wrong.

Bought it to replace my old sony surround that was about 15 years old which was developing a fault. It has four hdmi inputs plus one digital coaxial input for cd etc. It did get confused at one stage so reset it. Seems to handle the newer audio formats well.

I had a sound bar and was happy enough with that until i got a projector. I thought i would get this to help with audio from all my devices. I was overwhelmed by the improvement in sound quality compared to that of the sound bar. I’ve had it a few months now and still smile at big movie moments with this foundation shaking sound.

Would be nice if it had a usb input on the front, but it does have blue tooth.

Features and Spesification

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  • Dolby Atmos/ DTS: X for 3 Dimensional sound reproduction, delivering 5.1.2ch of immersive sound
  • Advanced DCAC to optimise listening environment with high accuracy. Automatically calibrate the phase characteristics of speakers for well-coordinated surround sound
  • 4K HDR/ Dolby Vision pass-through with no loss in picture quality
  • Versatile solution: Playback your content from a wide range of sources thanks to HDMI in/out (4/1), USB, Bluetooth
  • 16-Gauge Speaker Wire 1.3 mm² – 30.48 m – Strand Count 65 – Copper plated aluminum
  • Connects audio speakers to your A/V receiver to amplifier
  • The plastic jacket around the speaker wire helps to deliver high-quality undistorted signals to and from all of your audio equipment
  • One side of the wire is marked with a white line, making it quick and easy to distinguish the polarity and get your audio system set up properly