Sony STRDN1080 – A V str 1080 c. e. k. 7.2

To start, i was a loyal sony fan from the days of the trinitron tv and betamax. I have always stayed with sony products and this 1080 av was the one chosen from all the others av,s. It was run with a sony bravia tv, my much loved vintage sony g1 speakers, sony centre speaker, yamaha back floor speakers and yamaha sub woofer. I started to use it and the sound quality was impressive. But, a few days passed and problems started to appear, the sound from netflix started to merge with another audio channel. The screen menu delay was a frustrating problem, as was the total loss of sound from the built in tv satellite channel. The sky box was ok for sound but no matter what i did i could not get the tv satellite channels audio through. I swapped over the hdmi leads, i did a system reset on the tv, and a system reset on the 1080, but still silence from the watched tv. Annoyingly i was spending more time trying to get it to work than enjoying listening to it. It was returned as faulty and i now await delivery of yamaha rx-v685.

Easy to setup and use sound is excellent.

Av receiver has truly excellent sound quality for both movies and music but needs improvement in interface and connectivity. Compared to denon, i cannot turn this receiver on by just connecting spotify through airplay. It does not have internet radio as well which is a must for easy online listening. The remote control is quite slow to response when you press it. But above all, this receiver will give you clear and crisp sound for either music or movie.

I’ve had this now about 6 weeks. 1 to this one – so i figured it would work sort of the same. One of the main reasons for upgrading was that this amp had 2 outputs – so i could put one to my 4k tv and one to the hd projector. The other reason was that i could get rid of my home hifi system and use this with airplay and bluetooth to play music from iphone etc. Can i start of by saying the sound on this machine is just amazing. It totally blows you away – quite literally. I have it set up with 7 speakers and 2 subwoofers. It is quite something to hear. Playing music through the system from iphone via airplay is also breathtaking. What i am really dissapoined in is the her interface and the ease of use. I have a 4k tv and a hd projector – and i just couldn’t get it to work at all. You have to set each hdmi output as either 4k or standard – but the mix of different sources – just wooudn’t work. I also hates the way the amp literally takes over control of everything, even if it is switched off. So if you have it on output b, the projector and switch if off as you’ve been watching a movie on the projector – the then switch the tv on, it won’t work as you have to switch the amp back on the move it to output a. You would think the through bypass would just work that out – but it doesn’t. I really dislike the whole way it works. It isn’t simple and just a faff.

This is a great av receiver, excellent range of solutions for your particular speaker arrangement, auto detection and various settings work simply and well to provide great surround sound. Even mp3 playback give clarity and depth to what might be poor files.

This is a top end av receiver for a good price sounds excellent and has all the connections you could ever need believe me you will not be disappointed.

Possibility of connection to any modern to the sound transmission device, including the flash drive, an entrance on the front panel. At me it is connected: an image conclusion – the monitor screen, a sound entrance – the computer. With sound quality it is very happy and in this point i consider that made a successful purchase. If someone chooses this receiver for a qualitative sound 5. 2 you will make a right choice. And now, what was not pleasant to me. The receiver costs in the bedroom and after switching off publishes thin, peeping, a sound. I think, the transformer peeps.

Enhanced & realistic sound capability and ability to update the software.

This amp has replaced my slightly old yamaha and it’s a lot better. It has a great sound quality and i’m very impressed with it. I only have a few minor niggles, the interface isn’t very advanced. On the yamaha i could get detailed information about everything, i feel some things are hidden on the sony. Other than that, the sound quality is great, it supports hdcp 2. 2 so i can 4k / hdr properly. Overall, i’m really happy :).

Perfect for my needs and easy to set up.

What a great receiver for the price, the sound quality is much better than the pioneer receiver we owned before. If you are looking for a 4k atmos and dtsx receiver then please check it out.

Very good quality and excellent sound.

Thia amp is amazing for the price, very easy setup. The dolby atmos is breathtaking. Here are the specifications for the Sony STRDN1080:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Supporting the latest audio and video format: Dolby ATMOS and DTS:X support, High-Resolution Audio compatible
  • Built for sound: Improved auto-calibration with stereo microphone, speaker relocation for the optimum sound reproduction
  • Phantom surround back to simulate 2 extra rear channels thus providing a 7.1.2ch set-up
  • Versatile solution: Playback your content from a wide range of sources thanks to HDMI in/out (6/2), USB, Bluetooth/NFC, Chromecast Built-in, Spotify Connect, Multi-room
  • 16-Gauge Speaker Wire 1.3 mm² – 30.48 m – Strand Count 65 – Copper plated aluminum
  • Connects audio speakers to your A/V receiver to amplifier
  • The plastic jacket around the speaker wire helps to deliver high-quality undistorted signals to and from all of your audio equipment
  • One side of the wire is marked with a white line, making it quick and easy to distinguish the polarity and get your audio system set up properly

This product was hailed as just brillant, better than all the rest on various hi-fi sites and mags. But i find it good but perhaps its just not set up for its optimum performance. I also seem to have to have the tv on to play cds in the cd player. It was however much easier than my denon (of some years vintage that gave up) to use the room mic. I have found with sony that, although they make good gear, you certainly pay a premium for that name. I am using jbls and perhaps a speaker upgrade when i can afford it might show it off to better effect.

I like that it detects the type of audio stream automatically.

Had to upgrade my amp after getting a 4k tv and this was the best one for the price. Only negative was no component sockets for my older game consoles.

The sound will blow you away, it is was replacing my yamaha receiver. The price is good, it has an app which can control the receiver. However, it can be slow during switching to devices and also i have to go through ‘home’ on the remote to access video 1 and 2 devices as there is no shortcut on the remote. Overall i am happy and will definitely recommend.

This sony reciver is good price and good quality. But feature and sub funtion is poor. I am satisfy with sound, but some lack of feature and sub funtion is sad.

A very good receiver a bit expensive but it has everything what it should have, great sound and quite easy to control. There is only 1 problem, bluetooth doesn’t have a strong signal and if you walk with headphones to other rooms during listening to music, you are more likely to loose signal.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Love this receiver
  • 10 stars for the sound/2 stars for the user interface and ease of use.
  • Awesome sound. Niggles with HDMI ARC on Philips TV

This is just a great 4k av receiver. The sound is just incredible through a proper 5. 1 system and just gets better as you expand to more speakers. Include it with a 4k tv and 4k uhd blu ray player as well and it’s just awesome.

Great receiver at a great price. Came to it from an old arcam receiver that went pop & was too expensive to repair. Loving all the whizz bang new creatures like dolby atmos & apple airplay.

This is a great big amp great sounds the only negative point is takes long time to show screen opinion’s.

Great home-cinema audio provider.

Nothing to dislike voted best budget av punches way above it’s price range excellent.

Upgraded from a yamaha rx-v775. Have calibrated using just the supplied microphone and default settings. Overall sound quality is very much improved: sound stage seems much more open and precise, dialog is much clearer, and surround effects are very well placed and balanced. Haven’t noticed any other issues. The styling is quite low-key and minimalist, which is fine. Used with a harmony remote, so the slightly underwhelming remote control isn’t an issue.

I bought this after reading many glowing reviews and after a months use i’m not disappointed. This av receiver sounds great with my kef eggs, both for music and movie’s. In terms of features and input/outputs, i’m ve got no complaints as this receiver can handle it all. I can’t comment on dolby atmos yet as my speaker setup is only 5. 1, but nice to know the upgrade path is there. The only reason it’s dropped a star is due to issues with hdmi arc and cec with my philips tv. Using hdmi arc i was getting all kinds of audio sync issues and the receiver would spontaneously switch off mid tv show. Thankfully this all went away once i switched to optical for tv audio, so no big deal. I’m not sure if the tv or av receiver is to blame, but my feeling is poor inter manufacturer compatibility.

Very happy with the price and it does everything i needed it to do, the surround sound is a lot better,just wish it had more speaker outputs but the better model with the same model number,as 9 speaker out puts for £150 more i think.

Features and quality on this receiver are good and the initial setup was trouble free. I bought this with a new 2017 65 inch 4k uhd tv thinking there would be no compatibility issues but not so. A number of options on the receiver remote do nothing and after initial setup you can never get back to the settings menu. The home button on the remote does nothing. The amp menu button does nothing. I have mine set up with the arc hdmi 3 connected to the sony tv arc in hdmi port. When i select this port on the tv i would expect the the home menu to display so i can get to settings but no. I have also tried every other combination and followed all suggestions in the manual but the home screen is nowhere to be seen. Update: i finally got this to work properly after holding the power button in for 5 seconds to start a factory reset. I went though all the setup again and now i have access to the home screen again.

Replaces a couple of earlier sony amps simply amazing functionality sound quality and value.

I had an onkyo that packed up recently and so bought this and can’t believe the difference it has made.

This is an excellent av receiver, with excellent sound and connectivity.

Worth waiting for, works a dream.

I bought this for my husband he seems very pleased with it. Has lots of different features.

A great receiver let down by it’s painfully slow operating system and some unintuitive menu structures. It’s marketed as being able to upscale video over hdmi, but it will only upscale a 1080p/24 signal, so don’t expect it to upscale your sky tv picture etc, because it won’t. Sound quality is good, if a little harsh on the treble. I returned my sony and bought a denon avr 3500h instead. The sony isn’t a bad receiver, just not as good as it’s headlines would suggest.

I had the yamaha v681 and thought that was good until i hear the sound the sony unit gave. Much more powerful and with chromecast included its brilliant.

It’s amazing equipmentno complaints.

If you are looking to buy a receiver or are looking to upgrade an existing one and are on a budget, then buy this receiver. Easy to navigate menu, looks good, plenty of connection points, dolby atmos ready, auto speaker calibrate system, speaker configs 5. 2, can’t really go wrong with this unit.

Bought this as an upgrade to my sony str dn 1030, very happy with this it’s a major step forward. 1 speaker set up works very well, and provides better depth of sound. I also have sony 4k blu ray player so this combination works really well.

A very good sonic av receiver than my previous yamaha but it’s a bit too hot to be tolerable even in standby modecan’t live without a forced air cooling by an air conditioning plus a fan blowing in front of the amp😱❓😞.

Easy to install, menu very clear and simple and sounds great.

As was described by the seller.

Works well, only one problem when i first switch on it automatically goes to mute, so far everything else is fine.

Superb piece of kit at such an affordable price – the sound is simply amazing.

I needed an av receiver capable of 5. 1 surround sound with the option to enable an atmos setup in future and also to handle 4k sources with hdr and dolby vision support. I initially purchased a yamaha rxv 683 av receiver, the menu and gui system were nothing amazing but did the job, the hdmi cec control worked perfectly with my lg oled tv however the amp was lacking in definition especially at low volumes. I had read the what hifi review for the sony str dn1080 and decided to return the yamaha in favour of the sony despite some of the negative user based reviews online. I can say the sound definition on the dn1080 is the best i have heard in ages, so the quality of the product is right up there. However what could be an amazing purchase is let down by some basic essential tech requirements. Firstly, the latest january 2018 update takes care of dolby vision passthrough which it didn’t have initially. The av receiver has a habit of randomly going over to the home menu screen which has plagues a lot of users. The other issue is that sometimes mid movie, you may want to check the input and output sound format just to ensure it is set correctly to say dolby true hd or dolby atmos or dts. Pressing the display button on the remote control does not do this.

Fantastic sound quality, also for music in multi channel stereo mode and full flat calibration setting. Is only missing wake on lan/wifi but switches on automatically with cec without any issue.

Bought this to replace my rather dated and sadly defunct amp which had speakers a+b selectable output. Necessary in my large open plan house as we have projected telly in living area and sometimes want to hear it in the kitchen area at oppsite end of building. Our apple tv is connected to hdmi in which is routed to the speaker outputs but will not route out zone2. Any work around splitting audio results in delay creating intolerable reverb. I’d send this back in an instant if i wasn’t living in greece.

Brought this as my old one broke, this is perfect has alot more than my old one did, sounds great, easy to set up and sort out works perfect with my speakers and good brand.

Incredible sound quality and features for the price paid. Upgraded from a yamaha rx-v667 mainly for the 4k hdr features of the sony but the difference in sound quality is very noticeable. Playing gta v on ps4, everything has more bass and the more subtle sound effects like rainfall or running through puddles are more pronounced, voices are much clearer and easier to hear. Im no expert on these things i can only say what im hearing and seeing and imo its an incredible amp and well worth the money. Plus next day delivery with prime.

I have been buying up to date sound systems for many years. I had a denon atmos amplifier before which lasted just over 2 years before having power failure, common problem with these i found out after the event and the sound was never what was expected so did my research and decided on the sony. Set up was a breeze, unlike the denon, clear instructions supplied and a great ‘simple’ remote rather than hundreds of buttons. The sound quality far exceeds the price tag with all inputs. The atmos distribution is phenomenal and the sony spreads the sound fields as the film was made with sound seemingly coming from all directions and overhead. Sometimes, with the sub-woofer effects the bass runs through you. Music playing is spot on and the easy streaming through spotify or chromecast is quick and simple. Powers on and off with the tv or sky box which my old denon never seemed capable of. Overall a class product with a simple interface which works and sound quality that defies the price tag.

Having had a sony str-dn1040 for the last three and a half years i was saddened when it played up. I now have this little beauty and although i tested out a yamaha rx383 i am staggered that the difference a couple of hundred pounds makes. I had the choice of a denon x2400h also but having had the previous sony i was more than happy with it. The 1040 was a 5 star winner in what hifi as is this, the sound quality is breathtaking. I have it connected to a tannoy hts201 speaker setup which i paid about £600 for, not the best speakers in the world but for the money they’re very good. My only problem now is that i want another pair of matched speakers to get the upward firing sounds for height given that it supports dolby atmos. The 1040 had loads of buttons on the remote and loads of sound setups to select and play with, tbh these are ok when you first get something and want to fiddle but in reality you never end up using most of it. Hence to have a much smaller remote control and easy to use amp is ideal. I have seen reviews and complaints of people mentioning the amp going to black screen when you select another input. Yes you get a slight pause but after a week of use its hasn’t bothered me in the slightest.

This is the third str-dn i’ve had (1020 & 1050 being the others) and as you’d expect, the specs keep getting better & better. One thing i do miss is tunein radio, though i can cast from my phone. Although the specs don’t mention it, there are numerous speaker set ups to choose from (i have a 6. 1 set up) & the speaker calibration, using the supplied mic, is a breeze. I did have an issue with the ethernet connection – it knocked my internet & wifi out when in standby. Following help from sony, the issue was resolved by resetting the receiver. I’d definitely recommend the str-dn1080 for it’s sound & specs.

This was an upgrade from my old sony 2400es amp. Very slick and easy to set up. Wonderful sound quality, whether it be on a 5. 1 or 2 channel configurationthe auto calibration is fairly easy to go through and doesn’t take that long to complete. I found the wireless network more complicated to go through, as you’ve got to use the remote to enter the password. But once it’s up and running everything else is easy.

This product seems to still have some bugs and/or poor ui design choices in it, and i sincerely hope they are working on a much updated firmware (although quite honestly i doubt it now the product is out and has had great reviews). One of the things that really bugs me is that it often starts up with muting on, and there doesn’t seem to be any way of changing this through the ui. Why would i want muting on when it starts up?. This is a typical example of something that is going to really frustrate anyone of a less technical nature. Furthermore the momentary display of the audio format doesn’t seem to work at all correctly in my experience. For example, if i play the audio dvd of santana’s abraxas, which is encoded in dts, the moving display says linear pcm (2. 1khz), whereas the display on the tv says that it is playing dts. In addition, the little display on the amp front panel that has the dolby logo followed by ‘surr’ is illuminated. This is all totally confusing, and compounded by the fact that there is no way to find out what format is really playing, as others have mentioned. The amp sounds great but it is surely not unreasonable to expect it not to have faults and errors like this?.