Sony UBP-X700 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Player – & AmazonBasics Braided HDMI Cable – 3 m – Superb image & sound

Very good product very good value for money.

Really shows 4k picture of to its best for a midrange product.

Not the quietest unit out there and i do find the remote control particularly small and difficult to use (why are they always smaller than tv remote controls?) but other than that, good buy.

Having recently bought a 55′ lg oled c8, i needed a 4k player to accompany the tv. After a lot of research, i opted for the sony ubp-x700 4k player, and it didn’t disappoint. Apart from a software update, it’s practically ready straight out of the box. Connect it to your wi-fi and you’re ready to roll. The player is quite small but it does everything it’s supposed to so well. The first movie i watched on the player was avengers: infinity war 4k. The detail, the colour, the sound, the player handled them all beautifully. The picture quality has to be seen to be believed. Compact, quiet, powerful and fairly priced, this is one hell of a player.

I bought this sony blu ray ubp-x700 player to try and cut down on the number of boxes i have in my av cabinet and to make it easier for the less ‘tech-savvy’ members of my family to access netflix. Overall, i am very pleased with this player. I can now access netflix/amazon prime/ bbc iplayer, watch all of my ripped dvds/ listen to my flac file cds (from my western digital nas drive), and play my bly-ray discs, all from one device. The unit did feel a bit flimsy when i took it out of the box and put it into my av cabinet, but as i do not tend to move it this will not be a problem. I find that connection to the internet it better when i use an ethernet cable as opposed to relying on the built-in wi-fi. Some other reviewers have not liked the remote, but i like the simplicity of it. It does everything i need and i can also use it to switch on/off and adjust the volume of my 55inch lg tv. The less tech-savvy members of my family like the netflix button on it. Picture and sound quality appear good to me. To my knowledge, you cannot add any more apps.

I use it for few weeks now and it’s a great 4k player.

Easy to set up and use, picture and sound quality is absolutely excellent. (atmos sounds really great). The player feels pretty cheap, very light but once it’s set up you don’t notice. It isn’t particularly noisy either. I don’t hear mechanical noise during movie watching. It’s a good product considering the relatively low price. Not the best device for streaming. Apple tv and nvidia shield tv are way better in this respect. Fingers crossed that sony will soon release the promised dolby vision update. There’s no mention of this in the manual or on the box.

Big improvement from our other dvd player,the sound and 4k quality just amazing , the first ,4k dvd played was bohemian rhapsody unbelievable quality.

The sound and picture quality from a 4k blu ray are outstanding. The upscaling makes standard blu ray disks look good as well. It could be my imagination but i think netflix looks better than just through the tv as well. Brilliant piece of kit for the price.

A fantastic bit of kit for a fantastic offer price from amazon. Unit arrived 2 days before due date in great condition. Out the box it’s tiny compared to my previous sony bluray player and the remote is tiny too.Looks smart, plays and loads quietly. Using with an lg oled tv, the picture is nothing other than amazing. Set up and layout is easy (although i prefer the old cross bar gui sony layout). Tbh i bought this for dolby vision, but ended up turning it off as there were too many artefacts around some imaging and the picture lost its cinematic feel in some places on some 4k/bluray films (imo).

This is almost a totally awesome product, its great for what i use it to play films on with various different formats, mp4, mkv, 264, 265 hevc, avi. Although some times it doesn’t like some sound formats which i don’t understand but that is few and far between. The biggest problem i do have is that it doesn’t always connect to the tv, i have to turn it on/off sometimes 6 or 8 times or disconnect it from the tv and start again, now i didn’t have this problem before with my over dvd player so i don’t believe its the tv (samsung) but i can’t find any solutions to it so i’m stuck with it.

Nothing to dislike, easy setup, matching my recently purchased 4k bravia tv perfectly, great imaging & upscaling most of my dvds. Best results came from blu ray discs, the 4k dvd of the magnificent seven is very impressive. I have added the sky soundbox to my system all making for happy and enjoyable viewing.

When this first arrived i was amazed at how small the box, and the player within more so, was. Surely something this tiny would not meet pedantic 4k home theatre enthusiast standards. Those fears were quickly put to rest, however, as the upb-x700 proved itself to be a capable, if basic, machine. However, i absolutely despised the tiny, clunky remote and the cheap, early 2000s interface (which has continued across other sony model’s i have tested). Having traded up to a heftier upbx-800m i’m glad to be leaving this little player and it’s horrible remote behind, but that doesn’t mean it was a bad purchase or it’s not worth the money. New starts in 4k home theatres will still find this an exciting entry-level product. Here are the specifications for the Sony UBP-X700 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Player – & AmazonBasics Braided HDMI Cable – 3 m:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Ultimate 4K HDR viewing experience with HDR10 and Dolby Vision* support for ground-breaking detail, colour and brightness.
  • Power Consumption at standby mode is 0.4 watts and the power consumption at networked standby mode is 1.0 watts
  • Access a world of (4K) Streaming Services through built-in Wi-Fi
  • Supported disc formats : BD-RE, BD-RE Dual Layer, BD-ROM, CD (CD-DA), CD-R / -RW, DVD+R, DVD+R Double Layer, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-R Dual Layer, DVD-RW, DVD-Video, SA-CD (SA-CD / CD) Playback, Stereoscopic 3D (profile 5)
  • Nylon-braided HDMI cable (A Male to A Male): supports Ethernet, 3D, 4K video, and Audio Return Channel (ARC)
  • Connects Blu-ray players, Fire TV, Apple TV, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, computers, and other HDMI-enabled devices to TVs, displays, A/V receivers, and more
  • Allows for sharing an Internet connection among multiple devices without the need for a separate Ethernet cable
  • Meets the latest HDMI standards (4K video at 60 Hz, 2160p, 48 bit/px colour depth); supports bandwidth up to 18 Gbps; backwards compatible with earlier versions

You can really see the difference. I had a regular sony bluray player.

Great picture dolby atmos and dolby vision great value. Only fault i can find is the tiny remote.

Replaced blue ray function or hdmi that seems sick or to have died on my sony home cinema. There is a hdmi outlet for sound but no optical output. Remote control easy to understand and use. Longevity remains to be seen.

Whathifi award winner for a reason. Great picture and sound, bargain price. Upscales dvd and normal blh ray to my ue43ks7500 beatifully.

Small, quiet, great bit of kit. With sony you know you’re getting a great product and this doesn’t disappoint.

It was fine till a firm ware update now it’s a proplem getting the centre chanel sound not impressed,.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The Best Affordable 4K blu-ray player. No question.
  • Great accessory for your 4K TV
  • The sound was not tolerable so I sent the player back for a straight swap and happy to report the replacement was much better and now

 this ultra hd blu ray is amazing, awesome picture quality, sound quality, very small and not noisy at all when playing. I know that some people experienced that problem of being noisy while playing a dvd or specially a 4k movie because of the speed reading of s blu day that can be higher. I added a video here while playing the movie dunkirk in 4k and you can’t hear any noise at all, of course a minimum noise is noticeable if you get with your hear very closer because somehow the cd needs to rotate. Before i got this player i was definitely concerning the noise after reading so many reviews that were complaining about the noise. Here the proof not just that is no noise but as well for the outstanding picture quality. Sony never disappointed me at all besides the playstation pro that doesn’t play the 4k movies that’s the reason why i got this player :).

In my original review i complained about the player locking up when approaching the finale of 4k bluray movies. The manufacturer drew my attention to a firmware update which so far seems to have solved the problem. Since that was my only complaint about the player, and that is now gone, i’ve updated my review score to suit. My original review remains below. **************watching the opening scenes of the ‘the dark knight’ in 4k on a big screen makes you gasp, there’s a section where they cross a chasm on a rope that almost gives you vertigo. I find speech a bit muffled, but that could be my tv, i’m still investigating. My main problem is that the player locks up, regular as clockwork, somewhere around 2 hours into any 4k movie (it could be any movie, but i’m mostly using my new kit to watch uhd for now). It totally ruins the impending finale of the movie. When it happens the player ignores all remote buttons except power off – so that’s what i have to do, then i can power back up and resume play. So far this recovery method always seems to work, so the problem doesn’t seem to be caused by disk content, i suspect it may be a buffering glitch or buffer overflow, perhaps after a layer change.

Very nice to look at and small profile means it is a good addition to my collection of boxes it is also as described in the listing a good choice overall.

Very variable as to wether it remembers where you left off viewing on a dvd. A bit like pot luck, sometimes it will, sometimes it won’t. Otherwise a neat small player with excellent picture and sound.

Adds hdr effect on my non hdr 4k tv when playing 4k bluray which is really good. My tv is full hd 1080p and the hd blurays look amazing.

This is a totally brilliant little player, but it is also a fantastic cd player. Better than my actual cd player. Really impressed with sound quality.

The sony ubp-x700 4k ultra hd blu-ray disc playersummary:a great product, pretty much future-proofed and well worth the price. A really good player with really good value for money. Highlights are built-in support for hdr. 10 and dolby live will be added later. Review: first impressionsa solid and well-built unit. A good mix of plastic and metal, with a piano-black trim. Does not look out of place on my unit next to the tv. The remote by contrast looks and feels a bit on the cheap side, but buttons respond quickly and accurately to the touch, and becomes 2nd nature to use. Plugging in and initial setup:the instructions state to hook up all the connections before powering on the unit. My tv is an lg c7 oled unit so i plugged in my own hdmi cable as the sony doesn’t ship with one. It also had an hdmi audio out so you can plug in your sound-bar if you have one. Connecting via lan, usb or coaxial digital is equally simple. Wireless support is limited to 2. 4 ghz but streaming directly from netflix showed no drop-outs or buffering.

Streaming, network play and of course uhd blu rays. For youtube and netflix to work in automatic hdr, 4:2:2 color space needs to be selected. Brilliant image and sound quality coupled with an 4k projector.

The picture quality is outstanding bright vivid colours and i have not noticed any noise in playback.

Very nice easy to use , bit expensive but plays well and looks good.

Great blu ray/dvd player that does everything written on the box including great picture and sound.

Remote hand set a little weak in structure.

Amazing picture quality & it so easy to set up & use.

The dv update has arrived as it all works flawlessly for me. Setup was a breeze, connected to the internet and updated the firmware and was able to start playing a uhd disc within 5mins. The colours really pop on my oled set and hdr adds probably more to the image that the upgraded resolution if my experience. I tried out several discs and overall the player was performing admirably, until i got to planet earth ii. The disc was vibrating quite a lot in the player and i assumed that the disc was at fault, so i swapped to my copy of mad max only to be met with the same problem. The sound was not tolerable so i sent the player back for a straight swap and happy to report the replacement was much better and now hardly audible. The size of the player is something that appealed to me, being not that much larger than a standard blu-ray player. It’s not exactly a premium looking device but for the money i can’t say i’m that unhappy. Hopefully the promised dv update with drop at some point in the future and will realise the sole reason why i picked this device over the comparable competitors currently available on the market. Defect issues aside if you are looking for a decent uhd blu-ray player that won’t cost the earth and promises dv playback then this should not be overlooked.

Picture is far better than my £800 marantz blu ray player.

The 4k bluray player is amazing. There’s no point in my view in buying 4k bluray discs when the upscaling combined with dolby vision works with non uhd / 4k bluray discs. My sony x700 is connected to a lg sj810v tv. I’ve not tried dolby atmos yet with this player, but i expect that to work just as well. A word of advice when plugging it all in and you’ve a display, update the firmware before doing anything else. That way you’ll get the dolby vision etc. Buy this player it’s so good. Don’t bother with lg’s player, nor the more expensive sony one.

Excellent picture and sound.

Does exactly what you expected. Purchased as not new but nothing wrong with the unit.

Could have been bit cheaper.

Great player so far, very quiet, very simple to set up, comes with 2 hdmi outs, perfect if your av receiver cannot pass dolby vision, you can plug one in to the tv for picture and one for audio into the receiver. 4k hdr content and dv look really impressive, only downside is you have to manually switch between hdr and dv, hopefully that’ll get sorted in the next firmware update. Also works well with logitech harmony. Has the usual built in smart apps found on most tvs.

Bought this to replace a ten-year-old sony blu-ray player and have been really impressed. 4k hdr disk playback is astonishingly well-detailed with smooth motion and good hdr colour (tested with the last jedi, bladerunner 2049, passengers). Standard blu-rays upscale nicely and look almost as good as 4k-native disks minus hdr colour unless you’re up close to the screen (tested with alien, 2001, bladerunner, avatar, inception). The upbx700 had so-so reviews for dvd playback when it was first released but seems to have improved after a few firmware updates. It pulls every bit of detail from the disk then upscales to 4k smoothly and gives flat colour palettes more range and pop without over-saturating. Results vary depending on the condition of the scanned footage and how well it was originally encoded, but even 1990s dvds are quite watchable at normal viewing distance. My lowest-quality test disk – disney’s the black hole, single-layer, average bit-rate encoding – looks better than i’ve ever seen it and it’s been a pleasure to re-visit old movies that didn’t get updated or haven’t made it to blu-ray, appreciating the extra picture quality and detail this player displays from them.

Small remote control but fits snugly in my hand. The picture is amazing when watching 4k films. Only issue is when dolby vision is on, it’s on all the time. It won’t switch between hdr and dolby vision. The apps are great i have to wait a minute for them to connect to the wi-fi. Well worth the money spent and i did a lot of google searching to find the best 4k player and this for me is it.

Have only watched two 4k discs and they are as you would expect but for me your standard blu-rays really look a treat, have watched the standard blu-rays of star wars (a new hope), raiders of the lost ark, back to the future parts 1 and 3, the first two hunger games movies and all of the jason bourne movies and to me they’ve never looked better.

Saw this as a which mag best buy, excellent price and works very well. Good picture quality, able to bind remote to my samsung tv too.

This is a great product from sony the picture is amazing really please with this purchase.

Up scales my blu rays which sound much better though my 5. 1 onyko than before when discs were played via my old ps3.

This is great, handles 4k well and upscales well.

Good quality sony stuff, remote and apps need work.

Nothing to dislike good blue ray player.

This is a nice simple player. Easy to to use just like all sony products. One feature i looked forward to was the ability to play video files from usb hard drives. My only gripe is that it does not bitstream dolby atmos from mkv. Here it will downsample to dolby digital. It does however have no trouble bitstreaming dts:x from usb files. Hopefully an update in the future will address this.

Great product – initial product had problems and kept switching off 20 mins or so into a dvdprompt service from amazon had another one with me within 3 days – this has been working faultlessly.

Very pleased quiet operation.

Fantastic value for what you get, plays 4k movies with plenty of fine detail and colour also plays standard and 3d blu rays with aplomb and also adds a hdr function to give standard blu rays a real pop effect, sound is as good as anything around at this price point, as for the aoos in this, well they are adequate with youtube netflix amazon prime bbc sports and a few others, but should be enough for any caual streaming, also this player streams in 4k for amazon prime, netflix and youtube which is great at this price, and as dolby vision to boot, mine came with dolby vision already installed so no need for the software update, finally it is about a little over half the size if a mid priced blu ray player and i would buy one of these again to replace my ageing blu ray player only.

Where’s the cable?this is an excellent 4k player, which was purchased to feed a new 4k sony tv. Set up is relatively easy, instructions are sensible, packaging isn’t daft, and the final picture quality and sound is fantastic. Quite why sony didn’t put in an hdmi cable is probably a reflection on how sales are done these days. It would fit in the box and wouldn’t really increase the cost of the product much. I suppose it’s a way of getting extra cash by the hapless customer buying the separate premium cable. We just bought a high quality generic hdmi cable for a lot less and added sony to our list of companies that will always require a substantial discount before we buy stuff from them again because of misguided marketing techniques. Which is a shame, because their stuff is great quality and we want to buy it. Summaryfantastic product, terrible pr.