Sony UBP-X800 – Excellent quality multi-region player

Straight out of the box, plug in and you are ready to go, having the wireless facility is a bonus, as it opens up the apps, prime video, netflix and many more. This item ships with the player being set to zone a.

Does what it says and plays other regions.

I bought this model because i thought it would be as easy as the 6500 model to connect to the internet,but no i thought wrong it is harder to get on line than the 65000. And to be perfectly honest i have found it alet down.

I really like sony bluray players but disappointed they aren’t multi-region which i consider my right (whilst we’re still in the ec). Got fed up with having to play even dvds on an elderly player so got a region free somy and it works a treat. I got a bluray disc off here that only comes from the us so i tried just one more time to get a sony region before going for a panasonic then found one on here. I just have to select the region using colour buttons before playing and no silly multiple number sequences.

So happy i can finally watch my multi region dvds and blu rays on one player. Picture quality is impressive and very easy to use.

The picture quality is very good but the menu is clumsy. Also the player doesn’t always remember the point one had reached in the film.

I am using this in china and it works perfectly as i have an assortment of multi region dvd’s and blu ray disks, all of which work. Start up times are fast, as are the loading screens. I use the sony as part of my home cinema system using a projector and the results are excellent. I am very pleased with my purchase, and the build quality is superb and should last a number of years.

Great, flexible and easy set up. Out on an old,very damaged, other region dvd, and watched with great pleasure for the first time in years. (previous dvd player lost its multi region functionality with a power cut some years back,v annoying)as i have a sony tv, the buttons for the dvd player are on it too. A very smart small and neat little box with lots of functionality.

I purchased this region free blu ray player recently as it also upscales to 4k , i have had if for a few weeks so i am now posting my impressions with use. The goodblu ray player is small and will fit in most places , loading times for blu rays are extremely quick to menu , upscaling to 4k is extremely good and the picture is colourful and sharp. Region changing is explained on the enclosed instructions and is easy to do , dvd region changing is automatic and works flawlessly. This blu ray player also upscales both amazon and netflix to 4k as well and picture quality is very good. The badplayer interface is low quality on a 4k tv , there are not a lot of apps available , the remote is not always responsive and may require a few presses. Start up time to full use of player interface is a little longthe annoyingnetwork settings both wired and wireless will not save and constantly need to be reset to use apps , there does not appear to be a solution to thisoverall if you want a region free blu ray player and 4k upscaler and do not want to pay a ridiculous amount this is extremely good if you however want a media streamer i would suggest looking at others , i am reasonably happy with my purchase but if possible due to network issues i would have asked for a refund if possible.

Anybody looking to purchase a new 3d multi region player should give this model serious consideration. Great picture,great 3d and great sound as well as other programmes you can add.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • good with issues
  • Solid build and does all I need
  • Sony BluRay player that is really multi-region