Sony UHP-H1 Premium Audio and Video High-Resolution Blu-Ray Disc Player : Good Quality 2K BD Player Which Can Play Some Files With Sound And Vision

Everyone raved about it so i bought but the picture quality isn’t much better (to my eyes) than my previous sony blueray (which was a top of the line thing a few years ago). Sound is better though in my opinion.

A dedicated netflix button that doesn’t get in the way of normal functions. Particulary an audio button to shift through sound setups while disc is in play. Wi-fi, 2x hdmi ports (including subwoofer out), 1x usb on front bezal although doesn’t charge if machine is set to power off. Could have used a second usb port at the back somewhere. 3d which i still use on my 1080p tv which is just dandy. Fast ethernet, line out for speakers, coaxial for digital out and optical out (toslink / sp/dif) for connecting to my dolby 5. 1 surround setup which sounds great for now.

Well the sound and picture from this machine, when they are working are great. And the fact that it plays dvd-audio is a real winner for a sony player. But the fact that it is region locked with no possibility of a handset hack is a real issue, especially for us ex-pats who own multiple region software. So frustrating and typical of sony. . Then it won’t play some discs written on computers with some file formats and does not play 4k discs at all. I know that’s in the description but it does need mentioning, this will upscale bray to 4k but won’t play many 4k files from usb drives or dvd-rs. Oh and it won’t play sacd backups on dvd-r. Sometimes it throws a fit over recordable dvd media and then plays nicely after a simple eject and re-spin. Grrrrrtempremental with other files is the best description and so ssssllllooooowwww with the main menu, start up and close down, but at least you hear a relay inside click to show it’s shut down and can be safely powered off if you don’t want it on all the time.

I’ve been meaning to write this review for ages, but haven’t gotten around to it until now. The main reason i’ve eventually committed my thoughts on this product to the www, is that i’ve just started using it with my new 4k sony 55” tv. Prior to last month, it was ‘plumbed in’ to a sony 49” hdtv, and so i never got to use/experience the 4k upscaling. And this is where this product gets interesting. Ok, using it with a 1080p hdtv is overkill, and a waste of time imo. That’s unless you really need the dvd-audio, sacd and high-res audio features of this player. If you don’t, and you’re sticking with 1080p hd, then i would suggest that you save yourself a bit of money and shop lower down the range. This player, on my old 1080p tv set, looked no better or different than my sony br player from seven years ago. But get this thing working with a 4k set, and it really is an amazing bit of kit. It will upscale your hd br discs to 4k before sending the signal to your tv.

At this price it’s a bargain. I’ve coupled it with a separate amp and dac for hi fi and also av amp for films and tv. As an audio player i’m impressed. I was looking at players near to £1000 to get good audio via disc or streaming but this does it extremely well. I am only using the coaxial output as i no longer have analogue inputs available to me. I’d advise anyone to audition it with good hifi kit as i’m sure it will compete with the £800 arcam or more expensive oppo. On my hd tv the picture is clear and explosions don’t pixilate.

I must admit i was expecting more from this player based on its retail price and of course it does not play the latest generation of 4k uhd hdr blu-rays (region locked also). What is basically seems to be is a high quality 2k player with an upscale option to output for 4k for a suitable tv (machine works fine with a normal full hd tv). It also features twin hdmi outputs but don’t think you can link it to two tv’s because you cant. Hdmi #1 defaults to outputting video and sound but you can change this so the audio comes out of hdmi#2 which goes to your a/v amp and take hdmi#1 direct to your tv. The player is very nicely styled in my humble opinion but this is then totally ruined as you have to put a usb stick in the front if you want features relating to blu-ray playback resume (see my photo). Any physical size usb device makes you leave the cover off which then just dangles over the front next to the power and open/close button (only user controls on the player), see my photo. How much would have cost to fit an additional rear usb socket or build some bd memory into the player?setup is straight forward and it has built in wifi or cable ethernet connection, i have my one hard wired which is always best (no signal cables are provided with the player). The setup menu has a multitude of options you can configure, (both the long and short guide are on the product support page on the sony website support page for this product, only the short manual comes with the player which gives limited information). It already had the latest software loaded and checking for new software always seems to time out (the installed apps however do seem to update and have done so twice). Bd playbackas one would expect, playback picture seems excellent and if you press options you can do some further fine tuning and even turn on 3d mode which also has further fine tuning options.

I have own this beautiful piece of hardware for a little will now so i thought i would write a little review. I am a sony fan and all of my electronics are sony based so i’m no stranger to the functionality or build of sony products. I must say that the player is very smooth in its running and very quite when playing a disc. The ability of upgrading your dvd to blu-ray quality is outstanding and from what i have seen very smooth in playback. I don’t own a 4k tv at this time so can’t comment on the upgrade quality of blu-ray to 4k. Dlna works very well, i pair my player with a synology nas for music and video. Only thing that let’s it down is limited number of apps against such a strong processing engine, i only hope in time sony expand on this side of things. Overall a solid and well round piece of equipment that can do so much.

By some distance the best of my dvd/audio cd players. It’s a quality piece of kit and great value. The sound from my sacd’s has noticeably more clarity that either of my other sony or pioneer players. I’ve nothing but praise for this equipment. The build quality is impressive. Now i need to replace my aging a/v amplifier.

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Sony UHP-H1 Premium Audio and Video High-Resolution Blu-Ray Disc Player

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First of all, sony’s description of this is very, very underhand. ‘4k’ is it’s usp, without a doubt. But sony don’t actually mention whether or not this player will play actual 4k discs (known as ultra hd blu-ray), only that it can “upscale” standard blu-rays to “near 4k” and that the player can connect to existing 4k tvs. They also don’t mention whether it will stream real ultra hd video from online outlets such as netflix, which are now using the uhd (4k) format. This is all because the player doesn’t support the 4k media, and it is a really annoying piece of marketing on sony’s part. It is a ‘full hd’ player, but not an uhd blu-ray player, though you’ll be parting with a similar amount as, say, this samsung ubd-k8500/en, which does in fact play the new uhd blu-rays. To recap, this uhp-h1 is a 1080p player, not a 4k uhd blu-ray player. Standard blu-ray is, like its predecessors, a thing of the past, and yet sony have released this ‘4k upscaler’ when the other tech big boys are releasing the full 4k players. It’s a puzzling release and they have now, after starting off well with their 4k projectors, firmly fell behind rivals panasonic and samsung. Getting past that bombshell, there’s good compatibility around the back, based around the now standard hdmi 1 (video) to tv connection.

From reading some of the reviews here, there seems to be some confusion as to what this player actually is. I suppose i’d describe it as a high resolution audio player which just happens to play blu-ray discs. At the core of this machine is its frankly astonishing ability to play any sort of audio disc or audio source i can throw at it. But then you’d expect this, given how prominently said formats feature in the specifications. Of course the bald spec doesn’t describe just how well it handles these discs. Compared to the denon dbp2012 this replaced, the improvement in sound quality is little short of a revelation. Take, for example, the sacd of roxy music’s “avalon”. On my denon the surround mix, while subjectively impressive, just sounded like 5 separate channels playing simultaneously, with little regard of how each of these combined and interacted to make up the overall surround field. Yes things danced around the rear speakers, but they never sounded like they bore any relationship to what was happening in the front speakers. Things are brought into focus. It sounds like one album, it sounds like the surround channels and the front channels are working together. There is an airiness, depth and coherence to the sound utterly lacking from any other multichannel capable sacd player i’ve ever heard.

I bought this 2 weeks ago and i’m so happy that i did. It’s the only sony blu-ray player with an fl display, which i’ve always had on previous players. The build quality is superb, it has a really good weight to it, as well as some great features like bluetooth to connect to my soundbar. This allows me to play a cd without switching the tv on. The remote control is nicely designed and very intuitive. The picture and sound quality are excellent, with good connectivity. It plays virtually any disc and format such as blu-ray, dvd, cd and super audio cd. It doesn’t play 4k ultra hd blu-rays, but this doesn’t really matter because the 4k upscaling quality is outstanding, even on a dvd. I haven’t seen ultra hd discs for a long time and they were expensive. It’s the best dvd/blu-ray player i’ve ever had, and i highly recommend it.

Great player, a bit slow though the menus but it works well and its quite too, great sound and image quality.

4 star rating because its a bit slow in starting up. Lets start with the reasons why some people should not buy thisits not a uhd player. Sony have never advertised it as one. If you only want 4k upscaling there are cheaper players. If you don’t understand what sacd and dvd-audio are then its a bit expensive just as a blu ray or dvd player, there are cheaper models. If you don’t own or intend to buy a good quality audio system then think twice before buying this. Now the reasons to buy this. If like me, since your previous player failed, you have been unable to play your dvd-audio collection properly rather than as dvd-video then there is your first reason to buy. Combined with a good sacd player (better than my existing one) as well as blu ray/dvd and cd it makes it a versatile player. I was a bit doubtful about the upscaling claim for other music but since trying a cd i have to admit it does work, but with a reminder that a good quality audio/speaker system is needed.

Very good audio player that i play through my denon receiver. Old cd’s sound so much more lively. I live in new zealand and this did come with an english plug but i am just using an international adapter.

I bought it because of audio. However, i think it is not as top performance as i expect. If you play a lot of cds, a dedicated cd player is a better choice. Other aspect’s performance is good, though not exceptionally groundbreaking.

Il you want the best blu ray player, go for it.

  • State of the Old Art
  • Sony UHP-H1
  • Sony spinning the silverware in hi-res

Sony UHP-H1 Premium Audio and Video High-Resolution Blu-Ray Disc Player

This sony uhp h1 is able to play hi-res audio files, blu-ray audio, sacd, dvd audio and bog-standard compact disc. And that’s my reason for purchasing this non-4k machine over the newer sony ubpx800 4k model. I have no interest in 4k video and this uhp h1 machine is going to be used for its hi-res audio only. The problem with the newer ubpx800 – and my reason for not purchasing – is that sony has removed the analogue audio outputs and the optical digital output and the led display has been removed. So, the newer machine is targeted more towards the home cinema market and this uhp h1 is more suited to hi-fi use. And the sound quality of the sony uhp h1 is excellent no matter what format is loaded into the machine, the sony delivers a very detailed and well-balanced sound with good low frequency extension. The machine is very well built and looks very “minimalist”, ultra-modern and stylish. Priced at £400 on its release, the sony uhp h1 now retails at around £280 and costs more than its replacement, the sony ubpx800 which now – price dropped from £400 – retails at £215 or thereabouts. Of course, the uhp h1 has those analogue outputs and that opticlal digital output and that led display which means that it more than likely cost more to manufacture than the ubpx800. So, for superior audio stick with the older and, in my view, superior uhp h1.

Sony uhp-h1 premium audio and video high-resolution blu-ray disc player simply don’t buy this. Lack of middle range and low tones. Premium price, but what you get very bright output called hi res. Sound is clear, but not dynamics just flat sound. I have only tested this on analog output.

This bluray player from sony combines excellent audio/video playback with a sleek, stylish design that will blend seamlessly into any room. Additional features such as the apps enable users to access bbc iplayer, amazon prime video and other on demand services through a single device, as well as other content. The device is easy to connect and intuitive to operate, and is a great addition to any home entertainment system, although very much on the pricey side for anyone who just wants a simple dvd player.

This device is top quality with a great design and features. High quality audio output which rivals the very best cd players. An ideal feature if you have a good quality speaker or soundbar connected to your to. 2 separate hdmi outputs, one for high quality audio output and one for video. Plays any cd including sacd and various music file formats such as wav, flac, aac and mp3 formats. The player can also upscale standard definition and full hd video to 4k resolution, although it’s not quite the same as a native 4k blu-ray player. I doubt you could tell the difference in real world viewing and this device is £200 cheaper than a native 4k player. The added features of a high quality design, fantastic audio output of cd and sacd output make it the best blu-ray you can buy. Effectively this replaces a hi fi when paired with a good quality soundbar or surround sound speaker system.

My old sony blu-ray player (bdp s570) was starting to get a bit temperamental, no complaints as it has done more than five years hard work and has lasted longer than any blu-ray or dvd player i’ve had before (there have been a few dvd players, it’s the only blu-ray player i’ve had until now), so i was umming and ahhing about getting a replacement for a while and thinking about 4k but as my tv isn’t 4k, not much point in getting a 4k player at this point. So i was looking for the state of the art that blu-ray players got to and this fitted the bill. The unit came out at about £400 when released (before 4k) and was changing price daily around the £270 – 285 mark, so when i saw it at £230 i couldn’t resist any more and got it. A few reviews were critical about set up and glitchy operation. Had none of that, updates took about ten minutes and set up for prime and netflix was pretty quick too. I have fast broadband and use powerline networking, so i don’t know how it handles wifi (i have a lot of devices, so keep as many wired as i can) but hooked up this way it has certainly performed well. Pictures (within the limits of an hd tv), sound and operation are all a step up on my previous bdp, so i am very pleased. If it lasts as well as my last one i will be even more pleased. I will be going 4k but that will be another tv and another room.

Supposed to be top notch etc but frequently crashes when connceting to the internet for netflix etc.

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