Sony WF-1000X Truly Wireless In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones – : Great sound & Comfortable

Got these through a warehouse deal and initially was pretty impressed. They sound great (unlike most sony headphones they seem pretty well balanced) and isolate well (although the noise cancellation doesn’t seem to do much to me). I returned them though – too many issues with the right bud disconnecting and the battery charging was unpredicatable – they always seemed out of juice when i wanted to use them.

Maybe it’s me but i cant make out the difference between noise cancellation on or ambient sound, or even all off. But the sound quality of these headphones are just outstanding gorgeous even. Wholeheartedly recommend by me the best i have ever had.

Overall very good need to get used to using them and charging the holder for maximum use. It’s not just plug the headphones in now but great freedom to move and do things without wires.

The sound quality is very good with good noise cancelling. The battery life is a little short (2-3 hours) but given the small size of each earpiece somewhat understandable. Very fast to connect wirelessly to my iphone or macbook. The charging case is very compact and allows charging on the go. Easy to operate con tools for pause/play and noise cancelling.

As other people have mentioned, the right ear bud can have connection issues but i find this mainly occurs when first using and thereafter is fine. Best to follow instructions carefully on using to make sure right bud pairs when used out of the charging case.

Bought these sony earbuds to replace bose quite control 30’s. Sony wf 1000 are quite brilliant. Noise cancelling is spot on. They stay in your ear, i use the treadmill, rowing machine and elliptical equipment. The sound is very good, am used to bose, instruments seem clearer, bass isn’t heavy. Connectivity is sometimes a pain though i’ve had dropouts with the bose at times. Downloading the sony music centre app allows you to max out the volume, you can then control volume from your device, mine is fitbit versa mostly. Charging case is smallish, easy to carry and provides quite a few hours of charge. The fit is very snug, they don’t stick out from your ear, almost lay flush. Overall am very pleased with these earphones, especially the noise cancelling and sound. Bought them for £90 from amazon warehouse.

Sent back due to losing right ear connection even after updating firmware and setting to connection priority contact with sony technical still no luck.

Slick, efficient and with a good battery life – the charging care works a treat. They’re also comfortable and they stay in when i’m running.

  • Noise cancelling is spot in!
  • Excellent wireless earphones with noise cancelling
  • Look No Wires!!!

Sony WF-1000X Truly Wireless In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones – Gold

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These earphones produce a surprisingly transparent and spatial soundstage with a clear detailed midrange and realistic bass levels. They do a good job isolating you from the outside world for in-ear phones. I have experienced little or no drop out during everyday listening as described by other reviewers. I did have early pairing and play problems but that was more to do with the bluetooth connectivity of the ibasso dx200 i was using and not the phones. Early days maybe but i am pleased with this ‘open box’ purchase. Excellent value from amazon.

Great sound quality and, despite some anxiety, my experience has been that they sit securely in the ear. For some reason, the documentation in the pack doesn’t explain how to use the buttons on the right earbud to skip forward and back, but this can be found online. Noise cancellation makes a noticeable difference. With my previous headphones i struggled to hear spoken word recordings when walking near busy roads. Now the traffic noise is still there but noticeably muted.

On first use i went for a jog, ipod was in my pocket and they were basically useless, kept cutting out, obviously the bluetooth connection doesn’t like the vibration of each foot pounding down on the ground. Next time was up the gym, doing strength work, much better as sitting or standing at machines or in the bench, occasional drop out in one ear but only for a split second.

I read many reviews before buying these. Sound quality is very,very good. They are surprisingly comfortable and always stay in place. Unlike my over-ear phones they do not make my head hot, which adds to the comfort. After about 12 hours of use i have never had the drop-out problems mentioned in other reviews. The run time between the need for re-charging is a couple of hours. I find this ok, especially since the neat storage case is also a mini power bank to re-charge them away from a power supply. These are quality earphones that come up to the high standard i would expect of sony.

Another excellent product, my sons ears got blown away, good service, well done.

For music they are excellent. If you are having connectivity issues, download the sony headphones app and turn on connection priority mode. They have been marvellous for music, the sound quality is outstanding. The battery life is disspointing but with the noise cancelling you would expect it. The noise cancelling does the job not as good as it is on the sony headphones. I would recommend these for music because their is a slight delay with videos.

When they work these headphones sound very good with a sound quality that is consistent with their price. The packaging with the charging box is excellent. Where they are badly let down is connectivity. They do not always connect on bluetooth immediately and much more often only connect on the left channel. Overall a great design let down by details.

I tried two pairs of these headphones and returned both. While the earbuds are smart, light, very comfortable and produce a very clear sound, the noise-cancelling was utterly indiscernible. I had occasional, momentary drop-outs of sound, or of the right earbud, but not as many as some reviewers report. Otherwise i was quite impressed with the connection and audio while out and about. It’s a crisp clear sound, with lots of options to modify via the app. The earbuds are very comfortable, you almost forget you have them in after a while, and with the very natural sound, creates a really pleasant experience. I only used them for one phone call, but they seemed to work fine for that. If only the noise-cancelling worked, they would have been excellent. I purchased them specifically for the anc, so the other features weren’t striking enough for me to keep them – at that price point – so after trying a second set and having the same experience i requested a refund ( amazon customer services were great about it, btw ). Scrolling through the different ambient settings, there was absolutely no difference between them, or whether the anc was on or off.

  • Noise cancelling is spot in!
  • Excellent wireless earphones with noise cancelling
  • Look No Wires!!!

Sony WF-1000X Truly Wireless In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones – Gold

I’m not saying anything new about these headphones, they are comfortable and have a good sound. Even though i knew about their battery life when i got them, in reality you realise that it can be irritating on flights, long train or car journeys and walks. Yes the neat storage case does recharge them, but it takes time to do so.

Headphones are small and discreet, most people don’t realise i have them in (even when looking straight at me) until i take them out. They cancel most (if not all) external noise and the quality is surprisingly really good for their size and what they do. Best headphones i’ve bought in a while and i’m very very fussy when it comes to music. Honestly, i’m really happy with these. My single criticism is the battery life, they don’t last as long as you hope (1 and a half, maybe 2 hours) which sounds like a long time but on a commute (i travel a lot) you’re going to want to bring some wired headphones when these die on you.

I really like these, they’re comfortable and sound great. I haven’t experienced any drop outs except when i’ve been in a train station. I actually bought a second pair so i don’t have to worry about battery life on long journeys.

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