Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones : Great sound with NC disabled

I’ll spare the details as you’ve probably researched these to death already. Ultimately most people will want to know whether these are better than the bose qc35’s or not. In my opinion, the answer is unequivocally “yes”. The bose are beaten in terms of sound quality, noise cancelling, build quality, features, accompanying app and looks. The bose may be a tad more comfy (really marginally) with a little more room in the ear cup and a little less imposing on you skull but that’s all they have going for them over the sony’s. Oh, well i guess i’ll give them the edge for the carry case too.

These headphones are quite remarkable. The noise cancelling technology is very impressive; far superior to anything else that i have heard. The sound quality is amazing – sounds better than the very expensive (and now redundant) wired headphones that i used to use with my sony xperia phone. They are lightweight and fold up nicely in their case. They look great and the build quality, finish and battery life are all excellent.

As part of my job, i’ve reviewed all of the flagship anc headphones, and sony were the previous leaders with their wh-1000x m2. This new m3 model, takes all of the fantastic features from last year’s model, pushes them even further and also introduces a lot of new changes to make them even better. In a lot of cases, the new improvements specifically address the faults of the m2s. My full review for these headphones is on youtube, just search for ‘insidetech’, but for now, the pros and cons are listed below:pros:- class leading battery and fast charging (10 min charge = 5 hours playback)- class-leading active noise cancelling (the m2 model already had the best anc, but with the new, more powerful qn1 chip, these m3s are now even better, particularly for voices/higher frequencies – something that most anc headphones struggle with). – qn1 chip dedicates more power to audio, soundstage feels wider, mid-range more balanced and bass slightly heavier (vs m2 model)- usb-c charging (future-proofed, no more micro usb)- fantastic build quality: premium materials, beautiful graphite finish with copper accents (new, more durable headband)- new earcups: softer, thicker padding, ergonomic shape, more spacious/deeper, better breathability, new smooth finish for touch panel (incidentally the touch controls are fantastic), redesigned, raised buttons (easier to press)- headband has thicker padding for increased comfort- 3-mic array on earcups (better anc, better phone calls)- lighter than m2s by 20 g (more in line with other flagship headphones), great for long-time wear- fantastic bluetooth connection, almost zero latency (great for videos)- most technologically advanced anc headphones out there: adaptive sound control, atmospheric optimiser, ‘quick attention’ feature (the most useful and functional feature on any anc headphones), plus many morecons:- comfort is improved massively, but still not as good as bose qc35 ii- no bluetooth 5. 0- usb-c is only for charging, not audio (doesn’t exploit versatility of usb-c)- no multi-device pairing. (inconvenient to unpair/re-pair to each device when you want to switch)overall, these are a phenomenal pair of wireless headphones – the best that money can buy (which is why they cost £329). Does this price justify the features?.Are they for the average consumer?.

Always been a fan of sony headphones, however i haven’t bought a pair of overhead headphones over the last 2/3 years, been using more iems over the last few years. I have been waiting for these pair of headphones for a while and they were out of stock for the last few months, so as soon as i notice when it was back in stock i ordered it instantly. With the standard sony packaging, everything came looking decent, and there is a case contain all the cables and the headphone itself. It was very simple to set up, i just turned it on and use my iphone to search the headphone it was connected without hassle. The sound quality is decent, i would say the treble-bass end range can be improved a bit more. I am really happy with the noise cancelling function, however the actual touch control sensibility can be improved i believe.

Purchased these at special price on amazon and one of my best purchases ever. Owing to impaired vision my wife spends her time listening to audible books. She won’t use headphones or such which means i also listen, whether i want to or not. With my sony headphones fitted i enjoy many hours watching/listening to music on youtube. I also have an extensive music library on my imac and iphone so with bluetooth facilities i can listen anywhere. I relax in my armchair totally oblivious to stories coming across from catherine cookson books, i no longer even hear them and prefer the excellent quality of pet shop boys, dire straits etc etc. Again, sound quality is excellent and i have yet to run out of power, as they are plugged into a usb block attached to my computer for charging. The supplied case for the headphones, is again, of excellent quality. I am happy to recommend these very highly.

Finally pulled the trigger on these after watching for some time. They come beautifully packaged, ignoring the tacky ‘sound awards’ stickers. You slide open the box and the headphones all all cables are packed away in a single travel case, usual warranty and conformation paperwork in the box. Very quick to set up using android with nfc pairing, no mucking about with new pairing requests and pin codes. Headphones came with 70% charge so we’re good to go. Out of the box these are very bass heavy, it tends to muddle up higher frequencies. A little eq trimming and that’s solved, however this comes with the drawback of meaning you can’t use the sony codec specifically designed for these headphones. On the note 8, not sure about other android devices the phones eq settings work across bluetooth connections, so i can keep the sony codec and adjust the sound profile. The sound, while not audiophile level is still very good for the intended use of these products, which is mainstream usage using streaming services and mp3 files. You are paying for the anc, which is outstanding.

What can i say about these headphones. They are absolutely fantastic. They definitely sound like a €300 set. Sound is crystal clear once you turn the bass down a bit in eq. Very little of that cabin pressure feeling you get with cheaper noise cancelling headphones. Another reviewer said the volume was low. I use them at just over half my phone’s volume and they are plenty loud.

Compared to the previous version the xm2;-they are noticeable lighter-less tight on the head-much better power and nc buttons – they are no longer as flush so easier to find-good volume level, sound. -texture of the right cup for controls feels much nicer. Easier to swipe-all cables contained in redesigned inner pouch. -usb c great-bass make them rumble-nicer box which is easily to opennegatives;-the price-the supplied usb c cable is very short.

  • The best £330 you will ever spend, period.
  • Amazing sound quality and noise cancelling!
  • The best ANC headphones out there. By far.

Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with 30 Hours Battery Life, Quick Charge, Gesture Control, Ambient Sound Mode, Amazon Alexa – Silver

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Well, simply put, these are some bloody good headphones. Seriously, even at a price of £329. 99, it’s an investment worth making. The noise cancellation on these is excellent. What the hell is an outside world?. It seriously elimates so much. People in the same room as you are audible but they are massively quiet. And that’s not to mention the sound quality. Now these haven’t been designed to be competing against the marketed headphones of the sennheiser 500/600 series, fidelio x2, h4 and the like. But they sounds great still. Soundstage is decent, with a tendency to be v-shaped, but with the fantastic sony connect equaliser, you can fix this easily. And ldac support as well for android 8. Even dsee hx works great for the most part, filling in data and doing a decent job. The phones have got nfc, so pairing with your phone is a case of activating bluetooth, loading the app and placing the phone next to the phones and hey presto, you’re in.

I already own a pair of b&ws groundbreaking px, and my wife has the 1000x-m2s which are beautiful. So i got a bit jealous, and justified this purchase on the fact we are going on a 10 hour flight in march. I love my px, they are an audiophiles dream and get better the more you use them. They are also beautiful and packed with features, so the sony’s had a lot to live up to. First off, they weigh nothing. All of that technology and the best noise cancelling in the world, and it just doesn’t weigh anything. How??secondly, they talk about the “silhouette” a lot in their speil, but it really is true. They sit tight to the shape of your head whilst remaining comfortable, avoiding that something about mary earmuffs look that always worries me when i’m wearing over ears. Talking of comfort, the lightness and the padding makes for a great wear. They don’t push too hard on your head and you can easily wear them for hours. Features wise, the gesture control and cupping one ear to let sound in is really good and works every time. The addition of alexa is good if you like that sort of thing too. One thing missing is that they don’t detect when you are wearing them to allow them to automatically turn on and connect to your device like the pxs do, but i reckon i can muster the energy to press a button.

I traded in my xm2’s for these and i’m pleased that i did. Great ear warmers for winter months toothey’re not weatherproof ( they aren’t advertised as such ) so i wouldn’t want to wear them in the rain, but i have a large hood on my coat and they fit under the hood okay. Noise cancelling on public transport is very good indeed. Now i need to go on a flight and try them out. Battery life is great at 30 hours, which for my use means charging them once a week (if that). I’m not an audiophile but i listen to a lot of varied music and these headphones compliment them all.

I’m using these with both android and iphone. The sound quality out of the box has a wow factor, it was easy to pair and had no issues with either platform / device. I’m yet to play around with the settings but they sound much more emmence then any other headphones i own. I bought these because i wear glasses. I also own a set of bowers and wilkins px bluetooth which sound great but squeeze the frames of glasses too tight and after an hour of wear become uncomfortable. The sony’s feel instantly lighter and are so much more comfortable to wear. I recently sat on a train for 3 hours and not once felt uncomfortable. They also fold down small and the carry case takes up allot less space in bag. It carries the power cable and a cord so beats the b&w there too. I’ve not tried the new bose and now have no reason too, these are my go to head phones for my travels.

Are these xm3’s better than xm2’s?. Had a pair of xm2’s briefly and was very happy with them until i moved over to the xm3’s. Differences are subtle – ear pads, internally, are slightly bigger. This may account for the slightly improved aural experience. Head band has been improved with extra padding making these sony’s more comfortable to wear for extended periods. Noise cancellation is superb. You can tweak settings via a phone app. First time out on a busy road, was blissfully cut off from all the unpleasant ambient noise until someone walked past on their mobile phone. Could hear what they were saying.

This is not a full review as there are far some very good reviews already here. I agree with all the good stuff. One improvement over the mx2s is that reporting the battery life now gives an approximate percentage left so, instead of;battery level: mediumthe mx3s will say:battery level: about 80%i find this a lot more useful.

The product is well built and feature rich. I bought it after buying the latest bose 35’s for comparison. The first tell tale sign that they weren’t that good sonically is that they come with an sound equaliser app for your phone. The first thing you need to do is boast the treble. Even with this back to back listening showed they weren’t even close to the bose. I’m an audiophile so i am probably more picky then most. But there was a huge difference. The base and mid-range simply lacked definition in comparison, and the artificially amplified treble still meant that vocals weren’t as clear and as distinct. For an audiophile the difference when listening back to back was huge, and i made my mind to send them back in about 10 minutes. If you are less fussy about sound, then they are feature packed.

The noise cancelling is pretty incredible if i’m honest. It’s so good that if i’m walking around traffic and people i don’t like having it switched on. I feel so detached from everything around it makes me feel uncomfortable. The nc also doesn’t feel like a huge pressure is crushing your skull which i found with the bose products. Sound quality is where it gets tricky. With the nc and ambient sounds turned off so they’re standard bluetooth over the ear headphones, the audio quality is outstanding. Flac files streamed using ldac are a joy to listen to and i’ve started relistening to my collection. For my ears (and everyone is different) the bass is deep yet controlled. Mids don’t overpower and the highs are clear and bright without being even close to harsh. The sound stage feels open but i think my akg n60nc had a more open feel.

  • The best £330 you will ever spend, period.
  • Amazing sound quality and noise cancelling!
  • The best ANC headphones out there. By far.

Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with 30 Hours Battery Life, Quick Charge, Gesture Control, Ambient Sound Mode, Amazon Alexa – Silver

This is a fantastic pair of headphones.I tested these headphones at the airport when i had time to kill. It was shocking how good noise cancellation they have. I felt like somebody switched off all the noise around me. I had to take them off to check if my hearing is still alright. It is fantastici was hunting for these here and around other retails shops and it was always out of stock in 2018 november. Finally i was lucky enough and i could order them from amazon.

Let’s start by saying that the headphones are the best noise cancelling. Pack with features comfortable fit beautiful case but i’m sorry to say i had to send the headphones back for three reasons that they didn’t suit me personally. I wanted to use the headphones for the noise cancelling because i commute on the bus twice a day this is my first problem i had with the noise cancelling. As the bus was going along the noise cancelling was cutting out all the noise around me but every time the bus went over a bump in the road all there was a lot of vibration. It was picked up by the noise counselling by cutting out the music. The microphones was having trouble isolating loud shocks or bumps from the bus. I’ve checked the app to see what setting it was at and it was on commuting so i knew it was on the right setting for travelling on the bus. As the headphones have great features the problem i seem to found the features only work when the app was opening on your device.

Great product in terms of sound quality and noise cancellation. In fact, the nc is outstanding and second to none. It’s almost as if you’re in a world of your own. Even on the train, the nc cancels out the rumbling noise from the train engine and wheels. The sound quality is very good, however the default bass is a bit too muvh. It’s a shame that this flagship headphone is let down by the flimsy controls on the right ear. You have to double-tap to play/pause music and swop left/right skip tracks and up/down for volume. But it’s a pain to get it right, an onlooker will wonder why you’re fighting with your headset at times. Reminds me of the over-sensitive sky q remote (which has now been updated to a more reliable one).

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