Sony WH-CH500 Wireless Bluetooth NFC On-Ear Headphones : The Best Budget Headphones !

These headphones are truly amazing , best bass and lows and highs , honestly these i are the best pair of bluetooth headphones i have ever owned. Very light weight and has a good fit so it doesn’t fall off. If your that person that commutes to work by walking bus or train , this i definitely for you. The sound is very punch it looks very stylish but at the same tim very discrete will all three colours.

Did a lot of research and found i kept coming back to these as a present for my wife who had described what she would like. If i have one problem with the it’s struggling to say anything to her as she walk she around the house with them on her head. Good duration between charges, easy to use, pairs with your audio with no problem and she really likes the sound quality. I think they’ve been a good buy. Luckily i also found a blue case to go with them elsewhere on amazon so they can go travelling too without any problem though they don’t take up much space when folded.

These are good, inexpensive basic over ear headphones. They don’t deliver the greatest sound quality but are perfectly good for my intended use (pc for streaming video, podcasts/music whilst dog walking with iphone 6). Paired easily with my pc and iphone. Would recommend as a basic set – pay more for a better set if that’s what you want.

I normally buy expensive headphones because i expect good quality for the price but after my second pair of bowers and wilkins p7’s failed after 2 months use i gave up and went back to the only headphone make that i have never had problems with. I had a 4 year old set of sony headphones years back and only got rid of because the cups wore out. The cups hold in place well and the battery lasts plenty of hours.

The headphones were delivered quickly and nicely packaged. They look nice and feel like good quality. I particularly like that both earpiece can we turned to make the whole unit flat (good for travel). Very easy to connect and sound quality is good. However, they are not very comfortable. The top part is not completely smooth so start hurting the top of your head after a while and the earpieces are a little on the small side so that after long wear it hurt your ear as the padding sits on the edges of your ears and start pressing.

I thought by spending 2-3 times more than the non popular brands, ie relatively unknown chinese brands, you would get a compelling product. But no, they still sound barely ok and have no life in the audio. Save yourself some time and money and either get something like the august ep650 or just spend the big bucks and get the usual high quality expensive stuff if you are going to listen to lots of audio.

I bought these headphones as my workout headphones as i don’t want to damage my main headphones bose qc35 ii. So i am comparing these to a £250 pair of headphones, which is something to bear in mind. Build quality – average – cheap plastically look and feel but the all-black colour hides this somewhat. The buttons are very cheap, feel like they will only work 50% of the time (but they do work all the time)sounds quality – happily surprised – the sound quality is pretty good, even when i’m comparing it to my bose.The sound range is great, the base is pretty good and i didn’t find anything that made me think ‘that was bad’. There is no noise canceling, but that is what i desired as i wear them when running and still want to be aware of surrounding. Fit – takes some getting used to – they are pretty tight and they are on-the-ear, so won’t cover the whole ear. It takes some getting use to/adjusting to find that sweet spot, but they are very secure on the head (perfect for exercise)overall, pretty good headphones, i wouldn’t pay over £40 for these, but they provide good sound quality, but they are a budget built headphone.

I bought these as i wear hearing aids, and am unable to wear conventional ones.

  • Good headphones, not good enough to be your go to pair
  • Magnificent!
  • Good for those on a budget or kids

Sony WH-CH500 Wireless Bluetooth NFC On-Ear Headphones with 20 hours Battery Life – Grey

Product Description, Connect, listen, enjoy and indulge in a seamless personal audio experience with the Sony WH-CH500 wireless headphones. Enjoy detailed and dynamic sound from 30 mm dome drivers, combined with the freedom of wireless connectivity. You can now listen for even longer with up to 20 hours wireless playback and the sleek, swivel fold design not only delivers a minimalist style, but also makes them easy to fold and store, perfect for travel. There’s also a high quality built-in microphone, enabling hands free voice calls without the need to access your phone. With the press of one button you can activate the Google Assistant or Siri from your smart phone, so you can ask questions and receive answers directly through your headphones.

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Sony CH500 Wireless Headphones



Wireless Streaming with a Bluetooth Connection

Wirelessly stream your favourite tracks with a Bluetooth connection. Pair your smartphone or tablet with these headphones wirelessly, and you can enjoy your music and even control playlists and volume right from your headphones.

NFC One-Touch for Instant Connectivity

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology makes complex set-up sequences a thing of the past. Simply touch selected NFC-enabled devices to the on-body N-mark for a quick, seamless connection, then start streaming content via Bluetooth connection. No NFC? No problem. You can still manually make a Bluetooth connection using your device’s settings menu.

Listen All Day with up to 20 Hours of Wireless Battery Life

Keep your tunes playing throughout the day. A built-in Li-ion battery delivers up to 20 hours of power in wireless and is rechargeable via Micro USB.

Swivel Design Makes Travel Easy

Take these headphones anywhere you go. A swivel design makes it simple and safe to store them when you’re on the move. The earcups swivel flat for easy packing in a suitcase or slipping into a bag.

Built-in Microphone for Voice Assistant Commands

Speak to your friends, and talk to your voice assistants without even taking your phone out of your pocket or bag. Press and hold the play button on your headphones to activate the voice assistant on Android or iOS and make easy, hands-free calls with the high-quality built-in microphone.

Hear it All with 30 mm Drivers

Enjoy more of the detail in all your favourite songs thanks to 30 mm dome drivers, which deliver dynamic sound from compact, lightweight units.

Pick Your Colour

Select and wear the colour that suits you best. Choose from black, grey or blue.

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I’m speechless of how a set of bluetooth headphones can sound like this?. My problem in the past with earphones was that you didn’t have enough power to drive them. These are on another level i can’t put them into words. I have a few pairs of wired sennheisers, and although they may not be as good. These blow everything out the water for under a hundred quidi’m gobsmacked, these are amazing.

My partner, our son and i all have these headphones. After getting these headphones for my partner for christmas my son then begged to get a pair. Both using them for gym and boxing they have been beaming with joy that not only do they stay on when doing cardio but the sound quality is superb. The battery life is pretty good too and very fast to charge :)would defiantly recommend them to anyone looking for wireless headphones.

Stunning, comfortable and great sound quality. I use them all the time and they are perfect for the gym as well which was exactly what i was looking for. (had to return another pair recently because they were bigger and looser, especially when moving around. But these are perfect)the only downside is that when the volume is up, it actually comes out so people around me can hear it. Not a big fan of it, but i can live with it. So definitely worth 5 stars.

Possibly the best thing i’ve bought from amazon – straight up – these compact headphones have excellent sound quality, really easy to pair, very comfy on the ear and with an overnight charge you will have boombastic sounds all day. Highly recommended purchase.

The sound is great but unfortunately is not a very good fit around the ears and is very loose on the head and tends to fall off when bending over to pick up something. You’ll need to be fast and a good catcher to stop it hitting the floor.

I think these are good value for money if you’re on a budget but i decided to pay a little more for a more premium pair. I ended up returning these headphones because they were uncomfortable for me and the plastic they’re made of looked flimsy. I can’t speak of the battery life and sound quality because i didn’t really use them before returning. Would recommend buying these if you’re not willing to pay more for a pair.

  • Good headphones, not good enough to be your go to pair
  • Magnificent!
  • Good for those on a budget or kids

Sony WH-CH500 Wireless Bluetooth NFC On-Ear Headphones with 20 hours Battery Life – Grey

Features and Spesification

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    by entering your model number.
  • Wireless headphones with Bluetooth and NFC one touch for quick connection
  • 20 hours battery life: Bluetooth Version 4.2
  • Google and Siri Voice Assistant functionality
  • Light weight at 130 g and swivel design for portability
  • Built in microphone for hands-free calling and mobile app compatibility for more functionality
  • Can not connect to the TV via Bluetooth. Not compatible. This headphone is also not compatible with a TV, this is only possible from the series WHH900N / Wh1000X.