Sony WH-CH700N Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones – Blue : Excellent

As per usual, great delivery from amazon. The headphones themselves are great, especially for the price. They won’t compete with bose qc350’s or sony’s own mdx1000 but for £80 (amazon sale) they’re a bargain. One thing that knock’s a star off is that i can’t understand why sony have the forward/backward buttons that are on the right cup the wrong way around. To skip forward a track you push the rocker-switch backwards and to go back a track you push it forwards. Just seems very counter-intuitive to me. Why not the other way way around?it’s great this new model (replacing the mdr-zx770) has a much longer battery life and is controllable by an app, very handy, and with this model you can connect the supplied male-male 3mm input should the battery run out. Lesser models, such as the ch500, don’t do this. But as they’re around £35 you get what you pay for. Active noise cancelling is very good an in an open plan office can drown out most of the hubbub. Rrp is £150 and worth it if these were to be your first bluetooth headphones. Probably not worth it if you’re upgrading an existing pair of over-ear bluetooth headphones unless you pay the bargain sale price of £80.

The sound quality on these are great and so is the comfort. You can have them on for hours together and you won’t even feel a little bit of discomfort. But i am living in a country where the weather is always windy, and these headphones do not cut the wind very well and that is where the whole noise cancellation thing goes into the drain as well. Now, when i talk about the build quality, it is one of the best built headphone in it’s category, it feels premium plus the head band is comfortable too, but the headphones are a bit wide, but it’s probably to achieve the comfort level. Sadly you won’t get an carry case or anything of that sort to make your travel easy. On a second thought “why would anyone have this in a carry case when they are traveling, as it kills the whole point of having these headphones”. But anyways, i’ll mention the scores below to help you decide better:comfort: 8/10lows (bass): 8/10mids: 6/10highs: 7/10loudness: 8/10button placements: 8/10battery: 7/10overall:7.

I ended up returning these because of the noise cancelling feature being inadequate. Even in a normal open office setting the noise cancelling doesn’t seem to do much at all. It doesn’t dampen talking, tapping of keyboard or anything really, the difference of having it on or off is neglible. Otherwise the sound quality is pretty good, and equalizer is adjustable through the companion app available from google / apple app stores. The build quality seems to be sturdy eventhough the headphones are quite lightweight. I have a smaller sized head and these were maybe just a tad big for me but stayed on so it was not a big issue. T’they were comfortable even with glasses. Unfortunately the noise cancelling is the main feature for me as i listen to music wirelessly most at office or in public transport and this unit either doesn’t have a properly working one or then it’s just bad.

Pros:good fitsound qualityeasy to connectbattery lifeconscan still hear some ambient sound when nc is on.

Really impressed with these. For the price the sound quality is fantastic. Battery life: one charge has lasted about 3 weeks listening about an hour a day. Bluetooth very reliable will connect to my mobile at other end of house no issues. The noise cancelling is not perfect but even with it turned off you can’t hear much outside headphones. Noise cancelling ever so slightly deadens sound but in loud environment it’s better on. Comes with usb charge cable and audio jack for use on plane.

Pluses: they’re very comfy to wear, they look good and of course (and most importantly) the sound is really good. Minuses: there’s a load of info sent about various apps which are basically a waste of time. They’ve oversold what you can do to amend the sound – you can do this very vaguely but you don’t get full equalizer functionality so it isn’t really worth doing. They’re slightly loose on my head, even though/ because my head is quite large, so i’m a little concerned other people will be able to hear what i’m listening to (tbc). And unfortunately the noise cancelling doesn’t work at all on the ones i was sent, so they’ll be returned and i’ll try another pair. Not worth the money without the nc aspect in my opinion.

I listen to alot of bass heavy music such as hip hop, grime etc and these headphones delivered big time. I can hear the treble, mids and bass clearly. Connected to my iphone, volume less than 50%, equaliser on the sony app turned off and the sound is still impressive. I love bass but i value my hearing even more. These headphones are powerful. Then i tested it with different genres of music and i was impressed. I will comment on the noise cancelling once i take it on the daily commute to work on the london underground.

Noise cancellation completely useless, if you buy this item for this declared feature, you’ll be really deluded. I don’t use the headset for gaming, i don’t mind this, if it was designed for gaming it’s pretty useless for me. Sound quality just mediocre, very far from my akg k-240 bought in the 1975 and i still use with extreme satisfaction listening to my music with stanton 881-s individual calibration, technics sl-1401, jvc ja-s77. Average efficiency; if you want to boom your ear,, look for something else. The smart app claimed for hearing effect is completely useless inducing distortion and driving the sound so far from the neutrality to appear an a course. Last but not leas, despite having followed all the guides i have found (the official as well) i cannot connect it to the any of my laptops.

  • £79 price tag is fine
  • Ambient noise cancelling at a reasonable price.
  • Couldn’t ask for any more.

Sony WH-CH700N Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones – Blue

Product Description, Block out unwanted noise with wireless noise cancellation on the WH-CH700N. To optimise the noise cancellation, press and hold the noise cancelling button and activate Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancellation (AINC) and adapt noise cancellation to your environment. Background noise is analysed and adjusted for optimal performance on aeroplanes and other noisy environments. Keep your music playing all day. A built-in Li-ion battery delivers up to 35 hours of power and is rechargeable via USB. Quick Charging gives 60 minutes of play back from 10 minutes of charge. Tune your headphones to your perfect sound with the free Sony headphone connect app for android and iOS. Easily adjust audio levels and digital sound field modes with a range of pre-sets and customisable EQ settings.

Box Contains, Headphones, USB Cable, Headphone cable, Operating Instructions

From the manufacturer


No wires, no distractions, just music

The WH-CH700N Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones are made for long listening on the move. One Push Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancelling (AINC) adjusts to your environment, so you can eliminate unwanted noise as you travel.

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    Noise cancelling

    Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancellation (AINC)

    AINC analyses background sound and adjusts it for optimal performance in any noisy environments.

  2. NFC

    NFC One-touch Technology

    Instant connectivity with NFC One-touch

    Wireless BLUETOOTH streaming with NFC One-touch for a quick, seamless connection.


    40 mm drivers

    Hear it all with 40mm drivers

    Get more from your music with 40 mm dome drivers that deliver deep bass & a wide frequency range.



    DSEE restores detail to your digital music

    The DSEE boosts the quality of compressed music files to produce a high-quality sound.


    Battery Life

    Listen all day, charge up quickly

    Li-ion battery delivers up to 35h of power. Quick Charging gives 60 mins in only 10 minutes.

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Headphones Connect App

Customise your settings with Sony Headphones Connect App

With the free Headphones Connect App for Android and iOS, adjust audio levels and digital soundfield modes with a range of presets and customisable EQ settings easily from your smartphone. Virtualphones Technology (VPT) simulates outdoor-stage, club, hall, or arena style sound.

High-quality built-in microphone


Optimised for the Google Assistant

The WH-CH700N will be optimised for the Google Assistant with an update. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google Asssistant, always ready to help


Easy, hands-free calling

Speak to your friends, and talk to your voice assistants without even taking your phone out of your pocket or bag. Enjoy, hands-free calling with the high-quality built-in microphone.


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Noise Cancelling
Digital Noise Cancellation Digital Noise Cancellation No No
Battery life
35 hours 28 hours 30 hours 20 hours
Quick charge
Yes, 10 minutes = 1 hour Yes, 30 minutes = 3 hours No No
Motion sensor
High-res audio
Bluetooth with NFC

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The headphones themselves feel good quality and are comfortable however, i’m totally blind and sony haven’t bothered to make the accompanying app fully accessible. So while you can connect it to the headphones. I can’t change any settings at all. So the headphones sound pretty awful by default and i can’t change a thing to improve them. Pretty poor from sony in this day and age that they can’t make an app accessible to those of us using access technology due to blindness. They really should know better.

Great little package, neat noise cancelling for the price, and the bonus of being able to use it without playback. Comfy, (a little tight and i haven’t got a particularly wide head). The app also allows you to tweak tone and bass, which was well warranted. Bass doesn’t blow your head, but was still responsive and we’ll balanced if i’m honest.

I hate wires, so l should’ve discovered bluetooth before. I suddenly found the jack plug in my samsung smart phone wouldn’t grip my head speaker wired connection, so after a lot of research l decided on these. Arrived well packaged with simple instructions, in fact so simple that l paired up the devices in seconds without instructions. Never having used over ear bluetooth phones before, l wasn’t sure what to expect. The sound is incredible, even allowing for the fact that l wear hearing aids. Apart from some whistling from my aids, this is by far the most enjoyable and well spent money purchase for a long time. Looks classy, well built and simple to use features.

I’m absolutely satisfied these headphones are superb feel like a solid product bass is also very nice tried alot other brands like bob marley koss philips sennheiser etc and these are the best soo far :).

Really comfy headphones (for small and big heads) great sound.

Got these to listen to music and conference call at work, at first i had a few issues which bluetooth to connect to (laptop or phones) as you can obviously only connect to one at a time but he you have the lead for laptop and bluetooth to phone then that works for me. Overall though very very happy with these headphones.

The battery life is brilliant. I take a train for 2 hours a day and these block out the noise of almost everything around, they are very comfortable and i only have to charge them every 9 or 10days. I don’t think the sound quality is as good as the equivalent sennheisers that i have but they are far more comfortable and so i use these as my regular headphone. The app is also perfect for getting a sound you enjoy and changing setting if you can’t be bothered using the buttons on the side. Connects to my iphone very easily.

I bought this for £79 on november black friday sale. £150 original price i think is a lot more so if its less than £100 go for it. Has pause buttons and changing the music buttons with volume buttons as well. Couldnt find much difference between nc on or off.

  • £79 price tag is fine
  • Ambient noise cancelling at a reasonable price.
  • Couldn’t ask for any more.

Sony WH-CH700N Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones – Blue

Amazing sound quality, the sony app gives you so many options to fine tune the sound. They are comfortable and the battery lasts forever. Used these for a trip to london and they are still full. I have never had noise cancelling headphones before so can’t comment. At high volumes the sound leaks but you never need to crank these up.

This was the first time i had bought a pair of wireless headphones so i did a bit of research and found that these were getting particularly good reviews as being comparable in quality to more expensive brands. I also watched some youtube reviewers who said that, for the price, these headphones were the best on the market. I bought them when they were on offer so was pleased that i had seemingly stumbled upon a great bargain. Now my opinion may not be worth much as i have no other headphones to compare them with but, in my humble opinion, i cannot imagine a better pair of headphones.They appear durable, are most definitely comfortable, and the sound quality exceeded my expectations. I would urge anyone considering buying them not to take my word for it, but to type the model number into youtube and check out the reviews like i did. I honestly couldn’t be more pleased with them.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • It blocks out the noise using AINC so you can enjoy the good sound quality
  • 35 hours of long battery life, 10 minutes quick charge for 60 minutes playback
  • Audio cable for wired connection when battery runs out
  • Google/Siri voice assistant compatible
  • Convenient NFC one-touch connection