Sony WH-H800 h : Good and bad but a no from me

The best headphones i’ve ever had. Sound quality and battery life are great, also very comfy.

All round brilliant device, haven’t got 1 bad word to say about this product, would most defiantly recommend this product to anyone.

I’m not sure, these are comfortable, with excellent cushioning for the ears and a reasonable amount for the top of the head. They connected to my android devices very easily and look ok- mine are described as “gold”, but, really they are more metallic beige, which i don’t consider a bad thing. Sound wise, which is the most important thing, here: they are good. I tested them with “t shirt” from the new foo fighters album, a very quiet start then an aural smack round the head. Good reproduction if a little treble heavy. Bass and mid-ranges are good. The controls seem to be in logical places, with, as you would expect,an onboard pause and play button. I haven’t bothered with the app that allows you to tweak things. If you’ve never tried this kind of thing before, give it a go; it’ll be fun for a while. Ultimately, though, you’ll find yourself going back to standard settings, if you’re anything like me.

Comfortable, easy to connect initially, nice balance of sound and decent-ish volume levels. Controls are easy to use and located in intuitive enough places. Nothing ground-breaking but not doing anything specifically wrong. Two main gripes;1) the design is dull; old school, big over-ear muffs that really do very little to excite the imagination. The new wi-1000x wireless headphones showcase much better the design ingenuity that can come about when sony put their mind to it. No prizes when going against bose or b&o in this department for these fellas i’m afraid. 2) although i said easy to connect initially, it’s fiddly after that. With our samsung tv, the bose headphones we have currently are recognised (once the bt sound bar is off) as soon as they are on, and can be connected with one click of the remote. These headphones (even after unpairing the bose ones, and connecting these) still required them to be selected through the speaker part of the tv menu system itself.

Brilliant, well worth the money. Can watch the telly now at my own (loud) sound level while not disturbing anyone else. The sound quality is excellent at the price. Works well with my sony a1, and am very pleased. Also works well with my ipad and iphone.

I got these for my 18 years old son. He got them on 30th march, uses them every day to and from college and in between and he’s only just had to re-charge them yesterday so six weeks use on one charge – brilliant. Going by the amount of times i have to repeat myself when he’s wearing them, they cancel noise very well. I’ve only given 4 stars for comfort as i’ve only slipped them on for 5 mins, however he has them on for hours at a time so i’m guessing they are very comfortable too.

These ear-phones are good but not amazing. It is disappointing that they are not noise-cancelling (that is a more expensive model). As a result, they do not compare well to a pair of cheaper (different brand) wired ear-phones that are noise-cancelling. The only time that i needed instructions to get the earphones connected to my mobile was in pairing them on bluetooth. You have to hold the button for longer than you would expect to get them to connect. I relied solely on the connection over bluetooth and did not bother with the app which offers more customisation. They look smart in the picture and are compact, but that means that the band is initially very small – you are bound to need to make them bigger. It is possible to do so, but you lose the sleek flush line of the head band and they end up looking a bit odd. I have taken to wearing them in the house or in the garden, but i have not worn them out when walking into town. If i needed to get ear-phones in the future, i would be unlikely to buy these ones – i would choose a pair that were noise cancelling and had a more stylish look to them when on.

I must confess i was a little underwhelmed by these headphones. They are decent enough but not in my view good enough to justify the price: i have bluetooth headphones that cost about a third of the price of these and i prefer them in terms of sound quality. In fairness, there is no hiss, and they do a reasonable job of isolating external sound but again, i have other headphones that do this better. They are also better with some types of music than others – pop music fares well but folk and jazz less so, with the sound feeling a little flat and uninvolving, losing clarity even as the detail in the music comes through. You can turn the volume right up without any hint of distortion. They are comfortable enough to wear for an extended listening session or a plane journey. The plastics look a bit cheap (maybe it is the gold colour – albeit the ‘gold’ looks more boring beige to me) but the pads are soft – it isn’t obvious whether they are leather or synthetic. The ‘phones fold down and a soft bag is provided to store them in. Pairing is straightforward and they connect quickly to a paired device as soon as you turn them on. The controls are well thought out with a button to skip a track and a longer bar to press to control volume so it is easy to differentiate the two.

  • Brilliant, well worth the money
  • Comfy and good quality sound
  • Amazing sound quality for smaller headphones

Sony WH-H800 h.ear Series Wireless On-Ear High Resolution Headphones with 24 Hours Battery Life – Blue

Product Description, Sony h.ear Series WH-H800 Wireless Headphones Unique and stylish colours that blends into your style 24 hours battery life Compact on-ear style headphones Hi-Resolution audio compatible Hands-free calls

Box Contains, HeadphonesCarrying pouchConnection cableUSB CableWarranty CardOperating InstructionsReference Guide

From the manufacturer

Take your style and your sound wherever you go

The h.ear on 2 Mini Wireless features incredible sound from High-Resolution Audio, and improved Bluetooth streaming with LDAC.

Available in a Range of Colours

The h.ear on 2 Mini Wireless comes in a range of unique colours, designed to fit seamlessly with your style and your life.

High-Resolution Audio

Experience digital music to the fullest with High-Resolution Audio. By capturing music at a higher rate than CD, increasing both audio samples per second and the bit-rate accuracy of each sample, High-Resolution Audio offers an uncompromised rendition of an artist’s music. Savour every breath and subtle movement for a truly emotional experience.

Compact Design and Comfortable Ear Pads

Soft, cushioned ear pads help you listen comfortably all day, and the compact headband fits well with any head shape or hair style. The headphones fold up to fit easily into the supplied carrying pouch, so you can bring them everywhere.

Restore All Your Compressed Files

The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX (DSEE HX) upscales compressed digital music files and takes them closer to the quality of High-Resolution Audio. By restoring the high-range sound lost in compression, DSEE HX produces your digital music files in rich, natural sound.

Ldac: Transmission of High-Resolution Audio Content

LDAC supports several transmission rates according to your wireless environment. It allows you to enjoy High-Resolution Audio content in exceptional sound quality near to High Resolution Audio, by transmitting at the maximum transfer rate: 990 kbps (approximately three times more data than conventional Bluetooth audio). LDAC provides an enhanced wireless listening experience for all your music, the way the artist truly intended.

Listen for Longer with up to 24 Hours Battery Life

Perfect for commuting or when you want to enjoy your music all day, when fully charged you can enjoy up to 24 hours of music playback or talk time. You can carry on listening even when the battery runs out too, by simply plugging in the supplied headphone cable.

NFC One-Touch for Instant Connectivity

Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth technology make connecting to your music fast and easy. Just touch your NFC-enabled device to the headphones for a quick, seamless connection, then start streaming. No NFC? No problem. Connect via Bluetooth in your device settings and you’re ready to go.

Fine-Tune Settings from Your Phone

With the Sony Headphones Connect app, you can adjust the music to your taste by choosing from presets or customising the equaliser. Additionally, select a surround sound preset to choose from club, hall, arena or outdoor style audio.

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Bought these for day to day use and also for use in the gym and am very impressed. Very comfortable to wear and amazing sound quality for smaller headphones. Although not specifically noise cancelling, they still block the sound from around you quite well. They also look very nice, i have quite a small head so didn’t want headphones that were too big as they look stupid on me and these are a perfect fit.They’re also good for use in the gym as they stay on nicely, they do get a bit sweaty but because of the material are easy to wipe.

For many years i’ve been a loyal sony customer (tvs, stereo, dvd player, games consoles and even cheap headphones) but i’m not bowled over by these and would only make a very cautious recommendation regarding purchase. On the plus side, sound reproduction is really good with no hissy distortion, the headphones aren’t heavy and they feel very comfortable to wear. However, i could only get them to work with my laptop and my partner’s macbook if they were plugged even with the sony app, in which kind of makes the wireless claim somewhat redundant. With my iphone it connected straight away (i don’t have an android phone so can’t comment) so in that sense it works, but i am more likely to want to use them while plugged in watching something on my laptop, so for me they don’t do what i want. The instructions aren’t great either and i was left with the feeling that sony had done half a job. The (current) price of £200 also seems a bit on the pricey side too as you can get the same sound reproduction for less elsewhere.

Ears get a bit sweaty after a while but otherwise good and sound quality is generally very good although slightly bass heavy.

The quality of the sound is really good but isn’t that louder. The app doesn’t work at all but it’s really easy to connect without it, i use the headphones with the apple watch and there’s no issues.

These headphones are especially good for students as they are compact and comfy as well as giving amazing sound quality over bluetooth. Granted connecting to different devices can be tricky but as long as it’s disconnected before connecting to another device then it works fine. I’ve also used these in the gym and they stayed put even through jumping jacks. Would definitely recommend these to everyone.

I wasn’t sure about these at first. For the first few minutes they didn’t feel ‘right’ on my head but i’ve come to the conclusion they just felt different to my current headphones. Also, the supplied instructions were one of the more obscure pictorial set of steps i’ve come across. However, in total contrast, the help manual on the website is really excellent and there’s nothing missing, having had a browse of that, they were very easy to pair and operate. Also (i have to say this) i just love the colour. They call it red but it isn’t – it’s more a shade of coral, and more on the pink side of coral than the red. But, it just works – though maybe not if you’re a big tough bloke. 😉 they will pair with 8 different bluetooth gadgets and do a good job of connecting to the source you want them to when you turn them on, though if that includes your mobile it tends to pick that first. However, if you have the app and an nfc feature on your phone, a quick tap disconnects them and they will connect (for example) to the laptop you have open instead.

At £99 don’t expect the amazing sound or noise canceling of more pricy models. However these do an excellent job for the casual listener. I i’ve the nfc quick link feture, they sound great through the lows and the mids and the bass is punchy enough. My only criticism is they could be a little louder.

Ok these headphones really have me divided, 3 stars, here’s why. I’ve spent hours now playing, tweaking, googling, frustrating, comparing and now i’m just about on top of these bad boys. Let’s start with what’s in the box. Nice presentation, lovely small (to start with) headphones, charging cable, mini jack cable and pouch for carrying. Once you get get the headphones out the plastics feel a little cheap and scratchy like a cheap car and sound quite brittle. The ear cushioning looks like grey leather from 70s leather jackets or saab seats but feels like memory foam on the ears. They really are very comfortable to wear but can get warm and make your ears stick to your head. Previous sony head band have been a little painful for baldies like me but these are greatsize wise when these fold out and with the size of the ear foam they really do pertrude from your head and the expansion of the head strap leaves unsightly breaks in the shape. Remember that guy from flash gordon, i look like himdownload the sony headphones app first, charge and connect. Sbc, aptx, dsee hx, clear bass. Let me help you on your journey. The idea behind these headphones is that they support hd audio where available and for the majority of us offer an upscale/upsample of the usually compressed audio we listen to so that it sounds better. I’ll simplify this by saying that it doesn’t really work for most of us using spotify or google play music, i’m assuming the same of itunes/apple music but i haven’t tested.

  • Brilliant, well worth the money
  • Comfy and good quality sound
  • Amazing sound quality for smaller headphones

Sony WH-H800 h.ear Series Wireless On-Ear High Resolution Headphones with 24 Hours Battery Life – Blue

I was asked if i’d like to review sony wh-h800 h. Ear series wireless on-ear high resolution headphones with 24 hours battery life-green and i said yes. This arrived well packed and as soon as i opened the box, i checked to make sure that everything was there. The box included:- headphones, a carrying pouch, connection cable, usb cable, operating instructions, reference guide and a warranty card. There are four other colours besides the green, they are:- red, gold, blue and black. These sony headphones are well made, sturdy and lightweight. They are comfortable to wear due to the soft, cushioned ear pads and the compact headband fits well round your head. The most i‘ve continuously worn them for is 6 hours and they didn’t give me a headache. The headphones are easy to fold up, and they fit nicely into the matching colour, carrying pouch which the company supplies. Now i can take my headphones everywhere.

Ear series wireless on-ear high-resolution headphones are one of the best sounding earphones i have ever had the pleasure of using. The audible quality is second to none plus the bonus of cutting out surrounding noise is so good, i can still hear my audible books when using a loud hoover or standing beside other loud household devices. The ease of connection of these earphones was immediate using the sony headphone app as well as nfc, bluetooth was also quick and without hesitation. The other bonus i have with these headphones is the comfort from wearing them, but they did get a bit hot after prolonged wear. The quality of the sounds is first class and indeed sony has produced not only a quality set of headphones but also one which battery charge lasts so much longer than any other headphones i have used, therefore. I like the fact the buttons are easily found to switch on and off, turn the volume up or down or for the simple act of answering your smartphone are all easily found on each ear pad. The buttons are discreet yet easy to find which for me is a bonus. Another bonus for me is that when you hit the button to switch on or off in a quick click the voice will tell you if your headphones are high or medium battery level left or do you need to recharge them before heading out. This is great if you are going out for a walk or run and want to know will your headphones have enough charge, this is ideal if you wear these on your commute.

A very good price for an excellent product, they were a very well received gift now used daily.

Features and Spesification

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  • Unique and stylish colours that blends into your style
  • 24 hours battery life
  • Compact on-ear style headphones
  • Hi-Resolution audio compatible
  • Hands-free calls