Sony WH-H900 h : Highly Rec.

Great headphones but the noise cancelling isn’t good in the winds since the headphones microphones are located on the front of each side and takes in a lot of background sounds but in windless environments it’s really quite good with dealing with nc and the jesture controls are great too. Along with its great sleek look. Long lasting battery life for days worth of music.

The noise cancelling is terrible. On bluetooth, you can’t turn off the mics completely so that they don’t pick up wind noise. I have tried every possible setting on the app and the headphone it’s but you just can’t get rid of wind noise. Whether they are set to nc, ambiant or ‘off’, the mics are still picking up wind noise.

These headphones are fantastic, the functionality to turn music off just by touching the headset (in order to speak to someone) is brilliant, as are all the other touch responses. I wouldn’t ‘run’ in them, or go to the gym. Great for walking, calling people, and cancelling out office noise.

Fantastic, and great for the price i paid. These have replaced my pxc 550 & h7s. Great when walking the dog (safety first; one cup off my ear). The nc is so good that i’ve been in appointment rooms & accidentally left them on & missed my turn. Cup your hand over one side to make you hear the outside. Moving your headphone so it’s dangling around kneck you can still hear the music which is both good and bad depending on situation. Base is punchy with clear soundstage. Battery i only have to charge 3 times a week despite heavy usage.

Only downside i’ve found to these so far is if it’s windy and the nc is on you get this annoying puffing sound as it try’s to compensate. Otherwise the sound is awesome but the nc is what truly sets these apart.

Honeslty, this had great sound quality. However, the build quality is sub par. It arrived well, but the earcups started to make creaking sound soon after. Both the initial order and the replacement order had the same issue and it got worse after time.

Did a lot of research before purchasing and theses have not disappointed. Crystal clear sound, picking up all the elements of a recording. Some noise leakage was noticible at times so might be an issue in locations with really low ambient background noise levels. Having said that i use these at work and no one has commented when playing tunes ( soulful house, dnb etc).

I had to send these back, partly because my right eardrum started to hurt when wearing them. They form a tight seal so the sudden change in air pressure when taking them off must have caused this. Sony should warn about this in the documentation like they do with the wh-1000xm3. The other reason they went back was the unreliable bluetooth connection. They’re stable once connected, but the initial connection (not the pairing) was unreliable. Sometimes it said it’s connected to my phone but the audio comes out the phone not the headphones until i reconnect it. Also my lg tv doesn’t always detect the headphones; you have to mess around in the phone or tv settings to switch devices. Plus the volume is very low over bluetooth. Strange that all these problems exist with the sony wh-1000xm3 as well, but not with my older cheaper sony sbh60s. Why can’t they make new expensive headphones multipoint?.

  • Really awesome headphones!
  • WH900 are an Excellent and Cheaper Alternative to WH100MX2
  • Forget Bose. I’m in love again !!!

Sony WH-H900 h.ear Series Wireless Over-Ear Noise Cancelling High Resolution Headphones with Gesture control, 24 Hours Battery Life – Green

Product Description, Sony h.ear Series WH-H900N Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Unique and stylish colours that blends into your style 28 hours battery life with noise cancelling Comfortable over-ear style headphones Hi-Resolution audio compatible Hands-free calls. Frequency Response (Active Operation): 5 Hz–40,000 Hz Note: Make sure that the noise canceling function is turned on (the indicator (green) next to NC/AMBIENT button lights up). * Adjust the earpad position to fit your ears. * The noise canceling function is effective in low frequency ranges such as airplanes, trains, offices, near air-conditioning, and is not as effective for higher frequencies, such as human voices.

Box Contains, HeadphonesCarrying pouchConnection CableUSB CableWarranty CardOperating InstructionsReference Guide

From the manufacturer


hi res audio

Available in a range of colours

The hear on 2 Wireless NC comes in a range of unique colours, designed to fit seamlessly with your style and your life.

Comfortable ear pads, folding design for easy carrying and wearing

With the soft, padded ear pads, you can listen all day in comfort. The folding design means the headphones fit easily into the supplied carrying pouch, so you can bring them everywhere.

High-Resolution Audio for uncompromised sound

Experience digital music to the fullest with high-resolution audio. By capturing music at a higher rate than CD, increasing both audio samples per second and the bit-rate accuracy of each sample, high-resolution audio offers an uncompromised rendition of an artist’s music. Savour every breath and subtle movement for a truly emotional experience.


LDAC: for the transmission of High-Resolution Audio content

LDAC supports several transmission rates according to your wireless environment. It allows you to enjoy high-resolution audio content in exceptional sound quality, by transmitting at the maximum transfer rate: 990 kbps (approximately three times more data than conventional bluetooth audio). LDAC provides an enhanced wireless listening experience for all your music, the way the artist truly intended.

Restore all your compressed files

The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX (DSEE HX) upscales compressed digital music files and takes them closer to the quality of High-Resolution Audio. By restoring the high-range sound lost in compression, DSEE HX produces your digital music files in rich, natural sound.

Digital noise cancelling for fewer distractions

Digital noise cancelling reduces a variety of ambient noise when listening to music. Two microphones built in to the headphones, one outside and one inside the housing, work with the digital noise cancelling engine to cut out unwanted sound.


Listen for longer with up to 28 hours’ battery life

Perfect for commuting or when you want to enjoy your music all day, when fully charged you can enjoy up to 28 hours of music playback or talk time. You can carry on listening even when the battery runs out too, by simply plugging in the supplied headphone cable.

Fine-tune settings from your phone

With the Sony Headphones Connect app, you can adjust the music to your taste by choosing from presets or customising the equaliser. Additionally, select a surround sound preset to choose from club, hall, arena or outdoor style audio.

NFC One-touch for instant connectivity

Near Field Communication (NFC) and bluetooth technology make connecting to your music fast and easy. Just touch your NFC-enabled device to the headphones for a quick, seamless connection, then start streaming. No NFC? No problem. Connect via bluetooth in your device settings and you’re ready to go.

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Amazing sound quality, excellent build quality, great features. Can’t believe how good the music sounds with these headphones. Big upgrade even from older model sony hi res headphones, vocals sound so smooth and life-like, you can hear every instrument interwined in warm rich layers of sound. Noise cancelling is very good and useful.I like the touch jesture controls, thanks sony 😀.

For a long time i have wanted a pair of good quality headphones but have been a little reluctant because of the cost. I took the plunge having read many reviews and have been absolutely delighted with them. The audio quality is excellent with more than enough adjustable volume. They are extremely comfortable with soft ear pads. The battery life between charges is as stated about 28 hrs. For anyone interested i use them a lot of the time with my alexa plus with no problems.

These headphones work really well with thew few devices i have tried them with, sony walkman, android tablet and phone. They sound okay and didn’t have any issues. Every time i connected it worked first time and stayed connected. The noise cancellation did a fairly good job with low frequencies but little to keep out higher frequencies and i am not a fan of using this. For some reason all bluetooth headphones seem to come with it though. However, they are closed back and the sound suffers as it does with all headphones of this design. For the price you can buy an open back headphone that sounds much better, my sennheiser hd558 for example. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be any bluetooth headphones with an open back design, presumably because of the battery and circuits needed. If, however you prefer the sound of closed back headphones then you probably won’t be disappointed.

Arrived quickly, a lot of leakage n noise cancelling not as good as bose.

Very good but doesn’t cancel as much noise as i hoped. However, i’ve not sampled a more expensive set – they may be the same.

Brilliant product – by far the best over ear headphones i have ever bought. But it’s the sound that blows you away. If you can get these headphones at a discount, do not hesitate would be my advice.

If i could give it 10 out of 5 i would. You always get a product that is everything and more. This is it i love my music and over the years i’ve loved it but but not smitten like this. It takes me back to my sony walkman that had a 5 bar graff equaliser on it. But this is ten times better and then some. This is not a paid review of this i’m just passionate about my music. If you get this product just set up the 2 apps one for the head phones and 1 for sound with graff equalisers.

Bought these headphones recently to replace a smaller wireless bluetooth in ear headphones (used as test tech) and mdr1a wired headphones. I can say after using these for a few days, the sound is easiliy comparable probably with all fancy noise cancelling and ambient sound on and would be seen as better overall to the wired mdr1a. I thnk the mdr1a had slightly better mid range, which was clearer. However, that’s a small sacrifice for an updated set of headphones. After doing some research and comparison side by side on the wh900h and the wh100mx2, which i thought personally was too expensive and saw the wh900h as the cheaper alternative and better value for money – bear in mind this is no slouch with the higher end model; wh1000mx2 has slightly higher battey life, one extra sony proprietry codec (s-master hx) and atmosphere pressure optimisation. Everything else between both models are the same (aside from price). The design of the headphones are very good, top quality manufacturing. The ear cups are comfortable and fit right over the ear, closing off standard noise. The top of the headphones have comfort padding, not sure if it’s the same with wm1000mx2. Also, the look of the unit generally up to sony’s standard.

  • Really awesome headphones!
  • WH900 are an Excellent and Cheaper Alternative to WH100MX2
  • Forget Bose. I’m in love again !!!

Sony WH-H900 h.ear Series Wireless Over-Ear Noise Cancelling High Resolution Headphones with Gesture control, 24 Hours Battery Life – Green

The best headphones i have ever bought. So convenient with no wires to worry abouti use them with my sony wm45 player and i listen to hd flag recordings and the reproduction is stunningthe earphone controls take a bit of getting used to but a great innovation.

Loving these headphones so far. Noise cancelling works brilliantly, smart technology to allow the headphones to have wireless controls. Great sound quality as well, great build, i would fully recommend. There are on the expensive side but well worth it. Editafter having them for about 2 months now, i still am loving these headphones. Agreed with others the sound gets choppy for about 3 seconds on the off occasion however everything else makes that completely irrelevant. The amount of customisation with the sound is amazing if you download the app, i have mine on +5 bass boost and provides a beautiful sound just right for me. Noise cancelling amazing, fit on my head perfectly, couldn’t be happier with the purchase.

An update – after 2 weeks and a variety of different artists, genders and music formats. Huge distortions in the lower frequencies area, tested with few additional dac’devices / including b&o/ – which were supposed to fix this, but couldn’t do it –also tested, of course, without them. Some artificial sounds in the mid and high-range spectrum. These are not suitable for hard rock of heavy rock music due to fast bass drums and bass guitar playing. Tested with hi-res files, sacd, flac, alac. The apt hd bluetooth codec when connected to another apt hd device doesn’t allow usage of eq which is inconvenient. The gesture controls for volume works inaccurately, skipping songs is fine. Apart from that – the design, materials and build quality are excellent. The nc function has 3 levels and works very good. At the end of the day sony has made a product focused on technology instead of sound. I would have preferred for everything to have worked properly and keep the headset, but unfortunately this is not the case.

These are my first ‘true’ active noise cancelling headphones and the effect is staggering. Wearing them on the tube actually makes it clear just how loud the modern world actually is. Near silence for the roaring and other background noise but you can still pick out voices and other noise. I found that these were excellent for podcasts and instrument led music. I don’t listen to too much bass om these because they’re just too powerful but at the same time i no longer need to up the bass ti drown out world. Full frequency across the range and no problem with details in the music. Perfect playback on videos as well. Lasted for four full days of use at 8 hours per day before needing a charge. Compliant with the all the high end codecs if you are using this with something ever than your smartphone. Tested with a huawei mate 10 pro.

Edit: changed this down to 4 stars after using them for over a month. Summary:pros: stylish, good quality, great sound, nice features. Cons: very heavy, sound gets choppy sometimes. These are really awesome headphones. Bought them to listen to music while i work, and for travel. In terms of style they look great – they’re very minimalistic, but have enough buttons to be able to control everything, without making them look like something a fighter pilot would wear. They fit well really snug over my ears even with glasses on, and they’re super comfortable due to the insanely soft pads – they’re like wearing kittens on your ears. They’re also very well built – they’re made from plastic but they don’t feel in any way cheap, in fact the type of plastic they’ve used makes them feel premium. They’re a little heavy, about 100g heavier than the bose qc35, and this *is* pretty noticeable after using them for a while, it also makes them prone to movement if you bend your head down. I have a normal sized head but have to wear them fully closed (ie not extended at all) and they’re just about the right fit. They literally expand to fit a gorilla’s head. The sound quality is really good, definitely on par with other headphones in the same price range, and some that cost a lot more. The bass is great, and takes a good pounding if you turn it up, but the mids are really clear and the treble is audible but not too tinny. They’re also pretty loud and i’m able to put the volume up high enough to lose weight on my brain from the vibrations.

These are an absolutely amazing pair of headphones, which i can’t recommend highly enough. Looks and build quality: well you can see the looks in the images. The build quality solid, with good hinges that don’t creak or catch when being rotated. Noise cancelling: like most nc headphones they often struggle to cancel treble-heavy sounds. For instance, if wearing them, with nc on and no music playing, you won’t hear noises like car engines, or drilling. But you probably will hear sounds like keyboard typing. In my experience this quite common. But for treble-heavy sounds, even on 30% volume or so, i find them very easily find them rendered completely inaudible (which isn’t the case for dull bass-heavy sounds, if you turn off nc). In summary, it cancels what really needs to be cancelled. Like other noise cancelling headphones, the external mics to detect ambient sound are fooled by the highly-localised noise that wind creates as it blows over them, and result in them creating noise inside in attempt to cancel out this sound — which then doesn’t work since the sound isn’t really around you.

I plan to buy a x1000 2, but this type headphone looks so beautiful, especially the blue one, that i made final decision of this one. Really nice color, i love it.

I have had these headphones for a couple days now and they have been quite impressive. The gesture support they have is accurate and quite enjoyable to use, and the quick attention feature is really useful for crossing streets or when someone wants to talk to you while your listening. These features are not only practical but they are also effective. Sound quality is very good, very balanced sound, decent soundstage (for a closed back at least), very good imaging. Generally extremely impressed, easily on par with much more expensive headsets. They are decently comfortable and surprisingly quite breathable for a non foam mesh cup design. However, for people with smaller heads (like me), these are most likely not suitable for exercise as they are not tight enough on the top of your head in order to stay on other than walking, which they are perfectly fine for. The anc is decent, i have heard better, but to be honest, you get what you pay for, and since this is not nearly as expensive as other bluetooth nc headsets, this has to be downgraded in order to have it at this lower price. This is not to say the anc is bad, it’s actually quite good, and does a decent job at removing traffic noise and bus/train engines while travelling. However headsets such as as the 1000xm3 and the qc 35 ii will be better for this.

Good sound quality for the price and feature set. As a ‘low end’ /older noise cancellation headset, gives a good all-rounder for the price point and you would be hard pushed to get anything better without having to spend more (£180 at time of review, not the £250 rrp). While the styling is great and the use of plastic is not an issue for me, it doesn’t have a solid feel or construction to it which is disappointing of sony. Overall feels hollow, with hinges feeling a weak point. My thought are that it is likely to break quite easily if dropped or similar. Im positive you could spin the hinges and snap it easily. I would be inclined to say compared to a lot of other headsets, the audio quality isn’t spectacular. If you were to compare it to a cheaper (wired) headset, that wired headset would beat it easily, but it’s true quality comes into play when you’re in a noisy enviroment and have noise cancellation on – in this case, the difference is clear-cut, being able to hear your music and all or most details, compared to barely hearing anything, and this, at the end of the day, is the point of buying noise cancellation headphones and where sacrificing audio quality is a more than reasonable trade. If you don’t need noise cancellation (always listening in a quiet room, for example), you’re really not gaining anything from these. Andriod phone app is a bit meh and disappointing.

I bought these for work so i can focus on my day-to-day tasks. Pros;- remembers 3 devices- 28-hour battery life on a single charge- fault-tolerant and easy to sync devices- fantastic build quality and materialscons;- doesn’t cancel wind (i believe more expensive models may have wind cancelling).

Very expensive but you get what you pay for, my son constantly has these on in the house so i have to ring him to get a response as he can not hear a thing. Comfortable and good quality sound.

Superb sound (balanced with a slight hint of extra bass), class leading nc (wind nc is amazing, something that bose qc35 and others cannot compete with), ambient sound function is great. The touch controls are iffy, i find then a little inconsistent. I prefer the implementation on the competitors. Where instead of up/down swipe for volume, they use a round circle clockwise/anticlockwise. Also to activate the wind nc you have to use the app, maybe it should be auto-detect or one of the options in the button. Google assistant works flawlessly with speed.

Great headphones that are easy to use and set up. Battery life is great and as someone who uses them for at least a few hours a day i find i can go all week on one charge. In the rare event they do run out of battery the fact that you can use the included aux cord means you can continue to listen to your music without interruption. Connection via bluetooth has been very easy to set up on both my phone and laptop. The range is far enough for me to walk into other rooms while wearing them without interruption and after a month of using them i’ve found no issues with drops in connection etc. The headphones are also very comfortable, something always mentioned when i let others try them out. The noise cancelling does not have an uncomfortable and distracting pressurised feeling which i’ve found when using other noise cancelling headphones, which is great when you need to concentrate on work etc. However, they could be a little smaller as i find them slipping off if i look at the ground but i do have a small head and this doesn’t happen often enough for it to become annoying. The sound quality is excellent and a huge upgrade from my last pair of headphones, i’m still noticing new things in songs i have been listening to for years. These headphones can also provide a nuanced sound stage for many different genres of music, from classical, indie rock, acoustic and pop, they never sound flat or unbalanced.

Headphones are very good in terms of sound quality a built materials. On the other hand it is little bit heavy mainly if you compare it to bose qc. In the gym sometimes while lying on back it tends to slide a little. Also i expected it to be slightly less profiled so it would better fit to the head. I don’t like the fact that there is no warning when battery level is low like it is on wh_ch500. This one just tells you battery is low and immediately shuts down. However you can check battery status by pressing power button but it only tells high/medium/low. Overall built quality feels really premium and worth the price i would say. I like the touch control the most.

Ok, so in terms of colour, i would say salmon, not red. That aside, it’s a good colour anyway. Really soft and comfortable and i wear them a lot. The charge is good and long lasting. Charging cable is not very long though, so you couldn’t wear whilst charging with provided cable. Sound quality is good and noise cancellation works well. I’m getting the hang of gesture control. Can confirm that walking in the wind is noisy and you can’t block that out. I would buy again and overall i’m very very happy with this purchase.

I absolutely love these headphonesgo buyfantastic comfort because of the soft cushioning on ear and head strap. Connection to android, iphone, fire tablet all simple, quick and stable. I was amazed at battery life – generally lasts a week of heavy use. Noise cancelling is strong, i use it to block out commuter noise, train noise and does a good job of muffling kids, dogs, wife(jks), its not perfect but don’t think any headphones truly are. Nfc connection i keep forgetting to use when pairing my devices – and when i do i go – yaaas how easy is thati went for the grey ones – because everyone buys black – and i think they look great. I’d considered some of the other sony ones, bose ones and marshall (i love the way the marshall ones looked)swipe controls are easy to use to skip, pause, let in outside sound. My only negative is they leak sound so i’m always a little conscious of how loud i’m playing music if i’m on train – i’m sure lot of people wouldn’t care but i know how annoying it can be for people who don’t have headphones onreally great headphones functionally and aesthetically. Not sure why you’d spend £350+ on headphones when these do an incredible job – and lets face it your listening to music, watching something on your tablet or chatting to someone on skype not producing a music track with jay-z.

Really awesome headphones with a great, clear sound (remains clear even at the high volume) and a generous battery life + good flexibility. I noticed that most people complain about noise isolation and i would like to remind you that sony wrote in the products description something important about it:headphones cover on average 80-85 % of surrounding noises (transport generally). However they cant eliminate high tones like human voices (just 30-35% at the distance of 10 metres). Also i remarked some small, nesignificative problems which might be annoying:1. After connection with bluetooth, there is a frail (very weak) sound of a countinous s. In my opinion, wind noise cancelling is useless because even with it, you can stillhear(feel) the wind well. Generally speaking this is a fabulous product which deserves its price.

I love these headphones, 24hrs of music play back on a single charge. Sound quality is superb, good enough to please an audiophile. Sound can also be tailored to your particular preference via the sony connect app. This headphones have a nice punchy bass, which can be increased using the connect app. But that said these would not be the go to headphones for you bass heads out there, as the bassline produced within these headphones would not be able to compete with the sony mdr-xb950b1/n1 series or skullcandy’s crusher wireless. These headphones are a good alternative to the sony wh1000xm2, as they are quite similar in sound and quality, but for £100 less. Build quality is very good as this unit uses the same head band as mdr-xb series headphones. In my opinion these are a very good challenger to bose qc35 mkii headphones in terms of sound quality, unfortunately they are not as comfortable as the qc35 mkii’s but do offer a decent level of comfort with out any undue pressure to the jaw line, and ear sweat wasn’t present after wearing these headphones for 4 hrs straight. Noise cancelling is not 100% but back ground sounds are inaudible at about 40% volume. These are a very good headphone for the price offering top end performance for mid range money.

Features and Spesification

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  • Unique and stylish colours that blends into your style
  • 28 hours battery life with noise cancelling
  • Comfortable over-ear style headphones
  • Hi-Resolution audio compatible
  • Hands-free calls