Sony WH-H900 h : I would recommend!

Very expensive but you get what you pay for, my son constantly has these on in the house so i have to ring him to get a response as he can not hear a thing. Comfortable and good quality sound.

The noise cancelling is terrible. On bluetooth, you can’t turn off the mics completely so that they don’t pick up wind noise. I have tried every possible setting on the app and the headphone it’s but you just can’t get rid of wind noise. Whether they are set to nc, ambiant or ‘off’, the mics are still picking up wind noise.

Sony wh900n headphones seem nice easy to touch right ear touch pad and little annoying but wonces you get used to it is fine look nice say on head not slippery and comparable around ears recommend mybe if you like over ear headphones will easy to use i do wish it had little 2 more button on s8de for headphones sound and then it own volume button but little lose but want you get for the price is ok warranty really good with sony and more lose of the headphones the earcuos don’t lay down so you are stuck with when around your neck in a uncomerable way if you take them off and what to move your head freely small thing but would be nice features that are missing. Compared to the wh1000 price range is what you get and you lose some thing wrong in one why but i would watch a youtube video and do your research first before making your mind up if there the right ones for you or go try them on in store best recommendation i can give.

Only just arrived today and i was very apprehensive about spending so much on a pair of headphones as i never usually spend more than £10. But after trying a friends wireless headphones and loving the freedom i decided to invest in some and do a bit of research. These were highly recommended by many online blogs and youtube channels so decided to take the plunge, and they did not disappoint. I have never heard sound quality like it and the noise cancellation is incredible. However, the only thing i have to compare it to is the £10. 00 cheap in ear headphones so if you are a professional you may have a better ear for the quality. The only down side is that i wish they came with a hard case as i would kind of expect to see something more than a little tote bag for the price bracket.

I had to send these back, partly because my right eardrum started to hurt when wearing them. They form a tight seal so the sudden change in air pressure when taking them off must have caused this. Sony should warn about this in the documentation like they do with the wh-1000xm3. The other reason they went back was the unreliable bluetooth connection. They’re stable once connected, but the initial connection (not the pairing) was unreliable. Sometimes it said it’s connected to my phone but the audio comes out the phone not the headphones until i reconnect it. Also my lg tv doesn’t always detect the headphones; you have to mess around in the phone or tv settings to switch devices. Plus the volume is very low over bluetooth. Strange that all these problems exist with the sony wh-1000xm3 as well, but not with my older cheaper sony sbh60s. Why can’t they make new expensive headphones multipoint?.

Loving these headphones so far. Noise cancelling works brilliantly, smart technology to allow the headphones to have wireless controls. Great sound quality as well, great build, i would fully recommend. There are on the expensive side but well worth it. Editafter having them for about 2 months now, i still am loving these headphones. Agreed with others the sound gets choppy for about 3 seconds on the off occasion however everything else makes that completely irrelevant. The amount of customisation with the sound is amazing if you download the app, i have mine on +5 bass boost and provides a beautiful sound just right for me. Noise cancelling amazing, fit on my head perfectly, couldn’t be happier with the purchase.

I’m someone that either goes for the best 1st time round or upgrades, that goes with everything from a tv, to a boat, to a car. In this case i choose to go back on my own advice and go mid range for this bracket of headphone. I wasn’t blown away by these headphones, the noise cancelling i would say takes noise down to 40%, that’s a weird one though because it removes some tones better than others. The quality was pretty poor at first, some songs on my play list sounded way better than others. I then went on youtube and had similar experiences however some videos made me sit up and start enjoying. The sound lacks punch or quality for much of my music but i’ve since discovered that my music quality is very poor, give these headphones good source material and they are actually not to bad. Still lack the punch i yearn for and after a few beers i’m disappointed the volume doesn’t go a touch higher. This is now where things get interesting, after drinking those beers i find myself extremely happy with my purchase. Feet are bopping, find my awful singing voice doing just that in an empty room. Ear cups get hot quite quickly but removal for 20 seconds makes things ok again, the swipe and touch controls are awesome, the bluetooth connection is great and holds throughout the house and i don’t think i’d gain much by going for the 1000 mk3s so happy to have saved money for a change.

Honeslty, this had great sound quality. However, the build quality is sub par. It arrived well, but the earcups started to make creaking sound soon after. Both the initial order and the replacement order had the same issue and it got worse after time.

  • Great quality, if you have the budget for them.
  • Sony WH900N Over ear wireless headphones
  • Take them off slowly!

Sony WH-H900 h.ear Series Wireless Over-Ear Noise Cancelling High Resolution Headphones with Gesture control, 24 Hours Battery Life – Gold

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I bought these for my wife after researching best buys on the which?. These got a great review and really live up to it. The sound quality is especially impressive as is the comfort and add in good noise cancellation and they are a great set of headphones.

Superb sound (balanced with a slight hint of extra bass), class leading nc (wind nc is amazing, something that bose qc35 and others cannot compete with), ambient sound function is great. The touch controls are iffy, i find then a little inconsistent. I prefer the implementation on the competitors. Where instead of up/down swipe for volume, they use a round circle clockwise/anticlockwise. Also to activate the wind nc you have to use the app, maybe it should be auto-detect or one of the options in the button. Google assistant works flawlessly with speed.

These headphones are fantastic, the functionality to turn music off just by touching the headset (in order to speak to someone) is brilliant, as are all the other touch responses. I wouldn’t ‘run’ in them, or go to the gym. Great for walking, calling people, and cancelling out office noise.

I have had these headphones for a couple days now and they have been quite impressive. The gesture support they have is accurate and quite enjoyable to use, and the quick attention feature is really useful for crossing streets or when someone wants to talk to you while your listening. These features are not only practical but they are also effective. Sound quality is very good, very balanced sound, decent soundstage (for a closed back at least), very good imaging. Generally extremely impressed, easily on par with much more expensive headsets. They are decently comfortable and surprisingly quite breathable for a non foam mesh cup design. However, for people with smaller heads (like me), these are most likely not suitable for exercise as they are not tight enough on the top of your head in order to stay on other than walking, which they are perfectly fine for. The anc is decent, i have heard better, but to be honest, you get what you pay for, and since this is not nearly as expensive as other bluetooth nc headsets, this has to be downgraded in order to have it at this lower price. This is not to say the anc is bad, it’s actually quite good, and does a decent job at removing traffic noise and bus/train engines while travelling. However headsets such as as the 1000xm3 and the qc 35 ii will be better for this.

Fantastic, and great for the price i paid. These have replaced my pxc 550 & h7s. Great when walking the dog (safety first; one cup off my ear). The nc is so good that i’ve been in appointment rooms & accidentally left them on & missed my turn. Cup your hand over one side to make you hear the outside. Moving your headphone so it’s dangling around kneck you can still hear the music which is both good and bad depending on situation. Base is punchy with clear soundstage. Battery i only have to charge 3 times a week despite heavy usage.

These headphones provide an amazing noise cancelling technology. If you work in a busy environment and want to concentrate these work great. I would also categorise them being stylish and have some great hidden buttons and settings. They also fitted great after i made some customizations, providing me with a comfy experience.

The sound quality is very very good and the noise cancellation is great for the price. My only problem is with the headband which even at the smallest setting is still slightly too large for my head and doesn’t apply enough pressure for it to stay on securely with no wobble when i turn my head. My only solution is to wear them with a hat, but then i lose out on some of the noise cancellation :(.

These headphones work really well with thew few devices i have tried them with, sony walkman, android tablet and phone. They sound okay and didn’t have any issues. Every time i connected it worked first time and stayed connected. The noise cancellation did a fairly good job with low frequencies but little to keep out higher frequencies and i am not a fan of using this. For some reason all bluetooth headphones seem to come with it though. However, they are closed back and the sound suffers as it does with all headphones of this design. For the price you can buy an open back headphone that sounds much better, my sennheiser hd558 for example. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be any bluetooth headphones with an open back design, presumably because of the battery and circuits needed. If, however you prefer the sound of closed back headphones then you probably won’t be disappointed.

  • Great quality, if you have the budget for them.
  • Sony WH900N Over ear wireless headphones
  • Take them off slowly!

Sony WH-H900 h.ear Series Wireless Over-Ear Noise Cancelling High Resolution Headphones with Gesture control, 24 Hours Battery Life – Gold

Beautiful color (it is the exact same one showed on the pictures). Great sound quality and noise cancellation (i bought them for when i’m in the office and people all around me talk to the phone very loudly. Once i have these headphones with a low music on, i can’t literally hear anything else but my favorite music).

Goods:+ very good battery life+ noise cancellation is good+ quite good value as it can receive higher quality audiobads:- when noise cancelling is off, the processor in right ear cup can be heard emitting high pitch noise when the volume is low- noise cancelling adds low level noise to the audioitem was returned due to the two bad aspects of the device as when in a quiet environment, i would turn the noise cancelling off to get rid of the low level noise that the noise cancelling generated. However i could then hear the processor of the device in the right earcup. Not a good device for active listeners.

Only downside i’ve found to these so far is if it’s windy and the nc is on you get this annoying puffing sound as it try’s to compensate. Otherwise the sound is awesome but the nc is what truly sets these apart.

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