Sony WI-C400 Wireless In-Ear Headphones : Long battery life and reasonable sound.

Quality is good better than many ive used, but the fastward and rewind is a pain, you have to press about for about 3 seconds and theres a delay.

I use these headphones nearly everyday. From the morning commute to listening to music during the day and then a podcast/audiobook in the evening while out on the bike. The battery is reassuringly superb, often i’ll pick these up expecting them to be dead but the voice reports back “battery medium” so i know i have another 8+ hours remaining. Audio quality is pretty good, controls are easy to use even with gloves once you learn the placement, very happy with these.

Superb sound battery amazing life 20 hours easy.

Overall sound quality was okay, i prefer to listen to my music quite loud but didn’t always feel i was getting this. I was reasonably happy with them until the left ear stopped working unexpectedly. Really surprised as i only purchased 7 months earlier. No signs of wear and tear so not sure what happened. Not what i hoped from earphones this price.

My partner wears these under his uniform, they hide well and sit on his neck comfortably. The quality is great for what it is and super long battery life.

Tried these in town, liked them, and brought them off amazon at a cheaper price.

I’m no audiophile and these sound great to me. Having these makes me wonder why i haven’t gone wireless before now. Use these pretty much exclusively with my android phone. Works perfect for music & films and telephone quality is great both ways. They even have a vibration built-in to help notify you of incoming calls. Buttons on the device are easy to use and a nice voice tells you when they’re powered on/off and when they’re connected/disconnected to something. Charger flap is easily accessible too. You could leave these on for hours accidentally and still have plenty of battery life left.

Sound quality is very good but a bit bulky.

  • Good for dancing.
  • Great buds
  • All day+ battery life, decent sound, great bluetooth buds.

Sony WI-C400 Wireless In-Ear Headphones with up to 30 Hours Battery Life – Black

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Bass is greatgood for day today use except during workoutnfcvibrationeverything great.

I bought this and another cheaper lesser known make at the same time and i have to say the difference in sound quality and comfort is night and daywell worth the extra £20. The battery is great, i have had it a week and not charge it yet and it still says battery highthere is just one issue which is very annoying. Pairing is easy but every time i turn off the headset i have to turn bluetooth off and then back on to get it to connect to media. I have tried this on a different phone and not got this problem so i think it might be a phone issue. Word of warning my phone is bluetooth version 5. Not sure if this is related and i have seen similar bugs on the internet but probably wont be an issue for most peopleall in all headphones are great.

Comfort: 4/5personally the neckband style of wireless headphones/earphones are not that comfortable for me, these are not that great either but that’s just a personal perspective on comfort. Sound: 4/5the sound quality isn’t that good if your an audiophile, but for general listening they are more than adequate. I have been spending about 8 hours a day wearing these and for audio books and podcasts the sound is as good if not better than sennheiser cx3. 00 which i had used for the previous 2 years. Battery life: 5/5battery life is where this excels. Due to working in a noisy factory i have the volume set at its highest, i get 2 full days before i charge them and even then it reports the battery level as medium so i would say that 20 hours at max volume is easily achievable. I have 2 very small sony mp3 players that have served me well for many years and that the battery technology sony uses in those is second to none which is why i opted to pay a bit more for a brand because i knew i’d get that better battery life. Connectivity: 5/5i have had minimal issues with connectivity. The sony wi c400 is paired with my one+5t and my acer r13 chromebook. The only issue i have is via the chromebook, the audio delay is about 0.

I paid 30 in a deal, for that price these are amazing. The sound is good, battery life is amazing. 20 hours and i’m getting that. When connected to phone you see the battery level. Surprisingly comfy if like me you fall asleep with them on. Noise isolation is as good as any other device, please note these are not noise cancelling.

Amazing sound quality really comfortable, incredible battery. Didn’t charge them from opening them at christmas day, battery ran flat three weeks later after every day use.

Awesome quality, good resistance to water and sweat. Bought these for my job as i’m a cage dancer in an industrial club but i like to listen to celine dion when i’m swinging my booty. They regularly get drenched in sweat and glitter and are still pouring sweet high notes in my ears till the small hours of the morning.

This is a good wireless headphones for sport and leisure. The only negative thing is i can’t mute my music by plugging the button on this headphones. There’s always some music playing even i turn my spotify music volume down.

The sound quality of these ear buds is amazing. I have had quite a few other bluetooth headsets. Some work but the sound quality is diabolical. These reproduce the sound of the bands i love brilliantly. As i really love heavy metal the bass is quite heavy and these buds cope very well. The supplied rubber buds are really good at keeping the ingress of out side noise out. Comfortable, light and connects very easily. I would highly recommend these to anyone who likes listening to music of any kind.

  • Good for dancing.
  • Great buds
  • All day+ battery life, decent sound, great bluetooth buds.

Sony WI-C400 Wireless In-Ear Headphones with up to 30 Hours Battery Life – Black

The great thing is i can go to the wc through the night without unplugging and dragging.

Good coms & battery life, if there is a downside its the fact you cant retract the cables, but this isn’t a show stopper.

Great headset, only 20 hours though according to the manual.

I was very sceptical when researching bluetooth headphones as i haven’t owned any before. Previously, i’d always spent between £5-£15 and been stuck with products that broke after a few weeks. Paying this much was a new experience for me, but i can confidently say that i am relievedthe setup process was literally 3 minutes, 2 of which were spent opening the package. First tried with a bassy nin track, i was very impressed. The controls are a doddle and the sound quality is pleasantly surprising for an in-ear headphone. If i had one (very trivial) criticism, it’s that i ordered the red ones and the colour is closer to a pink, but i have ovaries so it’s not a massive problem (cue flannel/snowflake gender related offence).

Only issues with them is when making phone calls – the mic sounds a bit muffled, and when disconnecting a device and re-connecting to a different one can be a bit tedious.

Bought on the recommendation of another reviewer mr. Long, perfect for the gym, cable doesn’t pull earphones out when moving around. Wonderfull sound quality able to hear all ranges. Only had a few days so cannot comment on battery life.

I bought this on a whim seeing the price was reduced and battery life was rated high. I have used this type of bluetooth head set for a few years and oh how i wish i had come across these sonys’ before. I cant afford the top of range headsets but i doubt they would be any better. Controls are easy and intuative, the voice warning for on / off hi lo mid battery level is clear i am more than happy. Only niggle is each cable comes out the inside then slots through to the outside and is very thin but 6months continuous use (wife complains im never without them) as im retired, and still performing well.

Great headphones – good sound quality, great battery life. Neck band is a bit clunky, but that’s what gets you the batter life. Also it stops the headphones being lopsided or pulling out of one ear like you get on a lot of bluetooth headphones.

Sound could be better, does not cancel out as much noise as i’d like, my old skullcandy’s did a better job at this but for in-ear and for the price i got them at i can live with it especially if you factor in battery life, other wireless in-ear i’ve own had about 8 hours at most. These will be great for my next long haul flight.

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