Sony WI-C400 Wireless In-Ear Headphones : they’re never off me

I quite literally use these 24 hours a day, with my portable charger i don’t have to take them off. The sound quality is fantastic, it’s sony, so of course it is. I can’t fault the sound quality. The battery life is very good, i’ve fallen asleep listening to music and woken up 9 hours later with them still on and then continued using them all the following day. I’ve used them whilst kickboxing sparring in the gym and the selection of earbuds allows me to select the best ones to fit my ear so they don’t fall out. If someone would’ve handed me a pair of these to use for a couple days and told me they cost twice the price i wouldn’t complain. These earphones are fantastic.

Bought these for my wife, she uses these in the gym and for taking calls in her office. They are a known and trusted brand. Cons:the only reason for 4 stars is we had a pair that broke after around 7 weeks. Amazon where amazing as usual and exchanged without any issues. Not sure if it was a build quality issue, or we was unlucky and just got a bad pair. Summary:hopefully we was just unlock with the first pair that broke, because otherwise we really like these headphone.

I paid 30 in a deal, for that price these are amazing. The sound is good, battery life is amazing. 20 hours and i’m getting that. When connected to phone you see the battery level. Surprisingly comfy if like me you fall asleep with them on. Noise isolation is as good as any other device, please note these are not noise cancelling.

Only issues with them is when making phone calls – the mic sounds a bit muffled, and when disconnecting a device and re-connecting to a different one can be a bit tedious.

I bought this on a whim seeing the price was reduced and battery life was rated high. I have used this type of bluetooth head set for a few years and oh how i wish i had come across these sonys’ before. I cant afford the top of range headsets but i doubt they would be any better. Controls are easy and intuative, the voice warning for on / off hi lo mid battery level is clear i am more than happy. Only niggle is each cable comes out the inside then slots through to the outside and is very thin but 6months continuous use (wife complains im never without them) as im retired, and still performing well.

Great headphones, low quality microphonegood noise cancellation and quality of music/ callslong battery and long bluetooth rangesadly low quality microphone is used and i receive complains of the poor audio quality during calls.

Great headset, only 20 hours though according to the manual.

Compared to other earbuds i’d say this is 9 out 10 and you can ‘feel’ the bass. I am still on the first cycle and battery played for about 20 hours and today reached low level, so i thing i might have at least 5 more hours. For noise cancellation i can say that the product adjust nicely to the ears providing expected noise cancellation a very good bass feeling.

  • Product as described
  • Despite a faulty first pair, we really like these headphones
  • they’re never off me

Sony WI-C400 Wireless In-Ear Headphones with up to 30 Hours Battery Life – Red

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Bass is greatgood for day today use except during workoutnfcvibrationeverything great.

This is one of the brilliant sony products with the price that compete any of same qualityvery happy with this purchase.

I bought these to wear when i go cycling and walking so i needed to be able to hear the music and my environment. They’re comfortable to wear and due to it’s style doesn’t fall off when it’s not in use around your neck. Sound quality is quite good.

This works but it has quirks that could be annoying. For example it turns itself off occasionally or disconnects. You need to learn about the reset button(s). It is very comfortable to wear and i use it all the time so it can’t be that annoying.

Sound quality is very good but a bit bulky.

Overall sound quality was okay, i prefer to listen to my music quite loud but didn’t always feel i was getting this. I was reasonably happy with them until the left ear stopped working unexpectedly. Really surprised as i only purchased 7 months earlier. No signs of wear and tear so not sure what happened. Not what i hoped from earphones this price.

I have been using it for almost a year now, still works like first day, these are my observations:- battery life is really good. I generally keep it connected to my phone for about 14h/day and approximately 6h of playing. I am amazed by the battery life, the longest i used without charging was 1 week and couldn’t finish the juice. – the sound quality is average, for the price i should not expect anything better, i can’t complain about it. But not amazing after all:- the microphone is terrible, people always complaint about my voice being muffed, not much can be done to solve it. – get affect by interference often. – lacks a forward button to skip tracks. – no spare bud tip in the package for replacement, lost mine and had to buy generic version. – could be more flexible in the back to better accommodate under the clothes, it is not flexible enough and the front part mark the clothes and is very uncomfortable to use, have to put over the clothes. Also not comfortable to use when lying.

Used regularly around the house and while exercising.

  • Product as described
  • Despite a faulty first pair, we really like these headphones
  • they’re never off me

Sony WI-C400 Wireless In-Ear Headphones with up to 30 Hours Battery Life – Red

Sound could be better, does not cancel out as much noise as i’d like, my old skullcandy’s did a better job at this but for in-ear and for the price i got them at i can live with it especially if you factor in battery life, other wireless in-ear i’ve own had about 8 hours at most. These will be great for my next long haul flight.

Bought the red version for £40 (cheapest colour) which is around the right price for what you get, i wouldn’t have liked to pay more. Earbuds stay in well (not as comfy as previous sony models) and the brilliant battery life is a stand out benefit. It would be good if the headset vibrated when turning on/off as unless you have the earbuds in, you don’t know whether you’ve turned it on/off. Not the best, not the worst and probably is around what i expected for £40. Bass is only decent when the earbuds are properly in. Overall it’s a decent everyday pair of wireless headphones.

These are chunky, but that is a natural consequence of a big battery. Very easy to link to my samsung s8. The neckband is comfortable on my solid 17″ neck. It is good for running but the neck is a bit too solid for squats when you settle on the bar but as i squat with the bar low, not a problem for me but if you rest the bar on your neck it would irritate. Battery life is epically good. Bluetooth range is extraordinary. Buttons feel nice and solid.

I really like these bluetooth headphones as the sound is quite good and the battery life lasts a very long time by comparison to other similar earphones. Although the sound is good, these are not as good as wired headphones where you can experience more bass. Having said that, they do the job if you are training or out for a long walk.

I hardly write reviews on my product i buy from amazon. But i couldn’t stop myself writing a review for this one. It’s a best earphone i have ever used. The sound is very decent, battery life is extremely good. It’s 3rd days on my usage and haven’t charged it yet. It was staraight out of the box. Noise cancellation is great too. And it is very robust device. You can throw it, rub it on sand , it’s build like a tank.

Amazing sound quality really comfortable, incredible battery. Didn’t charge them from opening them at christmas day, battery ran flat three weeks later after every day use.

The headphone fits me very well for its high sound quality , battery durability, and the motion design. But without the magnets in the buds so they swing when not used. After i checked the catalogue of the sony products, another version owns the function, and costs much more. In a word , it was worth of every penny.

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