Sony WI-SP500 Wireless Sports Headphones : Worth to have

Brilliant, the only headphones i will use for running as they are the only ones that stay in your ears (probably due to the bump texture on the inserts). The sound is nice and open, no distortion at higher levels and they are not bass oriented like so many phones these days. Can’t comment on battery life yet, only been using them for a few hours.

Always struggle with comfort of in ear phones but these are great. Sound is tremendous and great battery life. Well worth spending a bit more as i’ve wasted money in cheaper tinny phones that either hurt or fall out when exercising. Especially welcome for us wearers of glasses where over ear phones fail.

Firstly what a lovely delicate shade of pink. These are easy to set up and pair off to your device. Mine were paired to my ipod. I used them whilst doing a workout at home which includes using weights. These headphones didn’t move the entire time of the work out and were very comfortable in my ears. Sound is excellent no tinny sound, good all round sound and good bass tone. They tuck round the back of my neck comfortably and didn’t get in the way at all, i could have easily forgotten i was wearing them whilst working out and just listening to my music. In this day and age of jogging/cycling, gym workouts etc, these are essential kit frankly.

The sound quality on these is decent but the bud design is not the best. Neither of the two sizes provided keep these in my ear. This makes the gym or running a no go for these earphones, particularly as they are a bit bulky and heavy. I’ve since moved on to the wi-sp600n which are worth spending that little bit more on, or perhaps even the wi-sp700n if you don’t want wires at all.

Sound quality was great but i had to send them back because they kept falling out. Sony earphones are shaped funny, so it makes them difficult to stay in your ears.

They tend to fall out sometimes during a work out which is something i can get over. What i cant get over is the fact that im having to apply pressure to the cable for them to charge.

Great purchase, my dad loves them. The only thing i would say is that the rubber tips are nearly impossible to replace if you lose them.

Comfortable and good sound quality.

  • Brilliant, the only headphones I will use for running
  • Great Sound, Poor Fit
  • Worth it

Sony WI-SP500 Wireless Sports Headphones with IPX4 Splash Proof – Black

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Good quality of sounds and mobile. The only con of this bluetooth device is you don’t know if the battery is fully charged or not and does not switch itself off when not in use.

Only downside is they look like i’ve got tampons stuck i’m my ear.

Came on time, as described and and presented, brand new, works well i am very happy thank you.

If apple’s airpods are a little on the pricey side, then it’s well worth checking out what sony now have to offer. Early attempts at the in-ear bluetooth convenience where less than adequate to say the least, but technology (or at least decision making) has come a long way recently. Sony put a lot of effort into making their products sounds incredible, and these wi-sp500s hands-down sound better than apple’s offering – at almost twice the price. Part of the improvement in sound quality, i believe, is actually down to how well these ‘buds sit in your ear. How much this improvement sways your decision is of course subjective, but those prioritising sound quality will strongly want to consider this product. Other aspects of the hardware, including syncing and build quality, are equally impressive. I’m also a big fan of the cable between the two ‘buds, as it means you can’t lose one. The product is also technically splash proof, though in the grand scheme of things you’re talking about sweat resistance. Don’t attempt to wash these things under a tap.

Good sound reproduction- not too much bass. Light weight and seem well made. Never feel entirely secure though, but having said that they have not fallen out so far.

This it a gift to my friend.

Firstly, these are really comfortable to wear and they stay in place. They are easy to set up and the battery life is around eight hours. I’ve used them for cycling and the odd jog and when commuting. Sound-wise they’re a little light on bass response, but great on mid and top range. The call / phone feature works well for the user, but is less well received by the person on the other end of the phone. The controls are easy to use and i’ll continue to use these as they’re better than most i’ve tried.

These headphones are comfortable, stay in the ear well, connect very easily and don’t seem to suffer badly from signal drop outs. They are airy and perfect for what i assume is the target market – runners who require a degree of outside awareness. Sound quality on the other hand is not great. The openness results in quite tinny sound with little in the way of bass – definitely not recommended for pleasure listening. For a bit of motivational music whilst exercising though, these wii probably suffice for most. Also a shame that no form of carry case/pouch is included.

  • Brilliant, the only headphones I will use for running
  • Great Sound, Poor Fit
  • Worth it

Sony WI-SP500 Wireless Sports Headphones with IPX4 Splash Proof – Black

I bought this sony bluetooth almost in 100 euro but its totally wastage of money its disconnect automatically after sometime and then again you need to connect not happy with this sony sp500 👎.

I love it, the sound is great. Fit and secure while you are running. Just on thing to concern is the silicone may slip off and i have no idea where to get the spare.

Bought as a gift for our son at christmas who has commented that they are good but early days yet.

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