Sony XBA4iP Premium Quality In-Ear Headphones : Amazing earbuds that are incredible value for money

I don’t normally spend this kind of cash on headphones. My last set were more like £90 and were very fine sounding sennheisers. Sadly they lacked a bit of bass attack and also in terms of robustness. I used them a lot at work and was very happy until some fraying then ultimately a driver failed. Anyway, i got some birthday cash and decided it was time to get some serious ‘phones. Read loads of reviews and no one had much bad to say at all, but there were loads of fantastic reviews. I’m so pleased with them, the soundstage is enormous, the detail is fantastic, they’re nice and neutral so i can listen to a bit of dizzee one minute, flip to some classical, then to some foo fighters – they simply don’t miss a beat. The big difference for me over my previous ‘phones is the detail on things like cymbals and drums. Now i can hear when the drummer is thinking of using the kick or if a brush lingers a little longer, guitars are crisp and vocals are strong but never shouty. If you have the cash, do it, you won’t regret it. If you’re unsure, try and demo some somewhere with your favourite tracks and hear bits youve never heard before. Be warned, you will have to buy themthere’s also a multitude of buds to try for the “non-standard” ear owner. Get it right and all but the loudest external noise is practically eliminated.

I wasn’t sure about this product when reading the description online. I have been spoilt with bose sound in the car, a high-end separates system at home and thx sound on the telly. I needed some earphones as the apple ones weren’t cutting it, and having tried a friend’s bose in-ear headphones i was pleasantly surprised to actually logged into amazon to buy those. However before clicking away my cash i decided to do the sensible thing and check some magazine reviews and comparisons, each one of which put these headphones top. I was a little unsure about the sony name, as i had previously had a set of cheap sony in-ears which were great with low end bassy stuff but not so brilliant with anything else, but having read all the reviews on this page and those on the pages for the different versions of this product (i. The ones without the mic and the ones for android, etc. ) i decided to take the plunge. Like any other high-end audio equipment, they took a little while to break in. Don’t get me wrong they were impressive out of the box, the separation on live guitar solos from live 60’s recordings were out of this world, but they struggled a little with dnb or anything with lots of low end notes.

I have ordered my sony xba-4ip after a really deep research and i had a very high expectations. When they arrived, at first i was very disappointed with the sound quality. It was very sharp, without any energy and the bass was barely there at all. And then i have read a very useful reviews, saying that these headphones need some ‘warm-up’. After roughly 10 hours, they started to sound better and better. The bass appeared and then became deep and vibrant. The bass/mid/treble levels stabilised. They sound absolutely astonishingthey are worth every penny.Be patient, don’t judge them right after you get them out of the box. Wait, give them some time to ‘warm-up’. Update – day 3:all the above was true, as long as i kept them connected to my stereo system with the equaliser set-up properly. Today though, i connected them to my iphone to listen to the music on my way to the office. They sounded awful :(no bass, the treble so loud and sharp that they were painful to listen to. I tried all the available iphone equaliser settings and nothing.

I do not know why i feel that my apple earphones sounds better than it. But since this is the most expensive earphones i ever bought i convinced myself that it is my auditory illusion.

Bought as i lost my shure in ears and at first listen was a little underwhelmed but i played them straight through for 4 days as another reviewer mentioned they benefit massively from running in.

Absolute bargain, these earphones sound fantastic, certainly better than my ultimate ear triple fi’s. The price is also great, and what hifi rate them 5 stars at £270.

Normally, when you spend extra cash on premium earbuds, you get a ‘professional’ neutral-sounding tone, which you’ll probably end-up eq-ing before you’ve got the sound you want (extra bass perhaps, maybe sweeten-up the top end). However, these buds are aimed at the consumer, and sound great, straight out of the box. Tight, deep bass, lots of detail, and a smooth top end. I’ve owned shure 535s, and kiplsch x10s, plus one-or-two other higher-end ‘buds, and these provide a far more pleasing tone.

Love them brilliant price, read the revues on them clearly made the right move, thank you.

  • Absolutely fantastic! (but)
  • Quality Sound
  • Does the balanced armature 4-way driver make a difference? In a word: Yes.

Sony XBA4iP Premium Quality In-Ear Headphones

Product Description, Experience Balanced Armature Headphones, Sony has brought together a wide range of technologies to create the Balanced Armature Headphone series, featuring the world’s only Balanced Armature (BA) drivers optimized for music enjoyment. Because these driver units can be freely tuned, they are capable of a wider range of sound, and by combining full-range, woofer, super woofer and tweeter units, they can be layered together for a highly nuanced sound experience. Thanks to the driver’s micro sized construction and high sensitivity, these headphones are able to maximize style comfort, sound insulation, sound leakage prevention and even waterproofing, all while providing great sound quality. Sony BA headphones deliver a new high-quality music listening experience.

Double Layered Housing, The combination of Magnesium inner housing and a special ABS outer housing reduces unwanted vibration and realises smooth sound response to reproduce clear and distortion-free sound, especially in the mid to high range. Double Layered Housing Design allowed Sony to achieve superior sound quality and noise reduction.

High sensitivity for such a compact size, Clear output across a full sound range

Compact size, Sony’s Balanced Armature Drivers are 40% smaller than the traditional 9mm Dynamic Driver Units. The smaller size allows a design that creates a better fit inside the ear. This attenuates the outside sounds better than headphones with Dynamic drivers, resulting in a superior listening experience.

Sound quality, Compared to Dynamic drivers, BA drivers have an even response across the frequency range, with low and middle vocal ranges standing out. The sound has a very precise feel. BA drivers can be tuned for higher or lower ranges and combined to emphasize certain sounds.



Full Range,

Super Woofer,

Core Range, Crystal clear profound vocal sound Amplify your music experience with powerful bass and clear vocal sound Immerse your ears in bright and clear sounds with rich bass Be impressed by the richest of sounds

Variations – Waterproof, Bluetooth & Noise Cancelling,
Box Contains, Waterproof Case(SPK-AS2)Rechargeable battery Pack(NP-BX1)Operating Guidemicro USB CableAdhesive Mount

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They look amazing, and have really nice build, but unfortunately they will only work with a ipod, the sound quality was terrrible in a normal device, but great in a ipod, the remote also only functions with a ipod and nothing else, so if you want to use this for a few things, do not buy it, shame sony has done this,.

These are a fabulous buy if you get them for under £200, but read to the end. Having read all of the reviews, i was a bit nervous about getting them but all i can say no is that i don’t understand some of the negative reviews. I have been using klipsch x10’s for that past couple of years so i have come from a very high standard. I thought people were joking when they referred to breaking them in, but it is absolutely true – i tried them when new, then left them running for about 24 hours continuous and tried them again and there was a marked improvement. The tonal quality is great with very little colouration or harmonic distortion. I particularly like the wide sound stage they produce – probably due to the number of internal units in each headphone. Clearly some people either have the wrong shaped ears or they haven’t had the correct earbuds fitted and so the lack of bass for them. Butthe final sting in the tale, the supplied earbuds are useless – i cannot recommend strongly enough that you spend £20 and get the comply tx-200 isolation plus tips. It was these that raised my review from a 4* good review to a 5* superb rating.

I used to use sennheiser m70i which i absolutely loved but the sound quality on these is incomparable. It is rich and deep and lovely to hear. Many may be put off by the size but they do not feel heavy or look cumbersome in your ear. One thing to note is the length of cable. As it is quite long and thick it is quite heavy and has a tendency to feel it. Although it comes with a clip which could sort it i didn’t get on with it and the cable saver just adds weight. Fine for me but worth noting.

Really disappointed just no base the midd range and top end are great but just not enough base for me.

The sound quality from these in-ear headphones is fantastic. I have other sony headphones which are good, but these are far superior. You can hear every nuance be it bass or treble on a variety of musical styles. They come with a variety of buds and i found the padded noise cancelling ones the best for me. They are comfortable and keep out most external sounds. The rigi case they come in is useful too. Overall they beat my sennheiser over ear phones and some denon in-ear ones i have which are absolutely rubbish. The in-line volume control is very useful and and discreet. I like the fact that the left and right are colour coded and the left also has a little bump to also make it easy to identify in low light conditions. The actual head units are fairly large to contain the speakers, but they are still comfortable and don’t fall out easily.

No doubt the sound is very good. The fit could be better – am using the large buds. Not sure if i can tell the difference with the sound-insulating ones – they are less squishy so can become uncomfortable over a period. I used these earphones for 35hrs each way long-haul from uk to brisbane. Nice, open, neutral and detailed sound – could do with more bass which is surprising considering they have a sub-woofer. My last pair of atomic floyd hi-def drums were great but one cable wire must have frayed inside control housing (gutted) and the only reason i found myself purchasing another pair – i did my extensive homework and these came out tops almost every time. They are not worth £320 as per sony website but at about half-price i can justify these – great deal on here. They were bassy but heavy to wear in the ear – excellent feel, look and quality. The sony’s could do with a better looking design, a bigger pouch too as if you have the cable tidy and the clothes clip it’s a real squeeze to get them in the case. However as for sounds they are very good at dealing with all manner of music but make sure you feed them with high quality music signal or they will rip that music apart and make it sound awful.

Although they initially look big in the photos, in practice they are fine and very comfortable. The sound is top notch, but the bass is truly sublime.

Great atmospheric bass with clear midst and sparkling highs – in essence: balanced epic sound. If you don’t agree then you like your music foggy and drowned in bass to cloud the music or you haven’t achieved a good fit with your buds so try to get them seated right or the bass disappears – some other caps can remedy.

  • Absolutely fantastic! (but)
  • Quality Sound
  • Does the balanced armature 4-way driver make a difference? In a word: Yes.

Sony XBA4iP Premium Quality In-Ear Headphones

The foam in tips wears off super quick. But otherwise these are top quality headphones.

Bought these as my current in ears are on the way out and needed a new pair to take on holiday, in case the others gave up the ghost whilst away. Tried these out and i think they are really superb for what i listen to. These days it’s mainly acoustic music or audiobooks and these earphones do a superb job. I listened to some rock and african and latin music whilst away too and they coped with those genres well. The bass is good (don’t understand others saying it isn’t) but you do have to get the earphones in well and no air gaps or, as all in ears, they don’t do the job well. They are quite big, so tend to fall out easily when moving about, even when a tight fit. Not a major problem, just need to have hands free to fiddle them back in. I now no longer use my other ones as the sound on these is so much better. If you want good sound, and don’t want to walk around looking like a cyberman, which seems to be the trend these days, then i recommend these.

Anyone tried these with sennheiser ie 8/80 tips?. Works wonders with the sound. I won’t say how as everyone hears differently, but the sennheiser tips definitely make a difference.

Many years ago sony made the mdr-e484, legendary earphones – a few years later the mdr-e888 was born, using biocellulose drivers, again – impressive at the time. (to give you an idea, check what these go for on ebay)then they had a dry patch, mdr-ex70, ex71, ex700 – all ‘okay’ but not fantastic, then came the sony mdrex1000 monitor headphones with noise isolation earbuds. Fantastic as the ex1000 are (as you can imagine from the cost on the link above), the treble can be described as brittle, splashy or bright – the xba-4 corrects what sony (in my opinion) did wrong. – solid bass, rich mids, crisp, nicely extended treble and an insanely wide soundstage, for the first time in many years, these iems made me jump, the sound was so left field in this case, wasn’t expecting it at all.- these are what sony is all about, top quality itemsi will confess that i needed to have the comply tx-200 isolation plus earphone tips with wax guard medium black 3 pairs eartips to get these to sound their best, but – what is another £20 investment when you’re spending this much anyway??oh, and the specs on mine (made 11/2012) are different to those shown in the guide above, so – could be a revision. Xba-4ip : type : quad-balanced armature type sealed sensitivity : 102db playback frequency band : 3-28,000 hz impedance : 16ohms maximum input : 100mw mass : about 8g open circuit voltage level: -42db (0db=1 v/pa)anyway, if you’re in the market for a balanced armature iem, but cannot afford to go custom, give these a try, you may just find that it is worth having some faith in sony after all.

But once you get over that initial shock the quality of the product is very good. I was original going to by dr beats in ear but due to bad reviews i got these bad boys instead. Great iphone control , on off, next song , start same song again , volume up and downhandy clip and case included. If you have got the cash and want to treat your senses. You will not go far wrong with these recommended.

A little bit of context first. What i use these with:cowon x7 160gbfiio e11 amplifier(i do sometimes use these with my pc which has a dedicated asus phoebus solo sound card)iem’s previously owned:sennheiser ie80shure se215sony ex500phonak audéo pfe112with that out of the way, i like these iem’s a lot and they’re probably the best i’ve owned on an ‘overall spectrum’ judgement factor. I found myself very disappointed in the sennheiser ie80’s so these were a great replacement, despite the imperfections that the sonys have here and there. I’m yet to find any music this doesn’t do admirably however so i’ll talk more about the sound signature, which is without a doubt distinctly sony – arguably slightly on the clinical side with a v-shaped sound signature (prominent lows and highs, slightly recessed mids). If you want really articulate mids and less bass presence (aka if you’re a strictly classical listener), i think you’d be better off looking into something else as these are far more suited to rock, pop, electronic, metal etc. The highs are a slight contention point. There is plenty of sparkle but with poorer recordings this can sometimes lead to brash sibilance. Conversely, the highs sound excellent on good recordings and really add life to tracks you might have overlooked before. The mids sound detailed and weighty but lack a tiny bit of clarity, though this is rarely a problem as they are still very detailed. The bass is reasonable on a flat eq, not obtrusive but weighty and deep without being out of control.

For the last year or so i have been using shure 535 in ear headphones and i loved everything about them. Sadly i lost them last week and ended up embarking on the journey to find a better value replacement. After reading great reviews i chose ip4’s which arrived today. Everything from packaging to the actual product finish screams quality but the real killer here is of course the sound. Great bass, strong but not overpowering. Crystal clear treble and impressive midds’. And while nothing can beat 535’s connected to my amp the sound from my iphone has never been that good as it is now with this precious jewel of the sony stable. With the current price tag you will not find a better set. I love everything about them. Just try to listen new james blake’s album with these.

You will read many reviews about these and they vary wildly. One of the comments seems to be about the integration of the 4 drive units. Well i can tell you that they allow the music to be at the same time enjoyable but completely dissected so you know absolutely everything that is going on. I mainly listen to rock music but i am currently listening to jazz and the sax sounds fantastic. After reading one review i also ordered some comply tips and i shouldn’t have bothered. The noise isolating large tips supplied do a much better job without the fuss.

The reviews of these in-ear headphones are very mixed, but having tried the bose qc20i (great apart from the battery that you need to charge – i’ve got enough devices to keep charged already, without adding headphones to the list)so i thought i’d give the xba4s a listen. They are well packed and look a premium product straight out the box. But as other reviewer’s have said, you will be disappointed with the sound. At firstnow, who ever bothers to read the tiny print on the enclosed instructions. Usually i don’t, but because these have had such mixed reviews, i did:’how to use3 adjust the headphone to fit snugly in your earinstalling the earbuds correctly (see fig. C)if the earbuds do not fit your ears correctly, low-bass sound may not be heard. To enjoy bettersound quality, change the earbuds to another size or type, or adjust the earbuds position to sit onyour ears comfortably and fit your ears snuggly. If the earbuds do not fit your ears, try anothersize or type. ‘this is the key to getting rich low bass. I’ve gone for the largest size, and at first these felt uncomfortable, but after a few mins they do adjust to the shape of your ear, but you really do need to push them into your ears snuggly.

Was a bit hesitant about buying these as the price was to good to be true. Tried with galaxy s4 and ipod 5th gen touch, the ipod sounded much better after getting the right size of ear bud, sound was dynamic and punchy. So overall i’m glad i purchased.

Okay i’m actually editing this review from the last time i wrote about it, when i gave it 1/5so just very briefly about the design and all, it’s light, fits nicely into your ears and very comfortable. Now let’s talk about sound quality, that’s why you’re probably reading my review to begin with. At first, when i unboxed the headphones, plugged them in, i hardly noticed any difference in sound quality. I was trying to compare them to my old cheap regular sony in-ear headphones i got for free with my smartphone, and i was so disappointed. I contacted amazon to return the item and i packed it back in, ready to go to the post office next day in the morning for a full refund. Then i read paul’s comment on this product, but the xba-4 not the xba-4ip. I give him all the credit for what i know now about these incredible headphones. He said in his review that these headphones need some warming up first, so basically you should plug them in your walkman/ipod and put some music on, turn repeat on and keep in your drawer for some time. Paul suggested 100h for it to reach its full potential. I tried to do so, but i was just so curious after about 10 hours of doing so, i just wanted to try them out and see if i notice any difference and man was i amazedthey sounded nothing like when i first used them, the bass was sooo deep and booming in my ears. I was chuffed to bitsi can’t thank paul enough for his invaluable review on this product, i never imagined some headphones would need some ”running-in”. I suggest you go ahead and read his review on this product, the xba-4anyway, do what paul says, give them a spin for a few hours, for me i noticed the big difference after merely 10 hours, imagine how it would sound when reached its full potential. Sony’s best, and sony doesn’t disappointi tried beats audio before on my previous htc sensation xe, and the xba-4 easily surpass beats with its software all together. Easily, there’s no comparison. I give this product 200% and definitely recommend it.

. These are a pleasure to use and to listen to music, movies or skype on my ipad or iphones.

Features and Spesification

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  • 7g in-ear headphones for iPhone, with Balanced Armature drivers, woofer, subwoofer and tweeter
  • Quad Balanced Armature drivers
  • 3Hz-28kHz frequency range
  • Built-in dual woofer and tweeter