Soul X-TRA Wireless Over-Ear Headphones : So much to recommend but some niggles

These have done pretty well for me so far. 18 months use, all still works and they’ve taken a fair amount of abuse being stuffed in and out of a gym bag and drenched in rain and sweat on a regular basis. The good stuff:clearly durableear pads easy to wash so 18 months in and they’re still fresh smelling which is a small miraclelightweight with limited clamping force so comfortable, great for running and they do allow ambient noise in which is useful for outdoor runners who prefer a level of awarenessloud enough to eliminate that awareness if you prefergreat battery life, one charge a week is sufficient for 6 workoutsnot so great stuff. The on by default lights are irritating but it’s simple enough to turn them off, just annoying it’s every time you power up. Minimal clamping force is great for comfort but a touch useless when you’re bench pressing and they slide off your headthese leak sound badly with any workout level volumeall in all these do sound pretty decent, lack a little bass but that’s mostly a result of these just sitting lightly on your head. I’d recommend but only if you see these on sale, if i were to go again i wouldn’t pay more than about £70.

Does what it says in the tin only downside is if it’s turned right up other people can clearly hear what your listening to.

Cons********- those gimmicky flashy lights are on by default. For people who want to extend the battery life and have no desire to attract attention, every time you power them on, you will need to switch these lights off using a street fighter game combo button press (+ and- buttons simultaneously twice) – far too much work – the default mode for these lights should have been off. I understand that the lights are for evening runners/cyclists however they will probably want something that fits tighter and weighs a bit less. – you can hear each button press penetrate your skull – annoying when doing successive presses to adjust volume/skip tracks. – don’t feel or look like a £90 pair of headphones – the tacky logo looks like something a kid would graffiti a school table with. The soul combats model look a bit better but they are not wireless. – audio cable could be better quality. Pros********- light- not overly tight. – fast charge- long battery life- small footprint once folded. – they fit over-ear so more comfortable than on-ear – does not seem to be many over-ear wireless sports headphones on the market at the moment.

Decent sound quality and volume. A good hard carry case is included.

Perfectly acceptable running friendly headphones with decent sound quality are almost ruined by one ridiculous decision. There are lights on the side of each headphone for running at night – ok but why do they come on by default????. The amount of times i’ve walked round like a knob with them on. Whoever decided that needs to be shot – honestly it’s a reason not to buy.

Amazing for the money, great all round range of sound, not a over powering bass which i like. I charge these up maybe once a month and i go to the gym 5 times a week.

Overall, very good headphones – here is bit of a breakdown of what i have found :perfect for running and gym work if you dont like in ear headphones, these stay in place while im running and remain comfy. For workouts like burpees ect, they have a tendancy to slip slightly but its nothing major. Very comfy for long training sessions. Sound quality is good, not the absolute best ive heard but for a focused gym headphone its great. Remember these are made to get sweaty looks great, lights on the back are very useful when training running outside when the nights draw in. They are not as annoying as most people say, two quick clicks and they turn off, easy very light, easy to use and pair with your phone, yet to have a problem with the bluetooth compatibilty. Obviously the best feature is removable ear pads, keeps them fresh. Go for it, aslong as you are not expecting studio quality headphones and want some highly capable gym headphones then do it.

  • So much to recommend but some niggles
  • Very capable headphones.

SOUL X-TRA Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with Bluetooth 4.0 for Smartphones (iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 and more), black

Product Description, Noise isolation, thanks to its closed design – can be controlled absolutely wirelessly via the Bluetooth 4.0 Technology, via integrated control buttons, directly on the pinna or on the mobile phone. Ergonomic design, guaranteed to stay on even during your toughest workout. Whether sweaty training in the gym or jogging in the rain – balanced bass, clear highs and mids ensure optimum sound quality. Turn on the LED lights when you are running or exercise in the dark (Still and flashing modes). Up to 24-hour of playtime (With LED lights off) and comes with fast charge support which gets you a 150-min of playtime in just 15-min. Optional line-in feature, in case the headphones run out of power. The foldable design makes X-TRA your best travel companion ever. Its fold flat feature, perfect for easy and convenient storage. Made with breathable sports material for moisture wicking and washable function.

Box Contains, 1x X-TRA Wireless – Black

From the manufacturer

SOUL Electronics X-Tra Wireless Headphones

SOUL Electronics Over-Ear Headphones

Stay strong, stay powerful, stay motivated. Bring your training to another level with extra features on X-TRA Wireless, push your limit together with SOUL.

Due to its closed shape, the X-TRA fades out annoying ambient noise completely. In addition, the swiveling earpieces can be folded and the compact X-Tra is quickly stowed away.

  • Wireless Over-Ear Headphones
  • Up to 24 hours of music enjoyment
  • LED lighting
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Audio Cable
  • Carrying Case

Up to 24 hours music enjoyment

Whether sweat training in the gym or jogging in the pouring rain – balanced bass, clear highs and mids provide the optimal sound quality and the right motivation boost.

LED lighting

Do you like training at night? In the dark, the over-ear headphones impress with striking lighting effects on the ear cup. The integrated LED luminaires of the X-TRA therefore provide more safety, especially in the dark season.

Wireless sound artists

Train harder thanks to maximum freedom of movement and grow beyond your limits. Thanks to its closed form, the X-TRA completely eliminates annoying ambient noise and can be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 technology using integrated control buttons directly on the ear cup or from a mobile phone.

Legendary ergonomics

Soft ear pads made of breathable material offer high wearing comfort. The ear pads are easy to remove and washable. In addition, the swivelling earcups can be folded up and the compact X-Tra is quickly stowed away.

Characteristics JET PRO eliminates annoying noise. IMPACT OE – Powerful sound and highest wearing comfort Voice Coaching Wireless Running Earphones
Description The JET PRO is designed to give travelers and music lovers a unique listening experience. Included in delivery: a high-quality leather case for stowing the headphones and an aircraft adapter. IMPACT OE enclose the whole ear so that you can immerse yourself in the full musical enjoyment and perfectly stage deep, powerful basses, clear mids and highs. Improve your running efficiency with the earphones Run Free Pro Bio. The first AI earphones with the intelligent Beflex BiomechEngine monitor your running style and coach you in real time.
The fully circumaural ear cushion gives the ear more space. That’s why the JET PRO is very comfortable, even during a long flight. Absolutely wireless, the over-ear headphones create a feeling of freedom and assure maximum comfort even when worn for extended periods of time. Increase your racing efficiency.

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  • So much to recommend but some niggles
  • Very capable headphones.

SOUL X-TRA Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with Bluetooth 4.0 for Smartphones (iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 and more), black

Features and Spesification

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  • Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with Bluetooth 4.0 – lithium-polymer battery enables up to 24 hours of Music without interruption
  • Noise isolation and ergonomic design, guaranteed to stay on even during your toughest workout
  • Eye-catching, integrated LED lights provide more security in the dark season
  • USB Charing Cable, Carrying Case, breathable sports material for moisture wicking and washable function.