SoundMAGIC E11D In Ear Isolating USB-C Earphones : High quality in ear audio at an affordable price

Great price point, great quality sounds, does what is says on the tin, very good value for money.

Good bass but sound a little muddy to me but obviously it depends what other headphones you listen too. I’ve also got the older pl30s and i actually prefer their sound but the e11 bass is bigger.

I wanted some decent headphones for my daily commute and i really like these. They have a handy little hard shell case which keeps them nice and tidy in my handbag. They come with different size, changeable ear pieces which is good because we don’t all have the same size earholes. I didn’t want to spend too much and i particularly wanted the handsfree feature for using with my iphone. Having sent 2 sets of another brand back because they stopped working after a month,and these being my 3rd purchase, i think i’m finally happy.

I’ve not tried these for working out so can’t comment, but after reading the reviews then listing to them, they are one of the best balanced in-ear head phones you will listen to. The fact they are such great value for money means you definitely should buy these headphones if you’re looking for a new pair. They also look great and feel very well made.

I’m don’t know much about best sound quality. But i’m pleased with this product, the sound is good and clean.

They sounds awesome, really clear and full sound. Plus super comfortable and feel stable in my ears. Delivery was fast and nicely packaged.

Excellent sound and a comfortable fit.

Nice sound, not overly expensive.

  • Decent headphones at a reasonable price
  • Some of the best earphones you’ll listen to
  • Great until one side stops working

SoundMAGIC E11D In Ear Isolating USB-C Earphones with Remote/Mic and DAC – Black

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The sound is very clear and the stereo separation is really terrific. Having bought sennheisers for years i thought i’d give another brand a go. Although i hadn’t heard of soundmagic before and i didn’t know anyone who’d owned any of their products, i thought i’d give them a go and i’m glad i did. Also very well made and the carrying case is a nice addition to a great product.

These are amazing, i love sound magic anyway for their sound quality, product quality, and price. I’ve spent a lot of money trying to get the right pair of wireless headphone, and i was recommended these and love them. Noise cancellation is normal i’d say but i have my headphone quite loud and there’s no problem, if you have them low then you can hear things around you. The bass is powerful, and the trebles are amazing. I listen to a wide range of songs and all sound amazing. Sometimes only the newer pop sounds good and older not so but in these every song comes to life :).

Primary use for phone calls. People have commented just how fantastic they are. Love the band as it stays around my neck but does not get in the way.

Soundmagic do some quality products and this is no exception everything is just as it should be.

Having owned a pair of soundmagic e10 ear buds for the best part of 5 years and have them receive constant abuse whilst still sounding great, when they finally broke last week, i knew i needed to stick with soundmagic. This time i wanted the mic and volume control, so upgraded to the e11c. They look excellent — the design is timeless and the all silver finish is lovely. They really do feel premium. I’m no audiophile but to my ears these do sound excellent. The highs, mids and lows are all very clear — the bass definitely is more powerful than my last set. It might be because they’re new but the volume is definitely louder too. Overall these are a great buy.

These sounded terrible with the included ear tips, not what i was expecting given how the similar e10 and beyer byrons sounded previously. I usually use double flange tips but didn’t initially as i thought i had lost them. I managed to find a pair, slapped them on and the e11 was transformed. Cancelled my return request. Do yourself a favour and get some good tips for these. A shame soundmagic didn’t include double flange with these like they did the e10.

The sound quality on these is crystal clear, but the bass is where they really shine. The insulating headphones are great (i use them in a busy office) and very comfortable. The connectors and cables are tough and have a sleek design. They arrived next day, well packed and with a tough carry case included. Couldn’t be happier with these.

Liked these headphones as the sound was decent and full bodied. Clear and with a punchy bass, they were good. However, a couple of things i wish were different, is the ear tips. These would be so much better as cone/oval tip buds. Also, unfortunately these didn’t last me more than a couple months at most. I didn’t always keep them in the carry case, mostly in my pockets. They never got dropped majorly or abused. Shame one side stopped working as i really liked these. I’m disappointed in their durability considering the price i paid for them. Won’t be buying again as i’m not convinced they will last.

  • Decent headphones at a reasonable price
  • Some of the best earphones you’ll listen to
  • Great until one side stops working

SoundMAGIC E11D In Ear Isolating USB-C Earphones with Remote/Mic and DAC – Black

Listen for 2-3 hours at a time and do not find sound tiring. Sound quality very good especially at highervolumes.

I bought this product because i wanted a good set of headphones to leave at work; i felt my klipsch headphones were too expensive for use in this environment, especially going back and forth. Didn’t expect much, but my have i been impressed. I am no audiophile but these headphones are hands-down better than my klipsch ones; offering far greater clarity and definition at virtually half the price.

These are good headphones and a good deal at this price. I’m glad i got them but don’t believe the hype about these being some kind of amazing miracle. They’re good, but nothing to get too excited about.

These are highly recommended, especially when viewed against price. Well made with a quality feel and look about them and more importantly a well balanced sound. Nice little semi-hard case provided too. My only slight niggle is that being so small they can be a little tricky to remove. Overall very happy with these.

Had my last pair stolen so these were a replacement.

Really love the clear dynamic sound of these great little in-ear phones. The volume control and mic work perfectly with my iphone 6s and walking down the street with them, i can hear everything thanks to their good isolation.

The sound quality & level is amazing for in ear & really blocks out ambient sound on the train for example.

What i wasnt expecting was for these to stay in my ears on the treadmill. Usually with earphones i need to push them in every few minutes. These stay putthe sound quality is really good, and the cable is semi rigid so doesnt tangle like previous earphones. I also have bluetooth wireless ones for my commute. But these are the best ive used thus far.

Pleasantly surprised at the clarity of sound and separation, a well balanced delivery, the base lacks punch, however that takes nothing away from the overall sound quality. A real bargain at this price point and very comfortable to wear, with the neck band giving plenty of support so you feel no tug on the cables attached to the buds when in ears.

Fantastic set of earbuds for the price.

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