Soundmagic E50 In Ear Isolating Earphones – : E50 instead of E11

These headphones are a little more than i would normally spend on earbuds but i thought i’d spend a little more to get better quality and i was not disappointed. The low end is perfect and the high end stands out much more than on any other in ear style headphone i’ve ever used. The build quality is great with the cable feeling very strong and the actual ear pieces feeling very higher qualitythere is a carry case provided which contains several sizes of buds. They also include a memory foam set which do cancel out a bit more background noise than the regular rubber ones, but have a hard plastic tube in the centre. This tube after maybe two weeks of use began to scratch against my ear, making them quite uncomfortable. I’d definitely recommend these headphones to someone who’s after a higher tier in ear headphone. The sound quality is excellent, as is the build quality.

I’ve been using soundmagic earphones for many hours now, following the success of the e10s, and once my second pair of those had given up, decided it was time to upgrade to the e50s. I’ve now had a pair for over a year and a half, so my review takes into account a long period of constant usage. First, the sound is exactly what you’d expect from soundmagic, and pumped up just a little more than the e10s. Strong, defined bass, crisp highs, with fantastic depth, especially for the price.Cannot fault the sound quality in the slightest, if you’re upgrading from the e10 or viewing this as a worthy successor to your current buds, i’d comfortably say these are going to be far better than an equivalently price senheisser. It’ll last longer as well, which brings me to durability. A year and a half of usage, including running, walking, listening in work, on the train, plane, everywhere. They live in my bag, which is also cluttered with pens, sketch pads, name badges and all manner of junk – and there isn’t a single mark of damage. I’ll be honest in saying i’m not careful with them. I loop them up at the end of the day and throw them in my bag.

Very good headphones, especially for this price. I previously had a pair of jvc extreme xplosives which were a few years old and i finally lost them but i’m glad i did. Sound quality on these is fantastic, although i did have to fine tune the eq to get everything popping nicely. I was also a little bit too used to the insane bass coming from the jvcs but now everything just feels a lot more balanced. Only reason these don’t get 5 star is because after a couple of weeks, the jack bent. They still worked fine but it worried me so i ordered a replacement pair which came a few days ago.

At the start, they sounded quite cold, a problem ifixed with some eq tweaking. Over time, however, after burning in many hours, either i had been accustomed to the sound or their sound had really changed, but they now sound amazing. There is a musical detail with okay separation but a lot of detail nonetheless. They are very balanced and no frequency is boosted above the other ones, which is how i prefer it. If you can live without the button function, this is a much better choice as the button/controls are very fragile and can break. There is good isolation with the dual flange tips and, though they dampened the sound at first, the comply tips now sound great with good isolation too. The generally higher impedance does make it so that when playing it off my phone, i had to crank up the volume button more than other earphones to get the same volume levels. Though this does not warrant an amp yet. Overall, i have loved using these, i’ve had them for over 5 months and the aluminium casing has stayed strong with only some tiny scratches here but nothing bad. I would definitley recommend these.

I’m writing after unwrapping and testing these headphones and i’m not often prompted to leave reviews:at this price point (under £35) you would be pushed to find better quality ‘in the ear’ type headphones that could deliver the same reproductive quality. Its pretty awesome- the sound-stage and stereo separation are very good. I’m listening to hi-res audio files from spotify, playing through a sony z5 compact smartphone using the dsee hx filter. The trick is using a device with a decent dac that has got enough output to put the power through these drivers. Just read all the reviews out there from the audio engineers that will give you the best advice on this subject, you can then decide if you need to invest in a headphone amp or not. The results from these headphones are on a par with my grado hi-fi headphones costing 3 times as much. I have quite small ear canals so was very impressed with the selection of silicone tips which are also supplied and tried the smallest ones which seem the best fit. Its a shame the ‘comply premium earphone tips’ supplied weren’t the same size to be able to fit me- but you’d be on to a winner if your ears fall into the ‘average size’ category to be able to use these for the best isolation. The build quality for this price point is good, as with anything where small diameter wires are fed into a speaker i would be sure that they would eventually break through tug abuse (ooh err)i’m really pleased with these and was seriously considering buying the e11’s after reading the customer reviews on here but am glad that i saved about £8 by choosing the e50’s which look just as premium and well built (in my opinion better looking)so, to sum up – premium feel to the quality, awesome reproduction (probably not for ‘bass heads’) and a good selection of accessories. Carry case supplied could have been a better design as the wires don’t coil into it very well- you just know that if your’e in a hurry one day the wires will get jammed up in the zip.

I’ve owned e10s for the past four years now (went through two pairs in total) and finally decided to upgrade. The build quality on the e50s seems slightly higher. The part where the wire comes out of the 3. 5mm jack is a lot tougher and more secure which is good since it was the one weak spot where my e10s broke. Sound quality is really good but they do seem a little low on bass compaired to what i’m used to. This can be fixed by playing around with my phones equaliser but its something to take in mind when buying these. Overall i’m very happy with these headphones and hope they live as long as my e10s did.

Pretty pleased with them so far. The build quality seems decent enough (only time will tell on that front though) and they look good, so ticking the box on aesthetics. I listen mostly to heavy rock, with a bit of blues thrown in from time to time, so didn’t want anything ott on the bass front. The noise isolation is good for offices, the earphones come with a multitude of silicone tip sizes, along with ‘medium’ size memory foam tips, a hard carry case and a clip for clothing attachment. Sound-wise i’m no expert, but they seem to cope pretty well with everything i’ve thrown at it, from uptown funk to the faces to alter bridge, delivering very clear neutral sound. A really good alternative to the bigger brands positioned at the ~£60-£80 mark, especially with the case thrown in for good measure.

I’ve had these for 8 months now. Bought these after my sennheiser cx500 broke. I use a sennheiser hd280 headphone through an amp on my desktop too which are considered monitoring headphones so having liked those i thought i’d try these considering they offer the same equal response. But these have no bass at all, nothing compared to the bass response i get on the hd280’s which aren’t bass heavy. I’d have to use an equalizer within poweramp (android) to bump the bass all the way up, but it still doesn’t sound immersive. I then tried these through the amp that powered my hd280’s and the bass is still lacking unless i use an equalizer. I’ve tried to like these but i just can’t. -lacking bass-cable noise-poor overall response on mid to low volume-overpowering mids+cable strength+no cable tangle+ear buds, lot’s of ear buds.

  • Still going strong, and sounding amazing!
  • E50 instead of E11
  • Upgraded from e10s, really happy I did

SoundMAGIC E50 In Ear Isolating Earphones – Gold

Colour Name:Copper  |  Style Name:Wired
Product Description, Out of extensive experience in earphone technology SoundMAGIC is proud to introduce the newest member of their ever growing earphone family – E50. Offering a strong build, superior musical performance and a comfortable ergonomic design, the E50 is sure to become a legend in the earphone world.
Finely attuned drivers in the heart of the E50 offer breathtaking sound reproduction that will satisfy with any musical genre even at higher volume levels without distortion. Power and balance are the foremost sound qualities of the E50 delivering a fast-paced and proportional accurate sound image.
Employing SoundMAGIC’s traditional cylinder shaped housing made from lightweight aluminium make the E50 a robust earphone with strong ergonomics. Included in the delivery are multiple styles of silicone and Comply eartips to ensure the correct fit for every user. United with the correct fitting eartip the E50 offers increased sound isolation offering clean and undiluted listening fun.
Unlimited musical enjoyment.
Superior SoundTuned for delivering powerful bass and balanced musical detail, the E50 offer breathtaking sound reproduction that will satisfy with any musical genre even at higher volume levels without distortion.
Strong BuildMade out of one piece of aluminium, the metal earphone body makes the E50 robust and ready for the rigours of everyday life, whatever you throw at them. Inside the sheath of the cord a twisted cable ensures strength and a tangle-free listening experience.
Fit & IsolationErgonomically designed sound tubes sit perfectly in the ear canal and stay in the ear comfortably. The in-ear design combined with the right eartips seals music in and leaves unwanted noise out. Included in the delivery are multiple silicone and Comply eartips to ensure the correct fit for every user.

Box Contains, SoundMAGIC E50 in Copper3 pairs dome shaped silicone eartips (S/M/L)3 pairs flat silicone eartips (S/M/L)1 pair Double Flange silicone eartips (M)1 pair Comply foam tipsCable clipHard carrying case

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The sound quality of the earphones is as expected – very good, noise isolation is excellent even with the standard ear buds (i find the comply foam earbuds have a bit of a ‘cheap’ look about them and therefore make the product look lower quality when they’re on). The cable is also noteworthy in that it has never tangled because of the ridged design, which i like a lot, on top of this the angled headphone jack is also very convenient when your phone is in your pocket. The reason i write this review, and indeed give the earphones 3 stars is therefore nothing to do with the sound quality (very good) or build quality (very good) but that i bought the e50’c’ version because c supposedly means ‘compatibility’ however, the remote does not work with my iphone 6s – i cannot use the microphone, change the volume or play/pause songs on the phone which i was surprised at considering the earphones claim iphone compatibility and this claim is surely based on iphone 6s/7?. As a result i have had to knock off two stars as i would’ve been better off getting the previous iteration e50s or standard e50’s given this. Update: turns out that the reasoning the remote was not working with my iphone was due to a build up of dust in the earphone socket, having since cleared this out, the earphone controls and microphone work as expected when purchased. So anyone having this problem with an iphone should check for dust and use a pin to clear it out of the 3. Since finding this i’ve had no issues with the remote, the build is as good as ever despite frequent use at the gym and whilst cycling (including in the rain) overall, could not recommend them more now that i have resolved the issue.

  • Still going strong, and sounding amazing!
  • E50 instead of E11
  • Upgraded from e10s, really happy I did

SoundMAGIC E50 In Ear Isolating Earphones – Gold

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  • Powerful bass balanced with superb musical detail
  • Comfortable Fit and Distinctive Design
  • Tangle-Free Twisted Cable Design
  • Full Metal Earphone Housing Construction