Soundmagic E50 In Ear Isolating Earphones – : Pretty pleased with them so far

Absolutely love soundmagic earphones. Have had the e10 previously but having lost them i thought i would try a different model. Brilliant sound / build quality.

I wanted to find a replacement for my shure e2c earphones, which served me well for the past 8 years. After reading some great reviews i thought e50 would be a good replacement. The sound quality on e50 is really good, better than e2c. Unfortunately, in terms of build quality shure is in a different class altogether. Shure earphones are built like tanks. I could live with a flimsy earphones like e50, as i don’t expect them to survive in some extreme conditions. The main problem for me though is the shape and position of the earbuds and i tried most of the tips provided with e50. Shure provides significantly bigger rubber tips and they are slightly angled, making them project the sound inside the ear slightly upwards. This means they are isolating noise much better and in noisy environments are actually better than e50, despite worse overall sound quality. For me personally these earbuds are made for listening at home.

Best headphones i’ve had so far – have yet to break (over a year on).

Bought these for my husband who listens to music on his ipad and his previous ear phones were not of a very good quality as i could hear whatever he was listening to almost as clear as himself. My husband loves them and so do i.

Excellent sound, good quality.

Very happy with these soundmagic e50’s and i specially like the foam tips supplied which are comfortable and noise isolating. I do quite a few long haul flights and just use these on board.

Fab range at low and high volume. Feels quality and is quality, with a nifty carry case thrown in.

Very good headphones, especially for this price. I previously had a pair of jvc extreme xplosives which were a few years old and i finally lost them but i’m glad i did. Sound quality on these is fantastic, although i did have to fine tune the eq to get everything popping nicely. I was also a little bit too used to the insane bass coming from the jvcs but now everything just feels a lot more balanced. Only reason these don’t get 5 star is because after a couple of weeks, the jack bent. They still worked fine but it worried me so i ordered a replacement pair which came a few days ago.

  • Like a posher E10.
  • Awesome high impedance earbuds – better through high quality dac
  • Good sound quality, not great at isolating outside noise.

SoundMAGIC E50 In Ear Isolating Earphones – Red

SoundMAGIC E50 In Ear Isolating Earphones

SoundMAGIC E50 In Ear Isolating Earphones
About the SoundMAGIC E50

The E50 is the big brother to SoundMAGIC’s multi-award winning E10 earphone. Featuring a refined sound in rugged housing, the E50 is a perfect partner for portable devices. A durable earphone with truly superb sound, built to be used everyday. The rigid aluminium exterior contains powerful custom 10mm dynamic drivers, producing impressive bass, a wide soundstage and sparkling organic highs with detail and precision. The attractive E50 design gives both a comfortable fit for prolonged listening sessions and great isolation, for superb sound quality. SoundMAGIC have crafted three attractive colour variations, all with a high quality metallic finish. A strong twisted hifi cable, designed to resist tangling, is finished with a metal jack plug. The included semi-rigid carrying case and noise-reducing eartips make the E50 the ideal earphone for the discerning listener who is constantly on the move.

The E50 Sound

SoundMAGIC have tuned the E50 to deliver a balanced sound with impressive reproduction of the voice and acoustic instruments. Bass depth and texture are vivid and punchy with a detailed and natural feel that makes the most of modern music production as well as classic tracks. The well-defined bass response, clear vocals and sparkling trebles make this earphone a compelling musical companion.

About SoundMAGIC

  • Founded in 2005 by acoustic design engineer Tony Xu.
  • Design and produce products that aim to deliver performance beyond customer expectations.
  • Continuously improving and updating products based on customer feedback.
  • Innovating with the latest technology and best materials.

SoundMAGIC E50 Features

SoundMAGIC E50

SoundMAGIC E50

SoundMAGIC E50

SoundMAGIC E50

High Fidelity Sound

The SoundMAGIC E50 delivers precise and balanced hifi sound. With top end sparkle and pretty mids, the E50 feels quick and solid in its presentation.

Aluminium Construction

Machined in one piece, the aluminium earphone housing makes the E50 tough enough to withstand the rigours of everyday use.

Twisted Pair Hi-Fi Cable

Paired with SoundMAGIC’s new 60 degree, gold plated jack plug, the twisted core cable improves durability, reduces tangle and rejects noise from RF interference.

Comfortable In-Ear Fit

Ergonomically designed sound tubes sit perfectly in the ear canal and stay in the ear comfortably without falling out. The in-ear design combined with the correct eartips seals music in and leaves unwanted noise out.

SoundMAGIC E11 SoundMAGIC E11C SoundMAGIC E11BT SoundMAGIC P55 Vento v3.0 soundmagic e10 SoundMAGIC E50
SoundMAGIC E11 SoundMAGIC E11C SoundMAGIC E11BT SoundMAGIC P55 v3.0 SoundMAGIC E10 SoundMAGIC E50
Wireless Connectivity
Machined Aluminium Housing
High-Reolution Silver-Plated Copper Cable
Inline Remote With Answer/End Function Plus Music Control For Smartphones, Tablets and Apple devices
Inline Microphone
Universal Smartphone Control Compatibility
Semi Rigid Portable Storage Case
Portable Storage Pouch

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Early thoughts are that they have an accurate/detailed approach to music that is great for intense listening. However the relative lack of bass means they don’t have much warmth and so they are not a ‘go to’ set of phones for casual listening.

Can’t tell much difference from the e10s yet if i’m honest, but they converted me from sennheiser, so they were great in the first place.

Great sound quality especially for the price and i really couldn’t be happier. Thanks to all the guys at soundmagic.

The audio quality on these is fantastic for the money. There’s a lot of detail and clarity, and the sound is well balanced. The remote works perfectly with both ios and android devices in my experience, and is one of the few headsets to do so. The blue colour also looks pretty awesome.

These earphones worked fine for about 2 months. Then the left ear suddenly stopped working and i had to twist the earphone jack to get the sound back. Eventually, the right ear had also stopped working and finding that sweet spot when turning the earphone jack just became a hassle. A good pair of earphones for sound quality. They have a nice midrange and are good for high vocals as well as bass. But, the build quality is a big letdown, especially considering that my cheaper betron earphones have lasted longer than these.

Superb sound quality and wire does not tangle as much as cheap pairs. I use these with foam east buds and very comfy.

My favourite earphones at the moment. I own bose soundtrue and akg k451 and these are better sounding than both. At first they are very bright and this might explain some of the bad reviews- but they need to have a burn-in time of at least 4 hours. Once they have had this warm up they will sound great. Clear and crisp and just the right amount of bass. If you want bass heavy headphones i’d go for something like the k451 or beats, but for an honest, clear sound these are the best under £100ers- fact.

I was looking for a step up in sound quality from a pair of sony in ears a bought 6 months ago which i find too bright/aggressive in their balance. Had heard good things about soundmagic and initial impressions are great. Sound is clear and detailed without being tiring and the bass seems to be tuneful and weighty where needed. The phones come with a very wide selection of different size tips so i cant imagine many people would not be able to achieve a decent snug fit. A useful little protective rigid case is also provided which is step on the nothing usually provided at this price. Very happy with my buy and the sound quality. Bassheads may have to look elsewhere but if you like your sound accurate then i cant imagine there is much better for the money or even in a class or two above.

  • Like a posher E10.
  • Awesome high impedance earbuds – better through high quality dac
  • Good sound quality, not great at isolating outside noise.

SoundMAGIC E50 In Ear Isolating Earphones – Red

Bought these to replace a pair of e30s and wow what an upgrade. Sound amazing for the price.

It’s the *absence* of certain things which makes these so good – the bass isn’t the static-filled ‘washy’ sound you get on cheap headphones, instead a well rounded pulse. I’m not an audiophile but my music has never sounded so good (listen to metal, techno industrial, ebm etc. This is my first set at this price point so can’t compare to competitors. I would note that i always have to have my volume one ‘point’ louder to get the same volume as other headphones. Couple of critiques however;- the ‘barrel’ shaped design, while sturdy and easy to get in, does mean these stick out of your ears quite prominently- i wouldn’t be able to wear these to the gym because they don’t sit well for movement- i got mine on a warehouse deal, i would pay the same again but not full price- the wire looks like the same wire from the es20. Feels plasticky and flimsy, i’m always paranoid that where it connects to the earphone it could break and i don’t feel comfortable wrapping these up except in their protective case (es20s i would just rollup and stick in a rucksack pocket). If your phone jack is near the charging port of your phone you may get static. Upgraded to these after an es20s were broken in a dog-related incident and to be honest i’m very impressed with the sound quality. However i think if you want just good cheap all round earphones the es20 are definitely a better buy.

Selected the right rubber ear tubes and haven’t looked back since. The bass is lovely and the mid range is buttery smooth, however, i find high sounds tend to be jagged but this is a rare problem.

Has high midrange, suppresses the bass, go to e80 if your budget allows to.

I’ve had e10s in the past and really liked them so i thought i’d try these out. The build quality looks robust and i like the twisted strand cable. Unfortunately i couldn’t get a particularly good fit on these, but the comply foam earphone tips supplied are probably my best fit. The high impedance of these phones is an issue as both my ipod and my cowon players have to be at maximum volume to get an acceptable volume from the phones. I find the bass low and the mid range and treble strident if not harsh. Adjusting the equaliser on my cowon just about achieves an acceptable sound but it still sounds harsh. I’ll use these on my laptop for now and see how they sound after a longer period of use. Overall i’m disappointed after the e10s.

These earphones are decent, although maximum volumes i’d not loud enough on apple devices.

Quality construction, very detailed sound. Flat sound profile is great if your device/software allows you to set the eq. I like the ‘jazz’ eq profiles with these to define the bass a bit and polish the top end. Not for the real bass-hunters though.

A well designed product giving a quality listening experience. The initial impression suggests the earphones are well built.

+ sound is alright, well balanced+ plenty of accessories – bag, several earbuds and a pair of noise blocking foam ones- the cable has way too much memory, it will always curl and twist- the cable slider movement is stiff- it’s hard to quickly tell right from left as the symbols are on the lower part of the earbudsi bought these to replace a dying sennheiser cx300ii, bought for less than half the price (amazon couldn’t replace it), which sounded just as good and had a better cable. Overall, way overpriced for what they offer, i don’t think i’ll ever spend more than 25£ from now on. Edit: (july 2016) after barely 2 months of usage, one of the two foam buds has already cracked.

At the start, they sounded quite cold, a problem ifixed with some eq tweaking. Over time, however, after burning in many hours, either i had been accustomed to the sound or their sound had really changed, but they now sound amazing. There is a musical detail with okay separation but a lot of detail nonetheless. They are very balanced and no frequency is boosted above the other ones, which is how i prefer it. If you can live without the button function, this is a much better choice as the button/controls are very fragile and can break. There is good isolation with the dual flange tips and, though they dampened the sound at first, the comply tips now sound great with good isolation too. The generally higher impedance does make it so that when playing it off my phone, i had to crank up the volume button more than other earphones to get the same volume levels. Though this does not warrant an amp yet. Overall, i have loved using these, i’ve had them for over 5 months and the aluminium casing has stayed strong with only some tiny scratches here but nothing bad. I would definitley recommend these.

For reference most of my earphones break within a year or so (had a few sennheisers, klipschs etc.

I’ve had these for 8 months now. Bought these after my sennheiser cx500 broke. I use a sennheiser hd280 headphone through an amp on my desktop too which are considered monitoring headphones so having liked those i thought i’d try these considering they offer the same equal response. But these have no bass at all, nothing compared to the bass response i get on the hd280’s which aren’t bass heavy. I’d have to use an equalizer within poweramp (android) to bump the bass all the way up, but it still doesn’t sound immersive. I then tried these through the amp that powered my hd280’s and the bass is still lacking unless i use an equalizer. I’ve tried to like these but i just can’t. -lacking bass-cable noise-poor overall response on mid to low volume-overpowering mids+cable strength+no cable tangle+ear buds, lot’s of ear buds.

These certainly aren’t the perfect set of earphones, but they’re the best you can get for the price. What i don’t like about them is that they look pretty ugly and the cable looks worryingly thin (that being said, they still haven’t broken within a couple of months). However, there are many good points, such as the cable being very easy to untangle. While they do look ugly, they are very unobtrusive which is a big plus when compared to garish earphones/headphones (e. The carry case is a great for protecting the earphones. Most importantly, the sound quality is fantastic. Some of the supplied tips make the sound balance strange, but if you choose the right tips for you, you should get a decent balance. Also, some the silicone tips do leak some sound from the outside, the supplied `comply` tips are very good at isolating environmental noise.

No other words for this price punch well above there weight.

I’m writing after unwrapping and testing these headphones and i’m not often prompted to leave reviews:at this price point (under £35) you would be pushed to find better quality ‘in the ear’ type headphones that could deliver the same reproductive quality. Its pretty awesome- the sound-stage and stereo separation are very good. I’m listening to hi-res audio files from spotify, playing through a sony z5 compact smartphone using the dsee hx filter. The trick is using a device with a decent dac that has got enough output to put the power through these drivers. Just read all the reviews out there from the audio engineers that will give you the best advice on this subject, you can then decide if you need to invest in a headphone amp or not. The results from these headphones are on a par with my grado hi-fi headphones costing 3 times as much. I have quite small ear canals so was very impressed with the selection of silicone tips which are also supplied and tried the smallest ones which seem the best fit. Its a shame the ‘comply premium earphone tips’ supplied weren’t the same size to be able to fit me- but you’d be on to a winner if your ears fall into the ‘average size’ category to be able to use these for the best isolation. The build quality for this price point is good, as with anything where small diameter wires are fed into a speaker i would be sure that they would eventually break through tug abuse (ooh err)i’m really pleased with these and was seriously considering buying the e11’s after reading the customer reviews on here but am glad that i saved about £8 by choosing the e50’s which look just as premium and well built (in my opinion better looking)so, to sum up – premium feel to the quality, awesome reproduction (probably not for ‘bass heads’) and a good selection of accessories. Carry case supplied could have been a better design as the wires don’t coil into it very well- you just know that if your’e in a hurry one day the wires will get jammed up in the zip.

My sennheiser m2 ieg momentums broke so thought i would try these. The sound quality and build is excellent although obviously they don’t provide the same depth as momentums. The included comply tips was a nice touch. The cable is a little short but that’s just a personal preference.

I haven’t had any problem other than the foam tips only lasting a few days. The headphones themselves sound good, are light and comfortable to wear for an extended period.

Surprisingly wide sound stage. Not very bass heavy, but enough. Great clarity with no harshness.

Features and Spesification

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  • Powerful bass balanced with superb musical detail
  • Comfortable Fit and Distinctive Design
  • Tangle-Free Twisted Cable Design
  • Full Metal Earphone Housing Construction