SousVide Supreme Water Oven – Transformational

My sousvide supreme was about 3 years old when it developed a fault. Icontacted sv expecting the normal, ‘too costly to repair, buy a new one’. But no, instead it was, ‘send it back, repairs are free’. I packed it in bubble wrap and two layers of thick cardboard. Taped it withpacking tape and string. In spite of this when it was opened by sv theinside of the oven was damaged and the base broken. Sv offered to replace my oven with a ‘refurbishedunit. Again it was a free of charge offer.

The sous vide water oven, is quite amazing, at first wasn,t sure if i would use it enough, but found wonderful to prepare in advance.

Sous vide, a cooking technique where vacuum-sealed food is immersed in a precise, consistently-heated water bath, has been one of the better-kept secrets of top chefs for some time. Gradually home gastronomes are picking this up and doing it for themselves. Eades appliance technology has launched what is said to be the world’s first consumer sous vide appliance – in two different sizes (sousvide supreme and the smaller sousvide supreme demi). Along with a companion-series of vacuum sealers, the company seeks to offer everything the home cook would need to get sous vide-ing. In essence for your money you get a water tank with a computer-controlled heating element. You set the desired cooking temperature, set the optional timer and put the vacuum-sealed food into the device once the target water temperature has been reached. Whilst it is essential that the water temperature is accurately set and maintained dependent on the food being cooked, the length of cooking time is, on the whole, not so critical after the minimum cooking time has been reached. So a steak could take a couple of hours in some cases, but it will not spoil if you then leave it cooking for a few hours more. It won’t be any better but equally it won’t be spoiled. Once you have put the food in the water bath there is absolutely no stirring or other involvement required.

I loved this quality item but unfortunately i have since become vegan so had to sell it on.

This unit has changed our whole thinking on sous vide cooking and is easy to set up and use, because of volume we have also purchased a large circulator pump and bath, but will use this daily for the smaller items.

What a great machine; i can’t imagine why i waited to buy one. I love the results when cooking and i chose this particular machine after much research and reading other buyers’ feedback. I recommend this machine and vendor to anyone looking for a quality machine and prompt delivery.

No complaints really – works as it should, dead simple to use, nothing to report except that my steak has never been so delicious.

I initially had an issue with the company selling the sous vide but they have now proved that their customer service is vastly improved. I had to send it back because it was leaking, although i did receive it back promptly it started to leak again, when i contacted them they told me that my machine had a fault and they would replace it. It was picked up swiftly and i’m told ill get the new sous vide in a couple of days (i hope so as i’ve got 22 people for dinner on friday and will need it to cook duck breasts and salt beef). As to the machine, i’m a fairly adventuress home cook and i must say the sous vide is excellent, i’m hookedi use it at least three times a week for everyday cooking, it makes the most mundane chicken breast succulent, it tastes like a five star (or dare i say?.Michelin star) restaurant food. The steak is amazing, i sousvide a very thick bit, almost like a small joint, then pat it dry and sear it on my bbq plate very quickly, then slice, it tastes like the finest fillet. Overall it’s the best kitchen aid i’ve ever had and anyone who likes to cook, will love it. I couldn’t be without it now, so do yourself a favour and buy one.

Its been almost a year since i first used my sous vide supreme and i have been cooking with it exclusively. My stove is now full with spices and other cooking material but almost never food.

So sous vide, a foodie fashionista destined for the cupboard under the stairs or the best thing to arrive on the market for years?this probably depends on what you expect it to achieve and how much you enjoy cooking. The vast majority of our meals are cooked from scratch and after seeing this technique numerous times on the tv i decided to take the plunge and purchase one. No they don’t come cheap especially when you add in the vacuum sealer but it is comparable to oven and no one says you spent how much on a oven?.The results for certain foods are excellent. Anything that needs to be slow cooked is just superb and gives you a tenderness that is hard to achieve with normal cooking. Fish is also incredibly succulent and flavoursome and it’s worth uying just for this. A big advantage is that the results tend to be far more repeatable. Anyone who cooks a lot can remember the times when they think they’ve done the same thing again only to end up with a tough, dry piece of meat. A word of warning, this is not going to turn a bad chef into a good chef but it certainly allows you to achieve results that you wouldn’t have thought possible.

It does what it says it will do. It doesn’t take up as much space as i initially thought, so will sit happily on a standard worksurface. It is easy to clean and empty (use a jug to get rid if most of the water, then carry it to the sink to empty the rest, although i have been known to carry the whole thing to the sink without using a jug first). It is accurate and beeps when it gets up to temperature. You can use water from the hot tap to fill it if you like as the food doesn’t get into contact with the water. Like a slow cooker, you can leave it to do the cooking whilst you go out, or overnight, but the beauty of the water bath is that it would be impossible to burn anything. The quality of food can deteriorate if left to cook longer then the recommended cooking times, but timings are very wide in comparison to conventional cooking, that this is unlikely to happen unless you completely forget that you have put something in the bath to cook. Anyone with a little common sense can produce perfectly cooked food using this machine, provided you follow a few basic rules, such as searing steaks for the shortest possible time afterwards so that they don’t over cook. Also useful for people like me who live in a household of fussy eaters, where everyone wants something different from the other :-(.

I perfected the meat & poultry and now venturing on other recipes.

For any keen cooks this is a great buy. This is not just for fancy ‘dinner-party’ cooking, this is a wonderful everyday tool. My kids can occasionally be fussy about meat, particularly if they deem it ‘chewy’. With this you can buy cheap(er) cuts of meat that often have a great flavour but cooked conventionally are too tough, cook them long and slow in their own juices, and they come out meltingly tender and with whatever flavourings you’ve added going right through the meat. Shin of beef (cheap as chips), a bit of grated horseradish, some thyme leaves and seasoning in the bag, and then sous vide for 48 hours followed by a 2 minute browning in a frying pan, and the flavour is better and more succulent than any roast rib of beef you’ll ever taste. Also, you can use it for tasty meals within 15 minutes of coming home from work by making it the night before and then putting it in the sv before going to work. This avoids buying far more expensive and less healthy ready made meals. My kids love the food so much that they’re disappointed if their dinner hasn’t been sv’d. Here are the specifications for the SousVide Supreme Water Oven:

  • Incredible taste! Tenderizes meats, and flavours are infused into the food
  • Simple and foolproof, anyone can cook food to perfection. Temperature Range 86 ºF to 210 ºF (30 º to 99 ºC)
  • Hands-off, time-saving meal preparation. Just set it and walk away. Food is ready when you are
  • Save money without sacrificing quality. Sous vide cooking lets you turn inexpensive cuts into meat as tender as filet mignon
  • Added nutritional value. Natural juices and nutrients are retained during the cooking process

Reviews from purchasers :

  • For serious meat eaters.
  • well built and easy to use
  • best invention since sliced bread!