SousVide Supreme Zip Seal Cooking Pouches : Big enough for a 2kg joint

Good seal, good performance. I didn’t realise you could re-use them. They carry over no odour/flavour from the previous contents.

I’ve discovered sous vide cooking in the last year and am a big fan. I usually use these brand of bags with my vacuum sealer and it works well. However, the downside of vacuum sealers is you can’t have liquid in the bag (eg some lemon juice, red wine etc. Just put in all your ingredients and then submerge all of the bag apart from the top in the sous vide water. Then seal the zip-lock on the bag – and your’e done. Apparently you can reuse them too – although i haven’t tried.

The bags are well designed and resuable too.

Good for cooking larger items like leg of lamb. Also multiple times reusable as doesn’t absorb food flavours like some plastics.

These certainly save you the cost of a vacuum machine, no leaks and you can ‘re use them a few times.

First time to use this brand.

They are big enough for a 2kg joint of meat, so thats a big positive. But if you are going into the higher than 60oc ish temp range for a long period of time you need to double bag as the seams start to weaken. Also the box mine are in has faulty glue and both ends are open, not a big deal but i’ve almost tipped them out over the floor about 5 times now.

Good quality bags that are ideal for items that do not need to be vacumed.

  • Big enough for a 2kg joint
  • Didn’t know they existed – Great
  • Recommended

SousVide Supreme Zip Seal Cooking Pouches, 3.8 Liters, Large (No BPA)

Product Description, Ideal for sous vide cooking liquids or liquid-rich foods including marinades, sauces, stews, soups, custards, risotto, infused alcohol and more! SousVide Supreme zip pouches, certified as food-safe and stable at cooking temperatures, are specially designed to simplify the process of sealing dishes containing more than a tablespoon of liquid. With a few simple steps, air can be evacuated without the aid of a chamber vacuum sealer, making it easier to submerge pouches containing food and liquid.

Box Contains, 1 x 25 SousVide Supreme Zip Cooking Bags – Large

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Good quality bags and big enough to fit a bone in leg of lamb. Just be careful of sharp bones as they can rip the bag.

  • Big enough for a 2kg joint
  • Didn’t know they existed – Great
  • Recommended

SousVide Supreme Zip Seal Cooking Pouches, 3.8 Liters, Large (No BPA)

Features and Spesification

  • LONG LASTING FRESHNESS: Our Zip Cooking Pouches are food safe and specially designed for sous vide cooking. The box includes 25 zip cooking pouches of 3.8 liters capacity
  • FOOD SAFE AND HIGH TEMPERATURE TOLERANCE: Our cooking pouches remain stable and strong at high temperatures. They are safe for microwave cooking and preserving food in the refrigerator or freezer
  • NO BPA, THIRD PARTY TESTED AND CERTIFIED: The pouches have been third party tested and verified to have no Bisphenol A (BPA), lead and phthalates, and are compliant with EU directive 2002/72/EC
  • EVACUATE AIR WITHOUT A VACUUM SEALER: The weight of the water will force the air out as the zip closure is lowered to the surface of the water. Once the zip closure is at the surface, zip it closed

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