STARESSO Manual Coffee Maker Machines – Three Stars

Really useful small espresso maker. All you need is boiling water and coffee to make an excellent espresso.

I have the staresso and the nanopresso. Which do i prefer?using both with lavazza and illy ground coffee, there is a clear winner. . The staresso for me the staresso, on each and every occasion, noticeably produces a significantly hotter and stronger brew accompanied by a richer and longer lasting crema than the nanopresso. The nanopresso has a built in design fault in that the brew chamber is upside down. Incidentally, i prefer to use the staresso without the base/glass compartment.

Need to buy the small cup to hold nespresso capsules, as the one provided does not have an extruded texture to pierce the capsules or something. How can i get a hold of just the cup?bought 2 of these before, first one comes with the cup compatible with nespresso capsules while the second one did not.

Makes very good, smooth coffee with a nice foam, easy to manipulate and quick to wash.

Was good at the beginning but did not last long.

Very good quality device for reasonable price. Suggest to every espresso lover. Very easy to make espresso and clean the device after.

Amazing productthis espresso maker takes a little while to clean after each use, but otherwise it is an amazing product. Just make sure after you’ve built up enough pressure in the canister, you leave it 30-60 seconds before actually pumping the espresso out (see image for a double shot). (i should use fancy words like extraction/pull. But i’m just an amateur lol)using the pump to froth milk seems to work too, it does takes a while to introduce air into the milk, but it is good enough if you want to have latte/cortado on the go. I personally just use a £5 electric stirrer (and the microwave if i need warm milk). Bottom line: a must buy for someone not ready to buy a proper espresso machine but wants a step up from filtered coffee.

It was good for making coffee and cold brew. However, i cannot make milk froat(?) to make cappuccino, i reviewed the manual and the multiple videos on youtube but i cannot still make the milk foam enough to make capuccino.

But the setup and cleanup involves just few too many steps to use it every day at work in a shared kitchen area. Picking the used grounds out of the little metal cup is the main pain point. If you’re into your coffee and want something to take on holiday or camping or whatever, or you want a compact device for making the occasional coffee at home, this should be pretty great for that. You could say this device leans towards quality results over convenience. But for your 3-4 coffees a day while at work, well, it didn’t really work for me. Bought this and the aeropress at the same time, this got used exactly twice: yeah, nice espresso, but the aeropress is the one i’m using several times a day. As a qualifier to this, it does support nespresso style capsules, which would solve that issue. But i haven’t tried that option, and likely won’t, those things are the work of the devil.

This is so far the best espresso maker i’ve bought. I’ve probably spent enough money to buy a proper big espresso machine trying to find a good cheap one. I’m only a week into it’s use but so far the unit feels very sturdy, it’s well engineered with little details like the screw on parts hitting a bump stop so threads aren’t going to be damaged over time by over tightening. It’s actually fairly quick to set up and use, turn the kettle on while you grind beans and put them in the staresso, put the hot water in and pump, pumping only ads a few seconds onto the time it takes the water to boil in the kettle. I’ve used messier systems that’s for sure, but there is the usual faff of making freshly squeezed coffee juice if your going the beans route. I do need to buy a new grinder now, the one i have is cheap and has a crude teeth and can’t produce a fine enough grind to get the most out of the unit, so if you haven’t a grinder budget at least the same amount of money spent on the staresso to buy one. A proper machine that could produce a regular pressure is probably still making a better espresso, but you’re going to have to spend hundreds of euro to match the espresso that’s coming out of this little thing. This is close enough for me.

Here are the specifications for the STARESSO Manual Coffee Maker Machines:

  • RED DOT DESIGN WINNER 2016 Portable coffee machines: Compact, simple, and fast, the Staresso is perfectly designed for the coffee lover on the go. Be it for hiking, camping, on the road or at the office,there is no more waiting for a strong hit of coffee.
  • Compatible with ground coffee & coffee capsule Manual coffee maker : Manual coffee maker without electricity, no batteries needed. Just a few pump. Prepare amazing espresso anywhere, with a handheld Staresso machine.
  • High quality Espresso maker: Staresso is using good pressure (Up to 25 bar) to brew hot water through ground coffee quickly; more flavor is coming out with less acidity or bitterness.Comparable to the pour you get from the machine on your kitchen counter that cost 5x the price. Besides Espresso, Staresso can also make Cappuccino,Quick Cold Brew, French coffee and style coffee or even milk foam tea.
  • Easy to clean, 100% completed cleaning no hiding Quick Cold Brew: Traditional cold brew machine takes several hours at least to make a coffee. While, it takes only several minutes for STARESSO to make a cup of cold brew coffee, which has very attractive cream and flavor much better than normal cold brew coffee.
  • Simple regular cleaning:Staresso has no maintenance. But Espresso machines require regular cleaning. Open design make it simple to clean.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Useful small espresso maker
  • Good quality coffee maker