STARESSO Portable Coffee Maker by 4-in-1 Manual Espresso Coffee Machine Compatible : A good buy fro travelling

This is the best all in one portable coffee maker. I like that you can use both ground and nespresso capsules. I still didn’t try using it with ground coffee, but nespresso capsule coffee tastes 90 or 95% close to my nespresso machine at home. The reason i’ve given it a 4 star review, is because i bought it for the frothing capabilities, but unfortunately my unit didn’t come with the frothing attachment. And i saw some videos using the pump part to froth the milk, but it seemed to take ages. I recommend everyone to buy it :).

Great design and concept of accepting nespresso pods and ground coffee. However the cleaning of the tiny pieces is a nightmare. It’s not so bad for nespresso pods as it’s coffee is pod contained but the ground coffee gets stuck in the filters/tiny holes. If you ignore that then the device produce great coffee. As expected the nespresso isn’t as good as the electrical appliance but very close. I found that ground coffee is best suited for this machine, giving espresso/cappuccino with good head of creme.

Quick and good , easy to use.

Bought it for my boyfriend that is a coffee lover and would drink all day espresso. He was impressed about this little machine. Makes a really good espresso. It has a nice design, is nicely built. Is easy to use if you follow the instructions and also easy to clean. That’s the best option for a great coffe on holidays.

Very good quality portable coffee maker, can also make foaming milk for cappuccino, surprise. Comes with a portable and handy bag for easy carry and also a place for coffee powder.

Bought this product to help get the morning coffee fix without breaking the bank and was most pleasantly surprised by the quality of the espresso shot it produced. I haven’t tried to froth milk with it, just wanted a good espresso. Easy to use and relatively easy to clean. I’ve had it for nearly two weeks now and love it .

When i first bought this product it started leaking after couple of weeks however, staresso was more than keen to replace my malfunction machine with a new one. The new machine works perfect so far, i got it for 4 weeks now. The coffee quality is great, smooth and creamy. I totally recommended this product .

  • Amazing 4.5 Stars
  • Proper espresso without electricity
  • A good buy fro travelling

Portable Coffee Maker by STARESSO 4-in-1 Manual Espresso Coffee Machine Compatible with Ground Coffee & Nestle Capsule Minipresso for Home Office Travel Outdoor Camping (Black)


  • An Espresso Maker brews coffee by forcing pressurized water near boiling point through a “puck” of ground coffee / capsule coffee and a filter in order to produce a thick, concentrated coffee called espresso.
  • The Staresso Portable Espresso Maker is small size and act as a commercial espresso machine making you enjoy your rich coffee wherever they go and doesn’t want to leave home without their espresso.


  • Every single shot of espresso can be expanded and developed in different coffee beverage, like Caffé Americano, Caffé Latte, Cappuccino and Ice Cream Coffee.
  • It comes with an easy to understand Staresso portable coffee maker manual and a special coffee spoon to get the ideal amount of coffee to brew some of the best espresso around.
  • This is a unique coffee maker that doesn’t even require that you use any kind of electricity to produce the perfect cup of espresso. Talk about energy saving and human effortless.

  • The Staresso portable coffee maker is extremely compact, very simple to use and is extremely fast.
  • This means it’s great for hikers, campers, at the office, travel for business and pleasure.
  • With this little and lightweight machine you never have to be without your coffee no matter where you might be.

  • It will always produce rich tasted espresso which achieves Golden Exaction Rate Coffee by using great pressure. Up to 15 bars of pressure, you can brew hot water through your favorite ground coffee.
  • It’s also available to be applied to capsules. Staresso espresso maker does it quick and fast and produces great flavor with less bitterness and acidity than you would think possible.

  • Most people when they think of cold brew coffee they think of a type of coffee that takes hours and sometimes overnight to prepare. With this little machine, you can create great tasting cold brew coffee in just a few minutes.
  • Not only does this Staresso portable coffee maker help you brew great espressos. Making frothed milk is another advantage to other product. It also helps to produce a very delicious and great looking cream that is filled with flavor.


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This espresso maker is great as you can use both pods and ground coffees. As a coffee lover myself i have been wanting a portable espresso coffee maker whilst i’m travelling. I have a handheld grinder and as well as a milk frothing jug, so i can make lattes on the go when i am travelling. I buy freshly roasted coffee beans so i don’t have to put up with stale coffee beans from the coffee shops. And costing me a fortune buying under par coffees from starbucks. This espresso maker also comes with a glass for the espresso. Best of all it doesn’t need electricity.

As motorhomers, we regularly camp out without mains electricity and previously used an aeropress to get a fresh morning coffee; good, but it was just black coffee without the crema or sweeter taste of a genuine espresso. This, in contrast, produces a near-perfect shot of espresso once you’ve got the hang of it. The ‘secrets’ i found were to preheat the glass and pump that comes with this machine and also the cup into which the espresso is to be decanted. While this machine is more ‘faff’ than the aeropress, particularly clean-up, the extra effort is worthwhile. I haven’t tried using the pump to froth milk as lattes etc. Can be made by heating the milk in a pan then frothing with a battery-powered milk-frothing whisk.

I received this a couple of days ago to use when travelling, and with nespresso pods for ease of cleaning in a hotel room. I watched an excellent youtube video which clearly showed how to make the best espresso. The key most definitely is in heating the glass container and pumping the pump unit into the boiling water. This makes every part of the unit hot and so the drink which comes out is quite hot enough for me it makes a good crema and is rich and tasty. Remember to put three small holes in the base of the pod, this allows the water to push through the pod. I also topped up the empty water holder with a little more boiling water so as to make a larger coffee. It will be so very useful when i work away, allowing for a proper coffee when all that is on offer is a sachet of brown dust . It is a very high quality build, and the glass mug is attractive and very nice to hold.

Being a self proclaims coffee connoisseur, i pride myself on making my own coffee as shop bought / work provide coffee just doesn’t cut it. This little device , takes some getting use to and is inconvenient at times , but it’s totally worth it. I can see why it’s a red dot product. Smooth, rich coffee every time.

I bought this to make daily coffees for my wife and i on holidays. We even made espresso martinis on the plane with a barista kit.

Makes good coffee and easy to use, but too many parts and a bit messy to use if you need a double.

I was sceptical first when i purchased it. I mainly wanted a travel companion that’s going to give me the espresso kick when no proper coffees are available. ( petrol station coffees don’t count) but wow it blew my mind when i made my first espresso with an nespresso capsule. I haven’t got fresh ground coffee right at this moment plus i don’t really like the idea of taking ground coffee with me when i travel. It is fairly easy to use it, you do need to have hot water available. The espresso had a thick layer of golden creme on top and as i was pushing down the pump i could already smell the aroma. Taste wise, just as good as if made from my nespresso delonghi machine. Overall speaking i’m very impressed and would certainly recommend it to anyone who likes espresso as much as me.

  • Amazing 4.5 Stars
  • Proper espresso without electricity
  • A good buy fro travelling

Portable Coffee Maker by STARESSO 4-in-1 Manual Espresso Coffee Machine Compatible with Ground Coffee & Nestle Capsule Minipresso for Home Office Travel Outdoor Camping (Black)

Features and Spesification

  • ☕【High Quality Manual Coffee Maker】With 15~25 bar pressure, STARESSO professional coffee maker brews hot water through ground coffee quickly to produce an espresso coffee which has more cream, richer flavor, lower acidity / bitterness.
  • ☕【Portable Hand Held Espresso Machine】This minipresso espresso maker is portable and doesn’t take up much space. Every hand operated coffee machine comes free with a carrying bag for the coffee lover.
  • ☕【2016 Reddot Award Winner】STARESSO mini espresso maker has an elegant textured design. You get the benefits of great functionality in a small space. You can prepare your coffee drinks even when there’s no electricity. This compact coffee maker can be your best choice to enjoy authentic espresso at home, in the office, outdoor camping, hiking and on the go.
  • ☕【Creative Functions】You can make milk foam and quick cold brew, and experiment with different styles of coffee. Mini Espresso Machine froths milk by air pressure, without water (avoiding diluting the milk) which keeps it fresh and tasty. It can make great cold brew coffee within a few minutes instead of waiting for hours.
  • ☕【Simple Regular Cleaning】Driven crazy about cleaning your coffee machine after making coffee? This one doesn’t need any special maintenance. Its open design makes regular cleaning simple and quick. It comes with 1 year warranty and 30 days money back. If you have any issues with this coffee maker, please feel free to contact us .