13 Stereotypical Blogger Habits It’s Okay NOT to Do

Like many things in life, people have their presumptions about things and stereotypes are formed. You’ve got the stereotypical graduate who doesn’t know what they’re doing in life, can’t find a job and has no money (I rocked that stereotype for around 6 months). You’ve got stereotypes of different cultures, gender and even of the type of people that work in specific industries. But another stereotype, is that of a blogger.

I recently read a post that revolved around the topic of ‘blogger boyfriends’ and the sh*t they have to put up with due to their ‘blogger girlfriend’. Erm, excuse me? I may come across as a hypocrite by saying, the post did make for a good read, BUT, there wasn’t one point listed in that post that I personally could relate to as a blogger myself. I’d like to think I’m not annoying, high maintenance, or demanding as a girlfriend who blogs, as said post suggested.

Although it was comical and made for an insightful read, it made me realise – especially from the heaps of comments left on the post that agreed with the content – that many people out there have a certain image of bloggers and the habits they have/follow. But the reality is, not all bloggers do these things and you know what? That’s OKAY!

That’s why in today’s post, I’m going to fish the internet for stereotypical blogger habits that are shared around that I personally don’t relate to, and tell you it’s okay not to do these things, or even own certain possessions that seem to be ‘trademarked’ by bloggers these days. For more on blogger habits, you should read all about 13 annoying blogger habits. I hope you enjoy!Stereotypical Blogger Habits

1 | It’s okay not to have a personal photographer. The post I vaguely referenced earlier on mentioned in one way or another, that bloggers use/force their other half as a personal photographer for Instagrammable pics. Erm, no. They don’t. I keep my partner well out of my blog, as it’s mine and no one else is going to lay a finger on my camera. Capiche?

2 | It’s okay not to photograph every meal – at home or out and about. I can understand why people have this assumption that bloggers photograph every meal, because food (whether a food blogger or not) seems to be a recurrence on many blogger’s social feeds. Let’s be honest, flatlay food photography does look dreamy and delicious, but I don’t have time for that nonsense! Just let me eat, goddammit!

3 | It’s okay not to have white wood flooring or marble counter-tops. Marble may be a little ‘old school’ now in the blogosphere – been there, done that – but it’s slowly making a comeback, alongside the new addition of white wood floors. I get it, these make images look super nice, but there are other ways of creating images and getting the same effect that don’t involve refurbishing your home. Take a look at my free backdrop ideas for example.

4 | It’s okay not to take selfies. I believe the profile picture on all my social accounts and even in the sidebar of my blog, was taken back in January 2016. In fact, it was New Year’s Day 2016. You may think that needs to be updated, but it still looks like me, so why should it be? I don’t do selfies, unless with friends and families and wanting to share memories. The whole posing for 10-20 mins in awkward positions and finding the right light nonsense, just isn’t me.

5 | It’s okay not to own all – or any – Apple products. Now, this may make me a hypocrite because I do own an iPhone, but I also intend on buying myself an iMac, BUT, it’s not because ‘I’m a blogger’. It’s simply because I get on with IOS better than Windows and, well, I can buy what I want. The point is however, just because you’re a blogger, it doesn’t mean Apple products are mandatory like the countless desk shots and Macbook flatlays assume.

6 | It’s okay not to own a designer handbag. I’ve never owned a designer handbag in my life, and in all honesty, never will. The thought of spending even £25 on a bag from the high street gets me thinking, ‘Do I really need it?’. I’m frugal, what can I say? Don’t worry if you’re rocking your Primark bag in a ‘What’s in my handbag’ post/video over a YSL bag – who cares? They’re both cute.

7 | It’s okay not to be social. Many bloggers I follow have a very active social life – we’re talking 3-4 times a week going out with friends, family, work mates and bloggers alike. But me…I’m happy spending my evenings studying, blogging, catching up on TV and being in bed by 10:30pm.

8 | It’s okay not to own two Alexa Drawer units from IKEA and have them filled to the brim with an endless supply of makeup. Don’t know if you’re aware already, but makeup has an expiry date. How on earth do you expect to open these products and finish them all before they are no longer safe to use?

9 | It’s okay not to have a pet. Odd one, but I have noticed lately that a lot of bloggers have started putting their beloved animals in the spotlight. Whether dogs, cats or rabbits, pets are becoming a mascot for the blogging world. So, it’s okay if you don’t have a pet. There’s no need to buy one for the sake of blogging – that would be cruel!

10 | It’s okay not to have your own place. Until recently, I rented a 1-bed flat and lived completely alone for the first time ever and it was bliss – but lonely. It’s okay not to have your own place and have white walls in every room, wooden flooring for the perfect flatlay image, and copper accents and pastel decor dotted around the place. Make do with what you’ve got and can afford. If anyone’s judging, that’s their problem, not yours.

11 | It’s okay not to be good at photography or videography. If ‘Blogger’ was a job title being advertised on Reed or Indeed (not sponsored, FYI – just providing an example), the job description would be huuuge, don’t you agree? You didn’t become a blogger to instantly know all this stuff – it takes time. I’m a photography graduate and there’s still times where I look at my images and go, ‘Where did it all go wrong?’. I battle with my own creativity and skills at times, but practice makes perfect!

12 | It’s okay not to be on YouTube. Let’s face it, many bloggers these days are spreading themselves across multiple channels to get themselves out there, but it’s okay to only own a blog and nothing else. I have an ongoing battle with the decision to start a YouTube channel and that’s because back in 2014 I did have one, but cringed at the sound of my own voice that much that I deleted EVERYTHING! Ever since, I’ve regretted that decision. I could’ve done so much with it in the last 3 years, so now it’s the decision as to whether I should bother anymore.

13 | It’s okay not to get 100’s of retweets and likes and become a viral super-tweeter in the space of a day, all because of that one tweet you innocently thought was going to vanish into thin air come 10 minutes later. The world of Twitter, eh?