[email protected] JTC OmniBlend V 3HP Commercial Professional Series Kitchen Blender – Blender

Dose the biz,the grinder is a bit close to the plastic base,so mow i have a colored rig on the bottom of the grinder,it dose the job right enough.

My wife seems to be happy with it. Simple to use and seems strong.

I bought this item as i was also keen on the mill which is part of this product. The small mill is working really good and does its job but you would need a small brush to clean it properly. The blender itself works absolutely brilliant and looks smart as well. As i got it for the reduced price i am really satisfied. I would not have bought it for the original price though, as this blender has a plastic jug and not a glas one which i would have preferred, to be honest.

We purchased this blender after a holiday that i can barely remember due to the amount of ice-blended cocktails i consumed. One clear image that stands out amongst the haze of impromptu midnight skinny-dipping, trashing of hotel rooms and barbequing of rare fish species, is a small metal blender that seemed to have miraculous properties. I would say its power was equivalent to the strength of two and a half female indian elephants. The way that little blender created ice-crush drinks and cocktails can only described as art, and as i slept off the effects of a week of constant inebriation on the flight home i dreamed of that little blender and the incredible things it did. We wanted something that would go at least some way to re-creating the magnificence of the holiday-miracle-blender, and as i sit here sipping a home-made ice blended sea breeze cocktail, i can say that the designer habitat 400w blender is a close contender. Easily the second most impressive blender i have ever been within 3 feet of.

The blender is excellent value and perfoms well and is very easy to clean. The grinder is easy and practical to use.

Brought this for my brother and his girlfriend. Worked well, did what it said on the box.

My wife quickly rejected the plastic mixing jug and went out onto the high street, looking for a glass mixing jug.

It was not as strong as i would like, as i wanted the blender to blend quite hard stuff, blend indian herbs.

Exactly what i was looking for, no problems whatsoever, does the job and worth the money and it was a good deal.

I am very pleased with my blender as i have not had one before. It took a while to work out but all is well now.

This item is far better than we anticipated considering the price paid. The quality and performance can not be better.

Much better, sturdier and better than expected for the price especially with the grinder too – thank you so much.

Here are the specifications for the [email protected] JTC OmniBlend V 3HP Commercial Professional Series Kitchen Blender:

  • Superior Blades – Made of laser-cut Japanese stainless steel, Designed for both wet and dry use, Six blades can slice and dice in seconds
  • Powerful Motor – 38,000 RPM, 3HP motor which generates enough power to liquefy even the toughest ingredients. Motor perform for years
  • Not just another jug – Made in America with BPA-Free Eastman Tritan Copolyester, the durable jug is easy to clean, and has a melting point of over 120ÂșC. It can withstand over 125KG of pressure
  • Intelligent – A built-in sensor also automatically turns off the motor when it detects excess usage and includes a reset switch in the case you need to reset manually
  • Warranty – 7 Years on motor, 2 Year on parts

Fantastic value for money and perfect for all blending and grinding purposes. Would definitely recommend without hesitation.

I enjoy using a nice kitchen appliance almost every day. Perfect for making healthy smoothies. The product appears the same as on a picture from amazon. Thank you for a fast delivery.

Had my old blender for years, thought i should buy a new white appliance, delighted with it, little on the tall side to fit into cupboard, still it looks quite good out on the surface top, no complaints would recommended it even though unfamiliar with name on it.

Have been using it now for some time. Its not meant for heavy duty stuff , but its good enough for day to day stuff like like making onion paste, or coriander chutney, shakes etc. Both the dry jar and the wet jar are ok.

I have used this blender to make smoohies, it is excellent. It has 3 settings which is ideal for soups and pulses i would recommend this product.

You have to get lid in place just perfect and then hold down to actually make it work.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very good value
  • Jug Blender
  • Five Stars

I am quite happy, it is very good value for money and i have no complains about the product.

Really happy with this, works well and not noisy.

Light weight and durability good. An item to be used every day. Great people to do buisness with.

Excellent product for the money. Looks nice and not too bulky. White colour, so goes with most decor.

We have found his product very good indeed. It performs all the functions as described and is an extremely good product.

Good unit, makes our soup nice and smooth, very easy to use and clean. My wife is very happy with it and i would recommend it.

This is a good blender, it does the job that it suppose to do.

I am so happy,with it i recommend it to others.

This is the best blender ever. The grinder is so efficient, and only takes a few seconds to reduce seed and nuts to powder.

I’m getting to love smoothies. Banana, apple, raspberries, low fat yogurt and porridge oats is my favourite. Not everything works but this budget blender competes well with more expensive options.

Bought it for a friend, he is quite happy with it.

Nice and good product i like it and delivered on time well packed thank you.

The product is of good quality and does as exactly what it should do. Product was delivered within good time. Over all i am more than happy with my purchase and i feel it was vaule for money.

Excellent value for money and does what it says on the tin. Looks great and i have seen a lot look cheaper for a lot more money.

I am really pleased with this product. It’s sturdy and does a good job. Really good value for the price.

This was a christmas present for a friend and she is very pleased with it and finds it very useful.

Competitively priced does what it says it doeslooks good and stylish free grinder is a bonus nice addition to the kitchen.

Delivered within a couple of daysexceeds expectationsneat & tidy not too bulky & easily cleaned tooa must have kitchen appliance.