Stockli Dehydrator : Very good

Does all it says and more makes biltong in 10 hours.

A really nice quality machine, which i find quiet and easy to manage. I recommend making fruit leather and drying gluts of fruit – good wholesome value.

Good product, so far have dried fruit which tastes great, pears came out lovely, recently made some dog chews from sweet potato, very successful and much cheaper than the shops. I have also purchased additional trays so i can dry more in one go.

I was delighted with the goods being delivered ahead of the time initially predicted. The staff i dealt with had high standards of customer service and gave good technical advice.

Brilliant buy couldn’t wait to get started i’ve used cooked meat for first attempt as only takes 2 hours to do and i’m inpatient to see what end result is will try fruit next i brought this mainly for doing dog treats so far he’s been sharing them with me very tasty.

Very good quality sturdy dehydrator. Quick delivery happy customer.

I use this for all sorts of raw cooking and it’s very good. A bit big so hard to store but if you want an affordable but well functioning dehydrator, this is for you.

Love it dehydrated food so healthy , great for overripe fruit :).

  • Great
  • I am still experimenting on my veggies but not 1 went to waste. The trick is to cut the veggies really
  • Very good

Stockli Dehydrator with Timer, inc. 3 metal trays

The Stockli Dehydrator with Stainless Steel Trays and Timer is a compact, stacking food dehydrator with expandable capacity allowing you to add a total of 10 trays. Accurate temperature control allows preservation of enzymes for raw fooders with low temperature drying as well as food safe drying of meat and fish products at higher temperatures.
The design of this compact dehydrator allows temperature controlled drying throughout the three deep trays with the option of increasing the drying area by adding up to seven further trays. It dries evenly throughout the trays with variable, thermostatically controlled drying temperatures up to 70ºC (158°F) while using an economical (maximum) 600 watts of power. The 33.5cm circular base provides a space saving footprint for this dehydrator making it ideal for the smaller kitchen while still offering a substantial drying area.
The fan baffles distribute heat evenly with a series of concentric outlets in the base. As well as having a built in 12 hour timer, the lid also shows a useful time indicator that you can set by hand to indicate either start or finish time for the produce to be dried. An informative instruction manual also gives an easy guide to dehydrating with recipes and drying times. Additional trays can be purchased separately.

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Great job amazon you gave me an arrival date and my dryer arrived on that date. Works like a treat and have been able to create some great jerky. Love this product and thank you amazon for hassle free shopping.

Haven’t had time to use it in earnest yet, it looks good and the service was speedy.

I am still experimenting on my veggies but not 1 went to waste. The trick is to cut the veggies really thinly and add spices. My kids are loving all the dehydrated food. I need to order more trays as i can’t keep up with my boys.

Arrived before the stated delivery time. It has been used almost every week since the purchase easy to use. . One small complaint it could do with a fruit leather tray insertapart from that no issues.

Fantastic dehydrator, well worth paying a bit extra for this make. All i need now is some more good recipes. This dehydrator was worth every penny, i love it.

Excellent piece of kitchen equipment for the keen gardener. Enables all that excess produce to be dehydrated and preserved for winter and spring use. Simple to use and keep clean and very efficient.

The product works well and i am very pleased. Just not sure why it has a time button as it does not do anything.

Expensive but a premier product – timer and temperature controller work well and the build quality is exceptional (steel is so much better than plastic where food and heat are involved). Easy to clean and quiet in operation. Quite large – but then it has a big job to do.

  • Great
  • I am still experimenting on my veggies but not 1 went to waste. The trick is to cut the veggies really
  • Very good

Stockli Dehydrator with Timer, inc. 3 metal trays

Love drying my fruit in the dehydrator, i will be buying more levels as you quickly run out of space with the initial 3 levels.

Had 2 different driers before with plastic trays that kept breaking despite following all directions. I will update this if things go wrong but 2 months in very pleased******** edit 9 months in drier will no longer heat up. Its been exemplary up to then. Really easy return from amazon am ordering another ********.

Works exstremly well and not noisy,made fruit leather, going to dry tomatoes from my garden next.

Have enjoyed making dried fruit slices for my hiking holiday :).

Love my dehydrator, and use it alllll the time. Only downside is that stockli doesn’t to dehydrator sheets, so you have to order the ones that work in the excalibur dehydrator, but they are rectangular and have to be cut to fit in the stockli trays. Having said that, if you don’t mind the paper going a bit crinkly then baking parchment works just as well (i use it most of the time).

Metal trays, clear instructions and a timer make this much better than my previous, cheaper dryer. Easy to buy spares, and excellent customer service.

I did a lot of research on dehydrators before purchasing. The usa have a massive selection but less so over here in the uk. Nevertheless i’m glad i found this one. I also bought the stockli silicone sheets so i can dry tomatoes (which i have already done). I think over time i will perfect the process. Like all things you need to find your way with something new. This dehydrator gives me so many possibilities with the produce i grow. It means i do not have to throw anything i can’t sell away. I have also bought a vacuum sealer so i can store my dehydrated produce.

Not cheap but well made and exceedingly effective. It works on everything from apples and pears down in size, can take over a kilogram at a time and can be set to run overnight and forgotten about. It should be obvious but it should be used in a ventilated room to let the wet air out.

Light, quiet, quality product. Chose this model due to steel mesh trays.

Features and Spesification

  • Built-in 12 hour timer
  • 3 x BPA Free Steel Mesh trays | Expandable to 10 trays
  • Variable temperature thermostat
  • Made in Switzerland (UK compliant plug)
  • UK 2 year warranty