How You Can Be A Supportive Blogger

Blogging is one big community full of bloggers from all backgrounds, expertise and niches. There’s many people out there in the same position as you (as a fellow blogger) who you can turn to for advice, but also who you can support in return as the amazing supportive blogger you are.

During my time blogging over the last couple years, I’ve seeked soo much help from bloggers when I’ve run into something that I simply can’t deal with alone – whether that be a technical issue, PR query, designing graphics or even simple blogging advice to get me by.

No matter what I’ve needed help with in the past, there’s always been a good group of bloggers out there who are willing to offer their time, support and wealth of knowledge to get you through it. But although I’ve seeked help from others in the past – and still do – I also offer this back in return to those who require assistance. That’s why in today’s post, I want to share with you a few ways you can give back and support fellow bloggers (new and old) and be the supportive blogger we love to see.Supportive Blogger

Share your favourite blogs/posts
As a blogger of any niche, you’ll have a blog or two that you keep on standby, or have a few blog posts that you think are simply awesome. This is where you should shout about them. This year I’ve started a monthly series of ‘Favourite Blog Posts this Month’ where at the end of each month, I list a number of blog posts I found to be either really insightful, useful or simply fun to read. That’s one way I like to share the love and support other bloggers. But in the past I’ve also shared my favourite beauty blogs and so on too. It’s all about sharing the love <3

Click their affiliate links
Anyone who has set up their own blog will know it costs a few pennies – nothing extravagant that’s going to make you bankrupt, but still money that not everyone wants to be spending on domains and hosting etc. So another way to be a supportive blogger is to use a blogger’s affiliate link the next time you shop online. If you know a blogger has a link or commissioned discount code for a certain shop you plan to order from, use it. It doesn’t cost you any extra, but it gives the blogger a small commission of your order value. When I receive commission through these links, I simply put it aside for my blog expenses – domain renewal, hosting fees, blog design, ads and so on.

Use a blogger’s creative services
When completing my blog rebrand last month, one of the big tasks was to get new graphics done – header, favicon, social banners and a blog button. Although I told myself it’d be fun to try it for myself, I instead opted to seek an illustrator/graphic designer who was also a fellow blogger. I took to Twitter to ask for your recommendations and these were just a few bloggers you suggested if you want to go check them out: Emmy’s Beauty Cave, Aloha Lola Cards and Dorkface.

It’s not just about sharing your favourite blog or post of the day, week or month and giving the blogger a tag, it’s also about helping one another out. Did you notice a blogger on your feed looking for help or wanting to share some news? Give them a little retweet or a share on Facebook. It takes a second of your time, but helps them out a great deal.

I’m a member of the UK Bloggers Facebook Group and my god, there are some awesome bloggers out there thanks to that group alone. Got a technical issue? People will jump up to advise you on how to fix it, with others even offering to do it for you to solve the problem asap. Now that’s what I like!

Support new bloggers
Last year I remember a girl asking me over Twitter how she could improve her blog. Obviously I don’t have the time to be delving into everyone’s blog and offering one-on-one advice, but this was also a regular commenter on my blog who was just starting out for herself, so I wanted to return the favour. I sent a personal email to her with my thoughts, links to posts that I thought would be useful to her and also other bits and bobs. She was so thankful afterwards that I’d taken the time to go through her blog and explain everything, which made me feel good.

  • What a lovely post. The blogging community is such a fab community to be a part of and I always try and support my fellow bloggers x

  • Donna

    This is fantastic – as a new blogger I am so relieved to find out there is support amongst us!!! It’s such a comfort. Great tips i will do them all x

  • i always try to support other bloggers i hat competitivie bloggers who are selfish and refuse to help others x

  • Joanna

    I think its so important to share support for other bloggers. The blogging community is fantastic.

  • What a lovely post, I too share other peoples content, comment on their posts and click their links because I know it will help them out xx

  • Kara

    Great tips, sharing other people’s content certainly helps grow your audience and can help makes friends too

  • This one of the most fantastic parts of the blogging community, the fact that so many bloggers are so supportive of each other and are willing to help each other out. Being a supportive blogger will always pay off in so many ways as so many will return this to you in endless ways.

  • This is such a thoughtful post! I always do all of these whenever I can – I’m hoping karma will do me good and bring people like that my way in return haha x

  • Louise O’Brien

    These are really good tips and I never thought starting out in November how many people I would connect with. It’s a wonderful community out there. I got given a lovely shout out twice these last two weeks in my home town and it was so nice to get given lovely feedback. Thanks for sharing this X

  • John Franklin

    What a great post this was. I only started blogging at the end of last year and I learn something new every day. The community feel is amazing and it’s great to get some more tips.

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    I think this is great to be really supportive. The blogging community is really big x

  • I absolutely adore this list. Supporting each other is so important! I don’t know where I’d be without my blogger besties.

  • I love the way you incorporate those lists. It’s really nice being a supportive blogger, this would help you gain more readers as well and also make more friends.

  • I totally agree with you about a lot of bloggers being supportive. I’ve had a number of questions over my time blogging and have always had help from others x

  • All these! I think it’s so important to be a helpful blogger to others. x

  • Thank you for sharing such positivity and support 🙂

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Such an amazing post and I always buy things online through other Bloggers Affiliate links x

  • Marie Barber

    Love this article so many ways to be supportive to each other that takes no time at all, but it helps so much 🙂

  • Fantastic tips! The blogging community is so supportive! Love being part of it 🙂

  • These are all such great tips. Like you I love the blogging community and it’s fun to support such cool and talented people!

  • These are some amazing tips, the blogging community is supportive and it helps

  • Melanie Edjourian

    I love this post. It is nice to help other bloggers and I do try to when I can. It doesn’t need to take much time either.

  • Jessica Lynn Martin

    I love being able to help other bloggers. Sharing their posts and reading their posts are ways I help support other bloggers. Us bloggers must stick to together for sure!

  • I love helping others & always try promote other peoples blogs! Whenever I see anyone say “2 away from 500” I always follow & RT! xo

    • Same! I always like to think my little RT helped them achieve their goal 🙂

  • Deborah Nicholas

    I love helping other bloggers and hate it when people compete. We should be supporting each other!

  • Ayesha Farhad

    one thing that I have noticed is that the UK blogger community is WAAY too supportive! and I love it!
    Its so good to support other bloggers!

  • fashion-mommy

    I find bloggers to be the most supportive of people, this is a good way of giving back.

  • Angela Milnes

    What a good tips and this would be a perfect post for me, I love supporting to all the bloggers

  • I love this! Just what I needed to read x

    Malin //