Swan Classic Stone Raclette – Very Reasonably Prices bit of kit.

Have used it for family meal and a dinner party. Great for a social gathering around the table.

Great stone at a good price. Easy transaction and vey quick delivery.

Fast to start, easy to clean. Makes great raclette and table-grill dinner.

Purchased as a present for my husband following a party at a friends using a similar product. We love it – great fun for a family meal. My only quibble – i wanted to store it in the box and for the life of me i can’t work out how to get it all back in.

This was a present for our daughter for christmas. We have not bee able to judge the results yet ,but she seemed delighted with it.

Excellent fir dinner parties or just even normal dinners.

We bought this after experiencing a raclette evening at a friends house. When it came it was a lot more substantial than we expected and also had the wooden spatulas included which was a bonus. It was really easy to use and the booklet included gave lots of information re different types of foods you,can use. It made for a very sociable evening and was easy to clean afterwards. Definitely a fantastic buy for us.

Makes a great change and a very sociable way to cook for family and friends. Plenty of room on the stone. The stone top works much better than the non stick ones in my opinion and is easy to clean. Good for when you just don’t know what to cook as you can please yourself.

This is a must have gadget if you like cooking great when one has friends over easy to use large enough for up to 6 people great fun looks great worth buying easy to keep clean.

I have used raclettes (with teflon coating) before, but really like the stone for cooking on the top. As described it takes a good 20 minutes to warm up; it is ideal for a relaxed family meal, a party (for up to 8 people) – get well prepared with a variation of meat, cheeses, fruit, pickles, potato, dips etc. And you can enjoy the evening sat down with your guests. It was really easy to clean, i would recommend this raclette.

Well made and cheese and food were cooked nicely and crispy. You do need to warm it up for a good 15min or so and off you go grilling cheeses.

Uk/dp/b005exebi0/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_4. Here are the specifications for the Swan Classic Stone Raclette:

  • *A fun and healthy way to eat with family and friends!
  • *Removable Oval Stone Grill with Non Stick Coating for easy cleaning.
  • *8 Raclette Pans and 8 Wooden Spatulas
  • *Cool Touch Pan Handles
  • *No Butter or Oil Required for healthy eating!

Excellent value for a product that should have greater recognition.

Takes a while to get hot but once its going its brilliant. Must remember though to let it cool before washing.

Cooks at high heat which leaves the meat juicy inside. Excellent piece if equipment. Great for suppers with friends and family.

Like an indoor bbq without the smoke and mess. 8 of us cooked on it at christmas and love every minute. Its like a fondue for the millennium :).

Fantastic easy to use and warms up quickly, i am delighted with it.

Very pleased great fun for entertaining.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great
  • https: //www. amazon. co.
  • Five Stars

I love this product so much. This is the easiest way to entertain groups of people. Just provide thinly sliced meats/fish or cured meats (such as parma ham), slices of cheese, a selection of thinly sliced vegetables and boiled potatoes and let all your guest cook their own meal. We’ve used both raclettes (we brought 2 for bigger gatherings) for lots of meals with family and friends and even for my children’s birthday parties (with close supervision) and everyone commented on how much they enjoy it. The only thing to remember is that the raclette needs to be turned on at least 45minutes before use so that the stone is hot enough.

I bought this as i already had one but need extra spaces, as all my friends and family love them. I have a cast iron which, but i find the marble takes longer yo heat yo, but is easier to clean than the iron one.

Previously had a non-stick version, total rubbish – thin metal, impossible to clean after several uses. This stone needs soaking for a long time but does clean up.

Great for dinner partiesworks well and stone easy to clean, just soak and dirt comes off with a bit of washing up liquid. Easily big enough for 6-8 people to use.

Experienced one of these in france and just had to have one, looked in france itself could not find a similar priced item, order from france and arrived a day or so after me. Item cooks well and has a good surface area to do your meat and veg whilst melting your favourite cheeses in the non-stick trays. Excellent to share with friends and family.

Arrived on time, looks great. Hot enough to cook chicken, didn’t try searing steak as half the people there were veggie. Takes a little while to heat up but when it does it’s plenty big enough to cook food for four. If you tried to use it for 8 i’ll be honest and say there probably wouldn’t be enough space if you pig out like us, hence why only 4 stars. Boil potatoes beforehand, cut up loads of cheese into little bits. Halloumi and mozzarella don’t work under the element, really, as they go a bit stringy from all the water that comes out during cooking. Best cook those on top with all the veg. Also, make sure you clean the granite before use. Looks clean but cloth came away black after a quick wipe.

Although slightly flimsy, and takes about 45mins to reach best cooking temp, if you have the patience to wait then well worth it.

Cooked the food well and is a good size. On the downside it takes a long time to heat up and is very difficult to clean afterwards.