Swan Coffee 2 Go : Five Stars

Use this daily and have been for the past 6 months – took it to work and it has transformed my day. Quality coffee at the touch of a button. I use small squares of kitchen roll to improve the filter and make clean up even quicker. Don’t use the cup supplied as i have a boden one which fits a treat – think all of this style will fit fine. Buy one and start saving money.

Good coffee maker for the office, only thing it could do with is a drip tray.

Bought this to travel to usa – early morning waking, variability in whether hotel rooms have coffee facilities etc. Crucially it works on us power, just takes longer (about 12 mins vs. 4 in uk – much less than queue for starbuks and, of course, much cheaper (it’s paid for itself by 2nd day)).

The coffee maker looks great, and makes good coffee. Unfortunately, the tumbler’s lid is not leak-proof; it does not work for me as an on-the-go thermos.

Bought this for the office as i was fed up drinking cheap instant that was bought with the tea fund. I use it 2 – 4 times a day when at work and have found that it makes a good coffee quickly and the travel mug it comes with is a great size and very good at keeping the drink warm. Good bit is that if you don’t want a large drink you can use any cup size you want. No stale pots of lukewarm coffee, just a fresh cup ready within less than 5 mins depending on you prefered mug size.

Fantastic alternative to a teasmade – it sits on my bedside table and makes me a peppermint tea every morning.

Makes better coffee and is easier to clean than the cafetiere it replaced.

It had been a struggle for me to find a single/one cup coffee maker in uk. I had a rusell hobbs coffee maker for years, but at 150ml per cup it was a bit small. I bought a hamilton single scoop coffee maker from us one month ago, it lasted 30 seconds with a us/uk electric convertor so it ended up in the bin. Eventually i decided to give this a go despite the mixed reviews i found on internet i. One couldn’t do without it and one said he would never buy a swan product againto me, this is my second swan product with the 1st being a lovely 1. 5l slow cooker which i absolutely love. I am so glad that i bought this coffee maker, it does what it says on the box and take up very little place in my tiny kitchen and make a lovely cup of coffee. Ok, it will and can never replaced those proper coffee making machines but to me it definitely is better than those press coffee makers that i had over the years ;-).

  • Love it!

  • Lovely filter coffee for one.

  • just what I needed.

SWAN Coffee 2 Go, 44 ml

Product Description, Want cafe standard coffee but haven’t the time to stand in line at your local coffee shop? Not a problem with the Swan 44ml Coffee 2 Go. Ideal for those for who time is at a premium, this consummate coffee maker sports a compact, contemporary design and houses its very own 400ml capacity dual-wall stainless steel thermal travel mug that can be whipped away from the appliance for when you need a hot steaming mug of coffee in a rush. One-touch operation saves even more valuable time and a removable filter means that cleaning is a simple and easy task.

Box Contains,

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Ideal as a 1 person filter coffee maker.

Perfect little coffee maker.

After getting over the initial disappointment with this machine i’m now loving it. It looked big out of the box but still has a much smaller footprint than a normal filter coffee maker and easily fits into a kitchen cupboard to store out of sight (i’m the only filtered coffee lover in the house). Using it as suggested wasn’t right for me – i like coffee without the grounds but the permanent filter allows these through – the flask is fussy, not ideal for drinking at home and if you use it to decant into mugs, there’s additional washing up. To get over these issues (and early thoughts of returning it) i used a normal mug instead (as suggested by a reviewer), filling the tank with the mug (although a little fiddly until you develop the pouring technique) and then popping it under the filter. It looks like a big gap from filter to cup but the rate of flow is gentle and doesn’t splash. In terms of the filter, i had a box of size 1×4 filters and experimented with cutting a 1″ curve off these. A bit of gentle manipulation and it sits in the permanent filter, takes a heap and coffee and filters it perfectly.

Bought this as a ‘fresh coffee’ morning solution over the usual caffietiere idea. Works a treat, quick, efficient and easy to clean. My only gripe is that it’s slightly difficult to pour the water into the reservoir without spilling and i couldn’t for the life of me find the measuring spoon mentioned in the instructions. Still an excellent machine though.

Best thing i have bought for years just right no more one good coffee and a jug full of second rate coffee later on as with my old jug coffee maker. It’s fast good on power use and cups to fit it are easy to find if you need more the the one that comes with it. The mug supplied has a screw top and is good for on the move.

I got myself one of these around christmas time. I loved it and the ease of use. I liked it so much i bought one for my sister who also loves it.

Really pleased with this, though i don’t use the mug which came with it. I use the amount of water needed to almost fill a normal coffee mug and then let the coffee run in to that instead. I also line the filter with a paper filter to keep things a bit cleaner. I tend to use size 2 papers with about an inch cut off the top. I’ve also done the same with size 4 papers. It’s much easier to just lift the papers out to throw the dregs away and then rinse the machines filter afterwards.

Bought one for myself, and have now bought several for friends who i told about it. Excellent for a coffee on the go, or one at home when only one person wants coffee.

  • Love it!

  • Lovely filter coffee for one.

  • just what I needed.

SWAN Coffee 2 Go, 44 ml

Very good coffee machine and easy to use. You can easily fit a large mug under it unlike some machines which only make small cups. Would recommend this product for its simplicity.

Great little machine but mine came with big dent in front so took the shine off. Wasnt from postage as packet was totally unmarked and needed to use it that weekend so just have to swallow it.

Love it, great little machine.

Love this its just my size , takes a few minutes but worth the wait. I use my own mug which i measure the water from into a jug for ease of filling.

Fabulous makes amazing coffee nice and hot.

I bought this as present for my partner, who finds it very useful.

Nice hot coffee in 2 minutes. Perfect for early morning starts.

Features and Spesification

  • 650W / 400ml Capacity
  • Compact design / Option: Dual-wall plastic travel mug
  • 14oz / 400 ml Dual-wall stainless steel thermal travel mug
  • Use coffee grounds / Removable permanent filter
  • Convenient one-touch operation / Automatic shut-off