Swan Coffee Maker By – Filter Coffee Made Easy – Non Drip – Keep Warm Hot Plate – Large 1 : Five Stars

You get what you pay for with this basic coffee maker. Nevertheless, it functions well, and for a one person household its ideal for my morning mug of coffee. My only hope this coffee machine will keep working fine for the foreseeable future, as i recently purchased a similar one from a well known supermarket, branded under their name, and it didn’t last six months. I shall have to wait and see how i fair with this swan – only time will tell.

Basic does the job and good value for money. You need to drink coffee straight away as the hot plate is not too efficient but for what you pay its pretty good value.

Bought one to take away on holiday as with most villas we had gone to coffee maker on site was poor. Paid £13 and planned to leave it there and did. Did a great job and made the mornings after the night before. I think that u get what u pay for and have a nespresso at home.However for what we wanted it to do it was fab. In fact have bought another to do the same for the next trip. And who we stayed with bought one for home.

Very good, no problem after two years.

This is good value for money. A little difficult to clean inside the lid but is okay.

Very good excellent on delivery. . No problems with this coffee maker. And price seeing is believing.

Performs quickly and good value.

Let’s face it not the best colour, bought this item for work a coffee maker that makes coffee. Only niggle the coffee is not super hot when first made and needs a few minutes to get to the right temperature.

  • We use it every day, it doesn’t make an
  • It’s “Ok” No more, no less.
  • This review is for Swan Coffee maker SK18110N

Coffee Maker By Swan – Filter Coffee Made Easy – Non Drip – Keep Warm Hot Plate – Large 1.25 Litre Coffee Pot – Pink

Product Description, Wake up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee with this sleek and stylish coffee maker. Featuring a generous 1.25 litre capacity allowing you to brew 10-12 cups, making this a perfect addition to any family kitchen. Boasting a keep warm plate, makes it ideal for late risers and an illuminated on/off switch and a water gauge, makes it simple and easy use. It also features an 870 watt power rating, meaning you won’t have to wait too long for that perfect cup of coffee. This product also comes with a 2 year manufacturing warranty, so you’ll never be without a hot cup of coffee.

Box Contains, 1 x Swan SK18110PIN Pink Coffee Maker

From the manufacturer

Swan Filter Coffee Maker

The Swan Filter Coffee Maker has an illuminated on/off switch on the front of the machine for easy use and in stylish black and stainless steel will look great on any countertop.

This coffee maker features a 1.25 litre capacity allowing for 10-12 cups to be filled making it great for homes and families of all sizes, and a keep warm plate makes it ideal for late risers.

This stylish ‘proper’ coffee maker uses a glass coffee jar and features a Keep Warm function so you can drink your coffee throughout the day without having to reheat.

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Ok for the money the only thing if you fill to maximum it tends to spill when you pour the coffee.

I’m so so disappointed in this machine it says on the box that it has a keep warm plate but it switces its self off. I wanted a machine that the hotplate stays on until i switch it off.

It makes a good cup of coffee. However, i expected the hot plate to stay on until i switched it off so i could make a batch of coffee and drink throughout the day. It turns itself off after a while.

Still learning how to make a decent coffee.

Only fault is it doesn’t turn off automatically after a certain amount of time but at the price i paid [£12. 99 it is certainly a very good purchase. ]

Makes lovely coffee and it looks good, excellent service, many thanks.

Very impressed with this product.

  • We use it every day, it doesn’t make an
  • It’s “Ok” No more, no less.
  • This review is for Swan Coffee maker SK18110N

Coffee Maker By Swan – Filter Coffee Made Easy – Non Drip – Keep Warm Hot Plate – Large 1.25 Litre Coffee Pot – Pink

This machine is fab, its great for my needs, looks good but more importantly makes great coffee.

For the price this one is hard to beat. I got it for my visiting parents, who go through coffee by the gallon. In two weeks they brewed enough to float the titanic, and found it to be a very good machine. Pros: cheap, doesn’t require you to use paper filters, makes a consistent pot of coffee. Cons: no auto-off, no timer (but given the price. Other reviews say it doesn’t keep the coffee hot enough, but none of us found this to be the case with our example. Overall good value for money.

Lovely best ever coffee in morning. And all steps smells the coffee.

Neat and compact little coffe maker, easy to use, excellent value for money and it makes a pretty good cup of coffee,too.

Neat looking coffee maker, but squat jug is a bit fiddly. Ok for 2 mugs, but it doesn’t pour well when full ie 4-5 mugs. Silvery trim looks metallic so it’s quite stylish.

Brilliant coffe machine, does the job perfectly and great value for money. The best kitchen gadget i’ve ever boughtsome reviews complain about a plastic taste in the coffee, the instructions recommend using filters, so we do and have never had an issue with taste.

So glad i made this purchase. Found some great coffee and it takes no time at all to help you wake up and feel great.

No stay warm feature – it does say it stays warm but it switches off very quickly. Looks nice and good quality, but not what we wanted.

I bought this on behalf of my parents as theirs had given up the ghost after 30 years. It came on time in a nice box. Was easy to open and after 3 boils to get rid of the new smell and taste the coffee was good.

Make good ,hot coffee what more do you want.

Cheap and cheerful filter coffee maker, bought this to replace the earlier model which had been damaged over time. Had to be white to match the rest of our kitchen appliances at £23 you can’t go wrong, only downside, it is difficult to clean the cold water storage section.

Bought as a replacement for one that didn’t get the coffee as hot as this one does. I’m really impressed with this coffee machine and the price.

One of my favourite purchase’s got this to have coffee at work its still in the kitchen and my more expensive one is at work keeps coffee very hot until you switch it off unlike most that don’t make hot coffee and switch off after a certain amount of time.

Has a built in filter so you don’t need the disposable paper ones though i prefer to use them as it leaves less mess afterwards. Hotplate stays hot for 40 mins after brewing. Which i find a bit annoying. If you love real coffee ( you must do if you’re reading this ) then this will do it for you with no thrills. One thing i do think it lacks which i had on a previous machine is the ability to adjust the water flow into the coffee to vary the strength of the coffee brewed. I thought they all had that option. P’s you really need to check what model number the reviews are referring to when you read them as there seem to be several models being reviewed at the same time.

It’s just what i wanted – no bells and whistles, a simple coffee maker that makes good coffee, very reasonably priced.

Just what i was looking for.

I bought this as a replacement for another coffee machine. Do not let the price fool you, it works like it’s supposed to. Bear in mind you do need to get paper filters for this to work. There is a removable cradle where these filters sit, which is great as this means you can wash it.

Does the job, easy to use, coffee tastes good.

Features and Spesification

  • Large 12 cup capacity, means you will be able to make coffee for all your family and friends.
  • Never spill a drop with the anti drip feature. Pour yourself a cup of fresh coffee and then continue making a brew without making a mess.
  • Make your coffee now and drink it later with the keep warm function. Keep your coffee at the right temperature with the hot plate.
  • As simple and easy to use as it is to clean with a removable filter holder. Can be used with paper coffee filters.
  • Well made with stylish looks make this coffee machine a must have item for the home or office. Features an illuminated switch and water gauge, the only thing we want you to think about is how good your coffee tastes. Comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.