Swan SF17021GN 3 : Attractive & not bad for value.

Lovely to use but looks slightly cheap on the knob and handles.

Beautiful color (grey/silver); i actually like the “stepped down” (meaning obviously not real silver or quality hardware) silver knob and handles – they are shiny and pretty. Have a clean untarnished look. I love the small size- for a single senior lady it’s just the right size and small enough to handle easily- not too heavy nor clumsy like family size models. It cleans great in the dishwasher. Cooks as expected- made a nice stew for one with some leftovers. Can’t think of anything i dont like – excellent value.

This is great for one person not too heavy.

I am delighted with my slow cooker.

Can be soaked which my last one couldn’t because bottom not glazed.

First slow cooker and bought cause of the style/ reviews, has been great so far.

Bought this to match the rest of my swan retro green collection. Looks great although i must say the handle on the lid and the control switch do feel a little cheap, like a coated plastic. Also the glass on lid feels a little thinner than my last slow cooker. But other than that i’m quite pleased. Cooks well, used it a few times making stew and curry.

I prepare the food then at the appropriate time set it going. When i come home my meal is ready. If i am tired i don’t have to start to cook. Brilliant for 1 or 2 people. I even prepare a lot of dishes and then freeze them in batches. So, some days i don’t even have to prepare the dishes.

  • Looks great although I must say the handle on the lid
  • good price too.
  • Easy Peazy

Swan SF17021GN 3.5 Litre Retro Slow Cooker with Removable Ceramic Pot, 3 Heat Settings – Includes Recipe Book, 200w, Green

Size Name:3.5 Litre  |  Colour Name:Green
Product Description, 3.5L retro slow cooker

Box Contains, Slow cooker, glass lid, removable pot

From the manufacturer

Swan 3.5L Retro Slow Cooker

The beautiful Retro styled Slow Cooker not only takes the hassle out of cooking, but has 3 temperature settings allow you to create delicious, slow cooked meals, packed with flavour.

Low Setting

The low heat settings gently simmers food for an extended period of time without overcooking or burning. No stirring is required when using this setting. Ideal for vegetable dishes and reheating.

Keep Warm Function

A handy feature to be used to keep the food from going cold should your diners be delayed. Keeping your meal at perfect temperature for when you’re ready to serve.

Auto Setting

On this setting, the slow cooker will cook on the High setting at first, then switch to Low setting for the remainder of the cooking time. This is the most used setting on slow cookers.

High Setting

The High heat setting is used when baking, cooking dried beans or pulses and will cook food in half the time required for the Low heat setting. Occasional stirring of stews and casseroles will improve the flavour distribution.

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Haven’t had this for long but it’s easy to use. Wish i got a bigger size though as too small for cooking a whole chicken.

Tremendous and the service was first class.

Great little slow cooker for the price.

Very good value for money easy to clean.

Loved the colour really matches the kettle i got from here well havent stopped using the slow cooker meat is lovely and tender very easy to use and easy to clean.

My first slow cooked and really enjoying using it.

Added to my swan collection nicely.

Great slow cooker, works well and looks lovely, only complaint is the control knob is made of cheap plastic and broke quickly, still use able though for now.

  • Looks great although I must say the handle on the lid
  • good price too.
  • Easy Peazy

Swan SF17021GN 3.5 Litre Retro Slow Cooker with Removable Ceramic Pot, 3 Heat Settings – Includes Recipe Book, 200w, Green

It’s a shame the front knob for changing the settings is made of plastic. Ours was broken and if it was a smaller lighter item i’d have sent it back. I glued the knob on and it’s fine. With a secure metal knob i’d have given a 4. It cooks fine and cleans easily afterwards.

Works well and perfectly matches other swan retro items in my kitchen.

Great slow cooker, easy to use and to clean.

Features and Spesification

  • A removable ceramic pot which is ideal for serving and is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
  • Auto, Low, High Heat settings allowing you to be in control of cooking your food. The auto function helps food warmer for longer for when you go back for more.
  • Large Oval Shape 3.5l size ideal for meat joints, stew, curries and much more for all the family.
  • Part of the Ultra Stylish Swan Retro range available in various colours. Retro Dials Handle and Knob.
  • Contains 32 page recipe book.