Swan SF21020N 7 Egg Boiler and Poacher – Really simple but clever product!

Easy to use with an on off switch which our previous egg boiler lacked. Also a poaching tray to boot. If you like kitchen gadgets this is the one for you.

This is a good product for fools like me who can’t poach an egg. In hindsight, i should have gone for one that has a transparent lid. That said it would probably steam up anyway. The only downside for me is the water measuring cup for the boiled eggs. It has water level markers on it for soft/medium and hard boiled eggs and for how many eggs. I find it really hard to read as its all the same transparent colour. I have macular degeneration which affects fine detail with your eyesight so i struggle even more. A measure with coloured markers would be really handy.

Works perfectly and very easy to use.

Five stars for boiling eggs. Took two goes to get perfect boiled eggs (runny yolk, no snotty white). A touch more water was required to firm the white up. Agree with all the other reviewers who say the measuring cup is difficult to see. Wouldn’t be hard to put measurements in blacknot used it for poaching yet, but i can do perfectly poached eggs in a pan anyway. My problem was getting perfectly boiled eggs, but that problem’s solved with this. Little gadget is smaller than i expected, so doesn’t take up much cupboard space. Perfectly satisfied with it.

This is absolutely amazing either boils eggs or poaches them can do 6 boiled eggs or 3 poached at a time and they come out perfectly every single time.

I’m delighted with this wee gadget. It cooks boiled and poached eggs perfectly. 8 minutes to perfectly cook 2 poached eggs. It’s easier than some other devices – no need to pierce egg shells etc. The measuring cup and the 2 moulds all fit neatly inside. It makes a loud noise when the eggs are ready which means you don’t need to stand over it. I haven’t had it long but the quality seems good.

So far i’ve only tried it on poached eggs, found it to be a little hit and miss. Have made some successful poached eggs that i found impossible to do in a saucepan. Still some problems remain, the quantity of water needed is critical for success however the measuring jug is nearly useless recommend buying a easy to read measure. The dome lid has smaller handles than the egg tray, therefore my large fingers have dropped the lid frequently. A lot of trial and error is required for perfect results.

Works well apart from figuring out the amount of water initially if using large eggs. Plus it gets incredibly hot, so only use with oven gloves as it’s easy to accidentally touch the metal components.

When boiling eggs the egg in the centre hole can erupt and perhaps the shell should be pricked to stop the build up of pressure. This does not happen to eggs on the outside. The tray for poaching is a good size but even when oiled the eggs stick to the plastic. I use a stainless steel ‘cup’ from an out poacher which is better.

Only used for boiling eggs so far. Purchased to use at work and does what it says it does which is great as far as i am concerned.

It does boiled (steamed) eggs and poached very well. Just add the right amount of water (to the number of eggs being boiled or poached) using the supplied measuring cup that has three different indicators covering soft,medium or hard. When the eggs are done (the water is boiled away) a buzzer sounds. The only negative is the clear plastic measuring cup – its not that easy to see the markers.

Amazing productjust one small fault writing in measure jug for water needs to be in black as you have to hold it up near window to see markings.

Arrived next day and just as i was thinking of preparing lunch. So, an egg and ham, avocado salad emerged and eggs were hard boiled in minutes and perfect. The finish alarm is something i will have to get used to as rather an unusual grating edgy sound. The water measuring pot has a spike at the the end and i used this to pierce the underside of each raw egg before placing in the cooker. I have done this as advised on a previous egg cooker and eggs turned out perfect then and now. I think the instructions omitted this point.

I have never been able to poach eggs properly – well this machine does it. It also takes the guesswork out of boiling eggs as well.

Having tried endless poaching products (paper bags, silicone pods and poaching pans etc. ) in the past, and struggling with the white froth when poaching the old fashioned way, this was my last ditch attempt at perfect poached eggs,i have used this for the first time tonight and was not disappointed. Lovely runny yolk with no ‘snotty’ white. Thank you swan, you have made my poaching dreams a reality.

I was expecting more from this item. It’s a lot more involved than described. There is a fair amount of trial and error with cooking the eggs as it revolves around measuring out water for the desired softness of egg (there are countless measures to go by). The on/off switch is also quite stiff, which is an issue when the produce is as light as it is. The poaching tray is also not all that great as it isn’t non-stick so you have to coat it quite heavily with oil before cooking your eggs. Certainly wouldn’t recommend.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great wee gadget
  • Perfect poached eggs!
  • The poaching tray is also not all that great as it isn’t non-stick so you have to coat